Wild Pony Whispering

This is the real-life story of Monsieur Chapeau, a wild, orphaned Exmoor pony foal found severely malnourished with pneumonia on the moors of Exmoor and how he survived and thrived beyond all expectations - bringing with him the secrets of ...

Wild Pony Whispering

Author: Dawn Westcott


ISBN: 9780857042767

Page: 144

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This is the real-life story of Monsieur Chapeau, a wild, orphaned Exmoor pony foal found severely malnourished with pneumonia on the moors of Exmoor and how he survived and thrived beyond all expectations - bringing with him the secrets of how to create a bond of trust and friendship with the wild Exmoor ponies.

Wild Herd Whispering

This is an opportunity to catchup with adorable orphan Monsieur Chapeau and his friends and majestic stallion Bear,as their lives evolve and entwine with the wild herds of Exmoor.

Wild Herd Whispering

Author: Dawn Westcott


ISBN: 9780857043184

Page: 144

View: 390

Wild Herd Whispering is about the incredible Exmoor ponies as they reveal their truenatures through the world of herd energy and dynamics.Starting with the dramatic winter arrival from the moor of a tiny five week oldwild-born foal who faces the bleakest future, it is the big herd at Holt Ball Farm thatdecides how she will survive and thrive. The book follows the adventures of the ponies,revealing characters and behaviours that take you on a heart-rending, thoughtprovokingand enriching journey of equine enlightenment. This is an opportunity to catchup with adorable orphan Monsieur Chapeau and his friends and majestic stallion Bear,as their lives evolve and entwine with the wild herds of Exmoor. It follows the endearing,exciting and at times perilous experiences of the ponies ¿ including unwelcome nighttime adventures, the quest to find foals lost in the wilderness and an entire moorlandherd in jeopardy. With an expanding herd and challenges to face, author Dawn Westcottlooks to the ponies themselves for help and inspiration: they in turn respond in a way thatoffers magical insights into what is going on in their hearts and minds.This book is an invaluable reference for people interested in better understandingand winning the trust and friendship of ponies. It also highlights the challenges ofsafeguarding the endangered Exmoor ponies of Exmoor National Park.

Whispering Back

wasn't too wild. The clincher was that Misty was in foal — and Tina very much wanted to breed a Welsh Mountain Pony foal. When she got Misty home to ...

Whispering Back

Author: Adam Goodfellow

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 140707251X

Page: 304

View: 765

Adam Goodfellow and Nicole Golding run a stable in the Cotswolds and specialise in curing problem horses. It's never an easy task, and often requires changing the habits of the owner as much as the horse. The pair have travelled a long way to get where they are today - but they've been united by a common passion. After a chance meeting with Monty Roberts, they gave up everything to live out their dreams and show that it's possible for ordinary people to become 'horse whisperers'. Their world is extraordinary, particularly through their unusual methods of teaching, and as you meet the cast of characters, both animals and humans, that surround them, you'll find it impossible not to be won over by their life.

The Wild Pony

The pony gobbled up the oats , then looked around . “ I think she's looking for an apple , ” whispered Anna . Lulu handed Pam an apple .

The Wild Pony

Author: Jeanne Betancourt

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780590629744

Page: 80

View: 953

Discovering a skinny, neglected pony near a vacant house, the Pony Pals learn that the horse is being sold for salvage and that they will have to trespass on private property if they are to save him. Original.

Wild Whispers

“Right down to the pony tail.” “She may look like me but she isn't me.” Hurt and anger recoiled within Season. “How could you even think that?

Wild Whispers

Author: Ryan Jo Summers

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1680465880

Page: 254

View: 537

Set against the exciting backdrop in the chase for the Triple Crown and filled with mystical surprises. Season can make a horse run and Ty's heart race. Season Moriarty is fey and druid. Now she has landed the dream job that will test all of her skills and abilities. Ty Masters runs his business with an iron fist. Season challenges him, infuriates him, captivates him, and even intimidates him. But can she make a Triple Crown winner out of his willful colt? Mysterious threats bring them together in another race. The stakes for the Triple Crown rise and the unknown identity of who wants to destroy Ty continues, so do thier fiery sparks.

Whispering Wind Storycuts

It had already caught the odour of white men and this smell could drive a pinto pony half wild. The reverse was also true: US cavalry horses could become ...

Whispering Wind  Storycuts

Author: Frederick Forsyth

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 144812543X

Page: 182

View: 726

An astonishing and beautiful tale of a frontier scout who saves a young Cheyenne girl from the prospect of rape and murder at the hands of his own army. The favour is returned when the scout is saved by the Cheyenne and given mercy, but when he falls in love with the girl he saved he knows that the tribe will never allow them to be together. They escape, but are forced to abandon their flight when they encounter an omen telling them that she is pledged to another. This frontier tale soon becomes a violent present day manhunt through the Wild West. Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was previously published in the collection The Veteran.

The Wind Caller

“But the Old One held on to the Wind as if She were a wild pony and sang to ... For thirteen moons it was so, and then, in the Moon of the Whispering Wind ...

The Wind Caller

Author: P. D. Cacek

Publisher: Crossroad Press



View: 379

Listen to the leaves rustling. Hear the wind building. These could the first signs that Gideon Berlander has found you. They could be the last sounds you hear. Gideon hasn’t been the same since that terrifying night in the cave, the night he changed forever—the night he became a wind caller. But the power to call upon and control the unimaginable force of the wind it all its fury has warped him, twisted his mind, and unleashed a virtually unstoppable monster. Those who oppose Gideon are destroyed … horribly. No one can escape the wind. And no one—not even Gideon—knows what nightmarish secrets wait in its swirling grasp.

Whispering Hope

So be careful, and don't fall for that sweet, fuzzy face without riding the pony several times before you buy him. You might get a wild, crazy ride from a ...

Whispering Hope

Author: Marsha Hubler

Publisher: Zonderkidz

ISBN: 031042934X

Page: 144

View: 920

"A wild horse and an angry young woman. Is there a secret to taming them both?Wanda Stallord is a wild, nasty handful when she first comes to Keystone Stables, and Skye is put off by the teenager’s grungy clothes and thirst for trouble. The former gang member is a lot like Keystone’s other recent arrival, a beautiful but uncontrollable Mustang called Rebel.Skye wants to help Wanda, but she seems interested only in shooting pool and handing out insults. But as she practices the gentle art of horse whispering with Rebel, Skye discovers a key that just might open up for Wanda’s fearful, lonely heart to the healing power of God’s love."

Dancer the Wild Pony

She dropped her voice to a whisper. “She's worried about the dance contest – says she's forgotten how to dance. Gotherself in a terrible state, poor love.

Dancer the Wild Pony

Author: Janey Louise Jones

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 1782023496

Page: 56

View: 918

Dancer, don't run away! The Superfairies want to stop a wild pony being nervous for the Summer Fair dance contest, but first they need to catch up with her!

Whispering of Witches

Den lifted the children from the pony's back and told them to rest on the little ... He had collected fern root pods and had cress and wild mountain spinach ...

Whispering of Witches

Author: SJ Murphy

Publisher: SJ Murphy

ISBN: 1925271757

Page: 208

View: 841

Kerns children have been kidnapped by a mysterious cloaked man, igniting a frenzied search. Kern soon learns the tales and myths of his childhood that told of links to a dark past, when Witches, cults and mythical beings controlled the legendary Opella Skiv, gateway of the mountain, where sacred stones and governing scripts were wielded in ritual . . . and children disappeared, never to be seen again. With the last mighty earthquake, rumours abound that the gateway has been unearthed, posing threat to the very existence of the mountain and its people. A misguided soul seeking redemption, darkness rising and the awakening of unknown forces. Will it all be gained at the cost of Kerns children?

The Whispering Mountain Prequel to the Wolves Chronicles series

With a shrill whinny the pony flung up his head and bounded aside; Owen looked swiftly round and, to his horror, saw an immense wild boar emerge from a ...

The Whispering Mountain  Prequel to the Wolves Chronicles series

Author: Joan Aiken

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 014137554X

Page: 336

View: 639

Prize winning WOLVES CHRONICLES PREQUEL reissued in A Puffin Book - All 12 Wolves books now in print for the first time ever. In THE WHISPERING MOUNTAIN by Joan Aiken, the small town of Pennygaff, the legendary Harp of Teirtu is found - and lost again. For young Owen Hughes and his friend Arabis, it is the start of a hair-raising race to save the harp from sinister Lord Malyn. As they struggle to keep it out of his hands, they are plunged into a wild adventure involving murder, kidnapping, underground worlds, savage beasts, floods, avalanche, the mysterious children of the Pit - and above all, a man who will stop at nothing to get the harp back again. Winner of the 1969 Guardian Fiction Award.

Bronies Gone Wild

His little sister Zelda would wake to discover her Magic Pony Friends had been ... The whisper came from the trapdoor, where the ponies went after he'd ...

Bronies Gone Wild

Author: Horrified Press

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0244922934


View: 122

Assignment Whisper

We rode our pony. We picked wild raspberries in the woods.” The little girl was wide-eyed, taking this in. At last she said, “I sure wish I'd gotten to know ...

Assignment Whisper

Author: Mary Gant Bell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1257537016


View: 252

Assignment Whisper challenges and motivates its reader to volunteer and contribute to their community. By participating in the daily opportunities, every one who picks up this book will feel empowered and connected to the people around them as well as to the world in general. As our nation struggles with financial issues, giving to others and helping neighbors takes on greater importance. Let Assignment Whisper show you how you can impact your world. The benefit for you as well as for those you touch will assound you and change your life forever. The format of this book is a daily devotional with each day outlining a specific way that you can impact your community.

The Whispering Mountain

With a shrill whinny the pony flung up his head and bounded aside; Owen looked swiftly round and, to his horror, saw an immense wild boar emerge from a ...

The Whispering Mountain

Author: Joan Aiken

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466820594

Page: 304

View: 364

Winner of the Guardian Prize for Fiction In the small town of Pennygaff, where Owen has been sent to live after his mother's death, a legendary golden harp has been found. Knowing of the prophesy of the Harp of Teirtu, Owen must prevent the magic harp from falling into the evil clutches of its reputed owner, the sinister and diabolical Lord Mayln. But it won't be easy. Owen and his friend Arabis are plunged into a hair-raising adventure of intrigue, kidnapping, exotic underground worlds, savage beasts...even murder. For only too late will Owen learn that Lord Mayln will stop at nothing to have the golden harp. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Wild West Adventures In The Great African Bush

“Hello, pony,” I whispered, as a Shetland pony, together with its handler, trotted past. ... I complained 70 Wild West Adventures in the Great African Bush.

Wild West Adventures In The Great African Bush

Author: David Robert Dalton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469189941

Page: 295

View: 475

Kindly please read this and then send this message to your relatives, friends, and business associates in South Africa and overseas. "Wild West Adventures in the Great African Bush" by David Robert Dalton (with contributions by Mike, Trevor & Garth Dalton) Embark on Wild West Adventures in the Great African Bush with author David Robert Dalton, who takes you to the African bush in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Inspired by his and his brothers’ fond memories of growing up in the little copper mining town of Messina (now called Musina) in South Africa, with written contributions from his three elder brothers, he pens a wacky, side-splitting tale of his adventures growing up in the little bushveld town. Set in the African bushveld (a.k.a. “the Great Arizona Desert”), the three elder Dalton cowpokes are members of a gang dubbed the Messina “Dalton Gang”, after the infamous Wild West Dalton Gang, who roar around on their two-wheeler steeds and talk in tough Western jargon. The youngest Dalton cowpoke, six-year-old, David, calls himself “Gunslinger” and his main ambition in life is to become a recognized member of the gang. Together with his little African “Pawnee” sidekick-hombre, Tokoloshie-Two-Feathers, and his three-legged Jack Russell dog, Jock, Gunslinger tries hard to impress, but continually messes up. The story, told in a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek fashion, as told through the fertile imagination of a six-year-old boy, but is written for adults. There’s a delightful array of wacky small-town characters that help the story come alive, making you feel part of it. There’s the delicious Danish Tart, who runs the Mine Rec Club bar, Speedy, the town’s beefy Harley-riding policeman, Paparazzo, the long-nosed Italian crime reporter, Frank&Earnest (the same person!), the hip Holy father, the disapproving Dominee, Mrs Bogey, the Mine Manager’s snooty wife, and the gang’s all-suffering parents, the Old Man and Daisy-Anne, who all contribute to the hilarity! Dredging up one’s own childhood memories, it’s a wonderful nostalgic tale to touch the hearts of all ages! “It’s so darned funny; it’ll have you laughing out loud! A charming and endearing must-read story for all ages! I simple loved it!” – Brenda George, author of Falling Leaves and Mountain Ashes. “I warmed to this delightful and endearing book – a unique African TO-KILL-A-MOCKINGBIRD look into the mind of a child of those nostalgic times.” – Gloria Keverne, international bestselling author of A Man Cannot Cry and Broken Wings. Available in EBook and paperback format, see: http://www.xlibrispublishing.co.uk or http://www.xlibris.com; http://www.amazon.co.uk or http://www.amazon.com or www.bushwhackedbooks.co.za http://www.youtube.com

Showtym Adventures 4 Chessy the Welsh Pony

“You've got your Champion,” the judge whispered. “Now you just need to find a wild pony to tame.” Amanda grinned as she remembered the conversation they'd ...

Showtym Adventures 4  Chessy  the Welsh Pony

Author: Kelly Wilson

Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited

ISBN: 0143772643

Page: 160

View: 861

In the fourth Showtym Adventure, Amanda must earn the trust of a beautiful but wild Welsh stallion. Will Chessy ever be safe enough to ride? Seven-year-old Amanda Wilson dreams of training her own wild pony, just as her sisters have done. Then comes the chance she has been waiting for — a muster of beautiful Welsh ponies that have run wild in the hills. Among them is Chessy, a striking stallion, and just the right size for Amanda. But small doesn't equal easy, and first Amanda must prove she has what it takes by training Magic, a stroppy mare from Pony Club. Will Magic and Chessy ever be safe enough to join Amanda on her crazy adventures? Vicki and Kelly must help Amanda to win her ponies’ trust in this engaging story of perseverance and reward, which is inspired by the Wilson Sisters’ early years.

Blue Moon Investigations Case File 4 6

They were moving around quietly, whispering to each other with only a single ... My mother whispered her answer, 'Would you like to play ride the wild pony?

Blue Moon Investigations  Case File 4 6

Author: Steve Higgs

Publisher: stevehiggsbooks

ISBN: 1393149456


View: 806

The paranormal? It's all nonsense, but proving might just get them killed. Delve into a world where supernatural crimes are investigated by two detectives standing alone to protect those that call on them. In the brooding, dark landscape of England, with its rolling hills and forgotten castles, the dark breeds evil in every shadow. Or stupid, some of them definitely just contain stupid. With millions of pages read and thousands of books sold, the Blue Moon paranormal investigation series will grip you from the start and rob you of sleep as you continue turning pages until well after your bedtime. It is action-packed, but funny, fast-paced yet intriguing and there are 15 stories already written. Get the second 3 excitement-filled stories in this omnibus edition and save a pile against buying them individually. The Klowns of Kent – Before the dust settles following a zombie outbreak, a plague of evil clowns descends on the towns and villages of Kent, bringing havoc and crime. When petty theft escalates to murder, Tempest knows he must get involved, but they come looking for him first. What is their motive? Are they from hell? To find out he'll have to follow them into their trap and fight his way out. Dead Pirates of Cawsand – A ghost ship has been spotted off the coast of a quiet Cornish village where gold coins were recently found. Now skeletal pirates are wandering the streets, hiding in the mist to strike fear into the local community because they want their gold back. But they didn't count on England's best paranormal P.I. turning up. His well-earned break soon goes sideways as murder, kidnap, and ghost hunters ruin his vacation and threaten more than just his life. In the Doodoo with Voodoo – A client cursed by a voodoo priest is the start of a case that will push Amanda to her very limits. With Tempest away in Cornwall, Amanda has no back up, but she wants to do this for herself even though the priest is a scary character. However, when BFF Patience goes missing, it's a race against time to solve the case before someone dies and she is about to find out just how badly she underestimated her suspect. Praise for the Blue Moon Investigation series and Steve Higgs: 'Be prepared to struggle with getting anything else done, as you will want to keep reading.' 'Supernatural overtones with a hint of sexual tension, interspersed with humor make this a fantastic book.' 'Truly delightful tales of mystery and misadventure.' 'Higgs is a wonderful author with great character development which includes an enticing cast of misfits.' 'A great crime comedy with a group of zany characters. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one. Highly recommended!' 'Higgs makes everything and everyone come alive.'

Whisper of Death

Its heyday returned a regular income from sheep sales, baled hay, and grazing the local pony club's horses. Now, only wild grass is loosely rolled as cheap ...

Whisper of Death

Author: Paige Elizabeth Turner

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788036824

Page: 320

View: 285

‘I imagine the revenge scenario in a different light, and see before me the bright luminescence of a woman. All I have to do is figure out who.’ Why did Joyce Beecham die in hospital when only hours earlier she was happily preparing lunch at home? As lead investigator for her newly-formed business ‘Watts Happening? Investigations’, Olivia Watts is engaged by legal acquaintance Alexander Beecham to investigate his mother’s suspicious death. Olivia uncovers heated sibling rivalry; a hidden marriage and disturbing financial transactions. While shaking family skeletons, she meets eccentric inventor, Lord Bennington, who admits close ties to the Beecham family. Olivia later learns of an estranged niece and quickly elevates her to prime suspect. Seeking assistance from former supervising officer and on/off boyfriend DCI Stafford, Olivia must sidestep complex personality conflicts of a family at war if she is to uncover the truth behind the matriarch’s death. Whisper of Death is a fast-paced crime novel that delves deep into heart of the Beecham family and its complicated family dynamic. This book will appeal to fans of intense thrillers by the likes of John Grisham, James Patterson and Lee Child. Much like Turner’s first novel, Beyond All Doubt, Whisper of Death guarantees a dramatic climax.

Whispering in the Wind

But when he rode wild horses he gave loud cries and cracked his long stock-whip. ... Peter reined in his pony with a scattering of gravel.

Whispering in the Wind

Author: Alan Marshall

Publisher: Text Publishing

ISBN: 1925626369

Page: 240

View: 329

Peter sets out into the Australian bush on his pony that leaps like lightning to find a princess to rescue from a dragon—something only a brave and good person can attempt. Along the way he meets a trusty companion, a kangaroo with a bottomless pouch, and together they follow the directions of the helpful Willy Willy Man across the landscape. With a trip to the moon with the Pale Witch to sweep it clear of Russian and American cameras, a journey across the Plain of Clutching Grass, a visit to a giant’s castle and a battle with the Doubt Cats, Peter’s bravery and kindness are put to the test. This humorous and enchanting Australian fairy tale will enthrall readers of all ages. Alan Marshall, born in 1902, was an Australian writer, story teller, humanist and social documenter. Marshall received the Australian Literature Society Short Story Award three times. He died in 1984.

Pony Whisperer 2 Team Challenge

... Equine Challenge and its description of the Wild Card event. Anything goes! it had said. Well, that could include a bit of pony whispering, couldn't it?

Pony Whisperer  2  Team Challenge

Author: Janet Rising

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444904965

Page: 224

View: 392

It's the start of the summer holidays and everyone in the stable yard is excited about entering a new nationwide inter-team competition. When Pia and Cat end up on competing teams, it's bound to end in trouble!