While Bullets Fly

The thrilling true story of a field surgical unit in World War II. With no helicopters to move wounded soldiers to operating tables, they moved the surgeons to the wounded!

While Bullets Fly

Author: Ian Robertson

Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub

ISBN: 1425135129

Page: 346

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The thrilling true story of a field surgical unit in World War II. With no helicopters to move wounded soldiers to operating tables, they moved the surgeons to the wounded!

Where the Bullets Fly

“Them cowardly bastards opened up on us while we was sleepin'. Ain't our fault they missed.” “I swear to God,” Henry added, “we thought they was out to rob ...

Where the Bullets Fly

Author: Terrence McCauley

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786043431

Page: 304

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Surrounded by ranches, farms, and precious metal mines, the town of Dover Station, Montana is ripe for the plucking. It’s up to Sheriff Aaron Mackey to keep the peace—and keep the dregs of humanity from trying to make a killing . . . WHERE THE BULLETS FLY, VENGEANCE REIGNS If anyone can smell an investment opportunity, it’s railroad men and big city bankers. They’re not the kind of folks that Sheriff Mackey is used to dealing with. But greed is greed, and if anyone knows how money can drive men to murder, it’s the sheriff of a boomtown like Dover Station. But when Mackey is forced to gun down a pair of saloon rats, it brings a powderkeg of trouble—with a quick-burning fuse of vengeance named Alexander Duramont. This bloodthirsty psychopath wants to kill the sheriff for killing his buddies. And he plans to get his revenge using a highly combustible mix of fire, fear, and dynamite . . . Mackey’s not sure how he’s going to stop this blood-crazed lunatic. But it’s going to be one heck of an explosive and very violent showdown . . . “Hard to put down . . . because of the gritty and stylish narrative, the virtually nonstop action.” —Publishers Weekly on Terrence McCauley’s Sympathy for the Devil

Best Stories of the 1914 European War

Even when catching a few winks of sleep the men lay with their rifles on their arms ready for action. JOKE WHILE BULLETS FLY Table of Contents The London ...

Best Stories of the 1914 European War

Author: Various

Publisher: Good Press


Page: 73

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"Best Stories of the 1914 European War" by Various. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Last Battle of Atlantis

They both go behind a boulder for protection while bullets fly by. During the middle of the attack, Duncan is still unconscious.

The Last Battle of Atlantis

Author: Thomas D. Turner

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477293469

Page: 240

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Twelve thousand years ago, heroes and antagonists were made. Civilizations were starting to flourish. Within their social structures there was love, honor, and friendship. On the other side of the spectrum, there was also greed, fear, and power. Within the last one hundred years, archeologists and paleontologists unearthed a new world. After the Ice age, archeologists discovered civilizations with architectural buildings and commerce. Paleontologists have proof of animals which were not like we are accustomed to today. They have uncovered giant sloths, mammoths, giant rhinos, and giant elk, all living amongst the civilizations before written history. So far, Atlantis is a legend. In those legends there had to be a leader and hero that brought Atlantis together. The story of Atlandreous unfolds as Duncan, a present day archeologist, visions the beginning of the Atlantean Empire.

A History of the 9th Highlanders Royal Scots

'While bullets fly about, you have no one to shoot back at, which is very annoying.'26 Russell 'Cherry' Thin was part of a carrying party: 'Had to wade ...

A History of the 9th  Highlanders  Royal Scots

Author: Neill Gilhooley

Publisher: Pen and Sword Military

ISBN: 152673530X

Page: 352

View: 208

Edinburgh is forever bound to The Royal Scots, the oldest in the British Army and now part of The Royal Regiment of Scotland. For a period in the early twentieth century, it also had a Highland battalion, the kilted 9th Royal Scots, which became affectionately known as the Dandy Ninth. The battalion was formed in the aftermath of the Boer War’s Black Week. It sent volunteers to South Africa and established itself as Edinburgh’s kilted battalion, part of the Territorial Force of part-time soldiers. Mobilised in 1914 as part of the Lothian Brigade, they defended Edinburgh and environs from the threat of invasion, and constructed part of the landward defences around Liberton Tower. They were part-time soldiers and new recruits, drawn from the breadth of society but with a strong representation of lawyers and included a number of Scotland rugby players and artists, such as the Scottish Colourist F.C.B. Cadell, and William Geissler of the Edinburgh School. A remarkably high proportion of the battalion received commissions and served in many branches of the armed forces, and in many theatres. In the Great War they mobilised to France and Flanders and served in many of the major actions: in Ypres in both the Sedon and Third (Passchendaele) Battles of Ypres as well as in the Battle of the Lys in 1918; on the Somme 1916 at High Wood and the Ancre (Beaumont Hamel), at Arras 1917 (Vimy Ridge); at Cambrai 1917 (Fontaine); and during the 1918 German Spring Offensive at St Quentin and at the Battle of Soissonais-Ourcq. They were with the 15th (Scottish) Division in the Advance to Victory. Some 6,000 men passed through the ranks of the Dandy Ninth and over a thousand never returned.


... act when they are in motion, and each applies to how bullets fly when they ... In terms of firearms ballistics, this simply means that a bullet does not ...


Author: Siyavush Saidian

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1534562702

Page: 104

View: 910

When a crime is committed with a firearm or an explosive, the first people the police turn to are often ballistic analysts. By examining angles, bullets, and explosive residue, these scientists analyze the behavior of projectiles, such as bullets. Readers learn both how ballistics research is performed and how law enforcement officials use these findings to solve crimes. The detailed main text is supplemented with engaging fact boxes, unique sidebars, and photographs that give readers an up-close look into the scientific world of ballistic studies.

A Breath of Fresh Ayr

... they're wrists. time flies fast like a young man running when bullets fly and guns blast . . . trying to dodge the inevitable all the while still trying ...

A Breath of Fresh Ayr

Author: Terrance H Barnes

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450015172

Page: 109

View: 612

Life and its experiences are something that we can all look at and no matter what the experience, relate it to ourselves. Doing this helps us to cope and deal with the things that we have going on in our minds and are unsure what to think about them. A Breath Of Fresh Ayr is a collection of writings and thoughts, my way of expressing my troubles, trials, and tribulations, as well as my triumphs, testaments, and tutelage. Everyone in life loves, has felt love, and has felt the pain from the love once it’s gone. Everyone has lost someone, found someone, lost themselves, and somewhere along the journey, regained their mentality peace by piece. Within these pages are the pieces of mentality, and while I still search for my peace of mind, I hope you enjoy these pieces of it.

Heiress and Epithet Book 2

When bullets fly past us, Alain cruises 100 miles per hour dodging pedestrians, police cars and wrought iron lampposts. Then, his tires and hubcaps hit and ...

Heiress and Epithet   Book 2

Author: Leigh Rose

Publisher: Leigh Rose - Independent Publisher

ISBN: 1792329571

Page: 355

View: 968

Claude Freedman arrives in Paris, France, on Bastille Day, with the intention to reconcile with Juliette’s parents, but instead of finding a warm welcome, Claude finds a family of double-dealers: Juliette’s mother, Adrian Reiss-Marston, still insists, “Children of the Alliance,” the memoir written by their ancestor, Capt. Reiss J. Reiss III, is a ‘literary forgery.’ Hoping to prove her mother wrong, Juliette and Claude sojourn to Toulon, France, to investigate what the captain documented in his memoir. However, when they arrive in the quaint maritime city and meet Col André Greton, the tide turns when they discover where the Reiss signet ring is hidden and damning information about Juliette’s grandmother, Sofia Blanc. Returning to Paris, France, with a conundrum of questions, Juliette discovers Sergeant Baudin of INTERPOL is still on her tail, and that her boss, Jene Vought, wants to auction the Récamier ballroom gown: Designed with a butterfly necklace that disguises Juliette’s heirloom gemstones, Juliette fears her dowry may be lost forever…

The People in the Wall

... right away we were dancing and dodging, like youdo when bullets fly at your feet. ... Not much, the spitbullet had only grazed me, buta bleed'sa bleed.

The People in the Wall

Author: Sam Penant

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408328313

Page: 272

View: 118

Dax Daley is no superhero. But then, neither are his other classmates. At least they're not heroes YET - that's what they're being taught at Scragmoor Prime, a school for children with special powers. Dax would much rather explore the creepy chapel outside the school grounds - the one with the eerie painted people on the wall - than try to be a hero. But the chapel walls hide a dark secret... and Dax discovers that Scragmoor's previous criminal inmates aren't quite as dead as he'd hoped.

Jon Courson s Application Commentary

While it is easy to question the existence of God in the quietness of a library, postulating between puffs on a pipe, when bullets fly and bombs explode, ...

Jon Courson s Application Commentary

Author: Jon Courson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418588067

Page: 960

View: 399

Few Bible commentators simultaneously articulate both insightful spiritual truths and memorable life applications for readers who want to be relevant witnesses for Jesus Christ. Gifted Bible preacher and inspiring teacher Jon Courson effortlessly combines both in this easy-to-read, verse-based devotional commentary on the Old Testament books of Psalms through Malachi. Pastor Jon's years of immersion in God's Word, as he regularly preached from the Bible, produced faithful, valuable teaching that is both a scholarly work and an encouragement for living the Christian life. His application commentaries combine the following elements in a unique blend of pertinent information and needed inspiration: Deep love for God's word Colorful cultural insights Insightful historical information Applicable topical studies Vivid illustrations and stories Humorous, practical, and inspiring life lessons Jon Courson's devotional commentaries offer thorough and comprehensive teaching along with practical, in-depth topical studies in a very readable and comfortable expositional style.

The Byronic Hero in Film Fiction and Television

... background while bullets fly and glass shatters. While the graphic novel begins with Eric's first act of revenge, the film shows Eric's grave opening ...

The Byronic Hero in Film  Fiction  and Television

Author: Atara Stein

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809329387

Page: 245

View: 388

This title tracks the champion of action films, sci-fi TV, vampire novels, and neo-Gothic comics. ""The Byronic Hero in Film, Fiction, and Television"" bridges nineteenth- and twentieth-century studies in pursuit of an ambitious, antisocial, arrogant, and aggressively individualistic mode of hero from his inception in Byron's ""Manfred"", ""Childe Harold"", and ""Cain"", through his incarnations as the protagonists of Westerns, action films, space odysseys, vampire novels, neo-Gothic comics, and sci-fi television. Such a hero exhibits supernatural abilities, adherence to a personal moral code, ineptitude at human interaction (muddled even further by self-absorbed egotism), and an ingrained defiance of oppressive authority. He is typically an outlaw, most certainly an outcast or outsider, and more often than not, he is a he. Given his superhuman status, this hero offers no potential for sympathetic identification from his audience. At best, he provides an outlet for vicarious expressions of power and independence. Tracing the influence of Lord Byron's ""Manfred"" as outcast hero on a pantheon of his contemporary progenies - including characters from ""Pale Rider"", ""Unforgiven"", ""The Terminator"", ""Alien"", ""The Crow"", ""Sandman"", ""Star Trek: The Next Generation"", and ""Angel"" - Atara Stein tempers her academic acumen with the insights of a devoted aficionado in this first comprehensive study of the Romantic hero type and his modern kindred.

The Honourable Aleck

While. Bullets. Fly. A soldier is badly wounded in a mobile, fast-moving theatre of war. Without rapid surgery, he will die. There are no helicopters to ...

The Honourable Aleck

Author: Ian Bruce Robertson

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460219597

Page: 344

View: 963

The Honourable Aleck is the true story of the life and times of Alexander Rocke Robertson and Margaret Bruce Eberts, Aleck's beloved wife 'Maggie'. Born and raised in Chatham, Upper Canada, 'Aleck' Robertson came to British Columbia in 1864 as a young lawyer, and became one of BC's most eminent citizens. Well-known and highly respected in BC's courtrooms, he was also Mayor of Victoria, a member of BC's first provincial Cabinet, and BC's first Canadian-born Supreme Court Judge, all before his untimely death at the age of 40. The combining of the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, and then confederation with Canada, give a dramatic backdrop to the story. Aleck's passionate correspondence with Maggie throughout their lives, and their warm and loving family life with their many sons in early Victoria, show the human side of those turbulent times in early BC.

China s Cinema of Class

While there are scenes of action in Let the Bullets Fly, the emphasis on dialogue despite being an “action” film did prove unattractive to lower classed ...

China s Cinema of Class

Author: Nicole Talmacs

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1315393972

Page: 202

View: 307

China’s commercial film industry can be used as a map to understand how class is interwoven into the imaginations that inform and influence social change in Chinese society. Film consumption is important in this process, particularly for young adult urbanites that are China’s primary commercial cinema patrons. This book investigates the web between the representation of class themes in Chinese film narratives, local audience reception to these films, and the socialisation of China’s contemporary class society. Bringing together textual analyses of narratives from five commercially exhibited films: Let the Bullets Fly (Jiang: 2010), Lost on Journey (Yip: 2011), Go Lala Go! (Xu: 2011), House Mania (Sun: 2011) and The Piano in the Factory (Zheng: 2011); and the reception of 179 Chinese audiences from varying class positions, it investigates the extent to which fictional narratives inform and reflect current class identities in present-day China. Through group discussions in Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Lanzhou and Taiyuan, the author searches for audiences beyond major cities that are typically the focus of film consumption studies in China. As such, the book reveals not only how deeply and widespread the socialisation of China’s class society has become in the imaginations of Chinese audiences, but also what appears to be a preference of both audiences and filmmakers for the continuation of China’s new class society. Revealing the extent to which cinema continues to play a key role in the socialisation of class structures in contemporary Chinese society, this book will be important for students and scholars of Chinese Studies, Film Studies, Communication Studies, as well as observers of China’s film industry.

The Unsubstantial Air

While this hundred minutes will not make me a flier by any means I think it is well worth the ... What will I do when the bullets fly and the shells burst?

The Unsubstantial Air

Author: Samuel Hynes

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 0374712255

Page: 336

View: 912

The Unsubstantial Air is the gripping story of the Americans who fought and died in the aerial battles of World War I. Much more than a traditional military history, it is an account of the excitement of becoming a pilot and flying in combat over the Western Front, told through the words and voices of the aviators themselves. A World War II pilot himself, the memoirist and critic Samuel Hynes revives the adventurous young men who inspired his own generation to take to the sky. The volunteer fliers were often privileged-the sorts of college athletes and Ivy League students who might appear in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, and sometimes did. Others were country boys from the farms and ranches of the West. Hynes follows them from the flying clubs of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale and the grass airfields of Texas and Canada to training grounds in Europe and on to the front, where they learned how to fight a war in the air. And to the bars and clubs of Paris and London, where they unwound and discovered another kind of excitement, another challenge. He shows how East Coast aristocrats like Teddy Roosevelt's son Quentin and Arizona roughnecks like Frank Luke the Balloon Buster all dreamed of chivalric single combat in the sky, and how they came to know both the beauty of flight and the constant presence of death. By drawing on letters sent home, diaries kept, and memoirs published in the years that followed, Hynes brings to life the emotions, anxieties, and triumphs of the young pilots. They gasp in wonder at the world seen from a plane, struggle to keep their hands from freezing in open air cockpits, party with actresses and aristocrats, rest at Voltaire's castle, and search for their friends' bodies on the battlefield. Their romantic war becomes more than that-a harsh but often thrilling reality. Weaving together their testimonies, The Unsubstantial Air is a moving portrait of a generation coming of age under new and extreme circumstances.

The Way I Die A Novel

I've learned in these situations—when bullets fly in close quarters— it's best to keep in perpetual motion. If you stop or freeze or pause, bullets find you ...

The Way I Die  A Novel

Author: Derek Haas

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1681777177

Page: 224

View: 734

An explosive thriller from the acclaimed co-creator of "Chicago Fire" featuring his dynamic and compelling anti-hero, Columbus. The way I die is two taps to the head, stuffed in the trunk of a rental sedan, my body set on fire. The way I die is both arms broken, both legs broken, tossed off a cigarette boat in the middle of Lake Michigan, bricks in my pockets to weigh down the corpse. The way I die is acid in a bathtub, pushed out of an airplane, strung up and gutted in an old textile warehouse in Boston. My name is Copeland. My name is Columbus. The way I die is a shotgun in my mouth, my finger on the trigger. It is the middle of February on Mackinac Island, a tiny community off the northern Michigan coast. But Columbus isn't here to enjoy the picturesque surroundings. Reeling after the death of his wife and relinquishing his son, he lives in isolation—in self-imposed punishment and exile. Forgotten and alone. Nameless to his neighbors. But even if he runs and hides, Columbus is never alone for long. Ten years after Columbus—one of the most original anti-heroes in contemporary fiction—first exploded onto the scene in The Silver Bear, Derek Haas delivers another riveting thriller that promises heart-pounding action and shocking twists until the very last page.

Countercultural Parenting

When. BulletsFly. An. Example. in. Faith. “What are we to make of Christ?” There is no question of what we can make of Him, it is entirely a question of ...

Countercultural Parenting

Author: Lee Nienhuis

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736978240

Page: 240

View: 783

Change can happen in our culture. It can happen in our home and in our children. But it starts with us. Amorality, dishonesty, discontent—you want your children to reject today’s norms in favor of values like integrity, wisdom, and forgiveness. But how can you train them to do this when you sometimes fall short yourself? Author, speaker, and Moms in Prayer podcast host Lee Nienhuis offers guidance to every parent seeking to raise Jesus-following kids. In Counter-Cultural Parenting, she provides tools that will help you… model godly characteristics and biblical values in your own life and home energize your family to recognize the world’s lies and devote yourselves to truth entrust your children’s future to God through consistent, powerful prayer It’s easy to look at the world and feel overwhelmed, but you don’t need to lose hope. Embrace the calling God has set before you and know that He will empower you to nurture your children’s faith.

The Nobodies

She barely finishes the sentence when bullets fly through the car's roof, ... She's angry, fearful, and confused as bullets continue flying through and ...

The Nobodies

Author: Aleksandar Miljkovic

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1525581325

Page: 294

View: 607

How can anyone determine if someone is a hero or a villain? Most people believe it’s through their actions. But what if someone’s actions seem cruel now, but they’re being done to bring about a “better tomorrow”? Connor Jones has spent the last thirty years of his life leading a secret organization called The Nobodies. They hire a select group of regular people with no police record to murder those whom The Nobodies deem to be the most dangerous people in the world, paying them huge amounts of money to do so and thereby making the murders almost impossible to solve. Despite the fact they are killing people, The Nobodies think they are saving many human lives and maintaining the balance on this planet. However, everything changes when Connor begins to think the group is getting too big, and he starts to target some of the assassins themselves. He comes to believe that, good or bad, all humans are the biggest enemy this world has ever faced, and Connor decides the only way to save this planet is to become its greatest villain.

Latin American History Goes to the Movies

... they destroy pews and riddle the walls with bullet holes. ... continues to pray in the church while bullets fly and mayhem continues all around her.

Latin American History Goes to the Movies

Author: Stewart Brewer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317413474

Page: 166

View: 470

Latin American History Goes to the Movies combines the study of the rich history of Latin America with the medium of feature film. In this concise and accessible book, author Stewart Brewer helps readers understand key themes and issues in Latin American history, from pre-Columbian times to the present, by examining how they have been treated in a variety of films. Moving chronologically across Latin American history, and pairing historical background with explorations of selected films, the chapters cover vital topics including the Spanish conquest and colonialism, revolution, religion, women, U.S.-Latin American relations, and more. Through films such as City of God, Frida, and Che, Brewer shows how history is retold, and what that retelling means for public memory. From Apocalypto to Selena, and from Christopher Columbus to the slave trade, Latin American History Goes to the Movies sets the record straight between the realities of history and cinematic depictions, and gives readers a solid foundation for using film to understand the complexities of Latin America’s rich and vibrant history.