When We Were Young Brave

Inspired by true events, When We Were Young and Brave is an unforgettable novel about impossible choices and unimaginable hardship, and the life-changing bonds formed between a young girl and her teacher in a remote corner of a terrible war ...

When We Were Young   Brave

Author: Hazel Gaynor

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062995278

Page: 448

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"Gaynor's story of courage and strength will make you believe in the heroic spirit in each of us." —Lisa Wingate, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Before We Were Yours The New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Came Home sets her unforgettable new novel in China during WWII, inspired by true events surrounding the Japanese Army’s internment of teachers and children from a British-run missionary school. Their motto was to be prepared, but nothing could prepare them for war. China, December 1941. Having left an unhappy life in England for a teaching post at a missionary school in northern China, Elspeth Kent is now anxious to return home to help the war effort. But as she prepares to leave China, a terrible twist of fate determines a different path for Elspeth, and those in her charge. Ten-year-old Nancy Plummer has always felt safe at Chefoo School, protected by her British status. But when Japan declares war on Britain and America, Japanese forces take control of the school and the security and comforts Nancy and her friends are used to are replaced by privation, uncertainty and fear. Now the enemy, and separated from their parents, the children look to their teachers – to Miss Kent and her new Girl Guide patrol especially – to provide a sense of unity and safety. Faced with the relentless challenges of oppression, the school community must rely on their courage, faith and friendships as they pray for liberation – but worse is to come when they are sent to a distant internment camp where even greater uncertainty and danger await . . . Inspired by true events, When We Were Young and Brave is an unforgettable novel about impossible choices and unimaginable hardship, and the life-changing bonds formed between a young girl and her teacher in a remote corner of a terrible war.

When We Were Young

KarenKingsbury.com KAREN INGSBURY The WE YOUNG WHEN WERE A Novel Howard ... the Three Knights The Brave Young Knight Far Flutterby Go Ahead and Dream with ...

When We Were Young

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501170031

Page: 416

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a classic story about second chances, featuring the beloved Baxter family and a young father who finds his whole world turned upside down on the eve of his divorce. What if you could see into the future and know what will happen tomorrow, if you really walk out that door today. Pay attention. Life is not a dress rehearsal. From their first meeting, to their stunning engagement and lavish wedding, to their happily-ever-after, Noah and Emily Carter seemed meant to be. They have a special kind of love—and they want the world to know. More than a million adoring fans have followed their lives on Instagram since the day Noah publicly proposed to Emily. But behind the carefully staged photos and encouraging posts, their life is anything but a fairytale, and Noah’s obsession with social media has ruined everything. Distraught, Emily reaches out to her friend Kari Baxter Taylor and tells her the truth: Noah and Emily have decided to call it quits. He is leaving in the morning. But when Noah wakes the next day, everything is different. Emily is gone and the kids are years older. Like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, bizarre and strange events continue throughout the night so that Noah is certain he’s twenty years older, and he is desperate for a second chance. Now it would take a miracle to return to yesterday. When We Were Young is a rare and beautiful love story that takes place in a single day. It’s about knowing what tomorrow will bring if you really walk out that door today—and the gift of being able to choose differently.

When We Were Young

If we were feeling brave, we'd swim in the sea, Alice laughing maniacally in the face of the icy water like a Viking chieftain celebrating a rival tribe's ...

When We Were Young

Author: Richard Roper

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409185672

Page: 384

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'Such a warm, uplifting read. It's a celebration of the bond we have with our oldest friends, and it's so funny' Beth O'Leary 'A brilliant, funny, insightful exploration of friendship, which properly made me laugh and cry' Laura Marshall --------- Theo has been living in his parents' shed, nursing a broken heart and a wounded ego, convinced life can't get any worse. Then he gets evicted on his 30th birthday. Theo thinks he's done with the real world - until it shows up on his doorstep... Joel is a successful TV scriptwriter, still in love with his teenage sweetheart. A proper grown-up - and yet he's falling apart at the seams. He's headed home to reconnect with best friend Theo - except they haven't spoken since the summer they turned 16. One of them is keeping a secret, and the other is living a lie. But can the promise they once made to walk all 184 miles of the Thames Path help them find their way back to the truth - and to their friendship? A tender and funny story about wanting to go back - when you know it's time to move on. --------- 'An uplifting and redemptive journey' Steven Rowley 'A beautifully bittersweet tale about the enduring power of friendship, reminding us how sometimes the best way to face life's biggest challenges is to take them one step at a time with your best friend by your side' Oliver Sands 'An absorbing and heartfelt tale of past mistakes and friendship lost but never forgotten. A joyful summer read' Owen Nicholls --------- Your favourite authors loved reading Richard Roper's uplifting first novel, Something to Live For: 'A magnificent read. Tender, funny, compelling' Lucy Foley 'Funny, moving and thought-provoking - I loved this' Clare Mackintosh 'I adored this! It warmed my heart, broke it a little, then put it back together' Beth O'Leary 'Funny, fresh and achingly tender. Richard's writing hooked me in from the very first page' Cathy Bramley 'A life-affirming novel that simultaneously tweaks your funny-bone and tugs at your heartstrings. Brilliant!' Matt Dunn 'It pulls you in, makes you laugh and breaks your heart' Gill Hornby

When We Were Young in the West

We can't take your grandson, so we have to take your granddaughter. ... I saw the tears coming out of that brave man, my grandpa, who was so brave and ...

When We Were Young in the West

Author: Richard Melzer

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 0865343381

Page: 345

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Presents biographical sketches of New Mexican children from different cultures, races, and classes who represent the strength and diversity of this state's heritage.

When We Were Young

When he did think about war it was something that happened faraway. ... When you did, you were always the hero doing brave, superhuman things.

When We Were Young

Author: Jerry Flesher

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595342450

Page: 220

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During the summer of 1944, after two-and-a-half years of war, American citizens on the home front were still caught up in a surge of patriotic fervor, making any sacrifice necessary to help the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen that were engaged in combat. These people were the generation that endured the Great Depression only to be plunged into World War II. We meet four boys who are too young to be in uniform and want to do something to help the war effort. The focus is also on a young man who goes off to war and the girl he leaves behind who worries that he will perish in combat or will be maimed or crippled or will return a different man from the one she loved when he went off to war. We begin to understand what it was like to experience rationing, wartime anxieties, and the optimism and spirit of shared purpose that were central to life on America's home front during the first half of the 1940s. We meet the people who were young back then and learn that they, too, along with the fighting men, helped to save the world for democracy.

When We Were Young

We were lucky,” reflected Jim as he entered the cottage. ... Thanks to be brave men and women of the Royal Air Force, who had won victory in the skies.

When We Were Young

Author: Antony Smith

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469753529

Page: 716

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Spanning four generations and an infinite range of human emotions, When We Were Young is the story of the Mitchell family, beginning in England at the outbreak of World War II and chronicling the triumphs and tragedies of those tumultuous times. Most of all, it is the story of Jim Mitchell, a young, ambitious English boy, hardened by his wartime experience. Eager to grasp life's opportunities, he embarks on an adventure peopled by a rich cast of characters he meets along the way. • The raven-haired, charismatic, Maggie Bernadette O'Toole, rebellious daughter of his father's sister, and her Irish immigrant husband; • James Thompson, marine engineer extraordinaire, friend, world traveler, and mentor. • Nikolai Concalves Cavalantis, an older Brazilian playboy, who was heir to one of the world's leading hotel corporations and his young olive-skinned wife, the beautiful Maria; • Lydia Louise Henning, a brilliant academic who served in the SAS during World War II and was captured by the German Gestapo and brutally tortured, leaving her with a fear of men; • Jim Mitchell, his grandfather, a farmer, lay preacher, and mentor in his forma

Czar Nicholas The Toad and Duck Soup

Cambridge was the lifeI'd built with Orlando when we were young, brave, and eager to try everything. But that had been another time.

Czar Nicholas  The Toad  and Duck Soup

Author: Elisabeth Amaral

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491749792

Page: 324

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The mid-1960s through the mid-1970s was a heady, turbulent time. There was a lot going on back then, and author Elisabeth Amaral was in the middle of it all: the fights for women’s rights, racial equality, a music revolution, be-ins, love-ins, riots in the streets, the rage against the Vietnam War, and sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It was an amazing time to be young. In Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup, Amaral shares her recollections of those times. She narrates a coming-of-age story about herself and her husband as they embarked on an improbable journey of self-discovery. They gave up their jobs, moved with their infant son from New York City to Boston, unexpectedly started a children’s boutique, and soon opened a popular restaurant in Harvard Square. With sincerity and humor, Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup offers a personal and revealing account that reaches out to those who find themselves striving to make a relationship work that, by its very nature, may be doomed. But this story is also one of friendship—and of finding the courage to move on. Praise for Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup “In her intimate and humorous memoir, Liz Amaral reveals the challenges of a young family establishing a home in Cambridge amid the tumult of the late 1960s. You will discover the disconcerting truth about her marriage and the painful path she takes to find herself again. A true adventure of the heart.” —Kathrin Seitz, writer, producer, and coach

When We Were Young

“Sarah, on the Sabbath we rest, but the sea never does. It's always moving to new places.” “That's true.” Sarah watched the sea and its gentle waves, ...

When We Were Young

Author: Jaclyn Goldis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1538719304

Page: 416

View: 909

Three generations of women come together in this page-turning debut full of family secrets, heart-wrenching drama, and the promise of second chances. Corfu, 1942: To sixteen-year-old Sarah Batis, the Nazis are a distant danger—of far greater threat is the opposing needs of her heart and her people. Tradition demands that Sarah marry a Jewish man. Only Sarah has fallen in love with a fisherman outside their community. And when the Nazis invade, Sarah must watch from afar as her family is taken away. . . Corfu, 2004: Sarah's daughter, Bea, has built a happy life with a steadfast husband and two independent daughters. Their summers on the Greek island with the Winn family appear idyllic, especially the love that blossoms between Bea's daughter Joey and Leo Winn. But there is a secret threatening their beach paradise. Florida, 2019:Joey is only days away from marrying the nice Jewish man her family adores. The arrival of Leo, Joey's first love, sends her reeling. Even after fifteen years, the attraction between them burns bright—but Leo isn't looking for a happy reunion. He's there to reveal why he really broke up with her during their last summer together. Weddings have a way of bringing out the best—and worst—in those you love the most. And as the revelations of her family flood to the surface, what Joey learns will either bring them closer together . . . or tear them apart forever.

When We Were Young

If she could live with John B without marrying him, why should she worry about what people thought about her living with Brett? It was a brave thought.

When We Were Young

Author: Jackie Calhoun

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 1594937346

Page: 220

View: 170

Emily Cortland and Brett Tarlington have been best friends since childhood. Brett wants more than friendship. Emily is not so sure. She has two children. However, the women’s bond is unbreakable. Emily and Brett’s friendship becomes a partnership, until the family they forge is threatened by lies and deception. Then the unthinkable happens, and everything that has gone before pales in comparison. Only love and hope and life are left.

Eagle Spread

He used to tell us kids stories when we were young. There was one about a young brave named Prairie Dog who killed his namesake and ended up coming to a ...

Eagle Spread


Publisher: Pamela Moore

ISBN: 0982583265


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When We Were Young in Africa

Once Billy was awake, we could play together—he was four now, I was nine, ... “Carol Ann's problem now is how to be a squaw and a brave at the same time.

When We Were Young in Africa

Author: Carol Claxon Polsgrove

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1941892167

Page: 172

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Imagine you are watching a movie and suddenly the action stops and the credits begin to roll. Leaving Africa was like that. I had been going along in my African story, full of its sights and sounds and smells'children balancing kerosene tins on their heads, drums rumbling at night, air scented by smoke from charcoal and wood fires. . . And then: Cut. It was over. After twelve years of growing up mostly in West Africa, I was back in the United States, where people thought growing up in Africa was strange and growing up the daughter of missionaries was even stranger. I learned to avoid mentioning that part of my life at all, because if I did, I would feel the stereotypes close round me. I did my best to pass as American without ever quite succeeding. When my mother asked me in her last days, ?Do you appreciate your African childhood? I replied with cruel honesty, ?Yes, but now I don't belong in America.' Just weeks after her death at the age of 96, I sat myself down in a state of survivor's freedom to explore the childhood I had tried to put behind me. I poured out memories across a yellow notepad and began reading the letters Mother had passed on to me'intimate letters she and Daddy had written back to family from Africa, letters I myself had written from my boarding school in Nigeria my last three years there. As a historian I already understood the richness of life told in letters: the way secrets spring from their pages. Thus innocently (if any historian can be said to be innocent) I began'and found myself tangled up in a story I had not just forgotten but had never known.

We Were Young

we are reckless with each other because we are young and we don't know yet ... are young and we haven't found a way to be brave about being alone so we use ...

We Were Young

Author: Fortesa Latifi

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329592468


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This is the second book by Fortesa Latifi. In her sophomore collection of poetry, Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity. We Were Young explores the heartbreaks, hangovers, and hang ups associated with growing up.

Lost Luggage

When we want to picture our father at the end of that October of 1971, the most compelling image we have is ... They were young, brave, modern, emancipated.

Lost Luggage

Author: Jordi Punti

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780720459

Page: 480

View: 608

A journey to the heart of brotherhood, set across Europe, from Spain's leading new author.

The Galaxy

When we had about concluded our conference a young brave , completely
armed , as were all the chiefs , emerged from the willows and tall grass on the
opposite bank and waded across to where we were , greeting us as the others
had done ...

The Galaxy





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Brave and Awake

Perhaps we were hurt when we were young. When we are young and impressionable, it is easy to let the pain of those early hurts define us and our adult lives ...

Brave and Awake

Author: Beverly Molina

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504334116

Page: 216

View: 116

Brave and Awake is one woman’s story of truths discovered and lessons learned over a lifetime. The author, a fifteen-year veteran firefighter, offers her unique experiences and truths learned as a twenty-first century woman breaking social and personal barriers on her way to empowerment and freedom. The author’s adventures, ranging from firefighting to dancing, from the ordinary to the mystical, capture the spirit of the modern woman—one who faces her fears, trusts her intuition, thinks for herself, and creates her own happiness. And while this pocket-sized gem offers helpful tools and insights gained from the author’s own personal experiences, Brave and Awake ultimately invites and inspires readers to become their own best expert along the way.

Moving Times trilogy Grandmother s Footsteps

It reminded me of when we were young and how brave he'd been, falling against the iron railings by the well and hardly making any fuss at all.

Moving Times trilogy  Grandmother s Footsteps

Author: Rachel Anderson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444905562

Page: 208

View: 424

Grandmother's Footsteps begins on the day the Second World War ends, seen through the eyes of the bewildered young Ruth. Mesmerised and terrified by the break-up of the wartime world she is so used to, scared by her mother's disappearance to London in search of their absent father, she clings to the familiar world of her grandmother. Stick by me, Granny tells her, and you'll be all right. But already Ruth's exuberant mother has other plans for the family - a move to London and a succession of wild schemes that bring constant change and upheaval, opening and closing new horizons and leaving young Ruth feeling always - as the years go by - adrift. Except, that is, in the safe, sure haven of her grandmother's life.

Brave Love

We were young and in love. Our life together was busy but uncomplicated. We decorated our apartment together. Steve did the laundry, and I made dinner.

Brave Love

Author: Lisa Leonard

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310352312

Page: 256

View: 469

Women today feel pressure to be the best wife, mom, and professional possible--often at the expense of their own identity. But what if you could experience deep peace--knowing you are loved right now, just as you are? In Brave Love, the founder of the multi-million dollar company Lisa Leonard Designs inspires women to find themselves again amidst the noise and competing demands of real life. Brave Love is about what it means to be human, how it feels to be broken and afraid, and what happens when we dare to love deeply. Join Lisa on a journey where you will discover you are worthy and lovable just as you are. You don't have to try harder or be better. You don't have to prove yourself and you don't have to make others okay. In this freedom you will find more peace and more joy. Most importantly, you will learn that as you stop trying to be everything to everyone, you will love others better. Lisa Leonard shares her story of finding truth and wholeness in the midst of life's competing demands. When she said her marriage vows, she was determined to be the best wife she could be. When her first son was born with a severe disability, Lisa promised herself she would always be the mother he needed. When she began her jewelry business, Lisa committed to giving it her all. Over the years, the exhaustion of trying to be the perfect wife, mother, and businesswoman took its toll. Lisa knew it wasn't working. She wanted to change things, but how? Everyone depended on her. So she kept going, kept pushing, kept trying to prove she could do it all. Until one evening, in tears and desperation, Lisa realized that she could no longer be everything to everyone. Somewhere along the way, she had lost herself. In Brave Love, Lisa shares her story of losing--and finding--her own voice in the clamor of family, career, and internal pressure to prove herself.

Eight Muses of the Fall

He was very brave when we were young, very young, when we still hadn't known you in school. Back when you still didn't have to defend my stories against ...

Eight Muses of the Fall

Author: Edgar Calabia Samar

Publisher: Anvil Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9712729222

Page: 222

View: 479

This novel is on the one hand a young man’s frustrated attempt to write the great Filipino novel, and on the other, his coming to terms with the futility of his search for his lost mother. Along the way, he is guided and misdirected by some muses and demons to reimagine his personal past without the burden of national history. He will be forced to accept that truth can somehow be in the deceptive, inchoate recreation of memories, without which, the fall seems inevitable.

The brave never die

When we were young, Doordarshan was the only channel on TV and the whole family would sit and enjoy Ramayan / Mahabharat on Sundays.

The brave never die

Author: MEENU

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1637816286

Page: 386

View: 823

The Brave Never Die is the story of a man who sets out to pursue a career in the Indian Army. Does he succeed in achieving his dreams? Interwoven with many inspiring true incidents highlighting the tough yet exciting life of our brave soldiers, human emotions – love, camaraderie, the wars they fought, the sacrifices they made and the courage they displayed at the line of duty.

Brave Men and Women

Dr. Johnson, great and good as he was, had a touch of this regret, and we may ... We talk of “auld lang syne,” of the days when we were young, of gathering ...

Brave Men and Women

Author: O.E Fuller

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752307560

Page: 408

View: 919

Reproduction of the original: Brave Men and Women by O.E Fuller