Well Written and Red

This 256-page volume is the story of this influential advertising campaign, written by one of Britain's most respected advertising copywriters, Alfredo Marcantonio.

Well Written and Red

Author: Alfredo Marcantonio

Publisher: Harriman House Pub

ISBN: 9781905641024

Page: 256

View: 331

It is now 18 years since The Economist ran the first of its eye-catching 'White out of Red' posters. As this book points out, their 'vibrancy and visibility' have now established them as 'part of the urban landscape'. Well-written and Red is the story of this influential advertising campaign, written by one of Britain's most respected advertising copywriters, Alfredo Marcantonio. As an ex-Director of AMV BBDO he paints a remarkably insightful picture, not only of the conception and development of the award-winning creative work, but also of the Agency/Client relationship that has nurtured it. Marcantonio weaves together the recollections of those actually involved, putting events into context or stressing their importance, by citing lessons he has learnt in his own distinguished career. This is clearly a 'must-have publication' for advertising, marketing and the media. However, poster headlines like 'In real life the tortoise loses' mean that it will appeal to anyone who appreciates wit and style. Whilst readers from outside the industry won't be fazed by the vagaries of the creative process, they may be surprised to discover the disciplined strategic thinking and tight advertising briefs that inspire it. And the way that subtle shifts in emphasis have helped the campaign remain relevant in changing times. This 256 page volume features almost 200 of the advertisements that have helped The Economist increase its UK circulation from just over 80,000 in 1987 to almost 160,000 today. It represents a testimony to the power of posters, confirmation that it can pay to advertise and proof that 'funny' need not be the enemy of 'money'.

A Well Written Body

... within compass like willing to excavate our own selves in the spirit of “ Ahiohio A WELL WRITTEN BODY XXX let us draw a two - sided map in red and black ...

A Well Written Body

Author: Karlo Mila

Publisher: Huia Publishers

ISBN: 9781869693213

Page: 79

View: 413

Award-winning New Zealand poet Karlo Mila presents her second collection of poetry, accompanied by exquisite paintings by Delicia Sampero.

The Man in the Red Coat

in Wilde's view there is no such thing as a moral or immoral book, only books that are well written or badly written. Carson plays the plodder: 'May I take ...

The Man in the Red Coat

Author: Julian Barnes

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 147357403X

Page: 280

View: 491

*SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA BOOK AWARDS 2020* 'An absolute tonic for grey winter days' Evening Standard The Booker Prize-winning author of The Sense of an Ending takes us on a rich, witty tour of Belle Epoque Paris, via the life story of the pioneering surgeon Samuel Pozzi. In the summer of 1885, three Frenchmen arrived in London for a few days' shopping. One was a Prince, one was a Count, and the third was a commoner, who four years earlier had been the subject of one of John Singer Sargent's greatest portraits. The commoner was Samuel Pozzi, society doctor, pioneer gynaecologist and free-thinker - a scientific man with a famously complicated private life. Pozzi's life played out against the backdrop of the Parisian Belle Epoque. The beautiful age of glamour and pleasure more often showed its ugly side: hysterical, narcissistic, decadent and violent, with more parallels to our own age than we might imagine. **SHORTLISTED FOR THE DUFF COOPER PRIZE 2019**

Random House Guide to Good Writing

A Well- Written Story “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan P02 5 mi“ The “Red Death” had long devastated the counL try. No pestilence had ever been ...

Random House Guide to Good Writing

Author: Mitchell Ivers

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0307775208

Page: 288

View: 607

Clear, concise, effective, THE RANDOM HOUSE GUIDE TO GOOD WRITING is for anyone who wishes to communicate well in writing. Mitchell Ivers shows us how to master the medium and the message with an array of features: Precise guidelines on word usage, grammar, and punctuation--and how to decide with "rules" you can discard to suit your purpose; How to choose the tone and style appropriate to your audience and subject; The essential components of plot in fiction and structure in nonfiction, and much more. An Alternate Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club A Main Selection of the Writer's Digest Book Club

Spies Lies Red Tape

Lt. General RN Kapur, PVSM, AVSM & Bar Former Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff “Very well written fiction on the unending dispute of partition.

Spies  Lies   Red Tape

Author: Amit Bagaria

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1646786203

Page: 188

View: 106

The Gang of Six were clinching their fists under the 21-seater oval teak table in the PMO in New Delhi. How could their Prime Minister speak to them like that? How does the Constitution of India allow such people, with just 35 seats out of 543 in the Lok Sabha, to become the PM? The Indian PM’s aircraft took off from Islamabad Airport at 7:45 am IST and was scheduled to land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in New Delhi at 9:10 am IST. When the aircraft started deviating from its scheduled route, there was panic at the IGIA air traffic control tower. By 9:15 am IST, the aircraft was seen heading south, when it became out of range of the radars at IGIA. Had the PM’s aircraft been hijacked? Was it headed to Sri Lanka or the Maldives? The defence minister, external affairs minister and the NSA had accompanied the PM to Islamabad. In their absence, the best men to contact the Indian Air Force Chief were the cabinet secretary or the defence secretary. Both men tried to get hold of him, but to no avail. He was not answering his office or mobile phone. They tried the Vice Chief and got no response either. What in hell was going on? By 9:45 am IST, Indian Army soldiers in battle gear began arriving in army trucks at North and South Block, and at various other ministry buildings spread across Lutyens’ Delhi. Hundreds of soldiers also arrived at the residences of the union ministers in the 28.7 km2 Lutyens Bungalow Zone. At 9:45 pm Pakistan Time, about five hours after the Indian generals had finished the press conference in New Delhi and about two hours after millions had started demonstrating on roads across fifty-plus Indian cities, Prime Minister Irfan Khan chaired a meeting of Pakistan’s National Security Council. A plan of action was framed.

Happiness Was a Red Cadillac

Maud said it was a good story and well written, but I reckon she just said so to be polite and nice, so I burned that one too. At home, they think of sex ...

Happiness Was a Red Cadillac

Author: Altea

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465359629

Page: 121

View: 401

A true story of sex, violence and healing. The setting is an exotic northern Sweden of the seventies. A strong story about severe trauma yet filled with hope and joy. A childhood evoked within a dysfunctional family in the north of Scandinavia. Embedded in a frame, there are flashbacks into Sweden of the seventies. The author captures the complexity of such families by making it a multiple perspective narration, to rightfully characterize the perpetrator, victims, and society around them. Joy and sorrow are blended in perfect balance together with insights and clues hidden in symbolism. This novel is written for you, the fellow human being, with an interest in people and psychology, but may also be suitable for people who study or work in all kinds of occupations where you tend for others. Even if you dont have any experience of sexual abuse or violence in general or have any known personal relationship to a victim, you can find something of use in this text. For the reader who is a survivor of such things, the pages provide both tears and great amounts of hope.

The Little Red Writing Book

Indeed, a good thinker sets out to disprove a thesis. And to keep making new ones until she gets one ... Writing articulates what thinking ends up with.

The Little Red Writing Book

Author: Mark Tredinnick

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 1742240267

Page: 264

View: 208

A book on technique, style, craft and manners for everyone who writes and wants to do it better. It is a manual of good diction, composition, sentence craft, paragraph design, structure and planning. Enriched by examples of fine prose from great writers including Tim Winton; flush with exercises informed by the author's expertise in both creative writing and functional prose; and written with flair, The Little Red Writing Book is a lively and readable guide to lively and readable writing.

Under the Red Robe

Well worthy of a careful perusal . " —Boston Beacon . “ The few important characters introduced are very clearly and well drawn ; one is a quite unusual type and reveals a good deal ... It is well written and entertaining throughout .

Under the Red Robe

Author: Stanley John Weyman



Page: 340

View: 748

Soliciations Bids Proposals Source Sel

145 Table 4-7 RED TEAM DOs AND DON'Ts Do organize and plan the proposal review ... Do present proposal strengths and well-written areas during the red ...

Soliciations Bids Proposals   Source Sel

Author: Gregory A. Garrett

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

ISBN: 0808016121

Page: 350

View: 565

This fast-paced book walks you through the entire buying and selling life-cycle in just the first chapter. Chapters 2-7 then provide the detailed process inputs, proven tools and techniques, and desired outputs for all three phases and each of the seven key steps which both buyers and sellers must accomplish to achieve business success. Chapters 8, 9, and 10 each provide a thought-provoking discussion of proven effective best practices to improve buying and selling. Each chapter provides best practices in solicitations, bids/proposals, and contracts in a different marketplace. Chapter 8 addresses best practices in the U.S. Federal Government Marketplace. Chapter 9 provides best practices in the U.S. Commercial Marketplace. Finally, Chapter 10 discusses buying and selling best practices in the Multi-National/Global Marketplace. This one-of-a-kind book provides both breadth and depth of practical guidance, which few books have ever delivered. Plus, the authors have included numerous excellent interviews of buying and selling business professionals, from both the U.S. Government and industry. The interviews alone are worth the price of this book. If you are a business professional involved in any aspect of buying or selling products, services, and/or solutions, then this book is a must buy, read, and do!


This well - researched , well - written effort meets those and any other standards . " — Booklist " Ira Berkow , a sports columnist in Red Smith's old space ...


Author: Ira Berkow

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803260405

Page: 302

View: 577

In Red, the personality, career, and world of one of America's best writers and most honored sports journalists are brought warmly to life. From Red Smith?s first story for the Milwaukee Sentinel in 1927 to his last column for the New York Times five days before his death in 1982, his inimitable style graced the country?s sports pages for over half a century. Even in his earliest column, his writing showed evidence of the wit, clarity, and eloquence that would become his hallmarks. In 1976 he received the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism. ø The people who appear throughout Red comprise a distinguished twentieth-century hall of fame: Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Joe Louis, Ernest Hemingway, Grantland Rice, Ring Lardner, and Damon Runyon. A biography of one of this country?s finest writers, Red is also American history of a rich and lasting sort.

The First Red Scare

Explains the significance of those details and examples well. • Uses background knowledge and the documents in a balanced way. • Is well written; clear ...

The First Red Scare


Publisher: Social Studies

ISBN: 1575962365


View: 365

Red tailed Hawk

... Charles Preston not only provides a treasure trove of well - organized , well - written , up - to - the - minute information about every aspect of red ...

Red tailed Hawk

Author: Charles R. Preston

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811729147

Page: 103

View: 281

Every aspect of a species' life in the wild -- courtship, nesting, brooding, communication, foraging, flying, fighting -- is covered in text by a leading ornithologist, and photographs by top nature photographers.

Between Bombs and Good Intentions

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the ... History of the Red Cross, London, 1998 (a well-written and entertaining history of the Red ...

Between Bombs and Good Intentions

Author: Rainer Baudendistel

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1782388729

Page: 360

View: 942

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have highlighted again the precarious situation aid agencies find themselves in, caught as they are between the firing lines of the hostile parties, as they are trying to alleviate the plight of the civilian populations. This book offers an illuminating case study from a previous conflict, the Italo-Ethiopian war of 1935-36, and of the humanitarian operation of the Red Cross during this period. Based on fresh material from Red Cross and Italian military archives, the author examines highly controversial subjects such as the Italian bombings of Red Cross field hospitals, the treatment of Prisoners of War by the two belligerents; and the effects of Fascist Italy’s massive use of poison gas against the Ethiopians. He shows how Mussolini and his ruthless regime, throughout the seven-month war, manipulated the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – the lead organization of the Red Cross in times of war, helped by the surprising political naïveté of its board. During this war the ICRC redefined its role in a debate, which is fascinating not least because of its relevance to current events, about the nature of humanitarian action. The organization decided to concern itself exclusively with matters falling under the Geneva Conventions and to give priority to bringing relief over expressing protest. It was a decision that should have far-reaching consequences, particularly for the period of World War II and the fate of Jews in Nazi concentration camps.

The Red Ribbon

They raised a daughter who enjoys and values a well-written book. I began writing memoir at the University of Southern Maine in 2000; I wish to thank my ...

The Red Ribbon

Author: Nancy Freund Bills

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 1631525743

Page: 216

View: 242

In the summer of 1994, a freak lightning and thunder storm explodes on the southern coast of Maine, killing Nancy Bills’s husband and critically wounding her younger son. She promises her late husband that she will write their family’s story and bind it with a red ribbon of love and courage. In language alternately tender and gritty, The Red Ribbon documents the aftermath of Bills’s husband’s death. As a wife, she grieves and attempts to rebuild her life; as a mother, she strains to be the parent her young adult sons need. Then, one year later, she is faced with more loss—this time, the father whom she adores. After his death, other deaths, some anticipated and others unpredictable, follow. Meanwhile, the impending death of her aging mother is a particular challenge; Nancy struggles to be a good daughter, and on many visits to Montana, her home state, she tries to mend their painful history. Insightful, moving, and full of intelligence and humanity, The Red Ribbon is a story of surviving the many and often devastating lightning strikes of life, and a gift of compassion and wisdom for readers who are struggling with their own losses

Red Scare in Court

Law / American History Praise for Red Scare in Court : “ A powerful , well - written book deserving wide readership . " - Library Journal “ A provocative ...

Red Scare in Court

Author: Arthur J. Sabin

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812217049

Page: 392

View: 571

Providing a rare "behind the scenes" portrait of the case.

Painting the City Red

Mao praised it: ''This is a good play, moving, well written, and well acted. It should be viewed by more people.'' The play was staged by 82 chapter two.

Painting the City Red

Author: Yomi Braester

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822392755

Page: 420

View: 942

Painting the City Red illuminates the dynamic relationship between the visual media, particularly film and theater, and the planning and development of cities in China and Taiwan, from the emergence of the People’s Republic in 1949 to the staging of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Yomi Braester argues that the transformation of Chinese cities in recent decades is a result not only of China’s abandonment of Maoist economic planning in favor of capitalist globalization but also of a shift in visual practices. Rather than simply reflect urban culture, movies and stage dramas have facilitated the development of new perceptions of space and time, representing the future city variously as an ideal socialist city, a metropolis integrated into the global economy, and a site for preserving cultural heritage. Drawing on extensive archival research, interviews with leading filmmakers and urban planners, and close readings of scripts and images, Braester describes how films and stage plays have promoted and opposed official urban plans and policies as they have addressed issues such as demolition-and-relocation plans, the preservation of vernacular architecture, and the global real estate market. He shows how the cinematic rewriting of historical narratives has accompanied the spatial reorganization of specific urban sites, including Nanjing Road in Shanghai; veterans’ villages in Taipei; and Tiananmen Square, centuries-old courtyards, and postmodern architectural landmarks in Beijing. In Painting the City Red, Braester reveals the role that film and theater have played in mediating state power, cultural norms, and the struggle for civil society in Chinese cities.