Utopian Visions and Revisions

The book employs the concepts of utopia, dystopia, and anti-utopia in the analysis of a variety of phenomena such as literature, cinema, rock music, literary/cultural theories, as well as the practice of literature (socialist realism) and ...

Utopian Visions and Revisions

Author: Artur Blaim

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 9783631675656

Page: 285

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The book employs the concepts of utopia, dystopia, and anti-utopia in the analysis of a variety of phenomena such as literature, cinema, rock music, literary/cultural theories, as well as the practice of literature (socialist realism) and socio-political life.

J G Ballard Visions and Revisions

Because the new, utopian schemes of the period are disconnected from, and radically different from, the organic structure of European cities, and London in ...

J  G  Ballard  Visions and Revisions

Author: J. Baxter

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230346480

Page: 255

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Providing an extensive reassessment of dominant and recurring themes in Ballard's writing, including historical violence, pornography, post 9/11 politics, and urban space, this book also engages with Ballard's 'late' modernism; his experimentation with style and form; and his sustained interests in psychology and psychopathology.

Visions and Revisions of Eighteenth century France

The quest for utopia—that ideal state where all is ordered in the best interest of all the people—is as old as civilization. Most utopias have been ...

Visions and Revisions of Eighteenth century France

Author: Christine Adams

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 027101637X

Page: 214

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This volume brings together eight essays (all but one previously unpublished) that offer innovative strategies for studying society and culture in eighteenth-century France. Divided into three sections, the chapters map out current research paths in social, cultural, and political history. The authors engage the most heated subjects of debate in the field today, including the changing nature of political life in the age of Enlightenment, the role of public opinion in undermining absolutism, and the impact of gender on social relationships and political language in the late eighteenth century. They demonstrate a marked interest in the lives of ordinary and humble French people, finding that exclusion from the main corridors of power fostered cunning and resourcefulness, not political indifference or ignorance. The articles encompass the Old Regime and the revolutionary era without falling into the teleological trap of using the former as the backdrop for the events of 1789. On the contrary, many of the authors consciously avoid this bias by investigating the Old Regime in its own right or by consciously linking the pre- and postrevolutionary eras. This decision alone marks an important turning of the tide. By establishing a dialogue between the Old Regime and the revolution, this volume implicitly pays homage to those historians who insist on the structural continuities that underlay the rupture of 1789. Contributors are Cissie Fairchilds, Christine Adams, Orest Ranum, Lisa Jane Graham, Harvey Chisick, John Garrigus, Lenard Berlanstein, and Jack Censer.

Visions and Re visions

Renowned science fiction scholar Robert Philmus offers a provocative literary analysis of science fiction writing. He critically examines the works of some of the most prominent writers to have written in the genre.

Visions and Re visions

Author: Robert M. Philmus

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9780853238997

Page: 411

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Renowned science fiction scholar Robert Philmus offers a provocative literary analysis of science fiction writing. He critically examines the works of some of the most prominent writers to have written in the genre.

Visions and Revisions

Another urge was at play in them as well—to fill “the vacuousness of the post-Soviet present” and to start “a new utopian project: ...

Visions and Revisions

Author: Bryoni Trezise

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 8763540703

Page: 233

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In 1983 US president Ronald Reagan told the Israeli Prime Minister that he, as a photographer during World War II, had documented the atrocities of the concentration camps on film. The story was later exposed as a fraud as it was revealed that Reagan had resided in Hollywood during the entire war. Does this mean that Reagan was simply an amoral liar or that he established a connection to the Holocaust that can be said to have evolved from the intersection between “real” and “reel”?

Visions and Revisions. Performance, Memory, Trauma brings the fields of performance studies and trauma studies together in conversation in order to investigate how these two fields both “envision” and “revision” one another in relation to crucial themes such as trauma, testimony, witness, and spectatorship. According to Peggy Phelan, a leading performance studies scholar, performance provides a unique model for witnessing events that are both unbearably real and beyond reason’s ability to grasp – traumatic events like the Holocaust. While Reagan’s claim is obviously both paradoxical and problematic, it opens up a space in which the potential insights that performance studies and trauma studies might bring to one another become particularly visible.

The first half of the anthology focuses on issues of spectatorship, specifically its ethics and the possibility of witnessing. The second half widens the discussion to include memory more broadly, shifting the emphasis from sight to site, and particularly to site-specific works and the embodied encounters they model, enable and enact. The contributors here fill a critical gap, raising questions about how popular and mediatized performances that memoralize trauma might be viewed through performance theory. They also look at how performance studies might shift its focus from the visual to the sensorial and material and in doing so, they offer a fresh perspective on both performance and trauma studies.

Writing from different disciplinary vantages and drawing on multiple case studies from South Africa, the former Soviet Union, Lebanon and Thailand, among others, the contributors decolonize trauma studies and make us question, how and where our own eyes and bodies are positioned as we revision the scenes before us.

Contributors: Laurie Beth Clark/Helena Grehan/Geraldine Harris/ Chris Hudson/Petra Kuppers/Adrian Lahoud/Sam Spurr/Christine Stoddard/Bryoni Trezise/Maria Tumarkin/Caroline Wake.

Editors: Bryoni Trezise is a lecturer in theatre and performance studies at the University of New South Wales, where Caroline Wake is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia.

Robinson Crusoe and His Doubles

The book is a study of the eighteenth-century English robinsonade focusing on the pre-history of the genre, the multi-level semantics of «Robinson Crusoe», its functioning as a genre model, and the subsequent process of its simplification ...

Robinson Crusoe and His Doubles

Author: Artur Blaim

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 9783631679425

Page: 212

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The book is a study of the eighteenth-century English robinsonade focusing on the pre-history of the genre, the multi-level semantics of Robinson Crusoe, its functioning as a genre model, and the subsequent process of its simplification by the gradual elimination of religious meanings and foregrounding the exciting adventures.

Visions revisions

... despite the fact that Hugo necessarily places Paris at the centre of his Utopian vision : ' Cette nation aura pour capitale Paris , et ne s'appellera ...

Visions revisions

Author: Nigel Harkness

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039101405

Page: 330

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Selected from papers given at the first annual conference of the Society of Dix-Neuvièmistes, the nineteen essays in this volume contribute diversely towards a revision and a reconceptualisation of nineteenth-century France. Many adopt interdisciplinary methodologies attentive to the interplay between literature, history, art, popular and high culture, politics and science. The wide-ranging discussion of issues such as identity, alterity, commemoration, cultural history, tensions between centre and margins, mimesis and representation, suggest that no simplistic snapshot of this century is possible. Opening with a section on the modernity of the nineteenth century, the volume continues with sections on cultural transfer, war, readings and re-readings, and concludes with two essays on questions of identity. The critical reappraisals put forward here offer us various insights into directions in which nineteenth-century French studies are heading at the turn of another new century.

Scraps Of The Untainted Sky

Robert M. Philmus, "Swift, Zamiatin, and Orwell and the Language of Utopia," Visions and ReVisions: Collected Essays (forthcoming); pages cited are from ...

Scraps Of The Untainted Sky

Author: Thomas Moylan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429977034

Page: 408

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Dystopian narrative is a product of the social ferment of the twentieth century. A hundred years of war, famine, disease, state terror, genocide, ecocide, and the depletion of humanity through the buying and selling of everyday life provided fertile ground for this fictive underside of the utopian imagination. From the classical works by E. M. Forster, Yevgeny Zamyatin, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and Margaret Atwood, through the new maps of hell in postwar science fiction, and most recently in the dystopian turn of the 1980s and 1990s, this narrative machine has produced challenging cognitive maps of the given historical situation by way of imaginary societies which are even worse than those that lie outside their authors' and readers' doors.In Scraps of the Untainted Sky , Tom Moylan offers a thorough investigation of the history and aesthetics of dystopia. To situate his study, Moylan sets out the methodological paradigm that developed within the interdisciplinary fields of science fiction studies and utopian studies as they grow out of the oppositional political culture of the 1960 and 1970s (the context that produced the project of cultural studies itself). He then presents a thorough account of the textual structure and formal operations of the dystopian text. From there, he focuses on the new science-fictional dystopias that emerged in the context of the economic, political, and cultural convulsions of the 1980s and 1990s, and he examines in detail three of these new "critical dystopias:" Kim Stanley Robinson's The Gold Coast, Octavia Butler's The Parable of the Sower , and Marge Piercy's He, She, and It .With its detailed, documented, and yet accessible presentation, Scraps of the Untainted Sky will be of interest to established scholars as well as students and general readers who are seeking an in-depth introduction to this important area of cultural production.

Interpreting Thomas More s Utopia

See “ Si Hythlodaeo Credimus ' : Vision and Revision in Thomas More's Utopia , " in Essential Articles for the Study of Thomas More , edd .

Interpreting Thomas More s Utopia

Author: John C. Olin

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 9780823212330

Page: 98

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The proceedings of a symposium commemorating the 450th anniversary of Thomas More's death and the 50th anniversary of his canonization, Interpreting Thomas More's Utopia presents four leading Morean scholars on various aspects central to understanding More's masterpiece. An introduction by Governor Mario M. Cuomo in which he assesses More's influence on his career in public life precedes this stimulating discussion. The contributions, in order of appearance, are "A Personal Appreciation" by Mario M. Cuomo, "The Argument of Utopia" by George M. Logan, "The Key to Nowhere: Pride and Utopia" by Thomas I. White, "Utopia and Martyrdom" by Germain Marc'hadour, and "The Idea of Utopia from Hesiod to John Paul II" by John C. Olin.

Colonial Visions Postcolonial Revisions

Having entered the British colony hoping to find manna of their own, the Indian immigrants found themselves within the utopian venture of British ...

Colonial Visions  Postcolonial Revisions

Author: Shanthini Pillai

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443802719

Page: 135

View: 524

This book offers reflections of the representations of the Indian diaspora of Malaysia according to two spectrums, colonial and postcolonial. It takes seed from the belief that any engagement with the Indian diasporic experience in Malaysia must take into account the role of the pioneer Indian immigrants who carved the niche of existence for the overseas Indian on Malayan soil. It begins by tracing their presence within the terrain of colonial narratives to uncover, not only the ways in which they were subordinated to colonial ideological discourses but also, and more significantly, the suppressed story of coolie resistance that lies under the weight of such masks of conquest. It then moves on to show how postcolonial revisioning is able to reconstruct the Indian immigrants of Malaya as choreographers of the diasporic identity that they have left as the most significant legacy for contemporary Malaysian Indians. This book ultimately reveals the politics of Malaysian Indian identity from colonised to globalised grounds, and the ways in which the subaltern spaces of the former can be reclaimed and reterritorialised in the latter.

Revisions of the American Adam

... which becomes, doubly ironic as it not only reduces Sal's utopian vision of the promises of the road to its material and consumer roots in America's ...

Revisions of the American Adam

Author: Jonathan Mitchell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441156550

Page: 172

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The figure of the American Adam is a prevalent myth in US cultural history. Defined by R.W.B. Lewis in 1955 as "the hero of new adventure . . .an individual standing alone, self-reliant and self-propelling, ready to confront whatever awaited him with the aid of his own unique and inherent resources", the figure is discernable in the American renaissance writers and in the imagery of the frontiersman, cowboy, gangster as well as in the heroes of US action movies. Focusing on the American Adam as a paradigm of masculine identity formation, this monograph examines how this fantasy of an imaginary ideal identity has held an ideological sway over US identity in the main. Taking in a range of cultural texts, Jonathan Mitchell's study explores the complexities and contradictions of Adam's 'real' condition of existence to show how the paradigm influences both masculinity and subsequently hegemonic US identity as represented throughout twentieth-century US culture.

H G Wells Under Revision

Some utopias , such as Bellamy's Looking Backward and B. F. Skinner's ... of the author's intent and even of his fundamental faith in his utopian vision .

H G  Wells Under Revision

Author: International H. G. Wells Symposium

Publisher: Associated University Presse

ISBN: 9780945636052

Page: 263

View: 461

Dissatisfied with her relationship with her boyfriend, Constance Wechselburger, a graduate film student, embarks on a disheartening, confusing quest in search of her vision of the ideal intellectual mate.

Radical Revisions

Yet a utopian vision of racial equality combined with that of the eradication of class oppression fed the imaginations of many white radicals , who for the ...

Radical Revisions

Author: Bill Mullen

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252065057

Page: 291

View: 168

'Many of the essays in this volume are brilliant, and all reveal the richness of the 1930s as a subject for renewed study. The diverse critical approaches in Radical Revisions add substantially to the growing body of work on depression-era U.S. culture. Given the increasingly haunting similarities between the 1930s and the 1990s, this book should spark interest in both academic and general reader.'

The Utopian Vision of H G Wells

... teacher declares to be a matter of fact may be subject to revision or even overthrow; and third, by connecting education to the idea of utopia—that is, ...

The Utopian Vision of H G  Wells

Author: Justin E.A. Busch

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786455497

Page: 212

View: 612

This book examines and develops the evolutionary utopian ideas of H.G. Wells. It begins with a detailed consideration of the types of individuals who could create and live in ideal societies, as well as the social, aesthetic and intellectual aspects of utopian life in Wells’s books. It then discusses the role of the state and how Wells’s utopian thought requires a permanent commitment to expanding freedom. The final chapter covers death and how utopian thought can profoundly reshape the reader’s understanding of his or her own position relative to current and future societies.

Breaking Down the Digital Walls

Coordinating the Coordinators : Utopian Visions '97 -'99 By now it should be ... we began Utopian Visions '97 , the project had undergone further revision .

Breaking Down the Digital Walls

Author: R. W. Burniske

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791447536

Page: 284

View: 564

An exploration of the benefits and problems of using the Internet in education.