Training in Motion

As a human resources executive, professional trainer, and academic, the material contained in Training in Motion is relevant to most aspects of my work.

Training in Motion

Author: Mike Kuczala

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 0814434959

Page: 224

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Whether your employees are stuck behind a desk or having to sit through yet another meeting, chances are they are being kept from moving around the majority of the workday. This is resulting in restless bodies, wavering attention spans, and--based on the latest neuroscience research--decreased learning and productivity.Managers desiring to maximize their employees’ productivity and reach new levels of success for the company would be wise to not ignore the innate human desire for motion. Training in Motion explains how movement enhances learning and introduces a unique and highly effective way to energize a team and increase retention through simple body-focused techniques. In this one-of-a-kind book, learn how to:• Tie lessons to movement in order to reinforce concepts• Manage learners’ physical and emotional states to increase engagement and bolster memory• Use posture, physical gestures, and other movements to command interest• Employ quick physical breaks to efficiently refocus your team• Turn lackluster meetings into high-achieving learning environmentsComplete with practical, easy-to-apply activities, Training in Motion will help you add an almost universally untapped component to your training and managing methods that will provide your office environment the winning edge you’ve been searching for.

Whole Motion

The book offers sample workouts designed to give your brain the greatest stimulation and regeneration possible. Whole Motion is divided into two main sections.

Whole Motion

Author: Derek Beres

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 163144073X

Page: 224

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Modern fitness is not just about how we move our bodies; it’s about how we move our brains as well. Whole Motion offers a complete picture of how to strengthen your resolve, gain laser-sharp focus, boost your ability to remember, calm your anxiety levels, master your emotional responses, and embody your body like never before. Author Derek Beres uncovers the latest research in how the brain is affected by a number of different exercise formats. The book offers sample workouts designed to give your brain the greatest stimulation and regeneration possible. Whole Motion is divided into two main sections. In the Movement section, Beres looks at the movement science and neuroscience behind Feldenkrais, strength training, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. He reveals the latest research behind each movement discipline and incorporates anecdotal examples from clients and students. He also includes information on when and why to perform each exercise. In the Mind section, Beres investigates the other side of fitness: nutrition, regeneration, flow, and disruption, as well as how to choose music for optimal workouts and the neurological cost of distraction. This section is the lifestyle component, focusing on how to create the best environment to achieve a sense of completeness in brain and body.

Sports Training Principles

Motion is simply a change of position, but should be defined as a change relative to another body, a fixed point, etc. For example, the femur flexes on the ...

Sports Training Principles

Author: Dr. Frank W. Dick O.B.E.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472905288

Page: 432

View: 975

This is the new, fully revised, sixth edition of this ultimate reference tool for all coaches responsible for training athletes to fulfill their performance potential. Written by world-renowned and highly sought after coach and President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, Frank W. Dick, with contributions from Professor Timothy Noakes (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Dr Penny Werthner (University of Calgary, Canada), Scott Drawer (Athletic Performance Manager of Rugby Football Union), Vern Gambetta (USA Track & Field), Dr Cliff Mallett and Dr David Jenkins (University of Queensland, Australia), this textbook comprehensively covers the core aspects of sports coaching which can be applied to all sports and disciplines. This new edition has been extensively revised to incorporate the latest theory and practice in sports training and coaching, with supplementary contributions from international experts. The book covers the key sports science topics: Anatomy and physiology; Biomechanics, Psychology; Nutrition; Performance Analysis; Training; and Coaching methods This is a highly recommended resource for students of applied sports science, sports coaching, sports development, PE teachers, fitness advisers, coaches and athletes.

Apple Pro Training Series

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Apple Pro Training Series

Author: Mary Plummer

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0133901173

Page: 336

View: 769

This book covers GarageBand 10.0. The content and/or media files do not work with subsequent releases of the software. In the only Apple-certified guide to GarageBand 10.0.0, readers will be creating original works within the first few chapters. Using real-life material and practical lessons that they can apply immediately to their own projects, this book/media combo offers a complete, self-paced course in all aspects of GarageBand. Focused lessons take you step-by-step through fun, real-world projects, and GarageBand 10.0.0 features. Exclusively for this book, author/musician Mary Plummer works with a host of talented artists ranging from a student songwriter to a professional touring guitarist, an award-winning poet, an independent hip hop recording artist, and award winning dancers to create all new, real-world projects that readers will step-through. Along the way readers will get to mix a songwriter’s demo, test amp simulators and stomp boxes with an electric guitar solo, edit spoken dialog for an audio book, lay down original hip-hop beats using a drum machine patch and dynamic tempo changes, and add percussion and effects to a dance video to enhance the sound. For mobile users, the book includes an overview of GarageBand for iOS and sharing GarageBand songs via iCloud between iOS devices and your Mac. This self-paced learning tool pairs an easy, accessible style with ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts to guarantee that readers become proficient with GarageBand 10.0.0 in no time.

Core Assessment and Training

Motion. Testing. The following two tests are used to assess general mobility of the spine and hips. For the purposes of this testing, these movements are ...

Core Assessment and Training

Author: Jason Brumitt

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 0736073841

Page: 154

View: 406

Written for coaches and fitness professionals, "Core Assessment and Training" includes photos, illustrations, and instructions for more than 120 exercises. A DVD accompanying the text features video demonstrations that help readers review proper techniques and protocols for the exercises.