The Telomerase Revolution

The Telomerase Revolution is the definitive work on the latest science on human aging, covering both the theory and the clinical implications. It takes the reader to the forefront of the upcoming revolution in human medicine.

The Telomerase Revolution

Author: Michael Fossel

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1941631703

Page: 256

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One of Wall Street Journal's "Best Books for Science Lovers" in 2015 Science is on the cusp of a revolutionary breakthrough. We now understand more about aging—and how to prevent and reverse it—than ever before. In recent years, our understanding of the nature of aging has grown exponentially, and dramatic life extension—even age reversal—has moved from science fiction to real possibility. Dr. Michael Fossel has been in the forefront of aging research for decades and is the author of the definitive textbook on human aging. In The Telomerase Revolution, he takes us on a detailed but highly accessible scientific journey, providing startling insights into the nature of human aging. Twenty years ago, there was still considerable debate of the nature of human aging, with a variety of competing theories in play. But scientific consensus is forming around the telomere theory of aging. The essence of this theory is that human aging is the result of cellular aging. Every time a cell reproduces, its telomeres (the tips of the chromosomes) shorten. With every shortening of the telomeres, the cell's ability to repair its molecules decreases. It ages. Human aging is the result of the aging of the body's trillions of cells. But some of our cells don't age. Sex cells and stem cells can reproduce indefinitely, without aging, because they create telomerase. Telomerase re-lengthens the telomeres, keeping these cells young. The Telomerase Revolution describes how telomerase will soon be used as a powerful therapeutic tool, with the potential to dramatically extend life spans and even reverse human aging. Telomerase-based treatments are already available, and have shown early promise, but much more potent treatments will become available over the next decade. The Telomerase Revolution is the definitive work on the latest science on human aging, covering both the theory and the clinical implications. It takes the reader to the forefront of the upcoming revolution in human medicine.

The Telomerase Revolution

The Telomerase Revolution reveals the latest research on human aging and the enzyme telomerase which is starting to be used to slow the rate at which our cells - and we - age.

The Telomerase Revolution

Author: Michael Fossel


ISBN: 9781760291921

Page: 240

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We are at the beginning of a new scientific revolution. Dramatic life extension - even age reversal - has moved from science fiction to real possibility. The Telomerase Revolution reveals the latest research on human ageing and the enzyme telomerase which is starting to be used to slow the rate at which our cells - and we - age.

Key Developments in the Telomerase Revolution

This article collection reviews key developments in the medical applications of telomerase biochemistry and includes 22 open access research papers by various authors.

Key Developments in the Telomerase Revolution

Author: Applied Research Applied Research Press


ISBN: 9781519203557

Page: 236

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This article collection reviews key developments in the medical applications of telomerase biochemistry and includes 22 open access research papers by various authors. Topics include: Insights into the evolution of mammalian telomerase: Platypus TERT shares similarities with genes of birds and other reptiles and localizes on sex chromosomes; Mesenchymal stem cells with high telomerase expression do not actively restore their chromosome arm specific telomere length pattern after exposure to ionizing radiation; A mutation in the H/ACA box of telomerase RNA component gene (TERC) in a young patient with myelodysplastic syndrome; siRNA inhibition of telomerase enhances the anti-cancer effect of doxorubicin in breast cancer cells; Effect of a qigong intervention program on telomerase activity and psychological stress in abused Chinese women: a randomized, wait-list controlled trial; Glucose restriction decreases telomerase activity and enhances its inhibitor response on breast cancer cells: possible extra-telomerase role of BIBR 1532; Telomerase immunity from bench to bedside: round one; Polymorphisms within the Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase gene (TERT) in four breeds of dogs selected for difference in lifespan and cancer susceptibility; Epstein-Barr virus and telomerase: from cell immortalization to therapy; Telomerase inhibition by siRNA causes senescence and apoptosis in Barrett's adenocarcinoma cells: mechanism and therapeutic potential; Inhibition of telomerase activity preferentially targets aldehyde dehydrogenase-positive cancer stem-like cells in lung cancer; PinX1 suppresses bladder urothelial carcinoma cell proliferation via the inhibition of telomerase activity and p16/cyclin D1 pathway; miR-375 activates p21 and suppresses telomerase activity by coordinately regulating HPV E6/E7, E6AP, CIP2A, and 14-3-3zeta; Targeting DNA-PKcs and telomerase in brain tumour cells; Inhibition of telomerase activity by HDV ribozyme in cancers; Telomerase inhibition improves tumor response to radiotherapy in a murine orthotopic model of human glioblastoma; Telomere length and telomerase activity in non-small cell lung cancer prognosis: clinical usefulness of a specific telomere status; Telomerase and breast cancer; Complex roles for telomeres and telomerase in breast carcinogenesis; Sequence variation in telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) as a determinant of risk ofcardiovascular disease: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study; Aberrant gene expression profiles, during in vitro osteoblast differentiation, of telomerase deficient mouse bone marrow stromal stem cells (mBMSCs); The role of telomeres and telomerase in hematologic malignancies and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Chasing Methuselah

Telomeres gradually shorten over time with repeated cell divisions until DNA ... 156 Her co-authored book entitled The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary ...

Chasing Methuselah

Author: Todd T. W. Daly

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532698003

Page: 324

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The quest to live much longer has moved from legend to the laboratory. Recent breakthroughs in genetics and pharmacology have put humanity on the precipice of slowing down human aging to extend the healthy life span. The promise of longer, healthier life is enormously attractive, and poses several challenging questions for Christians. Who wouldn’t want to live 120 years or more before dying quickly? How do we make sense of human aging in light of Jesus’ invitation to daily take up our crosses with the promise of the resurrection to come? Is there anything wrong with manipulating our bodies technologically to live longer? If so, how long is too long? Should aging itself be treated as a disease? In Chasing Methuselah, Todd Daly examines the modern biomedical anti-aging project from a Christian perspective, drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Desert Fathers, who believed that the incarnation opened a way for human life to regain the longevity of Adam and the biblical patriarchs through prayer and fasting. Daly balances these insights with the christological anthropology of Karl Barth, discussing the implications for human finitude, fear of death, and the use of anti-aging technology, weaving a path between outright condemnation and uncritical enthusiasm.

The Longevity Revolution

divide, as do other body cells, but their telomeres retain their length because of the activation of telomerase, an enzyme that is present in all cells but ...

The Longevity Revolution

Author: Robert N. Butler

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1586488554

Page: 576

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Pulitzer-prize winning author Dr. Robert Butler coined the term "ageism" and made "Alzheimer's" a familiar word. Now he brings his formidable knowledge and experience in aging issues to a recent and unprecedented achievement: the extension of human life expectancy by thirty years. As Butler shows, our society had not yet adapted to this change. The U.S. has not made a research investment in aging. Only eleven medical schools out of 145 have geriatrics departments compared to England where geriatrics is the number two specialty. We have not solidified private pension plans or strengthened Social Security to ensure that people do not outlive their resources. In this urgent and ultimately optimistic book, Dr. Butler shows why and how we must re-examine our personal and societal approach to aging right now, so that the boomers and the generations that follow may have a financially secure, vigorous, and healthy final chapter life.

The Life Extension Revolution

in Chapter 13, also has a favorable effect on telomere length. Therapeutic Implications for Telomere Research Because telomerase is one of the ...

The Life Extension Revolution

Author: Philip Lee Miller, M.D.

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307418510

Page: 416

View: 781

For the first time the lay public can benefit from the anti-aging secrets discovered by the Life Extension Foundation, the world’s largest, most respected organization dedicated to anti-aging research. Working with the Life Extension Foundation, renowned anti-aging physician Philip Lee Miller shows you how to retain your physical health and vigor, mental clarity, and youthful appearance–for life. This groundbreaking book translates cutting-edge anti-aging advances into a practical, easy-to-use program that will maximize your chances of living not only a long life–but a healthy, vibrant life. Drawing on his own clinical experience as well as the latest research from the Life Extension Foundation, Dr. Miller demystifies the aging process and provides you with: •Detailed strategies integrating the most advanced mainstream therapies with nutrients, hormones, and holistic approaches from around the world •A comprehensive plan to protect yourself from cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease at the cellular level by controlling inflammation and oxidation–two degenerative processes that cause us to age prematurely •A guide to individualizing this lifesaving program, including the Longevity Diet for maximum vitality and effortless weight loss and a unique supplement regimen–plus how to use medical tests to monitor your progress •An inspiring vision of the future of life extension science and what your future will be like without disease, premature death and aging–with novel strategies to help you get there This far-reaching anti-aging program will change your life forever. Like many of Dr. Miller’s patients, your physical and mental health will actually soar as you age chronologically. Your new longer, healthier life begins now as you embark on The Life Extension Revolution.

Aging is a Group Selected Adaptation

The Green Revolution [89,90] has increased grain yields per acre by five- or ... Fossel, M., The Telomerase Revolution: The Enzyme That Holds the Key to ...

Aging is a Group Selected Adaptation

Author: Joshua Mitteldorf

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315354039

Page: 243

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Although books exist on the evolution of aging, this is the first book written from the perspective of again as an adaptive program. It offers an insight into the implications of research on aging genetics, The author proposes the Demographic Theory of Senescence, whereby aging has been affirmatively selected because it levels the death rate over time helping stabilize population dynamics and prevent extinctions.

Finding the Fountain of Youth The Science and Controversy behind Extending Life and Cheating Death

... Medical Association in the 1990s on the relationship between telomere length and aging. ... Healthier Life (2010); and The Telomerase Revolution (2015).

Finding the Fountain of Youth  The Science and Controversy behind Extending Life and Cheating Death

Author: Aharon W. Zorea Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440837996

Page: 389

View: 771

Separating truth from hype, this book introduces readers to the topic of life extension in a holistic manner that provides scientific, historical, and cultural perspectives. • Examines the topic of extending human life in a holistic, unbiased manner, exploring the subject from a variety of perspectives and contexts • Provides readers with additional insights into current controversies and debates related to the subject • Includes sidebars that offer additional high-interest, ready-reference content as well as a list of resources, a bibliography, and an index

The Official Anti aging Revolution

A new theory of aging that holds many promising possibilities for the field of anti-aging medicine is the telomerase theory of aging.

The Official Anti aging Revolution

Author: Ronald Klatz


ISBN: 1458722406

Page: 412

View: 617

The Official Anti-Aging Revolution Teaches You How to Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier....This book will give you a clear understanding of the biological processes involved in aging, the ten key body systems where decline first begins, and the culprits largely responsible for tripping the clock: vitamin and mineral deficiencies and diminishing hormone levels. Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of hormone therapy, naturally stimulate your hormone production, replenish your nutrient stores, strengthen your immune system, nourish your body, burn fat and build lean muscle, revitalize in your sleep, combat skin aging, and maintain a youthful mind and spirit. Featuring The Official A4M Longevity Test to identify how old or young you really are, and the personal life extension programs of more than two dozen anti-aging specialists, The Official Anti-Aging Revolution is the essential resource for anyone who wants to learn how their bodies work, how they age, and what they can do about it. Ronald Klatz, MD, DO is a long-time scientific pioneer and innovator. Dr. Klatz originated the term ''anti-aging'' and has been recognized as the ''Guru of anti-aging'' by Business Week.

The Glutathione Revolution

THE TELOMERE CONCEPT OF AGING Another theory, called the Hayflick Limit theory of aging, is based on the idea that cells can only divide forty to sixty ...

The Glutathione Revolution

Author: Nayan Patel

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0306873958

Page: 288

View: 778

Ward off life-threatening disease and symptoms of aging with this guide to boosting your levels of glutathione (GSH), the "master antioxidant." The body has a remarkable ability to ward off disease and heal itself--and it does it with the help of the most important antioxidant you've never heard of: glutathione (GSH), the "master antioxidant." This indispensable molecule--which we make ourselves--holds the key to immunity, vitality, and lifelong health, helping to flush out toxins, fight DNA-damaging free radicals, and rebuild other essential antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. It's been linked to longevity in centenarians, and it protects against diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. It plays a role in lesser ailments too: low glutathione levels could be the culprit behind your fatigue, aches, and pains. At the forefront of the latest GSH research, Dr. Nayan Patel shares all the information you need to boost your glutathione levels, revitalize your body, and transform your life with this naturally-occurring super antioxidant. In The Glutathione Revolution, he addresses the most important questions about GSH: What exactly is glutathione? What happens when your GSH levels are low? What diseases does GSH ward off? How can you naturally increase the amount of GSH your cells produce? What foods should you eat--and not eat? What are the safest and most effective GSH supplements? With a wealth of practical information and three easy, accessible action plans that you can tailor to your own life and health concerns, you too can harness the power of glutathione.

The Personalized Medicine Revolution

As a result, the study of telomeres has become a central feature of aging research because it suggests that the reason you get old and die is because your ...

The Personalized Medicine Revolution

Author: Pieter Cullis

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1771640383

Page: 176

View: 865

Every year more than 2 million North Americans are hospitalized, and more than 100,000 lose their lives, because of adverse reactions to drugs. These tragic cases stem from our one-size-fits-all approach to medicine. But who we are-our age, our sex, our size, our ethnic heritage-matters to our health. Shouldn't our medicine be tailored to our differences? Through the stories of researchers, scientists, and patients, The Personalized Medicine Revolution explores the promising new advances in personalized medicine-healthcare based on each person's unique genetic and molecular makeup-and the coming sea change in the way we detect and treat disease. The book also discusses the issues that patients, researchers, and governments will face as we take the next steps into this exciting future and explains what readers can do to take charge of their health.

Voices of the Food Revolution

I am also hearing that there is evidence that these same life— style changes have an affect on aging, because they actually impact the telomerase. DR.

Voices of the Food Revolution

Author: Robbins, John

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1573246247

Page: 288

View: 781

Did you know that: More than 80% of the foods you eat in restaurants and buy at supermarkets contain genetically engineered ingredients, and that these ingredients have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions in people; sickness, sterility, and fatalities in livestock; and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals?If you don't count French fries, ketchup or pizza as vegetables, more than half of Americans eat no vegetables at all?Cows raised for meat are impacting our climate more than cars?It’s possible to be a positive food revolutionary without sounding like a self-righteous nag? Join John and Ocean Robbins for 21 intimate, game-changing conversations with some of the world’s leading “food revolutionaries”: scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, economists, activists, and nutritionists working on food issues today. Introduced and with commentary by John Robbins and his son Ocean, the book features luminaries such as: Dean Ornish, MD, on his years-in-the-making breakthrough with Medicare (his program for healing heart disease is now covered)Kathy Freston on making incremental, manageable changes to how we eatT. Colin Campbell, PhD, (author of the famed China Study) with the latest research on animal protein and human healthJoel Fuhrman, MD (author of the bestselling Eat to Live), on achieving excellent health through dietCaldwell Esselstyn, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic on wiping out heart disease by changing what we eatVandana Shiva, PhD, on GMOs and Big AgRory Freedman on how to stop eating misery and start looking fabulousRaj Patel on building a saner global food policy Each contributor discusses his or her work in depth, but together they make one rallying cry: for a healthy, sustainable, humane, and delicious revolution in how we and the world are fed. Over twenty-five years ago John Robbins started a revolution. This book is proof of how far we’ve come, a fascinating look behind the scenes of the multi-faceted food movement, and a call to join in the work of ensuring our health and food future.

The Life Plan

In January 2009, Ientered the telomere revolution, becoming a consultant for TA Sciences in New York, the first company worldwide to offer a synthetic ...

The Life Plan

Author: Jeffry S. Life

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439194607

Page: 352

View: 616

This guy is for real— And he knows that it’s never too late to transform your body It’s very likely that you have seen Dr. Jeffry Life before. And if you have, you might have thought, How can this seventy-two-year-old doctor have the body of a thirty-year-old? But his photos are very real, and you can look just as good as he does when you take control of your health. Back in 1998, Dr. Life was sixty years old and a stereotype of the aging man: he was overweight with a noticeable gut and little muscle tone. Even though his own medical practice was thriving, and he thought he knew everything about men’s health, the facts proved differently. His libido was low, which was ruining his self-esteem. He felt tired all the time, yet no amount of sleep made him feel well rested. It wasn’t until a cardiologist read him the riot act that he even considered that change was possible. He then decided to make critical adjustments to his diet and lifestyle, and the results have been nothing short of astounding. More than a decade later, Dr. Life continues to look and feel younger than ever. He knows that if he can make these changes to his body, his sex life, and his health, any man can. In this revolutionary book, he’ll show how you can turn around yourhealth by using the very same program he success-fully created and follows to this day. The Life Plan introduces a healthy aging lifestyle that any man can master, no matter what shape he may be in. It offers: • An action-packed exercise program designed to make working out entertaining as well as improve heart health and increase muscle mass. His program taps into various disciplines—cardio workouts, resistance training, balance and core conditioning, martial arts, and Pilates. • An easy diet, featuring delicious choices, that any man can follow, along with rules for eating out and sample recipes for the single or married guy. • A simple nutrient supplement regimen highlighting the top supplements men may need to halt, and even reverse, the aging process. • A prudent guide to male hormone replacement therapies based on the most up-to-date research. • Lessons on how to get your doctor to provide the care you deserve. • How to sidestep America’s disease-based approach to medicine and fuel optimal health. • And much more. By following this program you can once again enjoy an active, clear-headed, sexually satisfying, vigorous, and health-filled life, while avoiding late-onset diabetes, heart disease, and other common illnesses and complaints of aging. For men seeking to make over their bodies and turn back the clock, The Life Plan delivers the keys to a fitter body, a stronger immune system, and a richer, fuller life.

The Telomere

This book--the first to cover this exciting and rapidly expanding field--integrates the increasingly disparate strands of telomere research to provide an invaluable survey of the subject.

The Telomere

Author: David Kipling



Page: 208

View: 264

Telomeres--specialized structures at ends of linear chromosomes--serve a fascinating range of functions that molecular biologists and geneticists are only beginning to understand and exploit. For example, telomeres distinguish the natural end of a chromosome from a simple double-strand break, stabilize chromosomes by protecting them from fusion or activating cell cycle checkpoints, and provide mechanisms to compensate for the loss of terminal DNA sequence that occurs when linear DNA molecules are replicated. This book--the first to cover this exciting and rapidly expanding field--integrates the increasingly disparate strands of telomere research to provide an invaluable survey of the subject. Topics include the role of telomeres in nuclear organization; telomere DNA sequence and unusual structures formed by telomeric sequences in vitro; replication of telomeric sequences by telomerase and how this relates to various DNA sequence features; proteins that bind or interact with telomeres; the role of telomeres in programmed and spontaneous chromosome breakage; recent speculation on the relationship between human telomere loss, aging, and cancer; telomere position effects on replication and transcription; Drosophila telomere function; and the relationships between human telomere structure, genome analysis, and genetic disease. In a discipline as rapidly developing as telomere research, this book will serve as a user-friendly and much-needed resource for students and researchers in molecular biology and molecular genetics.

The Rise of Science

Press, Carlton, Victoria, Australia Fossel M (2015) The Telomerase Revolution. BenBella Books, Dallas Freely J (2012) Before Galileo: The Birth of Modern ...

The Rise of Science

Author: Peter Shaver

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319918125

Page: 279

View: 332

How did science rise up to so dramatically change our world, and where will it take us in the future? This book gives a unique and broad overview. A brief history reveals the major phases and turning points in the rise of science from the earliest civilizations to the present: How was science ‘discovered’? Why did it disappear a few times? When did it become ‘modern’? A critical assessment examines how science actually ‘happens’: the triumphs, the struggles, the mistakes and the luck. Science today is endlessly fascinating, and this book explores the current exponential growth, curiosity-driven vs. goal-oriented research, big and small science, the support of science, the relation of science to society, philosophy and religion, and the benefits and dangers of science. Finally a glimpse into the future: Will the current pace of science continue? Will we ever go backwards (again)? What remains to be discovered? Can science ever be complete? What can we imagine for the distant future? This book will be of wide interest to the general reader as well as to students and working scientists. This book provides a fresh, unique and insightful coverage of the processes of science, its impact on society and our understanding of the world, based on the author’s experience gained from a lifetime in science. Ron Ekers, FRS, CSIRO Fellow, CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, former President of the International Astronomical Union Peter Shaver's comprehensive and lively survey deserves a wide readership. Scientific discoveries are part of our global culture and heritage, and they underpin our lives. It's fascinating to learn how they were made, and how they fit into the grand scheme. This book isn't just for scientists - it's written for all of us. Martin Rees, FRS, Astronomer Royal, former President of the Royal Society and former Master of Trinity College, Cambridge This book offers a wonderfully concise and accessible insight into science – its history, breadth and future prospects. Peter Shaver gives a feeling for what it actually means to be a practicing scientist. Stephen Simpson, FRS, Academic Director, Charles Perkins Centre, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney

Sex In The Future The Reproductive Revolution and How it Will Change Us

Some cells — embryonic stem cells, germs cells in the testis, and cancer cells — avoid this shortening of the telomeres because they possess an enzyme ...

Sex In The Future  The Reproductive Revolution and How it Will Change Us

Author: Robin Baker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 162872076X

Page: 999

View: 936

Provocative and often shocking, Sex in the Future examines how advances in reproductive technology will change human behavior. In-vitro fertilization and surrogate motherhood could mean the end not only of infertility but also of the need for men and women to form relationships or for women to interrupt careers for pregnancy. Sperm and egg storage mean people can literally shop for genes, while cloning, egg-egg fertilization, and other techniques will lead to fertility on demand in a Reproduction Restaurant. What will all our choices be, and how far down this road do we want to travel?

The Future of Immortality

The Telomerase Revolution: The Enzyme That Holds the Key to Human Aging and Will Soon Lead to Longer, Healthier Lives. Dallas: BenBella.

The Future of Immortality

Author: Anya Bernstein

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691185956

Page: 296

View: 990

A gripping account of the Russian visionaries who are pursuing human immortality As long as we have known death, we have dreamed of life without end. In The Future of Immortality, Anya Bernstein explores the contemporary Russian communities of visionaries and utopians who are pressing at the very limits of the human. The Future of Immortality profiles a diverse cast of characters, from the owners of a small cryonics outfit to scientists inaugurating the field of biogerontology, from grassroots neurotech enthusiasts to believers in the Cosmist ideas of the Russian Orthodox thinker Nikolai Fedorov. Bernstein puts their debates and polemics in the context of a long history of immortalist thought in Russia, with global implications that reach to Silicon Valley and beyond. If aging is a curable disease, do we have a moral obligation to end the suffering it causes? Could immortality be the foundation of a truly liberated utopian society extending beyond the confines of the earth—something that Russians, historically, have pondered more than most? If life without end requires radical genetic modification or separating consciousness from our biological selves, how does that affect what it means to be human? As vividly written as any novel, The Future of Immortality is a fascinating account of techno-scientific and religious futurism—and the ways in which it hopes to transform our very being.


The Biology of Extremes MATTHEW D. LAPLANTE. future may—quite unexpectedly—offer us.” —MICHAEL FOSSEL, author of The Telomerase Revolution SUPERLATIVE.



Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 1948836211

Page: 384

View: 149

2019 Foreword Indie Silver Award Winner for Science Welcome to the biggest, fastest, deadliest science book you'll ever read. The world's largest land mammal could help us end cancer. The fastest bird is showing us how to solve a century-old engineering mystery. The oldest tree is giving us insights into climate change. The loudest whale is offering clues about the impact of solar storms. For a long time, scientists ignored superlative life forms as outliers. Increasingly, though, researchers are coming to see great value in studying plants and animals that exist on the outermost edges of the bell curve. As it turns out, there's a lot of value in paying close attention to the "oddballs" nature has to offer. Go for a swim with a ghost shark, the slowest-evolving creature known to humankind, which is teaching us new ways to think about immunity. Get to know the axolotl, which has the longest-known genome and may hold the secret to cellular regeneration. Learn about Monorhaphis chuni, the oldest discovered animal, which is providing insights into the connection between our terrestrial and aquatic worlds. Superlative is the story of extreme evolution, and what we can learn from it about ourselves, our planet, and the cosmos. It's a tale of crazy-fast cheetahs and super-strong beetles, of microbacteria and enormous plants, of whip-smart dolphins and killer snakes. This book will inspire you to change the way you think about the world and your relationship to everything in it.

The Promise of Immortality

... Greta Blackburn, Dave Woynarowski. The Immortality Edge. Hoboken (New ersey): ohn Wiley Sons, Inc.; 2011. Michael Fossel. The Telomerase Revolution ...

The Promise of Immortality

Author: William AMZALLAG


ISBN: 2955855812


View: 764