The Shape of Snakes

Exposing the horrifying consequences when communities ignore the people who need them the most, The Shape of Snakes is the psychological mystery from crime queen Minette Walters.

The Shape of Snakes

Author: Minette Walters

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 033052884X

Page: 500

View: 571

Exposing the horrifying consequences when communities ignore the people who need them the most, The Shape of Snakes is the psychological mystery from crime queen Minette Walters. November 1978. Britain is on strike. The dead lie unburied, rubbish piles in the streets – and somewhere in West London a black woman dies in a rain-soaked gutter. Her passing would have gone unmourned but for the young woman who finds her and who believes - apparently against reason – that Annie was murdered. But whatever the truth about Annie – whether she was as mad as her neighbours claimed, whether she lived in squalor as the police said – something passed between her and Mrs Ranelagh in the moment of death which binds this one woman to her cause for the next twenty years. But why is Mrs Ranelagh so convinced it was murder when by her own account Annie died without speaking? And why would any woman spend twenty painstaking years uncovering the truth – unless her reasons are personal . . . ?

Shapes with Snakes

Snakes are reptiles. • There are over 2,500 types of snakes. • Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica. • The “S” shape snakes make helps them ...

Shapes with Snakes

Author: Tracey Steffora

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 1406260606

Page: 24

View: 956

It's time to improve your maths ssssskills! Books in this fun series use cute or high-interest animals to teach key maths concepts while retaining reluctant mathematicians' interest. Illustrated with cut-out photos on striking, colourful backgrounds, this book looks at shapes with snakes!

Minette Walters and the Meaning of Justice

The Impenetrable M and the Mysteries of Narration: Narrative in The Shape of Snakes TILDA MARIA FORSELIUS* It's odd. Some people have very dear memories ...

Minette Walters and the Meaning of Justice

Author: Mary Hadley

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078645122X

Page: 224

View: 158

Edgar Award–winning crime novelist Minette Walters is known for revitalizing the tradition of the stand-alone psychological thriller in books such as The Ice House, The Dark Room, Acid Row and Fox Evil. This book offers an in-depth analysis of Walters’ narrative technique and examines the major themes found throughout her work, including truth and justice, the treatment of children, patterns of victimization, British social issues, body image and body politics, the fashioning of identity, and heroism and evil in society. In addition, it includes a valuable interview with Walters.

Everything But Snakes

... aquamarine, amethyst, topaz, and quartz pendants in the shape of snakes, flowers and dragonflies, Robinson rings, and other vintage and estate pieces.

Everything But Snakes

Author: Matthew Phillips

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475919948

Page: 468

View: 245

There is nothing a twenty-one-year-old man at his first job in New York City needs more than a good mentor, although few of them find one. But author Matthew Phillips found the wild, impetuous, and knowledgeable Marylou Stern. The years Matt spent with Marylou were filled with parties, sex, excess, frivolity, live cows, kidnapped Jewish jewelers, and games that stretch the imagination. In this memoir, Phillips shares his story of how Marylou, a former model, dancer, and actress, transformed him from an eager, fresh-faced college grad into a sidelines player in chic New York society. Over the course of three years, Marylou taught Matt about New York City, high society, the difference between class and low class, how to make a genuine egg cream, how to milk a cow, why wanton sex is good for your health, why listening is more important than talking, that Sara Lee Vanilla Layer Cakes are the best reward, and that you must never put up with thieves. In "Everything but Snakes," Phillips narrates how Marylou's undying sense of celebration kept him going and gave him a floor beneath his feet and, along the way, an upside-down roller-coaster ride.

Active Contours

knowledge can be applied in machine vision at the lower level of shapes and outlines. ... A. Witkin and D. Terzopoulos on “snakes” which represented a ...

Active Contours

Author: Andrew Blake

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1447115554

Page: 352

View: 467

Active Contours deals with the analysis of moving images - a topic of growing importance within the computer graphics industry. In particular it is concerned with understanding, specifying and learning prior models of varying strength and applying them to dynamic contours. Its aim is to develop and analyse these modelling tools in depth and within a consistent framework.

The Snake Book

For those who are fascinated by snakes but too frightened to approach them, this book captures these incredible creatures.

The Snake Book

Author: Mary Ling


ISBN: 9780751355659

Page: 28

View: 702

For those who are fascinated by snakes but too frightened to approach them, this book captures these incredible creatures. Each spread is transformed into a box displaying the extraordinary colours, shapes and textures of a writhing, coiling snake. Snakes have a very simple design, yet their variety is immense. The reticulated python is heavy bodied, while the green cat snake is thread thin. The rainbow boa sparkles with iridescence and the mangrove snake flaunts startling warning colours. The text design works with the shape of each snake. By explaining its different features, the reader can discover how each snake is particularly suited for its habitat, lifestyle and method of hunting.

Snakes in Myth Magic and History The Story of a Human Obsession

THE SHAPE OF THE SERPENT The snake is a subtle beast, as the Bible notes, and of infinite variety and a shape-shifter of the greatest ability.

Snakes in Myth  Magic  and History  The Story of a Human Obsession

Author: Diane Morgan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313352933

Page: 208

View: 357

The snake is one of humankind's most powerful and ambiguous symbols: it has at various times represented immortality and death, male and female, deity and demon, circle and line, killer and healer, the highest wisdom and the deepest subconscious. By virtue of its mysterious movement, potent poison, fearful grip, unblinking gaze and lightning quick strike, the power and image of the snake has wound its way into every culture. Whether snakes are worshipped as gods, feared as devils, or handled in religious ceremonies to test faith, snakes have played a critical role in the human heritage. This book explores the cult of the snake in world history, religion, and folklore. Fascination with snakes has been around since the dawn of time. Even today, images of snakes attract attention, fear, disgust, or admiration. Morgan examines that obsession with this mysterious creature, covering in vivid details such topics as mythical snakes like the Plumed Serpent, serpent iconography, tall tales, as well as the psychological symbolism that has attached itself to snakes. Cultures as diverse as pre-Columbian America, India, Egypt, China, sub-Saharan Africa, Celtic Europe, and the United States have all accorded the serpent a special place in their culture—apparently regardless of whether or not real snakes play an important part in the life of the people. Here, the mysterious nature of the snake unfolds, enchanting readers with a colorful and lively discussion of its place in our history, stories, religions, and cultures.

How Snakes Slither

CHAPTER The S Shape Snakes can twist and coil their bodies. They are very flexible because they have many small bones and muscles.

How Snakes Slither

Author: Emma Huddleston

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 1098210875

Page: 32

View: 296

A snake slithers in an S shape along the forest floor. Science explains how snakes move without limbs. How Snakes Slither explains how a snake's body lets it move smoothly across many surfaces as well as the forces at work that help them glide across the ground. Easy-to-read text, vivid images, and helpful back matter give readers a clear look at this subject. Features include a table of contents, infographics, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Kids Core is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

How Snakes Work

The mechanics of striking varies with the size and shape of a snake. Two considerations are most important. First, either high inertia or some amount of ...

How Snakes Work

Author: Harvey B. Lillywhite

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195380371

Page: 241

View: 538

A heavily illustrated and complete account of the functional biology of snakes, written for an audience of both scientists and a general readership.

Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention MICCAI 99

2.1 Snakes A snake is a dynamical system taking the form of a parametric contour in the image plane, whose shape is dictated by a potential energy ...

Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention   MICCAI 99

Author: Chris Taylor

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540482326

Page: 1242

View: 144

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI'99, held in Cambridge, UK, in September 1999. The 133 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 213 full-length papers submitted. The book is divided into topical sections on data-driven segmentation, segmentation using structural models, image processing and feature detection, surfaces and shape, measurement and interpretation, spatiotemporal and diffusion tensor analysis, registration and fusion, visualization, image-guided intervention, robotic systems, and biomechanics and simulation.

Snakes Collins Gem

Size and shape Snakes vary greatly in size: the smallest are barely 15 cm in length while the largest grow to almost 10 m. Most species, however, including ...

Snakes  Collins Gem

Author: Chris Mattison

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007555261

Page: 256

View: 642

An easy-to-use and authoritative guide to over 220 species of snake from around the world, each entry specially selected to show the diversity of size, shape and colour of these respected creatures.

Snakes and Ladders

She paused outside a door with a stuffed snake in the shape of an E attached to the door. It was very effective and Finn would have killed to have ...

Snakes and Ladders

Author: Mary-anne Scott

Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand

ISBN: 1775430405

Page: 296

View: 110

Finn’s druggie Dad is on trial for manslaughter, and so Finn is sent away to an exclusive boarding school to remove him from the small-town gossip machine. At first he feels a bit like a fish out of water, but soon makes some good friends, and even scores with the much-lusted-after Mia, who plays in the symphonic band with him. However there is someone who knows Finn’s secret … Blackmail and lies … will Finn ever face the truth? It’s not until disaster befalls one of his friends at an illicit after-ball party that Finn learns what is most important in life.

The Echo

In this hypnotic novel of psychological suspense, a homeless man is found starved to death in the garage of a ritzy London home.

The Echo

Author: Minette Walters

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 0307494993

Page: 352

View: 606

In this hypnotic novel of psychological suspense, a homeless man is found starved to death in the garage of a ritzy London home. The police chalk it up to an unfortunate accident, but a journalist, Michael Deacon, is intrigued. Amanda Powell, a socialite whose wealthy husband vanished five years ago after being accused of embezzlement, is just as interested as Michael in finding out who died in her garage. They have no idea that this simple story will unveil a web of deceit that is an appalling as the people behind it.