The Making of the Modern Refugee

Offers a comprehensive history of global population displacement in the twentieth century, and provides a new analytic approach to the subject by exploring its causes, consequences, and meanings

The Making of the Modern Refugee

Author: Peter Gatrell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199674167

Page: 312

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Offers a comprehensive history of global population displacement in the twentieth century, and provides a new analytic approach to the subject by exploring its causes, consequences, and meanings

Understanding and Teaching the Modern Middle East

Gatrell, Making of the Modern Refugee, 200. 61. Aihwa Ong, Buddha Is Hiding:
Refugees, Citizenship, the New America (Berkeley: University of California Press,
2003), xvii, as quoted in Gatrell, Making of the Modern Refugee, 9. 62. Sophia ...

Understanding and Teaching the Modern Middle East

Author: Omnia El Shakry

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299327604

Page: 387

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Many students learn about the Middle East through a sprinkling of information and generalizations deriving largely from media treatments of current events. This scattershot approach can propagate bias and misconceptions that inhibit students’ abilities to examine this vitally important part of the world. Understanding and Teaching the Modern Middle East moves away from the Orientalist frameworks that have dominated the West’s understanding of the region, offering a range of fresh interpretations and approaches for teachers. The volume brings together experts on the rich intellectual, cultural, social, and political history of the Middle East, providing necessary historical context to familiarize teachers with the latest scholarship. Each chapter includes easy- to-explore sources to supplement any curriculum, focusing on valuable and controversial themes that may prove pedagogically challenging, including colonization and decolonization, the 1979 Iranian revolution, and the US-led “war on terror.” By presenting multiple viewpoints, the book will function as a springboard for instructors hoping to encourage students to negotiate the various contradictions in historical study.

Refugees Roles in Resolving Displacement and Building Peace

Gatrell, Peter. 2013. The Making of the Modern Refugee. Oxford: Oxford
University Press. Gedalof, Irene. 2000. “Identity in Transit Nomads, Cyborgs and
Women.” European Journal of Women's Studies 7 (3): 337–54. Geschiere, Peter.

Refugees  Roles in Resolving Displacement and Building Peace

Author: Megan Bradley

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 1626166757

Page: 328

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How are refugee crises solved? This has become an urgent question as global displacement rates continue to climb, and refugee situations now persist for years if not decades. The resolution of displacement and the conflicts that force refugees from their homes is often explained as a top-down process led and controlled by governments and international organizations. This book takes a different approach. Through contributions from scholars working in politics, anthropology, law, sociology and philosophy, and a wide range of case studies, it explores the diverse ways in which refugees themselves interpret, create and pursue solutions to their plight. It investigates the empirical and normative significance of refugees’ engagement as agents in these processes, and their implications for research, policy and practice. This book speaks both to academic debates and to the broader community of peacebuilding, humanitarian and human rights scholars concerned with the nature and dynamics of agency in contentious political contexts, and identifies insights that can inform policy and practice.

In Camps

Gatrell, Peter. The Making of the Modern Refugee. New York: Oxford University
Press, 2015. Geiger, Vance. “Southeast Asian Refugees in the Philippine
Refugee Processing Center.” PhD diss., University of Florida, 1994. Gonsalves,

In Camps

Author: Jana K. Lipman

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 0520343654

Page: 328

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After the US war in Vietnam, close to 800,000 Vietnamese left the country by boat, survived, and sought refuge throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific. This is the story of what happened in the camps. In Camps raises key questions that remain all too relevant today: Who is a refugee? Who determines this status? And how does it change over time? From Guam to Malaysia and the Philippines to Hong Kong, In Camps is the first major work on Vietnamese refugee policy to pay close attention to host territories and to explore Vietnamese activism in the camps and the diaspora. This book explains how Vietnamese were transformed from de facto refugees to individual asylum seekers to repatriates. Ambitiously covering people on the ground—local governments, teachers, and corrections officers—as well as powerful players such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the US government, Jana Lipman shows that the local politics of first asylum sites often drove international refugee policy. Unsettling most accounts of Southeast Asian migration to the US, In Camps instead emphasizes the contingencies inherent in refugee policy and experiences.

The Big Gamble

The Making of the Modern Refugee. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gay y
Blasco, P., and L. de la Cruz Hernández. 2012. “Friendship, Anthropology.”
Anthropology and Humanism 37 (1): 1–14. Gerver, M. 2015, “Why the EU Should
Consider ...

The Big Gamble

Author: Milena Belloni

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 0520298705

Page: 242

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A free open access ebook is available upon publication. Learn more at Tens of thousands of Eritreans make perilous voyages across Africa and the Mediterranean Sea every year. Why do they risk their lives to reach European countries where so many more hardships await them? By visiting family homes in Eritrea and living with refugees in camps and urban peripheries across Ethiopia, Sudan, and Italy, Milena Belloni untangles the reasons behind one of the most under-researched refugee populations today. Balancing encounters with refugees and their families, smugglers, and visa officers, The Big Gamble contributes to ongoing debates about blurred boundaries between forced and voluntary migration, the complications of transnational marriages, the social matrix of smuggling, and the role of family expectations, emotions, and values in migrants’ choices of destinations.

Wuhan 1938

Stephen MacKinnon for the first time tells the full story of Wuhan's defense and fall, and how the siege's aftermath led to new directions in the history of modern Chinese culture, society, and politics.

Wuhan  1938

Author: Stephen R. MacKinnon

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520934601

Page: 204

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During the spring of 1938, a flood of Chinese refugees displaced by the Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945) converged on the central Yangzi valley tricity complex of Wuhan. For ten remarkable months, in a highly charged atmosphere of carnage, heroism, and desperation, Wuhan held out against the Japanese in what would become a turning point in the war—and one that attracted international attention. Stephen MacKinnon for the first time tells the full story of Wuhan's defense and fall, and how the siege's aftermath led to new directions in the history of modern Chinese culture, society, and politics.

The Making of a Modern Psychiatrist

Tam Luck, a little Vietnamese refugee. Tam, who had been living in a refugee
camp in Thailand for seven years, finally came to America, oh America yearning
to be free, and then went crazy. He had come with his brother, hoping to bring his

The Making of a Modern Psychiatrist

Author: Mark Warren

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: 9780385198219

Page: 276

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A psychiatrist discusses his training, his experiences with difficult patients, and the stages in the doctor-patient relationship

The Making of the Modern Sudan

Our ' refugee ' Committee , after assessing tentage , hotel - space , feeding
facilities at bars and restaurants , and billeting and kitchen capacity of officials '
houses with marquees in the gardens , assessed the total personnel that
Khartoum ...

The Making of the Modern Sudan

Author: Sir Douglas Newbold

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Page: 601

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The Making of a Modern Muslim Woman

We first heard of disturbances in Delhi after August 1947 , but the newspapers
were censored and we only knew that curfew had been imposed over the city
and that the military was deployed to escort refugees across the border .

The Making of a Modern Muslim Woman

Author: Begum Khurshid Mirza



Page: 295

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Presents An Autobiography Of Begum Khurshid Mirza. Provides An Insight Into The Social Conditions Of Muslims Indians And The Transition Of Pakistan. Divided Into 15 Chapters.

1946 The Making of the Modern World

Refugees. He had been Mayor of New York for three terms and, before that, a
Congressman for a decade; his was one of the most recognised faces in America
. But, out of office for three months and away from the limelight, Fiorello
LaGuardia ...

1946  The Making of the Modern World

Author: Victor Sebestyen

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447250508

Page: 438

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With the end of the Second World War, a new world was born. The peace agreements that brought the conflict to an end implemented decisions that not only shaped the second half of the twentieth century, but continue to affect our world today and impact on its future. In 1946 the Cold War began, the state of Israel was conceived, the independence of India was all but confirmed and Chinese Communists gained a decisive upper hand in their fight for power. It was a pivotal year in modern history in which countries were reborn and created, national and ideological boundaries were redrawn and people across the globe began to rebuild their lives. In this remarkable history, the foreign correspondent and historian Victor Sebestyen draws on contemporary documents from around the world - including Stalin's personal notes from the Potsdam peace conference - to examine what lay behind the political decision-making. Sebestyen uses a vast array of archival material and personal testimonies to explore how the lives of generations of people across continents were shaped by the events of 1946. Taking readers from Berlin to London, from Paris to Moscow, from Washington to Jerusalem and from Delhi to Shanghai, this is a vivid and wide-ranging account of both powerbrokers and ordinary men and women from an acclaimed author.

Refugees in the Modern World

The meeting agreed that the 1951 Geneva Convention would remain the basic
document for the definition of a refugee but ... the passage of reasonable time, it
becomes clear that voluntary repatriation is not making sufficient progress
towards ...

Refugees in the Modern World

Author: Amin Saikal



Page: 125

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An overview of some of the major contemporary refugee problems, in particular in the Asia-Pacific region, including a discussion of how Australia should respond to these problems.

Fiorello H La Guardia and the Making of Modern New York

... neither in terms of the president's steely aloofness from this issue nor in terms
of his potential for making a difference . ... From mid - 1940 to mid1941 , when
refugee emigration was still feasible , administrative red tape was used to delay
and ...

Fiorello H  La Guardia and the Making of Modern New York

Author: Thomas Kessner

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 9780140143584

Page: 700

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La Guardia, who served as mayor of New York City from 1934 to 1947, breathed new life into a city plagued by high unemployment, festering slums and government scandals. Based on private papers, newly released FBI documents and official papers from the City of New York, this biography chronicles the making of the modern metropolis through the life of one of its most complex immigrant sons. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Long Partition and the Making of Modern

Zamindar'S Ability To Weave Into A Single Narrative The National And The Local, The Administrative And The Personal, The Everyday And The Epochal, Is Truly Remarkable. This Is A Path Breaking Contribution To Modern South Asian Studies.

Long Partition and the Making of Modern

Author: Vazira Fazila

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 9780670082056

Page: 288

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In This Remarkable Study Based On More Than Two Years Of Ethnographic And Archival Research, Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar Argues That The Combined Interventions Of The Two Postcolonial States Were Enormously Important In Shaping These Massive Displacements. She Examines The Long, Contentious, And Ambivalent Process Of Drawing Political Boundaries And Making Distinct Nation-States In The Midst Of This Historic Chaos. Zamindar Crosses Political And Conceptual Boundaries To Bring Together Oral Histories With North Indian Muslim Families Divided Between The Two Cities Of Delhi And Karachi With Extensive Archival Research In Previously Unexamined Urdu Newspapers And Government Records Of India And Pakistan. She Juxtaposes The Experiences Of Ordinary People Against The Bureaucratic Interventions Of Both Postcolonial States To Manage And Control Refugees And Administer Refugee Property. As A Result, She Reveals The Surprising History Of The Making Of The Western Indo-Pak Border, One Of The Most Highly Surveillanced In The World, Which Came To Be Instituted In Response To This Refugee Crisis, In Order To Construct National Difference Where It Was The Most Blurred. In Particular, Zamindar Examines The Muslim Question At The Heart Of Partition. From The Margins And Silences Of National Histories, She Draws Out The Resistance, Bewilderment, And Marginalization Of North Indian Muslims As They Came To Be Pushed Out And Divided By Both Emergent Nation-States. It Is Here That Zamindar Asks Us To Stretch Our Understanding Of Partition Violence To Include This Long, And In Some Sense Ongoing, Bureaucratic Violence Of Postcolonial Nationhood, And To Place Partition At The Heart Of A Twentieth Century Of Border-Making And Nation-State Formation. A Product Of Outstanding Historical-Ethnographic Research, Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar'S Book Tells Like No One Has Done Before The Maddeningly Tangled Story Of How, In The Years After The Partition Of 1947, India And Pakistan Actually Came To Separate Their Territories, Properties, And Peoples Into Two Sovereign States. Zamindar'S Ability To Weave Into A Single Narrative The National And The Local, The Administrative And The Personal, The Everyday And The Epochal, Is Truly Remarkable. This Is A Path Breaking Contribution To Modern South Asian Studies. Partha Chatterjee, Author Of The Politics Of The Governed: Reflections On Popular Politics In Most Of The World A Deeply Moving Account Of The Contingent Category Of The No-Questions-Asked Natural Citizen Within The Indian And Pakistani Nation-States, At Birth And In Their Long, Postnatal Condition. The Hurriedly Fixed National Boundaries Here Both Necessitate And Entice, Contain And Penalize Crossings. Zamindar Richly Documents How For Some Minority Groups Travel, Kinship Ties, And A National Longing Have To Be Continually Bared To Lay Claim To Citizenship Within A Multireligious Dispensation. An Unsettling Work That Breaks Through The Chalk Circles Circumscribing The Retellings Of Our Separate And National Pasts. Shahid Amin, Author Of Writing Alternative Histories: A View From India A Remarkable Exercise Of Ethno-History From Below. In Addition To Official Sources, Zamindar Has Collected Testimonies In Archives And Interviewed Survivors Of Partition To Offer An Original And Significant Chronicle Of The Nation-Making Process In Both India And Pakistan. Christophe Jaffrelot, Author Of The Hindu Nationalist Movement And Indian Politics, 1925 To The 1990S This Is A Significant And Path-Breaking Book And Is Likely To Become The Standard Study Of The Subject. It Will Be Cited Authoritatively Or Be Argued With For Some Time To Come. Aamir Mufti, Author Of Enlightenment In The Colony: The Jewish Question And The Crisis Of Postcolonial Culture

It s Hard to be a Refugee

Part III : Liberians - Modern Refugees A Civil War Testimony ( part 3 of 3 ) 216
Chapter 7. Refugee Status and Identity 229 Making it Through 229 Trauma of
War 231 Tedium of Exile 233 Legal Framework 235 Refugeeness 239 Protecting

 It s Hard to be a Refugee

Author: Kevin Bohrer



Page: 770

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Women and Nationalism in the Making of Modern Greece

The same year a Refugee Settlement Commission was created under the aegis
of the Patriotic Association of Greek Women , the National Council of Greek
Women , the Socialist Association of Greek Women and the Ministry of Public
Health ...

Women and Nationalism in the Making of Modern Greece

Author: Demetra Tzanaki

Publisher: St. Antony's


Page: 234

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This book reveals how the national idea in nineteenth century Greece helped women to develop an alternate vision of female politics, history, and citizenship. Through a discussion of fascinating materials, reflecting contemporary beliefs and ideas, this innovative study reveals how notions of citizenship were determined and explores the long process through which ideas and beliefs shaped both societies and individual identities.

The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Caestecker, F., and Moore, B. (2010) Refugees from Nazi Germany and the
Liberal European States. New York: Berghahn Books. Carron, V. ... Gatrell, P. (
2010) 'The Making of the Modern Refugee'. Keynote Address for the Conference
on ...

The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Author: Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191645885

Page: 800

View: 636

Refugee and Forced Migration Studies has grown from being a concern of a relatively small number of scholars and policy researchers in the 1980s to a global field of interest with thousands of students worldwide studying displacement either from traditional disciplinary perspectives or as a core component of newer programmes across the Humanities and Social and Political Sciences. Today the field encompasses both rigorous academic research which may or may not ultimately inform policy and practice, as well as action-research focused on advocating in favour of refugees' needs and rights. This authoritative Handbook critically evaluates the birth and development of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, and analyses the key contemporary and future challenges faced by academics and practitioners working with and for forcibly displaced populations around the world. The 52 state-of-the-art chapters, written by leading academics, practitioners, and policymakers working in universities, research centres, think tanks, NGOs and international organizations, provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge overview of the key intellectual, political, social and institutional challenges arising from mass displacement in the world today. The chapters vividly illustrate the vibrant and engaging debates that characterize this rapidly expanding field of research and practice.