The Making of a Miracle

We continue to rely on your positive prayers—tbey brougbt us amazing miracles and tbey 'll bring bim to full recovery. Libe Dr. Simonelli (our doctor wbo ...

The Making of a Miracle

Author: Bob Wetzel

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595361846

Page: 120

View: 957

The Making of a Miracle is the amazing story of a year in the life of a couple struggling with a progressive and terminal disease. See how their faith in God and the power of prayer sustains them. How it proved to be more than enough to get them through the ups and downs, the hopes and fears they experienced, as they lived with an incurable disease. Join them as they journey from that diagnosis to their final goodbyes. And then " An inspiring and positive story of a courageous, faith-filled, and miraculous experience " Orbis Books " This is truly an inspirational story " Resurrection Press

Making Music in Los Angeles

“By Ruth St. Denis,” undated typescript, T. Perceval Gerson Collection, box 13, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA. 32. Koopal,Miracle of Music, 86.

Making Music in Los Angeles

Author: Catherine Parsons Smith

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520251393

Page: 376

View: 127

A social history of music in Los Angeles from the 1880s to 1940, this title ventures into an often neglected period to discover that during America's Progressive Era, LA was a centre for making music long before it became a major metropolis.

Violence and Miracle in the Fourteenth Century

Private Grief and Public Salvation Michael E. Goodich, Gerhard Ewald ... The theme of this book has been long in the making, and although I had been ...

Violence and Miracle in the Fourteenth Century

Author: Michael E. Goodich

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226302959

Page: 220

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As war, pestilence, and famine spread through Europe in the Middle Ages, so did reports of miracles, of hopeless victims wondrously saved from disaster. These "rescue miracles," recorded by over one hundred fourteenth-century cults, are the basis of Michael Goodich's account of the miraculous in everyday medieval life. Rescue miracles offer a wide range of voices rarely heard in medieval history, from women and children to peasants and urban artisans. They tell of salvation not just from the ravages of nature and war, but from the vagaries of a violent society—crime, unfair judicial practices, domestic squabbles, and communal or factional conflict. The stories speak to a collapse of confidence in decaying institutions, from the law to the market to feudal authority. Particularly, the miraculous escapes documented during the Hundred Years' War, the Italian communal wars, and other conflicts are vivid testimony to the end of aristocratic warfare and the growing victimization of noncombatants. Miracles, Goodich finds, represent the transcendent and unifying force of faith in a time of widespread distress and the hopeless conditions endured by the common people of the Middle Ages. Just as the lives of the saints, once dismissed as church propaganda, have become valuable to historians, so have rescue miracles, as evidence of an underlying medieval mentalite. This work expands our knowledge of that state of mind and the grim conditions that colored and shaped it.

Library Automation in Transitional Societies

Libraries, especially modern electronic academic libraries, ... minor miracle to library users; now, hundreds of OPACs are available for worldwide access ...

Library Automation in Transitional Societies

Author: Andrew Lass

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195132629

Page: 451

View: 968

This is a collection of papers from a 1997 conference that attempted to assess the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's efforts to modernize Eastern European libraries after the fall of communism. Looking primarily at Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the international panel of contributors cover library automation, library policy, and management strategy.

Miracle of Education

Learning from museums: Visitor experiences and the making of meaning. ... Retrieved April 26, 2011, from Finnish ...

Miracle of Education

Author: Hannele Niemi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9463007768

Page: 292

View: 448

"Finnish pupils’ success in international student assessment tests and the characteristics of the Finnish educational system are the focus of interest all around in the world. The significance of Finnish educational policy and societal atmosphere are continuously discussed. This book provides explanations, answers and reflections to these questions. Over 30 expert authors have contributed to this book by bringing their own specific research-based points of view.The second edition of the book introduces the new national curriculum for basic education that now provides guidelines for school-based curricula. Students’ learning with engagement and schools as learning communities are core visions of the reform. The authors also reflect on the PISA 2012 results. The book gives an example on how to use PISA information for national improvements. In Finland, all evaluations are enhancement-led and this also includes PISA measurements.The book illustrates how teaching and learning of different subjects is realized in Finnish schools and describes the essential characteristics and methods of teaching, learning materials and research on these issues.The book provides important insight and reflections to international researchers, teachers, students, journalists and policy makers, who are interested in teaching and learning in Finnish schools. It shows the results of the systematic and persistent work that has been done on education and schooling in Finland.The main features of education in Finland are: Strong equity policy.Teachers as autonomous and reflective academic experts.Flexible educational structures and local responsibility for curriculum development.Evaluation for improvements, not for ranking.No national testing, no inspectorate.Research-based teacher education.Teachers’ high competence in content knowledge and pedagogy.Trust in education and teachers."

David McCullough Library E book Box Set

... perspective on the blackboard, and it seemed to me a miracle. ... helps in making contact with those who were there before in other ...

David McCullough Library E book Box Set

Author: David McCullough

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451658257

Page: 4656

View: 203

Perfect for David McCullough fans and history lovers alike, this eBook boxed set features all of his bestselling titles, from 1776 to Mornings on Horseback. This e-book box set includes all of David McCullough’s bestselling backlist titles: · 1776: The riveting story of George Washington, the men who marched with him, and their British foes in the momentous year of American independence. · Brave Companions: Profiles of exceptional men and women who shaped history, among them Alexander von Humboldt, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Charles and Anne Lindbergh. · The Great Bridge: The remarkable, enthralling story of the planning and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which linked two great cities and epitomized American optimism, skill, and determination. · John Adams: The magisterial, Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the independent, irascible Yankee patriot, one of our nation’s founders and most important figures, who became our second president. · The Johnstown Flood: The classic history of an American tragedy that became a scandal in the age of the Robber Barons, the preventable flood that destroyed a town and killed 2,000 people. · Mornings on Horseback: The brilliant National Book Award-winning biography of young Theodore Roosevelt’s metamorphosis from sickly child to a vigorous, intense man poised to become a national hero and then president. · Path Between the Seas: The epic National Book Award-winning history of the heroic successes, tragic failures, and astonishing engineering and medical feats that made the Panama Canal possible. · Truman: The Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Harry Truman, the complex and courageous man who rose from modest origins to make momentous decisions as president, from dropping the atomic bomb to going to war in Korea. · Special Bonus: The Course of Human Events: In this Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities, David McCullough draws on his personal experience as a historian to acknowledge the crucial importance of writing in history’s enduring impact and influence, and he affirms the significance of history in teaching us about human nature through the ages.

Exploring Digital Libraries

... 48,49, 134 machine-to-machine data exchange 72 Madison, James 140 Making Institutional Repositories A Collaborative Learning Environment (MIRACLE) 184, ...

Exploring Digital Libraries

Author: Karen Calhoun

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 1856048209

Page: 224

View: 804

A landmark textbook on digital libraries for LIS students, educators and practising information professionals throughout the world. Exploring Digital Libraries is a highly readable, thought-provoking authorative and in-depth treatment of the digital library arena that provides an up-to-date overview of the progress, nature and future impact of digital libraries, from their collections and technology-centred foundations over two decades ago to their emergent, community-centred engagement with the social web. This essential textbook: • Brings students and working librarians up to date on the progress, nature and impact of digital libraries, bridging the gap since the publication of the best-known digital library texts • Frames digital library research and practice in the context of the social web and makes the case for moving beyond collections to a new emphasis on libraries’ value to their communities • Introduces several new frameworks and novel syntheses that elucidate digital library themes, suggest strategic directions, and break new ground in the digital library literature. • Calls a good deal of attention to digital library research, but is written from the perspective of strategy and in-depth experience • Provides a global perspective and integrates material from many sources in one place - the chapters on open repositories and hybrid libraries draw together past, present and prospective work in a way that is unique in the literature. Readership: Exploring Digital Libraries suits the needs of a range of readers, from working librarians and library leaders to LIS students and educators, or anyone who wants a highly readable and thought-provoking overview of the field and its importance to the future of libraries.

Miracles Among Other Things

Printed in Victoria, Canada National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data Swartz, Clifford E. Miracles, among other things / Clifford E. Swartz ...

Miracles  Among Other Things

Author: Clifford E. Swartz

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1553954386

Page: 99

View: 848

Miracles - among other things is a collection of verse plays suitable for rehearsed readings for church entertainments. The first part is for Christmas celebrations. It consists of seven poems about Christmas, six soliloquies by the major characters in the Advent Story, and a short play called Miracles. While the characters are the familiar ones, the things they say are not. The second part of the book is a Halloween play called All Hallow's Eve. Three couples have gone on October 31 to close down a summer cottage. They are caught by a storm that knocks out the electricity. By candle light they tell ghost stories that start out being humorous but soon turn into theological arguments with a surprise ending. The plays can be presented without elaborate scenery or costuming. They have, however, also been used with a simple crèche for the Advent story, and homemade costumes for the Wise Men, shepherds, inn keeper, and Mary and Joseph. The book makes an ideal gift for people who like poetry and novel ways of looking at familiar stories.

Contextualizing Miracles in the Christian West 1100 1500

New Historical Approaches Matthew M. Mesley, Louise E. Wilson ... Making sense of miracle collections by tallying up the various themes and features can be ...

Contextualizing Miracles in the Christian West  1100 1500

Author: Matthew M. Mesley

Publisher: Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature

ISBN: 0907570321

Page: 231

View: 509

This volume brings together innovative research on miracles in the Christian West 1100-1500, and includes chapters on Anglo-Norman saints’ cults, late medieval Portugal and the legacy of medieval hagiography in the immediate Post-Reformation period. Contributors investigate miracle narratives in conjunction with broader socio-cultural ideals, practices and developments in medieval society. They also reassess the legacy of Peter Brown, challenge established dichotomies such as ‘medicine and religion’, and examine relics, lay beliefs and the liturgical evidence of a saint’s cult, moving beyond the traditional focus on canonization. Medical history features prominently alongside other approaches; these clarify the contexts of our sources, and demonstrate the methodological vibrancy in this field.

Miracles of the Virgin in Medieval England

1535–1625', Journal of Library History 18.3 (1983), pp. 274–91 Fuiano, Michele, La cultura a Napoli nell'alto medioevo, storia e pensiero (naples, ...

Miracles of the Virgin in Medieval England

Author: Adrienne Williams Boyarin

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 1843842408

Page: 217

View: 346

First book-length study of hagiographical legends of the Virgin Mary in medieval England, with particular reference to her relationship with Jews, books, and the law.

Miracles Across the Bridge

E. Vallin Suede ... Cilda helped Amos through his adjustment period by making the necessary contacts with the commanding officer of the army, ...

Miracles Across the Bridge

Author: E. Vallin Suede

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480885592

Page: 550

View: 332

While growing up on the island of Puca Luca, Ionnia Dunn-Ryte witnessed much more than most girls her age. After seeing her mother suffer at the hands of a drunken abuser who labels Ionnia, his only daughter, a mistake, she decides to make a difference and dedicate her life to being an architect of positive change by liberating women from emotional, financial, and physical abuse. As she matures into a woman and attains professional success, Ionnia, who exhibits all the traits of a lioness, will stop at nothing to protect the helpless. After she overcomes several obstacles and acquires an abandoned island she transforms into a safe haven where women can reside to rejuvenate, find confidence, and embrace a happy and independent existence, Ionnia begins instilling hope into wounded women by guiding them across a bridge to realize there is a better life waiting for them. As she works tirelessly, what happens next is nothing short of a miracle. In this poignant tale, an abuse survivorr pursues her passion of helping wounded women by purchasing an island and turning it into a safe haven powered by love, belief in self, and hope.

I Could Use a Miracle Right Now

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, ...

I Could Use a Miracle Right Now

Author: John Webb Kline

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412023483

Page: 330

View: 816

The movie The Passion of The Christ dramatically conveyed the price that Jesus paid on the cross to redeem the sins of the world. John Webb Kline's new book, I Could Use a Miracle Right Now, profoundly brings the message of the cross and what it means to us in the 21st century into perspective in a way that few books can. It is a story about one man's life-long encounter with the Living Christ--a story that one might call, The Passion of the Christian. It is a must-read for any true seeker of truth or follower of Christ. Author John Webb Kline describes his inspiring new book as a Workingman's Theology-a theology that helps us to find God in the midst of our everyday struggles and which helps us to make sense out of the seemingly senseless trials and tribulations we all face. Based on stories from his own, often tumultuous, yet miracle-filled life, Webb brings us to the amazing discovery that, not only is God's intervention for our lives real, but it is also there for each and everyone of us-hidden only by our rational worldviews and unbelief. This is a book about hanging on to faith when it would seem perfectly reasonable not to; a book for the faithless and faithful alike; it is a book for those who are feeling so hurt, so angry, or so left out of God's will that they have nothing left but the desire to curse God and die. In today's world, it very well could be your own handbook for survival. Heart to Hand Ministries director, Woody Wolfe has this to say about I Could Use a Miracle Right Now: "Webb is able to take us on that journey to see the true miracles that are the reality of our everyday lives even when the world had blurred our vision. Webb's uncanny ability to put into words, that which is at the heart of the true Gospel message, has been such a blessing to me. I wish this book would have been around during those first days of my full-time ministry when I was still looking to the world for affirmation. To truly understand that God is already knocked out about us, gives us the freedom to be just who we are and Webb has brought that vision of the uncompromising love of God to these pages." Please visit the Miraclenews website.