The Golden Key to Discovering Yourself

About This Book From the earliest times in human history, across various cultures and civilisations, uniqueness and individuality of each person has been at the centre of health and wellbeing.

The Golden Key to Discovering Yourself



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From the earliest times in human history, across various cultures and civilisations, uniqueness and individuality of each person has been at the centre of health and wellbeing. This concept, called temperament, is found in all healthcare traditions and has been used and applied universally throughout history.


Self-Acceptance - the Golden Key to Happiness in Life "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I ...


Author: Oluwasanmi Oyewumi

Publisher: Oluwasanmi Oyewumi

ISBN: 9789624336

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One of the greatest errors you can make in life is not knowing your purpose for existence because your greatness in life is tied to your purpose. Failure to discover purpose is one of the major reasons why we have so much confusion, frustration, struggle, insecurity, mediocrity, obscurity, dissatisfaction, emptiness, underachievement and the likes in the world today. Discover Yourself provides you with practical principles and action plan to clarify your life purpose, find your passion and pursue you dream jobs so you can achieve outstanding success in your personal and professional life. This book is filled with inspiring stories and examples that you will find interesting and helpful in your journey to career success and personal fulfillment. Among other things "Discover Yourself" will help you: -Overcome the silent menace called Identity Crisis -Develop healthy self-esteem and confidence level -Deal with career confusion and dissatisfaction -Live your dreams with renewed sense of purpose and direction -Avoid wasting your precious time on the wrong career path -Do the job you love with passion and satisfaction -Express your voice and reign in your unique domains -Attract profitable jobs and opportunities you will enjoy

The Golden Key to Executive Coaching

If you have prided yourself on the many ways you can assist a client, ... my emotions, and the Self led me to a Jungian challenge to discover my own myth.

The Golden Key to Executive Coaching

Author: Janet S. Steinwedel

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 1630513539

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The Golden Key to Executive Coaching is a unique contribution to the field of professional leadership development. What distinguishes Janet Steinwedel’s approach is her incorporation of the lessons of depth psychology—particularly the work of Carl Jung—into her outlook and methodology. Within this accessible volume, Dr. Steinwedel also offers practical wisdom gleaned from her academic background in Human and Organizational Systems, in such corporate roles as Director of Leadership and Business Effectiveness at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Assistant Vice President of Leadership and Organization Development at Delaware Investments, and 10 years as President of Leader’s Insight, her own executive coaching company. While The Golden Key is primarily written as a guide for other executive coaches, it contains much of value for all those seeking to more fully integrate their authentic selves into their professional careers. It may also serve as a “plain language” primer to the thought of Carl Jung, one of the most insightful, far-reaching minds of the 20th century. “Janet Steinwedel's The Golden Key is a profoundly useful addition to the theory and practice of coaching. What so many of her predecessors have missed is the simple, but ineluctable fact that both participants, coach and client, are human beings with their own psychological mechanisms and processes. Her book brings many of the insights of depth psychology to the practitioner who otherwise may be limited to behavioral strategies which in the end are always undermined by the human psyche. No relationships can be any more evolved than how we are related to our inner world, for what we ignore there will continue to tumble through us into the world. Steinwedel's book brings insights and tools to this collaborative process which can only deepen the coaching practice through deepening the practitioner.” James Hollis, PhD Author and Jungian Analyst in Washington, D.C. About Janet S. Steinwedel, PhD As President of Leader’s Insight, an Executive Coaching and Leadership Effectiveness consultancy, Dr. Steinwedel provides thought leadership as a consultant and executive coach. She assists leaders in clarifying their goals and objectives and becoming more aware of themselves and their behaviors in service to their aspirations and business results. With 25 years of experience working in such industries as pharmaceuticals, health care, financial services, insurance, communications, retail, and hospitality, Janet works effectively with a broad range of leaders. She uses an analytical framework which provides a foundational understanding of personality and human behavior—conscious and unconscious processes. In addition to her own work with corporate executives, Janet devotes time to a “coaching for coaches” process in which she helps other executive coaches with their personal and professional development.

Your Golden Key

Get yourself out of the way. The Golden Key is a technique for getting you out of the way so God has a clear channel through which to manifest.

Your Golden Key

Author: Wee Dilts

Publisher: Change your life ebooks



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Your Golden Key to Life's Secrets The Golden Key will change your life. Learn how to stop thinking of the problem and think instead of all the positive power in the Universe. It's simply all though not always easy. Think of God instead of the problem

Discovering Your Mindful Heart an Explorer s Guide

Your golden key is the tool you need to accomplish almost anything ... think of something you would like to do for yourself or with others (including your ...

Discovering Your Mindful Heart  an Explorer   s Guide

Author: Jamie Dickey Ungerleider

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982243279

Page: 308

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The demands of contemporary life can often be overwhelming. Even so, if you are willing to do the work, you can learn healthier patterns of thought and behavior that can enhance your ability to feel safe and more securely connected to your most deeply held values, hopes, and beliefs. Discovering Your Mindful Heart: An Explorer’s Guide is an invitation that can take you on a journey toward discovering who you are from the inside out. Written by authors with compassion, knowledge, experience, and understanding of the challenges of personal growth and professional life, it offers information rich with story and example to help you develop or reunite with resources that allow you to cultivate present moment awareness, authenticity, joy and resilience.

Discover the Bible for Yourself

It was a golden era. ... Record the key words on AMOS AT AGLANCE on an index card and use this as a bookmark. Other key words will be ...

Discover the Bible for Yourself

Author: Kay Arthur

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736931406

Page: 368

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Speaker, author, and internationally-renowned Bible teacher Kay Arthur gathers together her inductive study tools in one volume that can be used with any Bible translation. Now those who are ready for a personal and passionate exploration of Scripture will find at their fingertips: Proven methods to read, mark, and study God's Word Introductions to set the stage for each book of the Bible Maps and charts to add historic and geographic dimension Word studies for NASB and NIV translations Definitions and explanations to simplify interpretation "Things to Think About" for personal application This resource will inspire and guide anyone interested in creating a personal study of God's Word.

Wisdom God s Golden Key to Success

It gives you a picture of God It gives you a picture of yourself It gives you a ... As you study these pictures, you will soon discover another image ...

Wisdom   God s Golden Key to Success

Author: Mike Murdock

Publisher: Wisdom International Inc

ISBN: 1563946505

Page: 78

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Wouldn't You Like To Be Propelled Into The Abundant Life? You will soon learn...3 Reasons Why God Delights In Your Success / The Power of Understanding / Wisdom Defined and many more topics. A Fascinating Concept of The Weapons of Understanding.

35 Golden Keys to who You are why You re Here

You HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER TRUTH FOR YOURSELF Truth isn't something out there ” or words written down on paper . We ourselves are the living , walking , expanding truth . ... B ( 33 ) Here's Golden Key Number 33 .

35 Golden Keys to who You are   why You re Here

Author: Linda C. Anderson


ISBN: 9781570431180

Page: 456

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Who am I? Why am I here? We ask ourselves these questions all the time. The answers determine our purpose in life, often our very survival. Here - for the very first time ever - are thirty-five golden keys to help you unlock the answers to these questions for yourself.

One Simple Change Makes Life Easy

The golden key to discovering this inherent wisdom is to establish ourselves in fully relaxed perceptual openness throughout the day and in all experiences, ...

One Simple Change Makes Life Easy


Publisher: Great Freedom

ISBN: 0984369309


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Sacred Psychology of Love

You need to discover the golden key that opens the door to your lovableness. Where is that key? And where's the door? Being true to yourself, ...

Sacred Psychology of Love

Author: Marilyn C. Barrick

Publisher: Summit University Press

ISBN: 0922729492

Page: 238

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Sacred Psychology of Love unfolds the hidden spiritual and psychological dramas inherent in friendships, love relationships, and marriage. It tells the story of each one's inner mystic and offers tender ways to spark divine love in human relationships. After thirty-five years as a clinical psychologist and relationship counselor, Dr. Barrick is uniquely qualified to reveal the impact of childhood experiences upon adult relationships and to awaken us to the benefits of the reflecting mirror of the beloved. She shows the key role your inner "other-half" plays in the eternal dance of love and gives practical self-help exercises to guide you on your quest for relationships that unite heart and soul.

The Golden Key

“Who knows but that you may find yourself the descendant of some 'lord of high ... than run the risk of discovering some story of the past which would make ...

The Golden Key

Author: Mrs. Georgie Sheldon

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752431350

Page: 156

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Reproduction of the original: The Golden Key by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon

The Golden Key

“Get up and look at yourself in the water. ... and came to a great precipice of rock, up which he could discover but one path. ... He tried the key.

The Golden Key

Author: George MacDonald

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 1912230283

Page: 38

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There was a boy who used to sit in the twilight and listen to his great-aunt’s stories. She told him that if he could reach the place where the end of the rainbow stands he would find there a golden key… “And what is the key for?” the boy would ask. “What is it the key of? What will it open?” “That nobody knows,” his aunt would reply. “He has to find that out.” Now all that his great-aunt told the boy about the golden key would have been nonsense, had it not been that their little house stood on the borders of Fairyland. For it is perfectly well known that out of Fairyland nobody ever can find where the rainbow stands… George MacDonald’s classic tale, full of imagination and dreamlike images, tells of a girl and boy, Tangle and Mossy, who venture on a mysterious and magical journey. First, Tangle encounters three Old Men – of the Sea, of the Earth and of Fire – and gains in wisdom and beauty through her adventures. Then, together with Mossy who has the golden key, they travel to the rainbow to discover what awaits them there… This new edition of The Golden Key is exquisitely illustrated with paintings by Angela Lord, who also provides an informative Afterword.

Discovering Your Past Lives

You've entered a special and magical place within yourself , and it feels like you've always been there . You've always known the way to this most special and magical place . As you look to your right , you'll see a golden key that has ...

Discovering Your Past Lives

Author: Gloria Chadwick

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780809245468

Page: 224

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"Describes how to recognize past-life memories as they arise from the subconscious mind." --Fate magazine.

The Golden Key to Strategy

fills in the map of your situation, and aim studies that map to discover the best ... Minimally, vision is the ability to see yourself playing a larger, ...

The Golden Key to Strategy

Author: Gary Gagliardi

Publisher: Science of Strategy

ISBN: 1929194366

Page: 191

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Discusses how to use the rules of strategy for sucess in business.

Golden Key to Become Super Rich

Do new discoveries continuously and everyday as discovery is life and only ... Do not think yourself to betoosmart that you donot take advice of any other ...

Golden Key to Become Super Rich

Author: Subhash Lakhotia

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9350836491

Page: 213

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We all want to move ahead in our life, want to earn more and more. First we want to become rich then Super Rich. If your dream is also of becoming Super Rich and you are well determined towards your dream, then this book is appropriate for you. In this book, the author has described such facts which gives inspiration and workable tips that will guide you to be Super Rich. These are golden keys to become Super Rich. Subhash Lakhotia is the Director of 'R.N. Lakhotia and Associates'. He is in the field of income tax for 40 years. He is famous for giving valuable suggestions in tax planning, tax documentation and investment planning. The Director of 'Lakhotia College of Taxation and Management', Subhash Lakhotia gives his suggestions through many daily national newspapers. With his famous coarse 'Zero to Hero in Income Tax', he gives suggestions to people regarding taxation and tax planning and gives benefit to the people through seminars and lecture meetings. His popular TV show named 'Tax Guru' can be viewed on CNBC Awaaz.

Discover God s Upside down Economy

You can step out, trust God and prove it for yourself as well! ... Golden Keys are financial secrets hidden in the lives of Bible characters.

Discover God s Upside down Economy

Author: Edward William Bartlett

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600340296

Page: 344

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Discover God's Upside-Down Economy reveals God's unique, miraculous ways with money. Find His secrets for absolute financial security through exciting stories, exceptional teaching and invaluable truths hidden in Golden Keys.

The Golden Key

Are we not free to express ourselves as no other family may? ... I grant you he has talent, and likely is Gifted, as we shall discover soon, but untrained ...

The Golden Key

Author: Melanie Rawn

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101515813

Page: 912

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In Tira Virte, art is prized for its beauty and as a binding legal record of everything from marriages to treaties. Yet not even the Grand Duke knows how extraordinary the Grijalva family's art is, for certain Grijalva males are born with the ability to alter events and influence people in the real world through that they paint. Always, their power has been used for Tira Virte. But now Sario Grijalva has learned to use his Gift in a whole new way. And when he begins to work his magic both the Grijalvas and Tira Virte may pay the price.