The First Wash of Spring

'The First Wash of Spring' collects some of George Mackay Brown's lyrical and independent-minded musings of those subjects that took his interest.

The First Wash of Spring

Author: George Mackay Brown


ISBN: 9781904246251

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'The First Wash of Spring' collects some of George Mackay Brown's lyrical and independent-minded musings of those subjects that took his interest.

George Mackay Brown

'The First Wash of Spring', in The First Wash of Spring (Steve Savage, 2006), p. 254. 'Runes from a Holy Island', in CP, p. 78. 'The old man asks himself .

George Mackay Brown

Author: Ron Ferguson

Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd

ISBN: 0715209620

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George Mackay Brown is one of the 20th century's finest writers. This biography sweeps us along on an enriching literary and spiritual journey..Draws on unpublished letters, conversations with the enigmatic Bard's friends and well-known writers. Shortlisted for the Saltire Award Best Research Book of the Year.

Recharge Area and Geologic Controls for the Courthouse Wash Sevenmile Spring System Western Arches National Park Grand County Utah

At sites S1 and S2, the northwest-striking joint set formed first, ... Surfaces 331,76 4.7+ 1.9(11) 3.5+ 1.2(10) Courthouse Wash Boundary Spring 73,80 3.3 ...

Recharge Area and Geologic Controls for the Courthouse Wash Sevenmile Spring System  Western Arches National Park  Grand County  Utah

Author: Hugh A. Hurlow

Publisher: Utah Geological Survey

ISBN: 1557916985

Page: 55

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The Courthouse-Sevenmile spring system in southwest Arches National Park supports the base flow of Courthouse Wash and a stable riparian environment that is critical to the ecology of the park and adjacent areas. Small flow volumes and location in a desert environment makes the Courthouse Wash ecohydrologic system highly vulnerable to decreases in volume and quality of recharge water. This study characterizes the hydrologic system and delineates recharge area for the system. The results will help establish limits on future ground-water appropriations west and northwest of the park, to preserve the present environmental quality and ecologic stability of Courthouse Wash This CD consists of a 55-page report and three plates at a scale of approximately 1:24,000, all in pdf format.

The First Robin of Spring

... the coal furnace years ago but the stained outline of the old furnace remained on the floor. My aunt had replaced the ancient wringer wash machine and ...

The First Robin of Spring

Author: Natalie London

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 1594939101

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Haunted by a fire that claimed the lives of two colleagues, Julie Burke seizes upon an unexpected inheritance from her aunt as the lifeline it is. Claiming the large Queen Anne home in Wisconsin, she hopes to escape the nightmares. Free to pursue her passion for music, Julie's path crosses more and more frequently with that of the attractive and intriguing Elisabeth de Gramont. Elisabeth isn't ready for a new relationship, even with the charming newcomer. She tells herself that Vickie Read's betrayal has left her numb but the feelings that stir as she watches the predatory Vickie circle Julie are more than protective.

Pirates of the spring

Palmer proceeded to do so, first washing the ink off his legs. He rolled his trousers into a bundle and flung them through the open door.

Pirates of the spring

Author: Forrest Reid

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5877668277

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But as the boy, the pirate of the spring. From the green aim a living linnet takes. One natural verse recapture.

Washing Silk

... Autumn S16 Ch'ang - an Spring S17 Lyric on the First Month of Spring S18 An Evening View as the Rain Clears S19 Composed on the Day of Spring Begins S20 ...

Washing Silk

Author: Robin D.S. Yates

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 1684170028


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Wei Chuang was a prolific Tang dynasty poet. He not only wrote in the shih form (poems in the old and new styles, the latter having strict rules of meter, rhyme, and euphony), but also was one of two literati founders of the tz’u (lyric) tradition, based on a popular song form. This tripartite study provides a thoroughgoing picture of his life and work. The book begins with the first detailed biography of Wei Chuang in a Western language, drawn both from historical sources and Wei’s poetry. The shih poems are intensely autobiographical and provide insight into Wei’s own experience and into the situation in China at the end of the ninth century. A second section analyzes the poetry, demonstrating that Wei’s tz’u cannot be understood without reference to his shih compositions, a new approach to the totality of Wei’s work. Finally, this volume presents translations, briefly annotated, of 110 shih poems, including his major narrative poem, The Lament of the Lady of Chin, and almost all the tz’u attributed to him, constituting more than a third of Wei Chuang’s extant poetry. The translations, while hewing close in meaning to their Chinese originals, have considerable value as poems in English. This work offers information that is useful to those interested in the literature, history, and general culture of medieval China. The translations bring to modern readers of English poetry the pleasures of becoming acquainted with a complex and innovative voice from the Chinese past.

First Wash the Inside

Ask yourself why these words spring forth uncontrollably out of some people and not others. Once we start using them they become addictive.

First Wash the Inside


Publisher: Xulon Press

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The containers are washed with cold spring water and a soda washing preparation , " hydro brushes " being used . ... Cork stoppers are re - used , first being washed with spring water and sterilized for two hours .


Author: Pennsylvania. Department of Health




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