A Step in Programming with C

To develop more efficient and effective project using C programming language we must master in it. For the development of projects using C, we can make our ...

A Step in Programming with C

Author: Rakesh Tyata

Publisher: Rakesh Tyata

ISBN: 1448615410

Page: 232

View: 302

This book is a clear, comprehensive book designed only for you, no-matter whether you are a student, a teacher, a professional programmer or others. Simplicity is the hallmark of this book. It assumes no necessities for you to have the background knowledge on C Programming Language. Firstly, it helps you to understand the basic fundamentals of C Programming and then about the stronger part of C and ultimately master the various features that C offers.It is written in a style and level of detail to capture the entire field, it admirably meets the needs of students of science and technology specially the computer engineering students as a textbook and of professionals as a basic reference volume. Ideal for self-study and certification exam. Includes solution of more than 160 programs Broad in-depth coverage of C Programming Language.

The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

The replacement project manager wants to determine the rate at which the project ... Project C is 12 months long, has four stakeholders, and is in planning.

The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

Author: Eric Verzuh

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119086582

Page: 528

View: 995

The all-inclusive guide to exceptional project management The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management is the comprehensive guide to real-world project management methods, tools, and techniques. Practical, easy-to-use, and deeply thorough, this book gives you answers you need now. You'll find the cutting-edge ideas and hard-won wisdom of one of the field's leading experts, delivered in short, lively segments that address common management issues. Brief descriptions of important concepts, tips on real-world applications, and compact case studies illustrate the most sought-after skills and the pitfalls you should watch out for. This new fifth edition features new case studies, new information on engaging stakeholders, change management, new guidance on using Agile techniques, and new content that integrates current events and trends in the project management sphere. Project management is a complex role, with seemingly conflicting demands that must be coordinated into a single, overarching, executable strategy — all within certain time, resource, and budget constraints. This book shows you how to get it all together and get it done, with expert guidance every step of the way. Navigate complex management issues effectively Master key concepts and real-world applications Learn from case studies of today's leading experts Keep your project on track, on time, and on budget From finding the right sponsor to clarifying objectives to setting a realistic schedule and budget projection, all across different departments, executive levels, or technical domains, project management incorporates a wide range of competencies. The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management shows you what you need to know, the best way to do it, and what to watch out for along the way.

Pmp Project Management Professional

B. Project solicitation management. C. Project procurement management. D. Project source management. 40. Which one of the following statements is not true ...

Pmp Project Management Professional

Author: Wei Lee

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412035562

Page: 287

View: 290

There are two unique features of this book that distinguish it from other books in the area of project management: 1. It is a product of partnership with PMI 2. The book contains over 100 figures. It is a unique technique of utilizing graphical approach to studying project management methodology and passing CAPM and/or PMP exam(s).

Regmi Research Project

(c) The Central Executive Committee shall be responsible to the Delegates Committee and the General Council. (d) leetings of the Delerates Committee and the ...

Regmi Research Project





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The AMA Handbook of Project Management

... C Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Adapted from Brain Hobbs and Pierre Menard, “Organizational Choices for Project Management,” in AMA Handbook of Project ...

The AMA Handbook of Project Management

Author: Paul C. Dinsmore

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 0814433405

Page: 576

View: 994

A must-read for any project management professional or student. Projects are the life blood of any organization. Revised to reflect the latest changes to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R)) and the Project Management Professional Exam(R), the fourth edition of The AMA Handbook of Project Management provides readers with a clear overview of a complex discipline. Covering everything from individual projects to programs and strategic alignment, it addresses: Project initiation and planning Communication and interpersonal skills Scheduling, budgeting and meeting business objectives Managing political and resource issues Implementing a PMO Measuring value and competencies. The book compiles essays and advice from the field's top professionals and features new chapters on stakeholder management, agile project management, program management, project governance, knowledge management, and more. Updated with fresh examples, case studies and solutions to specific project management dilemmas, it remains an essential reference to the critical concepts and theories all project managers must master.

Project Program Change

... project transforming o 1.1 |Interrupting the project routine P || C | C C ... the project situation C | CO | P C 1.3 Drafting a project change vision C ...

Project  Program  Change

Author: Roland Gareis

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0429797087

Page: 520

View: 963

This book gives managers an integrative approach to project, program, and change management. It describes the differences between change in projects versus programs with case studies in both areas and the different life cycles. While the project and change comprise much of the book, it is up to date with its emphasis on agile, scrum, and benefits. The book also describes methods to both initiate and manage a change and what must be done for success and business value.

Supply Chain Project Management

Poirier, Charles C., The path to supply chain leadership, Supply Chain Management Review, (2/3), Fall, 1998, pp. 16–26. Poirier, Charles, Achieving supply ...

Supply Chain Project Management

Author: James B. Ayers

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780203501474

Page: 392

View: 766

SCM doesn't change management goals, but relies on new knowledge, practices, and skills to better achieve those goals. Going it alone, without collaborating with supply chain partners, is a dead-end strategy. Without a doubt, effective supply chains will be the product of successful application of project management disciplines coupled with innovations in supply chain management. The question remains how do you take your supply chain from dysfunctional to competitive? The first book to take a project management approach to supply chain management, Supply Chain Project Management: A Structured, Collaborative, and Measurable Approach explains a four-stage progression toward world-class supply chain project management. The author provides a template of the stages encountered when moving to competitive supply chains, delineates the processes that organizations must implement if they are to advance from one stage to the next, and describes best practices for how to get there. He supplies structured approaches for supply chain analysis and documentation, and illustrates the concepts with examples from the trenches. In the supply chain world, managers must choose between the "business as usual" single company approach or exploiting innovations in supply chain management and project management to their advantage. Covering the how-tos for implementing supply chain improvement, this easy-to-use guide details the steps to developing a strategy, reducing costs, and generating revenue. It shows you how to combine SCM and project management knowledge and practice to develop and execute supply chain strategies.

Software Project Survival Guide

Softw Project Surv Gde_p1 Steve McConnell ... Approval c c c c c Software Project Log C c C C Software Project C c C C C History Document As you can see, ...

Software Project Survival Guide

Author: Steve McConnell

Publisher: Microsoft Press

ISBN: 0735637385

Page: 304

View: 377

Equip yourself with SOFTWARE PROJECT SURVIVAL GUIDE. It's for everyone with a stake in the outcome of a development project--and especially for those without formal software project management training. That includes top managers, executives, clients, investors, end-user representatives, project managers, and technical leads. Here you'll find guidance from the acclaimed author of the classics CODE COMPLETE and RAPID DEVELOPMENT. Steve McConnell draws on solid research and a career's worth of hard-won experience to map the surest path to your goal--what he calls "one specific approach to software development that works pretty well most of the time for most projects." Nineteen chapters in four sections cover the concepts and strategies you need for mastering the development process, including planning, design, management, quality assurance, testing, and archiving. For newcomers and seasoned project managers alike, SOFTWARE PROJECT SURVIVAL GUIDE draws on a vast store of techniques to create an elegantly simplified and reliable framework for project management success. So don't worry about wandering among complex sets of project management techniques that require years to sort out and master. SOFTWARE PROJECT SURVIVAL GUIDE goes straight to the heart of the matter to help your projects succeed. And that makes it a required addition to every professional's bookshelf.


The process is simple; just execute the eclipse plug-in: C:\dev\mavenbook\code\genapp\test-application> maven eclipse build:start: eclipse:generate-project: ...


Author: Vincent Massol

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 0596007507

Page: 191

View: 871

A guide to the project-comprehension tool covers such topics as generating a Maven report, publishing a project site, setting up a Continuous Integration environment, and developing Maven plug-ins.

The Superior Project Organization

Hiring promising project managers is the first step in building the best practices ... and (c) project specific skills comprised of the application of ...

The Superior Project Organization

Author: Frank Toney

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780824706388

Page: 368

View: 494

This text describes global best practices, competencies, and standards of superior project organizations based on research conducted by the Top 500 Project Management Forum. It details the results of seven years of benchmarking and the bottom line value of project organizations in large functional enterprises. The text also highlights enhancements in professional image, job performance, and personal earnings.