The World Almanac for Kids 1996

World Almanac. RELIGIOUS MEMBERSHIP in the United States All the
Protestant groups together amount to nearly 81 ... Also known as the Hebrew
Bible , this is a collection of laws , history , and other writings that are holy books
for Jews and ...

The World Almanac for Kids 1996

Author: World Almanac

Publisher: Pharos Books

ISBN: 9780886877705

Page: 320

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Thousands of facts including: people and places in the news, sports, computers, awards, environment, animals, plants, TV, movies, music, books, science inventions, holidays, health, planets and outer space, countries, states, history.

The World Almanac for Kids 2002

Elaine Israel, World Almanac. RELICIOUS MEMBERSHIP in the United States
Did you know that Protestants are the largest religious group in the United States
, and that Catholics are the second largest ? The pie chart below shows how
many ...

The World Almanac for Kids  2002

Author: Elaine Israel


ISBN: 9780886878696

Page: 336

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Offers facts on a range of topics, from animals to weather and from computers to sports.

The World Almanac for Kids 2004 UPC

World Almanac, World Almanac Education Group, Inc. ow did the universe begin
? Why are we here ... The Bible, including the Old Testament and New Testament
, is the main religious writing of Christianity. WHAT DO CHRISTIANS BELIEVE?

The World Almanac for Kids 2004 UPC

Author: World Almanac


ISBN: 9780886879167

Page: 336

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The Second Kids World Almanac of Records and Facts

THE SECOND KIDS ' WORLD ALMANAC Theodore Roosevelt have been carved
in 70 - foot - high likenesses . It took John Borglum and his son , Lincoln ,
fourteen years to carve the sculpture . Mt . Ararat near the Turkish - Iranian border
is ...

The Second Kids  World Almanac of Records and Facts

Author: Margo McLoone

Publisher: Pharos Books

ISBN: 9780886873172

Page: 276

View: 646

A reference book containing information grouped in such categories as animals, body and health, computers and robots, language, and religion.

The Kids World Almanac of the United States

Selected in 1959, this motto comes from the Bible — Matthew 19:26. Oklahoma:
Labor Omnia Vincit, Latin for Labor Conquers All Things. The Roman poet Virgil
wrote the line that was adopted as the state motto in 1906. Oregon: The Union.

The Kids  World Almanac of the United States

Author: Thomas G. Aylesworth

Publisher: Pharos Books

ISBN: 9780886874797

Page: 273

View: 635

Briefly presents geographical, historical, and social facts about the fifty states of the Union.

The Kids World Almanac of Amazing Facts about Numbers Math and Money

One © Other Other Famous Sevens Japanese Seven Gods of Luck , who were
supposed to sail ships loaded with treasure into harbors on New Year's Eve . •
Seven days of creation , described in the Bible's Book of Genesis ; the seventh
was ...

The Kids  World Almanac of Amazing Facts about Numbers  Math  and Money

Author: Margery Facklam

Publisher: Pharos Books


Page: 246

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Examines the importance and meaning of numbers and how they are used in such areas as weights and measures, money, and signs and symbols.

Time for Kids Almanac 2008

The Bible is the main sacred text of Christianity. Jews believe in the laws of Jesus
taught God and the words of the love of God prophets. Judaism introduced and
monotheism, the belief in one neighbor god. In Judaism, however, and a actions

Time for Kids  Almanac 2008

Author: Editors of Time for Kids Magazine

Publisher: Time For Kids

ISBN: 9781933821849

Page: 256

View: 182

A comprehensive reference including the latest information on world statistics, famous people, space, history, geography, presidents, sports statistics, and inventions.

The World Almanac 5 001 Incredible Facts for Kids on Nature Science and People

World Almanac KidsTM ... earliest recorded UFO sighting occurred in 1440 BC.
Ancient Egyptian scribes recorded “fiery disks” hovering in the sky. 5. 6. 7. Some
people believe the Bible's description of the Out-of-This-World Facts About Aliens

The World Almanac 5 001 Incredible Facts for Kids on Nature  Science  and People

Author: World Almanac KidsTM

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510761837

Page: 360

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From the #1 New York Times bestselling World Almanac™ comes a full‑color, full‑of‑fun, oversize book packed with thousands of awesome facts about science, nature, and people—everything on planet Earth and beyond. Kids want to learn about the world around them, and with this engaging, colorful collection of facts, figures, photographs, and fun, they will. Perfect for home or for school, and a great gift for any curious reader, here are thousands of fascinating and surprising facts about almost everything: Animals—Dogs, cats, snakes, insects, spiders, sharks, and more Culture—Art, holidays, food, movies, and more Disasters—Earthquakes, shipwrecks, floods, storms, and more Geography—Oceans, mountains, continents, habitats, and more Geology—Volcanoes, tectonics, minerals, gems, and more Human Body and Medicine—Diseases, organs, senses, and other weird and wonderful human body facts. Record-setters—All about the biggest, smallest, fastest, tallest, and more Space—The moon, stars, planets, human spaceflight, and more Sports—Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, Olympic, and soccer superstars past and present, and more Technology—Computers, drones, inventions, and more The World Almanac™ 5,001 Incredible Facts for Kids on Nature, Science, and People provides kids, teachers, and families timely and timeless information on an enormous variety of subjects. It will give readers hours and hours of fun while it educates and illuminates.