The Athlete s Guide to Sponsorship

An informative, step-by-step guide for anyone considering pursing sponsorship, "The Athlete's Guide to Sponsorship" includes worksheets and simple management contracts that will help the reader untangle the complicated contractual webs that ...

The Athlete s Guide to Sponsorship

Author: Jennifer E. Drury

Publisher: VeloPress

ISBN: 9781884737459

Page: 148

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An informative, step-by-step guide for anyone considering pursing sponsorship, "The Athlete's Guide to Sponsorship" includes worksheets and simple management contracts that will help the reader untangle the complicated contractual webs that professional sponsorships can often weave. 40 photos.

The Athlete s Guide to Sponsorship

If you want a thriving career in sport, this book is for you.

The Athlete s Guide to Sponsorship

Author: Molly Hurford

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781688249448

Page: 182

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So you want to be a pro athlete? Awesome. But ... How do you do it? You put in the training hours, you start doing well at races, and then a big team or company just hands you a suitcase full of money, right? Sadly, it's not quite that simple. There are thousands of amazing athletes all over the world who can't make a living at their sport. By the time you shell out cash for the gear, the race entries, the travel, the lodging, the food, the massages, the gear you need after you break/wear out the first set, it's freaking expensive to be a pro.That means you need to hustle and find a team that can actually pay you living wage, figure out a job that you can work while pursuing your sport, or cobble together enough sponsorships to keep you afloat.This book will teach you how to do that, from finding the right brands to approach to developing a racer resume and website to cultivating your own personal brand identity through your social media, real life and racing. If you want a thriving career in sport, this book is for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Sponsoring Athletes

This book teaches companies of all types and sizes how to effectively invest in athletes for real commercial return.

The Ultimate Guide to Sponsoring Athletes

Author: Vickie Saunders


ISBN: 9780992441234

Page: 272

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This book teaches companies of all types and sizes how to effectively invest in athletes for real commercial return.

International Sports Law and Business

The agreement appears in IEG Legal Guide to Sponsorship, a valuable reference work.9 5.0. ATHLETE ENDORSEMENT AND LICENSING ARRANGEMENTS 5.1.

International Sports Law and Business

Author: Aaron N. Wise

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9041106022

Page: 2185

View: 906

This comprehensive, three-volume set focuses on the legal and business aspects of sports in the United States and abroad. The authors have presented the subject matter from a practical and pragmatic perspective, yet with analytical precision and attention to fine points of detail. International Sports Law and Business is composed of five parts. Part I deals with the law and business of sports in the United States, with the primary emphasis on the legal aspects of professional sports. Part II deals with the internationalization of sports from various perspectives, principally North American team sports. Part III explores the law and business of sports in 18 non-U.S. jurisdictions andndash; subject matter hardly covered in other sources, if at all. Part IV treats the legal and, to some extent, business aspects of broadcasting and sports, both in the United States and in selected foreign jurisdictions. Part V focuses upon sports marketing in its various forms in the United States, as well as its international perspectives. This easy-to-read work is unmatched in that it covers subjects not addressed or only tangentially addressed in other works, presents insiders perspectives on the subject matter, and focuses extensively on international aspects of sports law and business in connection with many different subjects. Among its exhibits, International Sports Law and Business includes a World League of American Football Standard Player Contract form, a sample World League of American Football Acquisition and Operation Agreement, Statute of Court of Arbitration for Sport and Regulations. It also includes a comprehensive index. Its unique coverage and practical features make International Sports Law and Business a critical reference for agents, attorneys, and other practitioners involved in international sports law or handling a trust where one or more of the assets is sports-related, or considering expanding an existing practice area. Those involved in the study of sports law will also appreciate this high quality work.

NIAAA s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration

Sponsorship Criteria Once the reasons companies sponsor high school athletic events and programs have been established, the next logical step is to examine ...

NIAAA s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration

Author: NIAAA

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 1492582239

Page: 408

View: 822

NIAAA’s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration presents a wealth of information and insights from experienced athletic directors across the United States. This comprehensive resource covers leadership, operations, financial and facilities management, and other chief administrative responsibilities to help readers better understand the athletic director’s multifaceted role. NIAAA’s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration was developed under the direction of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), the trusted authority for excellence in administration of high school sports. This guidebook features the best practices in high school athletic administration to assist both aspiring and practicing athletic directors in meeting the demands of the job. General guidelines and background knowledge are complemented by specific strategies and techniques. Each chapter offers examples of how to solve common problems, and sidebars highlight creative solutions employed by exemplary high school athletic directors. This text features guidance and multidisciplinary information on handling some of the toughest parts of the job. A chapter on personnel management discusses mentoring and evaluation systems to assist with the growth and development of staff, and a technology chapter offers specific recommendations of tools to help athletic directors operate more effectively and efficiently. A chapter on legal and safety concerns outlines concrete measures that administrators can take to prevent mishaps and protect their schools and staff from liability. Readers will also learn how to manage a budget and find creative alternatives to get the most out of available funds. Based on extensive research conducted by the editors, this text confronts several challenges facing contemporary high school sport administrators: • Providing comprehensive professional preparation for athletic director candidates and continuing education for today’s athletic directors • Aligning the goals of education-based athletic programs and the conduct of coaches, athletes, and parents engaged in the program to the educational mission of the school, district, state, and national governing organizations • Ensuring ongoing education in vital areas including student citizenship, staff support, safety, risk management, and budget preparation • Making consistent efforts to provide equitable opportunities for participation and accommodate the abilities and interests of all student-athletes The position of interscholastic athletic administrator is rapidly becoming one of the most challenging positions in any school as these professionals are asked to do more with less. Given proper education, tools, and goals, NIAAA recognizes the pivotal role an athletic administrator can have in enriching the school culture and experiences of participating athletes, parents, and coaches. NIAAA’s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration provides fundamental knowledge guided by sound educational practices to enable athletic administrators to execute their daily duties with competence and confidence.

Sponsorship The Unconventional Guide

sponsorship there are two forms: • Project-based – you are given sponsorship to attend or facilitate on a specific event or cause • Given in trust – a ...

Sponsorship  The Unconventional Guide

Author: Daniel Hall

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329838068


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Marketing strategies have, over the years, evolved into an arena of different tactical methods in promoting products that range from people to things. One such method, which has been growing at a rapid speed, is sponsorship. Although it’s still in what we may consider in its ‘infancy stage’, numerous companies have adapted the use of sponsorship as one of their major promotional tools. Grab this ebook today to learn everything you need to know.

An Athlete s Guide to Agents

A handful of athletes have endorsement contracts with nonendemic sponsors, typically with sponsors of the USOC or USA Track & Field.

An Athlete   s Guide to Agents

Author: Robert Ruxin

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763776114

Page: 256

View: 341

Student athletes need to begin thinking about the agent selection process much earlier than their senior year of college. The understanding of what an agent does, why they are paid, and what should go into their selection should begin early in an athletes life. An Athletes Guide to Agents, Fifth Edition is designed to better prepare athletes and their families to screen, select, and work with an agent. It teaches families about the importance of sports agents and allows athletes and their families to be active participants instead of handing all power away to a sports agent upon signing an agency contract.

Trainer Training

"There are many reasons why companies sponsor athletes and sporting events. The main reason is to sell their ... "The Athlete's Guide to Sponsorship ...

Trainer Training

Author: Keith Hosman

Publisher: Keith Hosman


Page: 140

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(Unillustrated) This book primarily concerns itself with the BUSINESS of training horses. This is NOT a horse training book for the non-professional. "Trainer Training" offers one hundred situations a professional horse trainer might face. Written specifically for the professional horse trainer, this is a compilation of one hundred "things I've learned" throughout my over thirty years with horses, sixteen plus of them as a pro. Some are listed quickly, some are placed in greater detail. (For each entry, to paraphrase Mozart, I used "only as many notes" as necessary and point the reader toward further resources when the subject matter threatens to creep beyond the scope of this book.) This is not meant to outline "the only way" to do things or to look at things - it's simply one hundred quick pieces of advice I'd offer a compatriot were I asked. Every horse trainer reading this could easily make their own list - and, given our myriad experiences and disparate backgrounds, I doubt we'd overlap all that much. And, there, it's that "lack of overlap" that gives this book both its perspective and value. My background (beyond "horses") is in marketing, writing, and as a long-time computer geek. Hence, the tips contained herein focus - to a great extent - on those segments of our business. Note also that a great deal of the info also circles around special events (clinics, symposiums, talks, etc.) that a pro might offer - in large part, because this is where so darned many weird things can happen (and where much money can be made).

The Comprehensive Guide to Careers in Sports

Corporate sponsorship has become an increasingly important component of the sports and entertainment industry during the past 10 to 15 years.

The Comprehensive Guide to Careers in Sports

Author: Glenn M. Wong

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449602037

Page: 578

View: 907

Provides information about careers in the sports industry, including educational requirements, salary, and prospects for each profession.

Jeff Gordon

The Athlete's Guide to Sponsorship. Boulder, Colo.: Velo Press, 2000. Miller, G. Wayne. Men and Speed: A Wild Ride through NASCAR's Breakout Season.

Jeff Gordon

Author: Michael Benson

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438111908


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Runner s World Guide to Adventure Racing

Most sponsored teams are not champions at racing; they are champions at being good sponsored athletes. 9. Overdeliver. If the sponsor asks for a finish-line ...

Runner s World Guide to Adventure Racing

Author: Ian Adamson

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1609616030

Page: 256

View: 607

How to Become a Successful Racer and Adventure Athlete Why should you take a pair of sandals, a dollar bill, and a car antenna to your next adventure race? You'll find the answer to that question and many others in Runner's World Guide to Adventure Racing. In this authoritative guide, Ian Adamson shares his insider secrets for training, racing, team building, conflict management, injury prevention, equipment repair, sleep management, and much more. Often referred to as the Michael Jordan of adventure racing, Adamson helps you navigate any type of adventure race, from short sprint race to full-length expedition. In this guide, you'll find: - Detailed training plans for recreational and competitive athletes - Tips for running, hiking, biking, paddling, navigating, and climbing more efficiently - A no-nonsense guide for what you need from the sporting goods store--and what you don't - Insider secrets for mending equipment and injuries while in the wilderness - Adamson's nine favorite foods to pack in your race bag You'll also read Adamson's humorous, touching, and downright chilling stories of life on the adventure trail. From sprint races to full-length expeditions, Adamson's expert advice will get you and your equipment to the finish line in one piece.

The Athlete s Guide to CBD

(Another is probably a lack of sponsorship deals, given that most CBD companies are small businesses.) “Once people get an understanding, I think CBD will ...

The Athlete s Guide to CBD

Author: Scott Douglas

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 0593135814

Page: 160

View: 605

“Whether you’re a professional who’s looking for a way to manage the rigors of a long season, a weekend warrior trying to best his neighborhood peers, or simply a health-conscious individual looking to find the right balance in your life, understanding the function and benefits of CBD can be eye-opening.” —Tiki Barber The wellness world is buzzing about CBD, the natural pain reliever that reduces inflammation, speeds up recovery, helps with anxiety, and improves sleep. These qualities make CBD a “holy grail” product for athletes and active people, but there’s still a lot of confusion around the product. With oils, capsules, powders, and balms on the market, what method should you use for the results you want to see? Where should you buy it, and what should you look for when purchasing it? In this comprehensive guide, veteran sports author Scott Douglas breaks down the many ways athletes can benefit from using CBD products, and answers all the questions that the “CBD-curious” might have. With input from leading industry analysts and testimonials from athletes of all levels, The Athlete's Guide to CBD gives you everything you need to know to determine if and how CBD can work for you.

CXC Study Guide Physical Education and Sport for CSEC

Which of the following is an advantage of sponsorship to the athlete? (a) Sponsors do not have to pay tax on the money they give in sponsorship.

CXC Study Guide  Physical Education and Sport for CSEC

Author: Linda Goodwin

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children

ISBN: 0198397690


View: 949

Developed exclusively with the Caribbean Examinations Council, this Study Guide provides you with support to maximise your performance in CSEC Physical Education and Sport. Written by teachers, examiners and experts in the field, it covers all the elements of the syllabus in the examination in an easy-to-use double-page-spread format and a range of features designed to enhance study. Features include activities and tips, as well as examination practice and sample answers to build assessment confidence.

Marquette sports law journal

Agent Deregulation Athlete's Guide to Agents How to Avoid Being Sued ... Drug Testing Athletes and Drug Testing . ... Guide to Sponsorship .3 : 85-100 .

Marquette sports law journal





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Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications

An attractive field of participants draws other athletes , which in turn ... The host is their guide during the event and will ensure that the players ...

Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications

Author: Wim Lagae

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780273687061

Page: 248

View: 996

Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications concentrates primarily on the objectives of marketing communication of brands that invest in sport sponsoring and how sponsors can utilise sport sponsoring to achieve brand and sales-related objectives. This book provides a truly European approach to this emerging field and provides the reader with a very clear link between marketing communications theory and the practicalities of sports sponsorship. This book is written for any students studying sports marketing, sports management, physical education or broader marketing courses. The book also aims to reach professionals in this field.

Golf Guide for Parents and Players

Athletic. Scholarships. Generally speaking, to maintain amateur status, sponsorship money or support should directly underwrite an athlete's training and ...

Golf Guide for Parents and Players

Author: Jacqui McSorley

Publisher: Mansion

ISBN: 1932421149

Page: 319

View: 806

Millions of children are getting into golf all over the world. Golf offers your child unparalleled opportunities -- world travel, money for college, great career choices. However young players sometimes suffer burnout, injury, and other specific problems, ruining their love of the game and desires to keep playing. How to motivate kids to go back, practice after practice. When to focus exclusively on golf. Save on lessons, find scholarships and sponsors. How to pursue college golf and a career in professional golf. Gain insight into golf organisations and agents. Have fun along the way at the best golf camps and resorts. Golf Guide for Parents and Players unveils the secrets of success for junior and college golf, the professional tour and beyond. Whether your child is 2 or 18, just starting, has played some golf, or is already a champion -- this book will provide a chockfull of practical answers and new ideas. Whether you are a player, a golf playing parent or a parent curious about golf, this book will empower you to get the most out of the game leading you down some amazing fairways, teeing up some big dreams, and driving you toward an exhilarating golfing life.