A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American West

(1902). The Last Word. Boston: L.C. Page. Mackie, Pauline Bradford. (1902). The Story ofKate. Boston: L.C. Page. MacLane, Mary. (1902).

A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American West

Author: Nicolas S. Witschi

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444396587

Page: 576

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A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American West presents a series of essays that explore the historic and contemporary cultural expressions rooted in America's western states. Offers a comprehensive approach to the wide range of cultural expressions originating in the west Focuses on the intersections, complexities, and challenges found within and between the different historical and cultural groups that define the west's various distinctive regions Addresses traditionally familiar icons and ideas about the west (such as cowboys, wide-open spaces, and violence) and their intersections with urbanization and other regional complexities Features essays written by many of the leading scholars in western American cultural studies

Outlaw Tales of the Old West Fifty True Stories of Desperados Crooks Criminals and Bandits

The Seattle police happened to pick him up along a local street one night in April 1902 as a vagrant. But once they saw the man's telltale tattoo, ...

Outlaw Tales of the Old West  Fifty True Stories of Desperados  Crooks  Criminals  and Bandits

Author: Erin H. Turner

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493023292


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This collection of fifty outlaw tales includes well-knowns such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Frank and Jesse James, Belle Starr (and her dad), and Pancho Villa, along with a fair smattering of women, organized crime bosses, smugglers, and of course the usual suspects: highwaymen, bank and train robbers, cattle rustlers, snake-oil salesmen, and horse thieves. Men like Henry Brown and Burt Alvord worked on both sides of the law either at different times of their lives or simultaneously. Clever shyster Soapy Smith and murderer Martin Couk survived by their wits, while the outlaw careers of the dimwitted DeAutremont brothers and bigmouthed Diamondfield Jack were severely limited by their intellect, or lack thereof. Nearly everyone in these pages was motivated by greed, revenge, or a lethal mixture of the two. The most bloodthirsty of the bunch, such as the heartless (and, some might argue, soulless) Annie Cook and trigger-happy Augustine Chacón, surely had evil written into their very DNA.

Weird Wild West

True Tales of the Strange and Gothic Keven McQueen. ———. “Man Hunt Off.” July 20, 1902, I, 6. ———. “No Clews of Tracy Since He Left Cabin.” July 19, 1902, 1 ...

Weird Wild West

Author: Keven McQueen

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253043700

Page: 184

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The Wild West is infamous for its outrageous stories, cowboys, and gun battles. But the region is also known for its ghost stories, unexplained deaths, bizarre murders, and peculiar burials. In Weird Wild West, author Keven McQueen brings together a fabulous collection of tales of the darker and stranger side of Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington. Exploring mysterious deaths, true crime stories, and paranormal activity, this eerie collection uncovers long buried and disturbing stories of the region. Included are the unforgettable tales of the body-snatching of Billy the Kid, the revenge curse of a former deputy district attorney in Colorado, and the weird tale of Mr. Moon, who couldn’t keep his dearly departed wife in the ground despite his best efforts. An intriguing, frightful, and entertaining exploration of the strange and gothic side of the Western states, Weird Wild West promises to send chills down your spine.

Dictionary of Midwestern Literature Volume 2

Out of the West (1902) by Elizabeth Higgins Sullivan (b. 1874) may be the first novel published by a woman born in Nebraska; it is a story of love, ...

Dictionary of Midwestern Literature  Volume 2

Author: Philip A. Greasley

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253021162

Page: 1064

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The Midwest has produced a robust literary heritage. Its authors have won half of the nation’s Nobel Prizes for Literature plus a significant number of Pulitzer Prizes. This volume explores the rich racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the region. It also contains entries on 35 pivotal Midwestern literary works, literary genres, literary, cultural, historical, and social movements, state and city literatures, literary journals and magazines, as well as entries on science fiction, film, comic strips, graphic novels, and environmental writing. Prepared by a team of scholars, this second volume of the Dictionary of Midwestern Literature is a comprehensive resource that demonstrates the Midwest’s continuing cultural vitality and the stature and distinctiveness of its literature.

Outlaw Tales of Wyoming 2nd

True West, April 2001, p. 42. Cheyenne (WY) Daily Leader: March 28, 1902; March 29, 1902. Natrona County (WY) Tribune: April 3, 1902. Whipple, Dan.

Outlaw Tales of Wyoming  2nd

Author: R. Michael Wilson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493004352

Page: 168

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Massacres, mayhem, and mischief fill the pages of Outlaw Tales of Wyoming 2, with compelling legends of the Cowboy State's most despicable desperadoes. Ride with horse thieves and cattle rustlers, duck the bullets of murderers, plot strategies with con artists, and hiss at lawmen turned outlaws.

Making Europe The Story of the West Volume II Since 1550

The resulting Boer War of 1899—1902 caused great suffering and death among rule to include areas of Boer settlement. The British expected to win quickly and ...

Making Europe  The Story of the West  Volume II  Since 1550

Author: Frank L. Kidner

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 128550027X

Page: 560

View: 861

Developed by a team of authors who have spent many years making history accessible to a diverse range of readers, each chapter of MAKING EUROPE begins with clear learning objectives and timelines, and continues with an accessible narrative that uses focus questions throughout the text to help all readers understand historical concepts. The Check-In feature and the Test Yourself questions at the end of each chapter help you assess your understanding of the material. The text uses stories of ordinary people and their impact on history, and visually stunning images and maps that make learning history interesting. Available in the following split options: MAKING EUROPE, Second Edition Complete; Since 1300; Volume 1: To 1790; and Volume 2: Since 1550. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The American Diaries 1902 1926

Theodore Dreiser Thomas P. Riggio, James L.W. West III. goes later. ... I think of a thousend tales. The Street Car—1331 —and all the 13ths rung up while I ...

The American Diaries  1902 1926

Author: Theodore Dreiser

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812211480

Page: 486

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Dreiser's careful preservation of his papers bears new fruit with the publication of his personal diaries for the years 1902-26. This volume presents all seven of Dreiser's hitherto unpublished American diaries, the intermittent journals he kept during the most productive years of his literary career. Together they constitute a revealing self-portrait as well as a valuable commentary on the American scene during the first quarter of the twentieth century. They offer reflections on turn-of-the-century Philadelphia, the American South and Mid-West, Greenwich Village of the nineteen-teens, and Hollywood of the twenties. The diaries begin in 1902, when Dreiser was at a low point after the "suppression" of Sister Carrie, and continue until 1926, when he was enjoying the greatest success of his career with An American Tragedy. This publication constitutes in its entirety a new source for biographical and critical study. This is particularly true of the diaries covering Dreiser's experience in Philadelphia, Greenwich Village, and with Helen Richardson—all of which were not available to previous biographers. The present Introduction by Professor Riggio is the first biographical narrative to make use of these materials. Future biographers will now be able to speak with more assurance of Dreiser's whereabouts, the people he knew, what he was reading, which writings were in progress, and of his fascinating private affairs in general. In addition, these diaries will be of interest to students of Dreiser's literary art, as they reveal subtle aspects of how Dreiser viewed the external world and transmuted it in his daily creative efforts.

A L A Catalog

WEBSTER - WEST INDIES W'EST INDIES — Continued . Weyman , Stanley John - ... 1901 . jYp y398 ir . Perrault , Charles . Tales of Mother Goose . 1902 .

A L A  Catalog





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The Federation Movement in Fiji 1880 1902

A Study ofBritish Colonial Policy in West Africa, Malaya and the South Pacific in the Age of Gladstone ... A True Story of the Western Pacific in 1870-1880.

The Federation Movement in Fiji  1880 1902

Author: Ahmed Ali

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440102155

Page: 192

View: 669

Fiji became a British Crown Colony in 1874 when the chiefs of Fiji ceded their islands to Queen Victoria. Initially, European settlers welcomed British rule but soon became disillusioned with it as a result of the policies of the first governor, Sir Arthur Gordon, who restricted the amount of land they could obtain and denied them the use of Fijian labourers. The introduction of Indian labourers in 1879 did little to appease European settlers who claimed that unlike the large Australian Colonial Sugar Refining Company they could not afford the cost of imported labour. The Federation Movement in Fiji 1880-1902 examines European settlers' failed attempts to federate with various Australian states and with New Zealand as well as their political gains during the period which laid the foundation for European political dominance in the Fiji islands.

Mid Wicket Tales

Australia The Oval 1902 78 R. Benaud Australia vs. West Indies Kingston 1954–1955 80 J. H. Sinclair South Africa vs. Australia Cape Town 1902–1903 81 ...

Mid Wicket Tales

Author: S. Giridhar

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 935150090X

Page: 292

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Written with the passion of a fan and knowledge of a cricketer, Mid-Wicket Tales: From Trumper to Tendulkar is for all genuine lovers of cricket from every cricketing nation. It celebrates cricket in all its hues and brings alive the rich history, romance and technical nuances of the game, where diligent research and analysis is blended with rare and interesting anecdotes. Even as the essays reflect the authors’ passion for the game, there is a perspective, balance and tolerant objectivity right through the book. Thus, if they lavish praise on Rahul Dravid for his batting or the wondrous all-round skills of Garry Sobers or the incomparable slip catching of Bobby Simpson, they also admire the less successful test cricketers, for there are just a few thousand test players in 137 years of international cricket. It is the sort of book one can reach out and spend 30 minutes on any number of occasions, just like meeting old friends.

Historic Tales of Meigs County Ohio

It began operation in 1902. According to Way's Packet Directory, “She ran the Pomeroy, OhioMason City, West Virginia trade until the bridge was built in ...

Historic Tales of Meigs County  Ohio

Author: Jordan D. Pickens & Calee M. Pickens

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467144258

Page: 144

View: 474

Organized in 1819, Meigs County rests in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio along the beautiful Ohio River. The land's deep reservoirs of coal and salt provided early residents work in mines and in shipping the goods via steamboat and railroad. Local communities also nurtured talented scholars like James McHenry Jones and poets and writers such as James Edwin Campbell and Ambrose Bierce, as well as Dr. Brewster Higley VI, whose poetry inspired the American classic "Home on the Range." The county is home to Ohio's oldest standing courthouse in Chester and to Pomeroy, the only town in America with no cross streets. Join historians Jordan and Calee Pickens as they recount times of prosperity and hardship that have been engrained on the timeline of Meigs County.

Traces of Gold

a western economy in transition from mining to agribusiness but does so without once making explicit reference to Harte's tales. By 1902 Harte's mining ...

Traces of Gold

Author: Nicolas S. Witschi

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817311173

Page: 218

View: 330

Broadening our understanding of what constitutes "realism," Nicolas Witschi artfully demonstrates the linkage of American literary realism to the texts, myths, and resources of the American West. From Gold Rush romances to cowboy Westerns, from hard-boiled detective thrillers to nature writing, the American West has long been known mainly through hackneyed representations in popular genres. But a close look at the literary history of the West reveals a number of writers who claim that their works represent the "real" West. As Nicolas Witschi shows, writers as varied as Bret Harte, John Muir, Frank Norris, Mary Austin, and Raymond Chandler have used claims of textual realism to engage, replicate, or challenge commonly held assumptions about the West, while historically acknowledged realists like William Dean Howells and Mark Twain have often relied on genre-derived impressions about the region. The familiar association of the West with nature and the "great outdoors" implies that life in the West affords an unambiguous relationship with an unalloyed, non-human, real nature. But through a combination of textual scholarship, genre criticism, and materialist cultural studies, Witschi complicates this notion of wide open spaces and unfettered opportunity. The West has been the primary source of raw materials for American industrial and economic expansion, especially between the California Gold Rush and World War II, and Witschi argues that the writers he examines exist within the intersections of cultural and material modes of production. Realistic depictions of Western nature, he concludes, must rely on the representation of the extraction of material resources like minerals, water, and oil. With its forays into ecocriticism and cultural studies, Traces of Gold will appeal to students and scholars of American literature, American studies, and western history.

United States West Coast

Journal of the West 44 (Summer 2005): 22–29. Langston, Nancy. ... Pisani, Donald J. To Reclaim a Divided West: Water, Law, and Public Policy, 1848–1902.

United States West Coast

Author: Adam M. Sowards

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1851099093

Page: 393

View: 388

The most up-to-date and insightful overview available on the environmental history of the West Coast of the United States, a region of extraordinary physical beauty distinguished by its inhabitants' efforts to both sustain and exploit their natural resources. * Over 20 primary sources, revealing cultural understandings of nature and ecological consequences of human action, as well as highlighting controversies concerning environmental change along the U.S. Pacific Coast * An up-to-date bibliography of research and publications on the environmental history of the region

Nebraska A History

Chittenden'sThe AmericanFur Trade oftheFarWest (1902; reprinted intwo volumes, ... Tales ofthe Frontier (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1963, 1970).

Nebraska  A History

Author: Dorothy Weyer Creigh

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 039324377X

Page: 220

View: 144

Frugal but generous, stubborn but innovative, trusting but cautious, Nebraskans are a people who chose to live in a harsh, semiarid land, from which they coaxed abundance. They may be, writes author Dorothy Weyer Creigh, the last of their kind. Nebraskans have been tied to the land, and their history, as much as that of any state, is a story of interdependence between people and place. As the "Great Highway" to somewhere else--California and Oregon--Nebraska was marked by the tracks and wagon ruts of restless pioneers searching for the promised land. Some found it here.

Motoring West

... the tales of the wigwam and the canoe, the sawmill and the boom. The farmer's boy who drives a team today will need automobiling in the west [1902] 105.

Motoring West

Author: Peter J. Blodgett

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806149787

Page: 360

View: 971

Documenting the very beginning of Americans’ love affair with the automobile, the pieces in this volume—the first of a planned multivolume series—offer a panorama of motoring travelers’ visions of the burgeoning West in the first decade of the twentieth century.