Dreams and Nightmares

After settling in his luxurious suite with a spectacular view of the ocean, he walked over to an ornate writing desk and withdrew a pad of stationary ...

Dreams and Nightmares

Author: John Carpenter

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1647011353

Page: 248

View: 674

Dreams and Nightmares is the third book in the Mike West trilogy. After violently losing everyone he loves, Mike West is a man with nothing to lose. He gathers a group of like-minded friends to take on violent Mexican cartels who are enslaving innocent children and bringing drugs into his country. Although a novel, Dreams and Nightmares tells the real story of the border conflict which threatens to destroy America. Written with the help of active Border Patrol and ICE agents and thoroughly researched, Dreams and Nightmares will expose you to the truth that the news will not cover.

Sweet Dreams

A musical conductor could be an electrical conductor, in a dream. ... It's just the way dreams work. ... If it's buggy, it could trigger nightmares.

Sweet Dreams

Author: Tricia Sullivan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473213010

Page: 320

View: 759

Charlie is a dreamhacker, able to enter your dreams and mould their direction. Forget that recurring nightmare about being naked at an exam - Charlie will step in to your dream, bring you a dressing gown and give you the answers. As far as she knows, she's the only person who can do this. Unfortunately, her power comes with one drawback - Charlie also has narcolepsy, and may fall asleep at the most inopportune moment. But in London 2022, her skill is in demand. And when she is hired by a minor celebrity - who also happens to be the new girlfriend of Charlie's lamented ex - who dreams of a masked Creeper then sleepwalks off a tall building, Charlie begins to realise that someone else might be able to invade dreams...

Dreams and Nightmares

'You are booked into a deluxe suite in the Sofitel hotel with dinner for 2, and of course breakfast included. This is all paid for; it's only 3 minutes ...

Dreams and Nightmares

Author: Vic Law

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477226915

Page: 166

View: 316

Having spent 25 years as climbing bum, paid for by bouts of time spent as a university technician, Vic found himself fighting a different world: his very own pulmonary embolism in both lungs. The doctors are baffled and cant understand why your man is in their intensive care ward. On the long road to recovery, Vic recounts some of the many odd and hilarious climbing stories which marked his way to the doctors and nurses of University College London Hospital. As the silent and unseen internal blood clots dissolve, the realisation of challenges of harsh vertical winter routes in Scotland, the Alps and British Sea cliffs plus Londons transport pollution have to be left behind. On a chance recommendation: the air in Ireland is clean and it hardly ever rains, well hardly ever. The author exchanges his world for one of science based academic career in Dublin and a new life in Ireland. On a very wet day in Dublin the true love Trish comes passing by and they married on a warm summers day. They now spend their new lives on the island of Crete, where they explore the eastern Mediterranean and travel through the Euro-zone back to the British Isles and Ireland to visit family and beloved friends: happy ever after. Not so. Todays (2010-2013) austerity: brought about by the European bankers and politicians, desk clerks, managers, security measures and incompetent airport authorities, all have made travel difficult and arduous. Long gone are the days when you could drive across Europe and Asia to the Far East and onto Australia. This is a book of climbing horror stories and misplaced faith in the travel industries. Friends cannot believe the troubles they have encountered but dreams do some times turn in to nightmares!

Travel Dreams and Nightmares

My husband, Zack, and I joined our friends and rented an owner's suite on the ship, which came with a butler, evening hors d'oeuvres, a cabin steward and as ...

Travel Dreams and Nightmares

Author: Szabo, et. al.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475982011

Page: 214

View: 215

At a fateful travel writing workshop, Barbara, Louise, and Janet knew they had to collaborate. Soon, Wendy joined them, and the new writing group got to work. LOUISE enjoys easy travels, wine, and good food. She takes you deep inside a Hungarian wine cellar and travels from Dawson City in the wild north of Canada, to Guadeloupe and Barbados. JAN adores the sea. She recounts the adventures of flying around Cape Horn, exploring the Galapagos, and learning to jump off a boat near Ireland's wild Aran Islands. WENDY seeks out those places most of us wouldn't dare to visit. She's been to much of Africa and Asia and calls Pakistan her second home. While sick in Malawi, she found refuge in a tea estate. In Germany, the discovered lost Jewish roots. BARBARA, the group's hiker, has traveled through Mali, fed hungry children in Kinshasa, and trekked around Mont Blanc and into the Himalayas for a glimpse into the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan and the Valley of the Flowers in India. Here, they share adventures and mishaps, frustrations and delights. They invite readers in for intimate reflections on what it means to travel-and why they are so drawn in by the planet's many siren songs."

Sweet Nightmares

So if I haven't been here they why do I think that I have been here, why here and why now, why the dreams and what does it all mean?

Sweet Nightmares

Author: Catherine German

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456823175

Page: 361

View: 491

It is I who walks through the valley of death. Even though it is written somewhere, in sometime though shall not fear death. It’s not death I fear; in fact I welcome it with open arms. What I fear the most is what I will become.

Sweet Dreams

I couldn't protect Heart alone, and I was grateful for our heavily guarded suite. I failed Wanda. ... I was too still, paralyzed by this surreal nightmare.

Sweet Dreams

Author: Francine Torres

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1642142719

Page: 248

View: 813

Harla Smith was struck with tragedy upon her eighteenth birthday. The loss of her mother was unbearable. Life had since lost its meaning, and she struggled with the idea of life moving forward. Her vulnerability and pain dictated her deteriorating sanity. A stranger appeared in her dream and then in her life. She was unable to shake him, resulting in her impending madness. Chase was royalty, a supernatural dream walker with the ability to penetrate one's subconscious, allowing him to a

Un Sweet Dreams

large master suite. ... At the time, she could only think of shielding herself from the worst nightmare imaginable, her grandfather's death.

Un Sweet Dreams

Author: Shawn Wall

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand

ISBN: 1606018337


View: 272

[BookStrand Contemporary Romance] Two undergrads with a love of music and medicine are swept into an insatiable love affair. Suzanne Foster can’t escape her dreams. She wishes they were what every other girl dreams, to find everlasting love. One tragic New Year’s Eve seals her fate, and she believes the price will be a lifetime of heartache. Seth Griffin has his own demons to control. There’s no one he can let close enough to trust with these mysteries, when he doesn’t understand them himself. Isn’t true love just a fool’s dream? When a campus stalker strikes, surging reality rocks their sleepy university. They must rely on one another’s gifts to end the mayhem and face the mistakes from their past. Suzanne finds a savior in Seth, but is their love strong enough to triumph over all? ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Dream or Nightmare

In conventions past, backroom deals were cut by political bosses in private smoke-filled suites and physical fights broke out among inebriated delegates on ...

Dream or Nightmare

Author: Stephen Duncombe

Publisher: OR Books

ISBN: 1682191834

Page: 272

View: 471

Dream or Nightmare is a book of left wing strategy like no other: It proposes that, to compete with the right, progressives cannot depend on reason and hard fact. They must also deploy drama in the battle of ideas. Donald Trump’s presidency has shown how this is done, albeit to ends that are deplorable. Abandoning logic and truth, the Fabulist in Chief conjures up spectacle to energize his base. Troops are dispatched to counter a fictional threat from convoys of helpless refugees. A powerful Supreme Court nominee is reduced to tears by accusations from a woman who has been sexually assaulted. Open fascists are described as “good people,” physical attacks on journalists are lauded in front of cheering crowds. If they are to engage with this Barnum-like politics, leftists must learn how to communicate in today’s “vernacular of the spectacular,” invoking symbol and emotion themselves, as well as truth. Matching the right in this fashion does not mean adopting its values. Rather Duncombe sets out what he calls a politics of “ethical spectacle.” Of extraordinary relevance to the dark carnival of contemporary politics, this new edition of the book formerly known as Dream sets out an electrifying new vision of progressive politics that is both persuasive and provocative. Stephen Duncombe is Professor of Media and Culture at New York University and author and editor of six books on the intersection of culture and politics. Duncombe, a life-long political activist, co-founded a community-based advocacy group in the Lower East Side of Manhattan which won an award for “Creative Activism” from the Abbie Hoffman Foundation, and is currently co-director of the Center for Artistic Activism, a research and training organization that helps activists create more like artists and artists strategize more like activists.

Hustler s Dreams Federal Nightmares

After being situated inside the fully furnished deluxe suite, I lit up another dutch, took a shower, and got dressed. Out of the $50,000 I brought along for ...

Hustler s Dreams  Federal Nightmares

Author: Amir Sanchez

Publisher: Urban Soul

ISBN: 1622862546

Page: 288

View: 155

The game once had three major rules that were never to be broken or compromised, regardless of how serious things got in one's life. Death before dishonor was more than just a code; it was the law of the streets, written in the blood of the OGs who killed and died upholding it. Back then, there were many rewards for those who followed the codes. On the other hand, the penalty was death for anyone who violated the laws, and anybody close to him. At the very least, that person would be blackballed from the hood and any illegal street ventures. Clearly the game as we once knew it has been changed by today's hustlers, gangsters, and crooks. Most of them have strayed far from the script. The majority of them would rather save their asses than save face. They would sooner live with shame and disgrace than die with honor and respect. With the current status of the game and the sheisty individuals who are playing it, is there anyone who will honor the past and acknowledge the rules of the game for what they used to be? A newcomer to the urban lit scene, Amir Sanchez delivers a realistic, gripping story of life on the streets, where hustlers still rule, but honor and loyalty have taken on new meaning.

The Teacher s Book of Lists

... and Ansel Adams DREAMS AND FANTASY The Dream—Henri Rousseau Sweet Dreams—Paul ... Barcelona —Antoni Gaudi I and the Village-—Marc Chagall NIGHTMARES The ...

The Teacher s Book of Lists

Author: Sheila Madsen

Publisher: Good Year Books

ISBN: 1596471042

Page: 378

View: 365

Lists galore provide endless inspiration for any teacher. Many have introductory notes with background information and suggestions for educational use. Some lists are accompanied by worksheets and activities. For example, after the Abbreviations list, students identify abbreviations in telephone messages and rewrite them using complete words. In the spirit of the book, here's a list of topics covered: words, spelling, writing, communication, literature, math, science, the environment, social studies, art and music, and teacher and family references. Grades 1-6. Answer key. Illustrated. Good Year Books. 378 pages. Second Edition.

Chanterelle Dreams Amanita Nightmares

... of Tchaikovsky's “Nutcracker Suite.” In Fantasia, the mushrooms shake off their distinctive white warts within the first few seconds of the dance.

Chanterelle Dreams  Amanita Nightmares

Author: Greg A. Marley

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 1603582142

Page: 263

View: 374

Presents an introduction to edible mushrooms, describing their characteristics, the regions where they are found, and how to avoid poisonous varieties, along with a collection of recipes and cooking techniques.

Growing Nightmares and Dreams

It was a honeymoon suite all right, a cheap and tacky one at that. Everything in it was pink, fluffy and heart-shaped; the bed was heart-shaped, ...

Growing Nightmares and Dreams

Author: Oliver G Thompson

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1838598006

Page: 200

View: 189

Growing Nightmares & Dreams is a collection of ten, hard-hitting stories written about dark subjects. They do not shy away from exploring subject matter that are as unflinching as they are raw. All of them tackle the harsh-realities of life, and are not for the faint-hearted. Written in a fresh and exciting way, each story is read from a new and different perspective. While some are written in a traditional format, others do not follow this convention. ‘The House With Morals’ is told from four different perspectives in a household over the same period of time. ‘How’re You Feeling’ has been written in third person narrative and is one day in the life of someone with anxiety issues, but also has first person sections to better explain the thoughts and feelings of the individual. ‘Impressions Are Lies’ has been written in reverse chronological order to allow the reader the opportunity to absorb the story by looking at it with a different approach. ‘Five Minutes to Save a Life’ is written both in first and third-person narrative. The aim is to give the reader the initial first person narrative in the present tense to allow them to experience the first part of the story alongside the main character.

The Queens of Nightmares and Dreams

The blast of air escaping the Queen's mouth blew out every candle in the entire bedroom suite. In the pitch black, the war king roared with unexpected ...

The Queens of Nightmares and Dreams

Author: Victor C. Brice

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462055184

Page: 480

View: 624

King Arthur's royal court and the Knights of the Round Table are established in the 21st Century! In an all too brief period of peace, Guinevere gives birth to her husband's son and daughter. The fallen princess of Cornwall, Morgana the renegade Fey summons from the Dark Ages the supreme leader of her dark witch's coven, the hellish she-demon Rhapter. Morgana's aim is to once again usurp Camelot's throne. But Rhapter has her own secret plans for revenge against humanity and her personal nemisis: Vivian the Lady of the Lake and queen of mystic Avalon. From the frigid depths of space, Rhapter entices an evil race of aliens to attack planet earth with their futuristic war machines starting with Arthur's new kingdom!

Million Dollar Dreams And Federal Nightmares

One morning while they were up in the suite betting each other on a game of Madden 25, Junior's phone rang. He noticed who it was, paused the game, ...

Million Dollar Dreams And Federal Nightmares

Author: Ace Gucciano

Publisher: Ace Gucciano Presents


Page: 264

View: 193

Atlanta raised, Ace and Bishop want to get back on top of the dope game and they want to get back immediately after doing thirteen months in jail… After finding a scheme to get back on top, Bishop decides to go his own separate way with his wife, Latoya, and son, Junior, by moving them to Los Angeles. Eighteen years later, Junior becomes a young nigga who follows his father’s same footsteps with big dreams of getting rich and living the life. When Bishop announces that they will be going back to Atlanta to visit family, Junior isn’t too happy about the news. Ace finally discovers that Brandy’s son, Ricky, is his biological child. He takes him under his wing immediately and teaches him what real hustling is all about. Coming face to face after so many years, Ace and Bishop hash things out and Ricky and Junior hit it off immediately. Ace and Bishop’s scheme finally catches up to them, leaving Ricky and Junior to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Latoya finds she may not be over her old high school fling. Brandy tries to make Ricky see that he is a man now and he can go on with life just fine. Junior and Ricky find themselves in more drama as the money starts to pile up. The women they put their trust in, really aren’t who they think they are. Will Ace and Bishop’s past leave Ricky and Junior in turmoil? Million Dollar Dreams and Federal Nightmares is the ultimate non-stop page turning street novel, full of suspense, greed, envy, sex, money, desire, revenge, betrayal and unforgettable friendships that will risk it all for the dreams or for one another to find out.

Black Nightmares to Scarlet Dreams

She rushed through the doors as they swished open and hurried up to the door of the suite with just a backward glance at the bemused porter.

Black Nightmares to Scarlet Dreams

Author: Cara Aldous

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0955684900

Page: 310

View: 667

Rose Scarlet is a troubled woman; someone is trying to scare her but she doesn't know why. An eerie carving appears on the tree outside her house and a stranger moves into the neighbourhood. The carving matches that on a sword she discovered hidden away in her family home. It belonged to her ancestor and namesake Rosie Scarlet, a pirate captain. The sword once belonged to the man Rosie loved; Blackheart, one of the most evil and notorious pirates of the eighteenth century. When finally captured Blackheart hung for his crimes but Rosie was spared the gallows, pregnant with his child. Centuries later Rose finds her new neighbour Jack Bracken is Blackheart's descendent. The coincidence is remarkable as is Rose and Jack's striking resemblance to the pirates. They fall in love but it is all too easy. The sword is sought by a collector and Jack has been chosen to find it but he has also been drawn to England by a dark enchantment that tortures his mind and threatens to destroy the love he craves.

The Dream Suite

The last few days had seemed like a nightmare of surprises and movement, of travel, and then the bickering with Jane Meyer and those who chose to follow her ...

The Dream Suite

Author: Debbie A. Heaton

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1403301468

Page: 172

View: 852

A collection of science fiction and fantasy.

Nightmares Dreamscapes

“I went into the bedroom of Mr. Jefferies's suite and seen the bedclothes messed ... I walked over there feeling like I was in a dream again and pulled the ...

Nightmares   Dreamscapes

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501192035

Page: 992

View: 793

Collection of 23 short stories--from classic horror to vampire thrillers, imitations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Raymond Chandler, a teleplay, and a non-fiction bonus, a heartfelt little piece on Little League baseball.

Indy Dreams and Urban Nightmares

Resembling an upscale tent city , the hospitality area is packed with suites and chalets that are akin to the corporate boxes of major league sports ...

Indy Dreams and Urban Nightmares

Author: Mark Douglas Lowes

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802084989

Page: 148

View: 937

Lowes examines the conflict that arose between a Vancouver community and the civic boosters who wanted to move the Molson Indy Vancouver motorsport event to their neighbourhood park.


Suite Dreams? We're going to Suite Dreams?” “We have a politician who swears he saw monsters and is suffering from nightmares. We know he was at Suite ...


Author: Jennifer Blackstream

Publisher: Skeleton Key Publishing



View: 250

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream reveals the next pulse-pounding installment in the Blood Trails series. Political intrigue is for wizards. Shade has never agreed with her old mentor’s advice more than she does now. But if unraveling a political conspiracy is her only chance to escape the past month of magical boot camp and goblin-sparring, interspersed with seductive attempts by her sidhe master to make their relationship permanent, then so be it. A government spook saw something he shouldn’t have—a glimpse of the Otherworld. Now his life is in danger, and it’s up to Shade to save him. Unfortunately, there are a lot of monsters behind the scenes pulling political strings. Demons, sidhe, sorceresses, even the vampiric crime lord of Cleveland himself. Any one of them could have frightened the political fixer into madness. And they’ll do much worse to Shade if she threatens to uncover their secrets…