Social Purpose and Schooling

First published in 1991, this work critically analyses the competing claims about alternative arrangements for schooling.

Social Purpose and Schooling

Author: Jerry Paquette

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351846930

Page: 206

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First published in 1991, this work critically analyses the competing claims about alternative arrangements for schooling. It does so in light of major popularly understood agendas for social and political purpose, and of the troubled and much less clearly understood assumptions and issues behind them. The book examines closely four generic types of arrangements for schooling in light of a comprehensive framework for understanding the publicness or privateness of schools, and the relationships between social and educational purpose. The book poses key questions about the meaning and purpose of schooling in the rapidly evolving social, demographic and technological realities of the time. It also probes fundamental assumptions, values and beliefs behind educational and public policy-making. In doing so, it offers a way to make sense of unorthodox arrangements for the provision and funding of schools.

The Social Purposes of Education

This book, first published in 1959, was written to primarily address teachers and students of education, as well as those with a general interest in the changing practices of schools.

The Social Purposes of Education

Author: K. G. Collier

Publisher: Routledge Library Editions: Sociology of Education

ISBN: 9781138220775

Page: 236

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This book, first published in 1959, was written to primarily address teachers and students of education, as well as those with a general interest in the changing practices of schools. Under the terms of the 1944 Education Act, which charged Local Authorities with contributing towards the 'spiritual, moral, mental, and physical development of the community'. The author examines these ideas whilst examining the state of education in the United Kingdom after the 1944 Education Act.

The Public Purpose of Education and Schooling

Eloquent and passionate essays about the meaning and value of education.In this exceptional work, prominent educators/scholars explore the vital links between education and a civil society.

The Public Purpose of Education and Schooling

Author: John I. Goodlad

Publisher: Jossey-Bass


Page: 178

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Eloquent and passionate essays about the meaning and value of education.In this exceptional work, prominent educators/scholars explore the vital links between education and a civil society. They debate the fundamental values and ideals that govern schooling and make a impassioned plea for a renewed commitment to public education that will ensure our democratic rights and freedoms. The scholarly contributors propose an expanded mission for education that recognizes schooling as a moral and civic Andeavor and would serve as a framework for guiding the charge for meaningful school reforms.

University Community Partnerships for Promoting Social Responsibility in Higher Education

Freire's views on emancipatory education were grounded in aspects of social ... 4) offers some guidance for social responsibility in universities when he ...

University Community Partnerships for Promoting Social Responsibility in Higher Education

Author: Enakshi Sengupta

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1839094389

Page: 256

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This book provides empirical evidence on how universities have considered social responsibilities as their prime focus, and engaged with civil society to enhance their values. Case studies from Indonesia to the United Kingdom enrich the book through experience, interventions and narratives.

A Brief History of Schooling in the United States

We added a social purpose to schooling; there was an increasingly diverse group of people flooding into the United States, so the schools became the primary ...

A Brief History of Schooling in the United States

Author: Edward Janak

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030243974

Page: 109

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This book presents a sweeping overview of the historical and philosophical foundations of schooling in the United States. Beginning with education among the indigenous peoples of the Americas and going on to explore European models of schooling brought into the United States by European colonists, the author carefully traces the arc of educational reform through major episodes of the nation’s history. In doing so, Janak establishes links between schools, politics, and society to help readers understand the forces impacting educational policy from its earliest conception to the modern day. Chapters focus on the philosophical, political, and social concepts that shaped schooling of dominant and subcultures in the United States in each period. Far from being merely concerned with theoretical foundations, each chapter also presents a snapshot of the “nuts and bolts” of schooling during each period, examining issues such as pedagogical devices, physical plants, curricular decisions, and funding patterns.

Alternative Schooling Social Justice and Marginalised Students

However, we do take this opportunity to expose not only what we consider to be good in education, but also to purposefully use MIC as a weapon45 with which ...

Alternative Schooling  Social Justice and Marginalised Students

Author: Stewart Riddle

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319589903

Page: 129

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This book examines the experiences and perspectives of students and teachers at an alternative music school, which caters for young learners who have been marginalised and disenfranchised from mainstream schooling. The school utilises a rich music-infused curriculum that connects to the lives of its students, alongside a democratic ethos and ethic of care for members of the school community, including the students, teachers, and parents. The combination of personal narratives together with detailed critical discussion, provides a compelling argument for how schools can make a major difference to the lives of young people. The case study presented in this book offers one potential response to the institutionalised social and educational inequities that young people continue to face, and highlights the important lessons from alternative schooling for education more broadly. It will be of particular interest to researchers in the areas of education and sociology, especially those concerned with matters of social justice and equity in education.

The Politics of Education

... 81 Social Darwinism, 59, 69–70, 109–110, 125 Social mobility and social class: liberal perspective on social purpose of schooling, xvii–xix Social ...

The Politics of Education

Author: Kenneth J. Saltman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317253949

Page: 243

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'The Politics of Education' provides an introduction to both the political dimensions of schooling and the politics of recent educational reform debates. The book offers both undergraduates and starting graduate students in education an understanding of numerous dimensions of the contested field of education, addressing questions of political economy and class, cultural politics, race, gender, globalisation, neoliberalism, and biopolitics. Discussions work through contemporary reform debates that include some of the most widely discussed reform topics such as school privatisation, standardised testing, common core curriculum, discipline, and technology. The book covers contemporary educational debates and seriously considers views across the political spectrum from the vantage point of critical education, emphasising schooling for broader social equality and justice.

Reimagining the Purpose of Schools and Educational Organisations

This book features a diverse set of perspectives all focused towards questioning the role schools actually play in society and, more importantly, the role they could potentially play.

Reimagining the Purpose of Schools and Educational Organisations

Author: Anthony Montgomery

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319246992

Page: 295

View: 330

This book features a diverse set of perspectives all focused towards questioning the role schools actually play in society and, more importantly, the role they could potentially play. Containing papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Reimagining Schooling which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2013, bringing together international and multi-disciplinary perspectives on the future of education and schools. Combines diverse specialties analyzing schools as organizations and questions the purpose of schools. The book explores the current purpose of schooling and debates what roles and values young people currently learn from schooling. It examines such issues as the impact of Neoliberalism, the pursuit of the socially just school, and imagining contemporary schools beyond their consumerist mentality. Tackling development in the growing economic and social crisis in Europe, and offering transformative analysis of the psychology and decision-making involved for innovating teaching, learning, socio-economic and policy contexts. In addition, the book shows different ways young people can be creatively involved in reimagining schooling. It also details both innovative and radical ideas that currently exist about school transformation such as building learning partnerships for all and creating synergies across formal and informal settings of learning. Raising important questions for the future of the relationship between teacher and pupil and positive and pro-active behavior. There is a growing realization that schools fail to accommodate diverse types of learning and that their purpose is not simply about education. Featuring academics and practitioners from many different disciplines, this book boldly questions the values that currently permeate school walls and suggests ways that schooling itself can be made better.

Education and Justice

Thus , the overall purpose of the school is not consistent with the basic needs ... concern with the social purpose of schooling is control of school policy ...

Education and Justice

Author: Edmund W. Gordon

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807738443

Page: 205

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As a renowned humanist, psychologist, and educator, Dr. Gordon is an African American who has spent most of his life in racially integrated sections of society, but he has never completely lost the sense that he is representing those who have been relegated to "the back of the bus." Both scholarly and accessible, this book examines many of the most important issues of educational theory and practice and places them in the context of the social justice imperative. Each section of essays -- including two new essays prepared especially for this book -- is introduced with commentaries in which the author contextualizes and explains the continuing relevance of the issues for today's educator.

Schooling for Social Change

The Rise and Impact of Human Rights Education in India Monisha Bajaj ... the use of rights language as a part of corporate social responsibility and the use ...

Schooling for Social Change

Author: Monisha Bajaj

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441176748

Page: 190

View: 108

Schooling for Social Change offers fresh perspectives on the emerging field of human rights education in India. 60 years after independence, the Indian schooling system remains unequal. Building on over a year of fieldwork, including interviews and focus groups with policymakers, educators, parents and students, Monisha Bajaj examines different understandings of human rights education at the levels of policy, pedagogy and practice. She provides an in-depth study of the origins and effects of the Institute of Human Rights Education, a non-governmental program that operates in over 4,000 schools in India. This enlightening book offers an instructive case study of how international mandates and grassroots activism can work together. Bajaj shows how the Institute of Human Rights Education has gained significant momentum for school-based adoption, textbook reform, and policy changes in a nation-state still struggling to ensure universal access to education. Schooling for Social Change provides a wealth of analysis from the frontlines of education reform and will be of interest to all those working in international and comparative education, human rights, and South Asian development.

Leadership for Social Justice

With this idea came a different social purpose for schooling, particularly at the building-site level; principals were expected to provide democratic ...

Leadership for Social Justice

Author: Anthony H. Normore

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1607529025

Page: 329

View: 935

The purpose of this book series is to promote research on educational leadership for social justice. Specifically, we seek edited volumes, textbooks, and full!length studies focused on research that explores the ways educational leadership preparation and practice can be a means of addressing equity concerns throughout P-20 education. Within this book Leadership for Social Justice: Promoting Equity and Excellence Through Inquiry and Reflective Practice the contributors provide a variety of rich perspectives to the social justice phenomenon from the lens of empirical, historical, narrative, and conceptual designs. These designs reiterate the importance of bridging theory and practice while simultaneously producing significant research and scholarship in the field. Collectively, the authors seek to give voice to empowering, social justice-focused research—an area that continues to garner much interest in the areas of educational leadership research, teaching, and learning. In conjunction with the “theme” of this issue, the chapters offer research from an American perspective and offer suggestions, and implications for the field of educational leadership on both a national and international level. The collection contributes to research, theory and practice in educational and community settings.

Education for Modern Man

Formal schooling develops comparatively late in the history of culture , and for ... But although the school always serves a social purpose , it must not be ...

Education for Modern Man

Author: Sidney Hook

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532694520

Page: 248

View: 903

". . . a remarkable book. . . . A most penetrating study of education." --Saturday Review of Literature ". . . an admirable defense of the critical mind in education . . . Sidney Hook is among the the Children of the Light, that is to say, of the Enlightenment." --Albert Guerard, New York Herald Tribune ". . . Mr. Hook has put his finger . . . upon the profound fallacy of most of the current attempts to 'reorganize' higher education . . . exciting reading" --Howard Mumford Jones, New York Times ". . . needed by anyone who wishes to have a comprehensive view of the problems of modern education." --Wendell Johnson, Chicago Sun "Sidney Hook brings . . . a new high standard of sanity and clarity. . . . For sheer excellence of logic, and for magic of comprehensiveness, the book is head and shoulders above all recent competitors." --William Randel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch ". . . a fine book . . . it has the advantage of Mr. Hook's dissecting mind, operating with the cleanness of a surgical instrument." --Jerome Nathanson, The New Republic "Wisely sane." --John Dewey

Teaching Music in American Society

Different issues and views have contributed to the basic problem facing the social purpose of education: What social values and morals do schools teach?

Teaching Music in American Society

Author: Steven N. Kelly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317414985

Page: 164

View: 358

Successful professional music teachers must not only be knowledgeable in conducting and performing, but also be socially and culturally aware of students, issues, and events that affect their classrooms. This book provides comprehensive overview of social and cultural themes directly related to music education, teacher training, and successful teacher characteristics. New topics in the second edition include the impact of Race to the Top, social justice, bullying, alternative schools, the influence of Common Core Standards, and the effects of teacher and school assessments. All topics and material are research-based to provide a foundation and current perspective on each issue.

Understanding Schools and Schooling

Within this third view of schooling as a social function, ... view of education's social purpose that is often categorised as 'social reconstructionism'.

Understanding Schools and Schooling

Author: Clyde Chitty

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134555423

Page: 192

View: 186

Understanding Schools and Schooling provides students with the knowledge about school policy and process that they need in order to address and respond to current trends and discourses in critical, well-informed ways that will enhance their teaching and job satisfaction. The book presents issues, questions and dilemmas and invites the reader to find their own answers through guided activities, discussion with colleagues and further reading. The book provides a philosophical context for teachers' developing classroom practice and empowers them to participate fully in local and national debate about the nature, purposes and future of compulsory education in the UK and elsewhere.

Gettin My Word Out

... progressive thoughts surrounding the social purpose of education, such as a belief that education “proceeds by an individual participating in the social ...

Gettin  My Word Out


Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791479625


View: 320

Creating Curriculum in Early Childhood

This book is considered the gold standard for early childhood education. To Promote Social Change or Reconstruction If the purpose of schooling is social ...

Creating Curriculum in Early Childhood

Author: Julie Bullard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351336630

Page: 240

View: 174

Creating Curriculum in Early Childhood explores the backward design model of curriculum development, equipping readers with the tools and methods they need to effectively apply backward design in the early childhood classroom. Clear yet comprehensive chapters walk new and veteran educators through an effective method for curriculum design that promotes meeting standards through intentional teaching while engaging children in developmentally appropriate, interest-based education focused on big ideas and conceptual understanding. Featuring desired results, assessment methods, and teaching techniques specific to birth to age eight, this critical guide also includes practical tips for educators new to the method. Designed to help students and practitioners alike, this powerful textbook combines early childhood philosophy and developmental research with highly practical descriptions, rationales, and examples for developing curricular units using backward design.

Educators on Diversity Social Justice and Schooling

The final section of the book centres on schooling, with a particular focus on the belief that students and teachers have a shared responsibility to ...

Educators on Diversity  Social Justice  and Schooling

Author: Sonya E. Singer

Publisher: Canadian Scholars

ISBN: 1773380494

Page: 402

View: 933

Educators on Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling identifies categories of privilege and marginalization in the “master narrative” of social discourse and works to bring equity into classrooms across Canada. This timely text challenges students to question the power relations that value one group’s system of knowledge over another and brings this to bear on the classroom environment. This volume features contributions by educators from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and includes chapter-end key questions, additional resources for more information, and suggested activities to engage students in critical thought and to ground concepts of diversity and social justice in practical application. Students in undergraduate and graduate education programs will value the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that this collection puts forth to foster a new generation of inclusive educators.

Standards based Physical Education Curriculum Development

Premises Underlying Responsibility The purpose of education in America sometimes feels ... Personal and social responsibility was embedded in three of the ...

Standards based Physical Education Curriculum Development

Author: Jacalyn Lea Lund

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763747169

Page: 337

View: 228

Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development has been developed around the theme of the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards for K-12 physical education. This innovative guide has been designed to teach students about the process of writing curriculum in physical education and was written by experts who have had specific experience designing and implementing this thematic curriculum.