Sky and Psyche

A fascinating exploration of the relationship between the human soul and the stars

Sky and Psyche

Author: Nicholas Campion


ISBN: 9780863155666

Page: 234

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The relationship between the human soul and the stars has been central to the spiritual and esoteric traditions of Western thought, and many other cultures, for thousands of years. Medieval Christians thought that heaven was located above the earth, beyond the stars. Our modern society, however, has largely severed the relationship between the human spirit and the sky.This book explores ideas, beliefs and practices which meet at the boundary of psychology and cosmology, the universe and human imagination. This book addresses this special relationship from a variety of challenging and inspiring approaches. The contributors include James Hillman, the founder of archetypal psychology and Jungian analyst; astrologer Liz Greene; Professor Neville Brown of Mansfield College, Oxford; Nicholas Pearson of the Temenos Academy; Professor Jarita Holbrook of the University of Arizona; Dr Angela Vos of the University of Kent; Bernadette Brady; Jules Cashford; Noel Cobb, the former editor of Sphinx; Cherry Gilchrist; Robert Hand; and Professor Richard Tarnas of the California Institute of Integral Studies.

From Earth Spirits to Sky Gods

Differentiating soul functions from spirit functions within the psyche The first foundational point we have introduced which can add to an understanding of ...

From Earth Spirits to Sky Gods

Author: Bruce Lerro

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739100981

Page: 327

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In this thought-provoking new book, Bruce Lerro offers a speculative reconstruction of the sacred beliefs and practices of cultures existing between 30,000 and 500 B.C.E. Lerro describes how material changes in various social formations--including hunting-gathering bands and horticulturalists in villages--were responsible for the shift from magic to realism, from the belief in earth spirits to faith in sky gods. Drawing from such diverse theorists as Marx and Engels, Vygotsky, Piaget, and George Herbert Mead, Lerro critiques and transforms mechanical, humanistic, new age, and countercultural perspectives on the history of sacred traditions. This study of comparative religion and mythology has important applications for the fields of archaeology, evolutionary anthropology, sociology, political science, and comparative psychology.

Under Any Sky

to distinguish carefully between the entity referred by that word and what the ancient and moderns called "soul” and the contemporaries "mind" or "psyche".

Under Any Sky

Author: Matthew Caleb Flamm

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443806463

Page: 275

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Under Any Sky: Contemporary Readings of George Santayana is a testament to the cross-cultural relevance of the work of one of the leading intellectuals of the twentieth century, George Santayana (1863-1952, birth name Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana). A list of geographic origins of the twenty-two contributions contained in this volume indicates the transatlantic cultural diversity of scholarly representation: scholars variously hailing from Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland, and from the United States, representing three of its major regions. The authors explore the major plots of Santayana's thinking, including materialistic Platonism in ontology, skepticism in epistemology, rationality in social philosophy, naturalism in aesthetics, piety in materialism, and literary and poetic expression as a means to cosmic understanding. After a preface by Professor John Lachs (also a contributor), and an editorial introduction, the book is divided into three respective thematic parts: I. Ontology and Naturalism; II. Culture, Society, America; and III. Aesthetics, Poetry, and Spirit. Before each thematic section brief introductions of the section papers is provided to accommodate specific scholarly interests. The authors entrust the present volume to readers appreciative of the philosophic catholicity of the subject's work, invoking the book title which is taken from the preface of Santayana's mature system of philosophy, Scepticism and Animal Faith: "In the past or in the future, my language and my borrowed knowledge would have been different, but under whatever sky I had been born, since it is the same sky, I should have had the same philosophy"

The Sky Through the Hole in the Bone

With Psyche gone, life is simpler. At first, I missed her so much; I could hardly bear it, but it's over a week later—Arthur and I are getting along better, ...

The Sky Through the Hole in the Bone

Author: Savya Lee

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465314765

Page: 354

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Set in the last days of a still Bohemian Greenwich Village, this memoir is the story of a young girls awakening and growth, told through letters and journal entries. Her adventures lead to a summer working with Georgia OKeeffe, encounters with several atists before their fame--Wilhelm and Elaine deKooning, Franz Kline, Joachim Probst, writer Maxwell Bodenheim and later, Joseph Heller. The year is 1942, the time of the second World War and the beginning of recovery from the Great Depression. Defense plants are booming; meat, sugar, and butter are rationed, as well as gasoline. Government ration books are a must, the draft is on and young men are being conscripted into the service. For the first time, women are allowed to work at mens jobs. Marjorie, not yet twenty-one, uncomfortable with men, decides to become a lesbian and devote her life to writing. She considers herself a poet, and escapes much of the influence of the war by moving to Greenwich Village. But when she becomes involved with a group of artists and loses her virginity to Joachim (Jack) Probst, a member of the group, her lesbian dreams fade. Probst renames her Carol, her middle name, and they live together for two years. Wickie, her best friend, and recipient of most of the early letters, is the opposite of Marjorie, now Carol. Raised in Europe, the daughter of an ambassador, Wickie is sophisticated, worldly, secure in her self-image. Carol is curious, adventurous, uncertain, insecure. She met Wickie while she was selling magazines cross-country and they became instant friends. She expects someday to be transformed, to automatically become very wise. The magic age is thirty. Her life with Probst has many twists and turns: infidelities, separations, money problems. In a get-away to San Francisco she becomes an artists model, a hat check girl, rides the cable cars, discovers French poets, and North Beach. Her adventures there with a friend, Babs, yield a sense of joy which she had not had in New York. But when Babs becomes ill, its back to New York, to Probst and inner turmoil. She becomes pregnant and Probst leaves her. As a mother, Carol continues her Bohemian life, boarding her daughter whom shes named Lilith (the Goddess in George Bernard Shaws play, Back To Methuselah.) After a failed romance, which nets her an apartment, she falls in love with Arthur Gunn, a painter, exactly her fathers age, who plays Pygmalion to her Eliza Doolittle. He is committed to transforming her-- to making her into a lady, and she is completely open to it. She sees him as very wise. It is through him that she first learns about OKeeffes work, in a retrospective at the Whitney. Arthur gives up on her transformation and Carol betrays him with Ernest Guteman, a sculptor she is posing for. There is a terrifying night when she is in bed and hears Arthur sharpening knives. After that incident she moves in with Guteman and they bring Lilith, now three years old, to live with them. It is through Ernest that she meets Georgia OKeeffe and spends a summer working with her. A very important time for Carol, the OKeeffe influence is felt for the rest of her life. At Liliths nursery school, Carol becomes friends with one of the teachers and through her is introduced to Richard, a young writer-painter, who is working on his PHD at NYU and teaching English at Penn State. They fall in love and eventually marry, making their home in State College, Pennsylvania. Lilith begins first grade. Marriage creates many problems, much adjusting as they learn to be a family. Carol keeps busy with writing, taking jewelry-making at the college, and learning to cook. After four years in Pennsylvania, living next to an abandoned apple orchard, getting used to being in the country, Richard applies for, and is hired at Long Beach State Co

The Philosophers Secret Fire

... with some mystical intuition while letting their mind roam across a starry sky ? ... the collective unconscious , sky and psyche reflecting each other .

The Philosophers  Secret Fire

Author: Patrick Harpur

Publisher: Blue Angel Gallery

ISBN: 9780980286526

Page: 384

View: 581

Is there any place for the ancient myths of our ancestors in modern times? Could their shadowy presence in our common imagination be more influential than we realise? Across the globe many societies still believe in an Otherworld of spirits, gods and daimons, which the West has banished to the unconscious mind and now only visits in dreams. Yet this visionary tradition continues to subvert the rational universe, erupting out of the shadows in times of intense religious and philosophical transition. In his dazzling history of the imagination, Patrick Harpur links together fields as far apart as Greek philosophy and depth psychology, Renaissance magic and tribal ritual, Romantic poetry and the ecstasy of the shaman, to trace how myths have been used to make sense of the world. He uncovers that tradition which alchemists imagined as a Golden Chain of initiates, who passed their mysterious 'secret fire' down through the ages. As this inspiring book shows, the secret of this perennial wisdom is of an imaginative insight: a simple way of seeing that re-enchants our existence and restores us to our own true selves.

A Metaphor of Soul and Sky

The comprehension of the vast and numinous psyche, an unconsciously dominated realm, is the work of depth psychology.

A Metaphor of Soul and Sky

Author: Jordan Gendelman


ISBN: 9781303513152

Page: 416

View: 394

The comprehension of the vast and numinous psyche, an unconsciously dominated realm, is the work of depth psychology. Comprehending the domain of the psyche can be a guide into the unknown aspects of the human condition. Attempts to learn about the psyche can rely upon visions and concepts which work to achieve an eternal soulful presence. The use of matter to appreciate spirit is one medium from which psyche can be illuminated. This research study explores the in-between place of the psyche through the formations of the sky and its atmospheric contents. Depending upon the hermeneutic method as a tool to take one out of the literal and into the subjective will help to acknowledge the strong dialogue created through metaphors of the soul and its skyward partner. The relationship forged through this metaphor has provided a visual manifestation of the psyche within the atmospheric sky. This sky finds itself transformed through an alchemical method, from which an understanding of one's own psyche begins to take shape. The complex dynamic that can be found when working with the physicality of the sky and one's unconscious can find interpretations through alchemical, hermeneutic, and phenomenological methods. In comprehending the symbolic interactions between soul and sky, creative models are depended upon to present this research in a way that will apply to the applications of analytic or archetypal psychology. Utilizing active imagination and visioning, parallels between atmospheric and psychic states can be drawn, yielding a universe of imagery that quickens soulful understanding. The lens of the atmosphere provides a dreamscape of an "atmospheric psyche," supplying a depth psychological focus that expresses a multiplicity of states, negotiating the psychic and external environments and their imaginal domain.

Squadron UK

... the result up to a whole number and write it here: This is your PSYCHE. ... Sky diving Psyche/Agility Surgery Psyche/Dexterity Weapon Smith/Repair- ...

Squadron UK

Author: Simon Burley


ISBN: 132636958X

Page: 154

View: 211

What is Squadron UK? Squadron UK is THE British Superhero Role-Playing Game. Although a completely new game - this is a classic, old-school system honed to perfection by a player, referee and writer with decades of Superhero Gaming experience. What's so special about it? * Addictive character generation - the perfect blend of random rolling and design. * Fast and furious combat - that makes you feel like you're IN the comic. * Innovative campaign rules - this is a full role-playing game, not just a combat game. What's in this book? * The complete Basic game system - with simplified character creation and an example adventure to get you up and running within minutes. * Advanced rules to allow experienced players to customise the game to their tastes. * A complete example campaign "Squadron: Birmingham" - months of adventure.

Squadron X

... Skill Characteristic Anatomy Psyche Biochemistry Psyche Biology Psyche ... Sea diving Psyche/Agility Sky diving Psyche/Agility Surgery Psyche/Dexterity ...

Squadron X

Author: Simon Burley


ISBN: 1326369776

Page: 146

View: 175

What's Squadron: X? A campaign pack for the Squadron UK Superhero Role-playing Game and a complete RPG in its own right. Supernatural meets Alien and with you right in the middle. Why so special? * Addictive character generation - a blend of random rolling and design. Players begin as ordinary people sucked into extraordinary events. As the campaign progresses they become Special Agents and - eventually - Superheroes battling to save the planet from its Alien conquerors. * Fast and furious combat and innovative campaign rules - that make you feel like you're IN the TV series. WHICH TV series? ALL of them! What's in this book? * The Squadron UK Basic game system. Special character creation systems to allow the Heroes to develop and change as the campaign progresses. * Detailed scenarios which create an extended storyline of monsters and aliens. * Advice and material for expansion of the campaign beyond the scenarios given to create months - even years - of adventure.

French Tapestries and Textiles in the J Paul Getty Museum

FIGURE 1 1.4 Detail of Proserpine and Ceres, Psyché et le vannier. bridge that breaks the expanse of blue sky above Psyche. Few plants take root amid the ...

French Tapestries and Textiles in the J  Paul Getty Museum

Author: Charissa Bremer-David

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 0892363797

Page: 202

View: 647

French Tapestries and Textiles is a survey of the Getty Museum's seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French textiles—one of the world's finest collections. Featuring twenty-five extraordinary tapestries woven at the Gobelins and Beauvais manufactories, the catalogue also highlights three carpets, two knotted-pile screens, and two sets of embroidered bed hangings, one of which is the only complete lit à la duchesse surviving from the period. Among the magnificent textiles discussed in this lavish volume are the Emperor of China tapestry series, the whimsical Story of Don Quixote, and Boucher's cycle The Story of Psyche. A gatefold in the book opens to reveal a photograph of the stately twenty-nine-foot carpet commissioned for Louis XIV's Galerie du Bord de l'Eau at the Louvre, a piece never publicly displayed in this century. Each entry includes a listing of artists and weavers, date and place of manufacture, and materials and techniques used, followed by a complete description and a condition statement. The accompanying commentary provides information on the literary, historical, and visual source of design imagery as well as the context of the textile's commission and production. In addition, each textile shown has a complete provenance, exhibition history, and bibliography. For lovers of French decorative arts and connoisseurs of textiles, this book offers a study both of the art of tapestry- and textile-making and of the aesthetic tradition exemplified by these remarkable objects.

The Night Sky Updated and Expanded Edition

This synchronistic event can be described as a characteristic of the psyche or mass. In the former case, the psyche would cast a spell on mass, ...

The Night Sky  Updated and Expanded Edition

Author: Richard Grossinger

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1583947116

Page: 840

View: 344

Ever since Homo sapiens first looked up at the stars, we as a species have been looking for meaning in the mysteries of the night sky. Over the millennia, as our knowledge, science, and technology developed, the stories we told ourselves about the universe and our place in it developed as well. In The Night Sky, Richard Grossinger traces those developments, covering multiple aspects of humanity's complex relationship to the cosmos. Covering not only astronomy but also cosmology, cosmogony, astrology, and science fiction, he offers us a revelatory look at the firmament through his own telescope, fitted with an anthropological lens. Throughout his explorations, Grossinger continually reflects on the deeper meaning of our changing concepts about the universe and creation, offering insight into how each new discovery causes us to redefine the values, moralities, and aesthetics by which we live. He also calls into question the self-aggrandizing notion that humanity can and will conquer all, and injects our strident confidence in science with a healthy dose of humility and wonder. Filled with poetic observation and profound questions, The Night Sky is a brilliant reflection of humanity's relationship with the cosmos--a relationship fed by longing, doubt, and awe.

Earth Sky Gods and Mortals

In addition to the myriad cells that make up an animal's body, an animal seems to have a psyche, a presiding subject, that feels the influences from the ...

Earth  Sky  Gods and Mortals

Author: Jay B. McDaniel

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1606089129

Page: 228

View: 837

In this innovative volume, Jay McDaniel creatively weaves various strands of contemporary theology into a vibrant pattern for an ecological spirituality. Influenced by process theology, the author synthesizes core insights of feminism, liberation theology, creation theology, and world religions. He focuses this varied knowledge around the central theme of an ecologically sound and nurturing faith. The work is strengthened by provocative study questions, an insightful appendix on the role of silence in ecological spirituality, and a comprehensive, annotated bibliography.

Erotic Faith

In the picture , the solitary figure of Psyche , hopelessly in love , sits brooding , chin in hand , under an expansive sky of twilight amid low green ...

Erotic Faith

Author: Robert M. Polhemus

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226673233

Page: 371

View: 650

In this profoundly original and far-reaching study, Robert M. Polhemus shows how novels have helped to make erotic love a matter of faith in modern life. Erotic faith, Polhemus argues, is an emotional conviction—ultimately religious in nature—that meaning, value, hope, and even the possibility of transcendence can be found in love. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, Polhemus shows the reciprocity of love as subject, the novel as form, and faith as motive in important works by Jane Austen, Walter Scott, the Brontës, Dickens, George Eliot, Trollope, Thomas Hardy, Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, and Samuel Beckett. Throughout, Polhemus relates the novelists' representation of love to that of such artists as Botticelli, Vermeer, Claude Lorrain, Redon, and Klimt. Juxtaposing their paintings with nineteenth- and twentieth-century texts both reveals the ways in which novels develop and individualize common erotic and religious themes and illustrates how the novel has influenced our perception of all art.

Psyche and Symbol in the Theater of Federico Garcia Lorca

The year is the body of the sacrificial horse, the sky his back, the atmosphere his belly, the earth theunderpart ofhis belly.

Psyche and Symbol in the Theater of Federico Garcia Lorca

Author: Rupert C. Allen

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292762240

Page: 234

View: 204

Symbol and psyche are twin concepts in contemporary symbological studies, where the symbol is considered to be a "statement" by the psyche. The psyche is a manifold of conscious and unconscious contents, and the symbol is their mediator. Because Lorca's dramatic characters are psychic entities made up of both conscious and unconscious elements, they unfold, grow, and meet their fate in a dense realm of shifting symbols. In Psyche and Symbol in the Theater of Federico García Lorca, Rupert Allen analyzes symbologically three dramatic works of Lorca. He has found Perlimplín to be a good deal more complex in both psyche and symbol than it has been admitted to be. Yerma involves psychological complications that have not been considered in the light of modern critical analysis, and the symbolic reaches ofBlood Wedding have until this book remained largely unexplored. Lorca was no stranger to the "agony of creation," and this struggle sometimes appears symbolically in the form of his dramatic characters. Both Yerma and Blood Wedding reflect specific problems underlying the creative act, for they are "translations" into the realm of sexuality of the creative turmoil experienced by Lorca the poet. Perlimplín portrays the paradoxical suicide as a self-murder born out of the futile attempt to create not a poem, but a self. Previous criticism of these three plays has been dominated by critical assumptions that are transcended by Lorca's own twentieth-century mentality. Allen's analysis provides a new view of Lorca as a dramatist and presents new material to students of symbology.

The Night Sky Companion

The shading will be very subtle, but perhaps it will dim the sky enough to catch asteroid 16 Psyche nearly brushing the northern limb at a distance of about ...

The Night Sky Companion

Author: Tammy Plotner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387795096

Page: 418

View: 261

T. Plotner, The Night Sky Companion, DOI 10. 1007/978-0-387-79509-6_1, 1 Springer ScienceþBusiness Media, LLC 2009 2 TheNightSkyCompanion Welcome,fellowtravelertothestars!Forthenextyearwewilltakeajourneytogetheracrossthenight sky. In these pages you will find lunar features, planets, meteor showers, single and multiple stars, open and globular clusters, as well as distant galaxies. There will be astronomy history to explore, famous astronomers to meet, and science to learn. You’ll find things here for those who enjoy stargazing with just their eyes, binoculars, or even the largest of telescopes! Although these observing tips are designed with all readers in mind, not everyone lives in the same time zone—or the same hemisphere—and certainly no one has clear skies every night. But no matter where you live, or who you are, it is my hope that somewhere here you find something of interest to keep you looking up! LearningtheNightSky If you are new to astronomy, it might seem difficult to learn all those stars. Relax! It’s much easier than you think. Just like moving to a new city, everything will seem unfamiliar at first, but with a little help from some maps, you’ll soon be finding your way around like a pro. Once you become familiar with the constellations and how they appear to move across the night sky, the rest is easy. If you do not have maps of your own, try visiting your local library or one of many online sites thatcangeneratethem. Theygiveobjectpositionsingreatdetail,andmosthaveakeyofGreekletters to help you understand star hop instructions.

On the Nature of the Psyche

... for Paracelsus, change into the spectacle of the “interior firmament” and its stars. He beholds the darksome psyche as a star-strewn night sky, ...

On the Nature of the Psyche

Author: C. G. Jung

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691214719


View: 597

Extracted from Volume 8. Includes the title essay and "On Psychic Energy."

Teaching Through the Ill Body

Does psyche crack open to the big blue sky? Does psyche stay intact enough to witness organ deterioration? The psychoanalytic response suggests that psyche ...

Teaching Through the Ill Body

Author: Marla Morris

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9087904312


View: 337

This book raises questions around pedagogy and illness. Morris explores two large issues that run through the text. What does the ill body teach? What does the teacher do through the ill body?

Healing the Male Psyche

Consequently , during rituals , the pillar at the centre becomes ' cosmicised ' and ' world pillars ' or pillars of the sky ' connecting earth to sky and ...

Healing the Male Psyche

Author: John Rowan

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415100489

Page: 285

View: 246

John Rowan argues that if men are to escape from their old roles and the new pressures of social uncertainty they need to be initiated into a new kind of masculinity, but that this process must be personal to each man. He explores how therapy can help or hinder the process of transformation. Written for men who are looking for a new way of understanding their predicament as well as psychotherapists and counsellors working with men, Healing the Male Psyche is packed with useful information and exercises and supported by a wide range of references.

Transformation of the Psyche

The silver-gray borders of her dress and of her crown match what might be seen as a silver-gray sun in the sky above her head. However, the lining of the ...

Transformation of the Psyche

Author: Joseph L. Henderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135444595

Page: 248

View: 173

Written by Joseph L. Henderson, one of the first generation of Jungian analysts, and Dyane N. Sherwood, a practising analyst, this book is a striking and unique contribution to the resurgence of interest in alchemy for its way of representing the phenomenology of creative experience. Transformation of the Psyche is organized around 22 illuminated paintings from the early Renaissance alchemical manuscript the Splendor Solis, and is further illustrated by over 50 colour figures. The images of the Splendor Solis are possibly the most beautiful and evocative alchemical paintings to be found anywhere, and they are widely known to students of alchemy. Jung reproduced several Splendor Solis images in his works, yet prior to this book no one has explored the symbolism of the paintings as a series in relation to the process of depth psychological transformation. This book is the first scholarly study of the paintings in their entirety, and of the mythological and historical allusions contained within the images. Transformation of the Psyche does not simply explain or analyze the pictures, but invites the reader to participate in the creative and transforming process evoked by these images. Transformation of the Psyche is a truly unique book that will be of immense value and interest to analysts and psychotherapists, as well as scholars of mediaeval and renaissance intellectual history and students of spiritual disciplines.

Chaos and Order in the World of the Psyche

First , he divides the body in two , and partitions off the sky : He split her open like a mussel into two ( parts ) ; Half of her he set in place and ...

Chaos and Order in the World of the Psyche

Author: Joanne Wieland-Burston

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415072137

Page: 144

View: 694

Chaos can enter our lives in many different ways--through death, divorce or conflict--with friends and family, or at work. Joanne Wieland-Burston, through her work as a Jungian analyst, is no stranger to chaos, and frequently acts as companion, support and guide to those whose lives are in turmoil. Chaos and Order in the World of the Psycheshows that the experience of chaos is generally both negative and frightening, destabilizing the individual and provoking feelings of insecurity. People, therefore, often seek to deny and avoid chaos--but chaos that is blocked off does not disappear. It manifests itself in depression, fear, anxiety and various physical symptoms, often making us incapable of performing the simplest daily tasks. The author describes how she helps people to meet the chaos, to accept and see it as the starting-point for a new order in their lives. This "organic order" is better suited to their needs and personality, and provides them with the basis to come through their chaos and to lead fuller, happier and more satisfying lives. Wieland-Burston explores the modern attitude to chaos, showing how we shun and deny it while at the same time overestimating the importance of orderliness. Contemporary western society has no tools to deal with chaos, unlike "primitive" cultures, whose myths, tales and rites reveal a deep commitment to developing and transmitting to future generations models of chaos confrontation. Chaos and Order in the World of the Psychedraws upon these ancient cultures and upon modern scientific findings of chaos theory to show how we can regain the wisdom we once possessed and have now lost.