A Secret Splendor

“...his eyes met hers in the mirror.

A Secret Splendor

Author: Sandra Brown

Publisher: Class Ebook Editions Ltd

ISBN: 1944654178


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“...his eyes met hers in the mirror. They were dark and smoldering, like the purest of blue flame. And in her own eyes was the glassy sheen of desire.” Arden Gentry went to the lush island of Maui for the specific purpose of ingratiating herself into Drew McCasslin’s world. The dashing widower, who had bitterly grieved the death of his wife, is ready to tackle life again and believes that his meeting with Arden is fortunate happenstance. He and his young son, Matt, are drawn to Arden’s warmth and tenderness, and both open their wounded hearts to her. But even as the passion between Drew and Arden intensifies and points toward love, she’s harboring the secret of their inextricable bond...which could also rip them apart.

Secret Splendor

The dazed splendor became a sharp pain and Stephanie bit ner lip until it bled.
Fighting rum now would only induce greater pain, ... He had taken a nightmare
and transformed it into secret splendor. He was teaching her things that instilled ...

Secret Splendor

Author: Gina Robins

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 9780821722541

Page: 512

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Headstrong vixen Stephanie Wakefield vowed never to become a romantic plaything to wealthy rogue Captain Cole Hollister, but the scoundrel's hypnotic eyes never failed to ignite Stephanie's passion

Secret Splendor

This remarkable book details a challenging yet joyous path to the mystical awareness and experience of that very kingdom within each of us.

Secret Splendor

Author: Charles Earnest Essert


ISBN: 9781946362285

Page: 214

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Throughout the ages, enlightened individuals have endeavored to convey their extraordinary discoveries about real life in the spirit. Charles Essert was one such spiritual pioneer, and Secret Splendor is his compelling account of the ever-present spiritual truth found in the midst of human illusion. Shattering one false concept after another, Essert deeply penetrates the veil of mortal, material, and finite sense to reach the infinite kingdom of Soul. This remarkable book details a challenging yet joyous path to the mystical awareness and experience of that very kingdom within each of us.

A Secret Splendor

Ever since her first book , Erin St. Claire has figured at the top of many of your
lists of favorite authors , and with novels like A Secret Splendor to her credit , it's
no wonder . That was her first Silhouette Intimate Moments , and it was in many ...

A Secret Splendor

Author: Erin St. Claire

Publisher: Silhouette Books

ISBN: 9780373046119

Page: 251

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Two Alone and a Secret Splendor

A 2-in-1 from # 1 New York Times Bestselling author, Sandra Brown featuring Two Alone and A Secret Splendor.

Two Alone and a Secret Splendor

Author: Sandra Brown

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 9781335008060

Page: 544

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A 2-in-1 from # 1 New York Times Bestselling author, Sandra Brown featuring Two Alone and A Secret Splendor.

The Book of Life Secrets for Today s World

365 Daily Life Secrets That Promote Christian Resiliency Rai Flowers, Rasheed Flowers. DAY. 187. THE SECRET OF SPLENDOR. By all dictionary accounts there is ...

The Book of Life Secrets for Today   s World

Author: Rai Flowers

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1665523794

Page: 806

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The Book of Secrets is a unique manuscript that aims to help its reader focus on different mindful thoughts for each day of the year. Each day's entry includes a focus point and that point is emphasized and supported by specific citations from The Bible. The author hopes to invite the reader to explore different aspects of their life, and to find meaning and support for that exploration through God's words. Each day is structured with a thought starter, and at least one Bible reference to support the idea that this thought starter is not unique, but rather something that originates from God's words. The format of this manuscript is engaging. The daily entries give the reader a new thought to ponder each day. The inclusion of a Bible citation further solidifies the importance of that thought, and gives the reader the motivation to think deeply about that prompt, as well as feel comfort knowing that God's words support this thought.

The Splendor of Longing in the Tale of the Genji

serve and to some measure produce the central secret through their own unfolding—a procedure of importance since the erotic transgression in the Genji is ...

The Splendor of Longing in the Tale of the Genji

Author: Norma Field

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691196214

Page: 400

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Foremost among Japanese literary classics and one of the world's earliest novels, the Tale of Genji was written around the year A.D. 1000 by Murasaki Shikibu, a woman from a declining aristocratic family. For sophisticaion and insight, Western prose fiction was to wait centuries to rival her work. Norma Field explore the shifting configurations of the Tale, showing how the hero Genji is made and unmade by a series of heroines. Professor Field draws on the riches of both Japanesse and Western scholarship, as well as on her own sensitive reading of the Tale. Included are discussions of the social, psychological, and political dimensions of the aesthetics of this novel, with emphasis on the crucial relationship of erotic and political concerns to prose fiction. Norma Field is Assistant Professor of Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. Originally published in 1987. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

I m Your Man

“Is this show on before Secret Splendor?” Lillith asked Bonnie, ignoring my comment. “Yes, it is,” Bonnie said, brightening. “After that horrible meeting we ...

I m Your Man

Author: Timothy James Beck

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 0758216130

Page: 352

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Tuesday, 9:35 a.m. To do list: 1.Try to smile when people mention my backstabbing, lying, ex-boyfriend, Daniel. 2.Ply my ugly cat, Dexter, with some catnip--the good stuff--to keep him away from my last fur-free Hugo Boss suit. 3.Decide whether or not having a baby with my best friend Gretchen is the craziest, stupidest, most insane, incredible thing I will ever do. At thirtysomething, Blaine Dunhill has a great career in fashion advertising, a fab NYC apartment, and some loyal friends that he's trying to share amicably with his ex, a famous soap star. Working in the big-time cosmetics world is all about glamour and artifice ("Like Barbies that can talk"), but what the self-professed nice guy from Wisconsin really wants is something and someone real to come home to. And then his best friend Gretchen makes him a really tempting offer: Since neither one of them has found the real thing yet, why don't they start a family together? Suddenly, as life becomes a whirl of ultrasounds, online baby registries, baby names (Civil Liberty, anyone?), and other adjustments, Blaine discovers something surprising: No one is more attractive than an expectant father. Now, in the wacky, gossipy world of fashion and celebrity, where coming out has never been more "in," and the words "gay dad" are synonymous with "way hot," Blaine is in for the wildest ride of his life...and a shock that will change everything...

Sport Diver

SECRET SPLENDOR Left and above: A longlure frogfish waits in ambush on a sponge. A spawning brain coral caught in the act of propagation.

Sport Diver




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Secret Splendor

He traveled to the ends of the earth, searching for answers, seeking meaning to life and why we are here.

Secret Splendor

Author: Charles Earnest Essert


ISBN: 9780802221070

Page: 134

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He traveled to the ends of the earth, searching for answers, seeking meaning to life and why we are here. One day, hopeless and in total despair, he found it. Within himself. The Author not only points the way to enlightened consciousness, with profound clarity he describes the indescribable. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

The Splendor of the Goddess

They whisper to each other, as part of their secret ceremonies, ”You are the Goddess”. It is not so secret if I know of it. I hope they will learn to be ...

The Splendor of the Goddess

Author: Alex MacLeod

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412014786

Page: 290

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This book describes an encounter of the author with the Goddess. The author also tells of some of the events that preceded and followed it. In particular, he tells of his changed perception of the world. He could see then, and sometimes can still see, the divinity of women. (They are divine because they are like the Goddess). He knows with a intuitive certainty that the Goddess is about to make her advent once again, and that when that happens, the establishment of a uviversal matriarchy will be the inevitable result. This book is about a goddess of sublime beauty and power, and not about the God of our fathers. It is about the Goddess the human race first knew, the Great Goddess who was worshipped so ardently and for so long by our forebears. Now at long last is returning to walk among her children again. The signs of her coming are manifold, clear as the sun to see for all whose eyes have been opened. Our ancestors knew Her intimately. She was loved and adored by countless millions of people: whole nations worshipped Her; vast empires trembled in fear and joy at the slightest manifestation of Her unspeakable potency and magnificence. Yet few in these darker ages know anything about Her. She is thought to have vanished forever, leaving nothing of Her former cult behind, save a few references scattered in ancient authors, a few statues hidden in museums--mere skeletal remains of her former living glory. Though what I have to report is immemorially ancient, it seems as new to me--as it will to many others in this age--as if it had been newly born. Old does not mean decrepit, and what is truly perennial or immortal cannot wither or fade with time. Ancient and eternal but forever young and fair, the Goddess lives and will never die. "In all, the book possesses great possibilities. It's unique, and possibly the first to recount a personal experience with the Goddess by a man, throughout an entire book. The Goddess experience has been alluded to previously by men but not in a whole book, and not with the slant provided by Alex MacLeod." Rita Robinson, Exploring Native American Wisdom (New Page Books)

The Book of Splendor A Novel

“Yossel wrote that we all hold part of the secret of immortality, each one of us in the community,and that if any one of us would be harmed, ...

The Book of Splendor  A Novel

Author: Frances Sherwood

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393340910

Page: 368

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A historical novel about the most unlikely of lovers, interwoven with the mysticism of the Jewish occult. Frances Sherwood brings to life the experience of the Jewish community during a period of oppression and rebirth. Set in seventeenth-century Prague, The Book of Splendor is an adventure-filled romance stocked with court intrigue and political tension, including the machinations of the rival Ottoman Empire, the religious controversies of Protestantism, and the constant threat of violence to the Jewish community. At the heart of the novel is Rochel, a bastard seamstress who escapes poverty through an arranged marriage to the tailor Zev, but falls in love with Yossel, the Golem created by Rabbi Loew to protect the Jewish community. Meanwhile, Emperor Rudolph II puts the safety of all Prague at risk in his mad bid for an elixir of immortality. The Book of Splendor is an epic tale reminiscent of Anita Diamant's The Red Tent, and a love story as unlikely as Tracy Chevalier's Girl with a Pearl Earring. Reading group guide included.

Bible centered Devotions on Fulfillment and Splendor

The Secret Things Belong to God “ ' The Lord shall be thy confidence . " Proverbs
3:26 . Scripture has much to say about our confidence in God and that in such
confidence is strength ; but in the verse before us Solomon spoke of God as our ...

Bible centered Devotions on Fulfillment and Splendor

Author: Herbert Lockyer

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780060652678

Page: 117

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Destinies of Splendor

In the dazzling incandescent light Skrebensky feels “ his chest laid bare , where the secret was heavily hidden ” ( R 443 ) . It is not clear exactly what ...

Destinies of Splendor

Author: Douglas Wuchina

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9781433106651

Page: 241

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Frieda Lawrence once remarked, «Nobody seems to have an idea of the quality of Lawrence's and my relationship, the essence of it.... The deep attraction was there and that was what counts.» This insightful and original study investigates how one of the finest literary minds of the twentieth century experienced deep sexual attraction. In close readings of all of D. H. Lawrence's major novels, Douglas Wuchina charts the growth of sexual attraction between Lawrencian couples as it affects both body and spirit. The theoretical framework is not Foucault's or Lacan's or Bakhtin's but Lawrence's own, with frequent reference to his innovative theory of the chakras and his rejection of modern partnership marriage in favor of «blood» attraction. Drawing on a variety of sources, psychological and sexological in addition to literary - this is one of the first studies to make extensive use of revealing drafts that have only recently become available in the Cambridge edition of Lawrence's works - Destinies of Splendor persuasively argues that the familiar strategies of Freudian pathologization and feminist denigration of Lawrence are not viable and that it is possible to reaffirm Lawrence's romantically sensitive vision of the sexual bond between man and woman.