Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Cleansing

The ancient spiritual practice of energy cleansing has been quietly gaining traction. This book simplifies the process of creating custom blends and applying them to heal, cleanse, bless, and inspire.

Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Cleansing

Author: Kiera Fogg


ISBN: 9780738762098

Page: 128

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Smudging Rituals is all about simplifying the process of creating custom smudge blends and applying them to all areas of life. With beautiful color photography throughout, this book includes thirty aromatic smudge recipes and easy rituals to help them work. Chapter 1: Building a Smudge Kit and Smudge Kit Basics Chapter 2: The Plants: Palo Santo, White Sage, Cedar, Lavender, Sweet Grass, Basil, Cinnamon, Dragon's Blood, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Myrrh, Ginger, Lemongrass, Lilac, Pine, Peppermint, Star Anise, Rose, Vanilla, Yarrow Chapter 3: Creating Smudging Blends, Burning, Drying, Wrapping, Protecting Energy, Creating Rituals and Prayers, and Sacred Space Chapter 4: 30 Sacred Smudging Rituals for Good Luck, Romance, Sweet Dreams, Self-Clearing, Blessed Home, Strength & Courage, Protection, Friendship, Success, Calling Angels, Divine Health, Creativity, Self-Love, Serenity, Space Clearing, Aura Cleansing, Psychic Wisdom, Sacred Feminine, and More

The Energy Secret

Keep going until the sound becomes clear. SAGE CLEANSING Smudging comes
from the Native American tradition. You can buy smudge sticks online or you can
make your own. (These are bundles of sacred herbs – traditionally sagebrush, ...

The Energy Secret

Author: Jane Alexander

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0857838733

Page: 192

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Energy runs through all of life linking us with other people, our homes and nature and the universe, but we don't really use it to our benefit. Understanding and directing our vital energy can give life more meaning and purpose and help with our health, relationships and mental wellbeing. The book is divided into four sections: - Body (including breathing, exercise and the energy of food) - Emotional (connecting to other people) - Environmental (how to cultivate a positive atmosphere at home and work and how to connect with the natural world) - Spiritual (using visualisation and ritual to connect to the ultimate energy source, how to manage the dark energy of judgement and depression, and finally, looking at death and where that energy goes). Energy healing treatments include reiki, chakra healing, acupressure and acupuncture, but with Jane's simple techniques, there's so much you can do at home to clear your energy paths and find harmony and joy in daily life.


She placed the bowl before the fire, then removed a smudging stick made from a
bundle of white sage wrapped with string. Sage was a sacred herb known for its
power to drive out negative spirit energy and also purify a person. The sacred ...


Author: Evelyn Timidaiski

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1509236015

Page: 316

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Two hundred years into the future, the world faces an impending and devastating event, the eruption of a super volcano beneath Yellowstone, home of the Kahoti Tribe. They are caretakers of a sacred pipe that symbolizes the ancient covenant between the tribes and White Mesa Woman—the matriarch of their tribe. She promises to return when she is needed. Powaqa, an albino child, is born, and when her mother dies, Grandfather (The Great Spirit) sends Hania, her spirit warrior, a wolf, to protect the baby. Once she is twenty and renamed Tiponi, Hania learns she is destined to be his mate and is the reincarnation of White Mesa Woman. She must complete her own quests in order to enact the change, but will it happen in time to bring back the sacred pipe when it is stolen or stop the volcano from destroying all they hold dear?

Psychology Around Us

Jesse Winter/Toronto Star/Getty Images A spiritual act A woman participates in a
smudging ceremony involving the ... Smudging involves burning a bundle of one
or more of the sacred herbs—sweetgrass, sage, cedar, and tobacco—and using

Psychology Around Us

Author: Nancy Ogden

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111964531X

Page: 928

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Psychology Around Us, Fourth Canadian Edition offers students a wealth of tools and content in a structured learning environment that is designed to draw students in and hold their interest in the subject. Psychology Around Us is available with WileyPLUS, giving instructors the freedom and flexibility to tailor curated content and easily customize their course with their own material. It provides today's digital students with a wide array of media content — videos, interactive graphics, animations, adaptive practice — integrated at the learning objective level to provide students with a clear and engaging path through the material. Psychology Around Us is filled with interesting research and abundant opportunities to apply concepts in a real-life context. Students will become energized by the material as they realize that Psychology is "all around us."

The Female Archangels

The universe is governed by a set of spiritual laws that we're encouraged to
abide by. ... wish to familiarize yourself with the art of clearing your energy (aura
and room space) by burning dried herb bundles. ... of burning dried sage (and
other herbs) or even palo santo sticks in order to use their smoke in sacred

The Female Archangels

Author: Claire Stone

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1788173678

Page: 256

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Reawaken to divine feminine wisdom through the female Archangels and discover how to connect and work with their energy for healing, love, joy and balance. The archangels have long been known as our strong, masculine guardians; protecting us, directing us, defending us. And now, with the rise in the Divine feminine, our angelic connections have expanded to fit the need. In this book, Claire Stone introduces you to 11 female archangels who are stepping forwards to help us. Each offers simple yet effective ways of aligning your life through self-discovery, practices and meditations, all designed to help you to unlock your intuition. Learn how to communicate with the female archangels and allow them to help you: · transcend temptation and release any judgement · mend broken bonds and guide you through shadow work · speak your truth and heighten your creativity · honour the divinity within you and develop your light body These angelic teachers have arrived because you are now ready to uncover their lost teachings. All you need to do is ask for their help.

Angel Detox

This sacred herb, held in high esteem as a gift from the Creator, was used to
remove lower vibrations that may have been responsible for illness, loss of vitality
, and pain. White sage has a high vibration that dissolves fear energy, and it's
most commonly used as incense for clearing. White sage is ... You can also
purchase smudge sticks, which are easy-to-use bundles of sage that you can
carry. Once lit ...

Angel Detox

Author: Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401942598

Page: 256

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Work with the Angels to Detox Your Body and EnergyDetoxing with the help of your angels is a gentle way to release impurities from your body, reduce fatigue, and heal addictions. Best-selling author Doreen Virtue and naturopath Robert Reeves teach you simple steps to increase your energy and mental focus, banish bloating, feel and look more youthful, and regain your sense of personal power. In the process, you’ll rid your life of physical toxins, as well as negative emotions and energies. Angel Detox guides you step-by-step on how to detox your diet, lifestyle, and relationships. You’ll learn how to minimize or eliminate cravings for unhealthful food and substances, feel motivated, and enjoy wellness in all areas of your life. This book also includes 7-Day Detox Plans for those wanting to quit smoking or drinking, or to flush out environmental pollution.

Sacred Smoke

Here, aromatherapist and long-time herbalist Amy Blackthorn offers the essential tools for creating sacred space—a safe space free of negative energies—using herbs, incense, smoke, and other practices.

Sacred Smoke

Author: Amy Blackthorn

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1633411532

Page: 176

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Learn how to create a sacred space free of negativity This clear and contemporary guide explores the ritual use of smoke and scents to cleanse the energies of mind, body, and home. Here, aromatherapist and long-time herbalist Amy Blackthorn offers the essential tools for creating sacred space—a safe space free of negative energies—using herbs, incense, smoke, and other practices. Written in an accessible style, free of jargon, Sacred Smoke has everything you need to know to get started on your practice of purification and cleansing, including: The importance of self-care How to keep your home and family safe How to protect your home while you are away Adding crystals to your cleansing practice Using essential herbs and recipes for creating cleansing smoke Sacred Smoke is an essential guide for anyone seeking to practice the ritual use of cleansing and clearing to protect and heal themselves, their home, and their family.

Sage Smudge

"Sage & Smudge" combines spiritual, herbal and cultural teachings - past and present, and is filled with interesting anecdotes and easily accessible suggestions.

Sage   Smudge

Author: Diane Ronngren

Publisher: ETC Publishing

ISBN: 9781930038134

Page: 215

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Winner of the COVR Award in the General Interest Category!Empower yourself by creating your own rituals as you become familiar with the benefit of using dried herbs for clearing and healing your personal space. "Sage & Smudge" combines spiritual, herbal and cultural teachings - past and present, and is filled with interesting anecdotes and easily accessible suggestions. Discover how using sacred herbs can enhance your life and your spiritual journey!

The Healing Spirit of Plants

BELOW Bundles of herbs can be carried for medicinal reasons as well as
ceremonial use . ... ceremonies , as shown here in the traditional Easter
celebrations in Guatemala . then above the head , helping the energy to move in
the right direction . ... SACRED BUNDLES Those who work with plant spirit
medicines often carry a special collection of healing plants and herbs , for
helping themselves and ...

The Healing Spirit of Plants

Author: Clare G. Harvey

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated


Page: 191

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Ancient cultures have always known that plants possess invisible essences that replenish our souls and bestow spiritual health, and science has proven them right. Trees of life, roses of love, ginseng to balance the system; the hidden, inner life of the natural world, with its symbolism, remedies, and rituals opens up to us in this gorgeously illustrated, dazzling look at the healing energy of plants. Through legends, shamanistic principles, and imagery both old and new, you will come to understand the significance of plant and flower spirits, and how to interpret their message. Related techniques, such as chakras, meridians, and meditation, along with a range of charts and sidebars, will guide your practical work with spirit bundles, smudging, aromatherapy, tinctures, infusions, tisanes, and homeopathic preparations. A plant encyclopedia includes over 100 revered species and their particular propertieshelping you to perform wonders with the flowers of the gods!

Ear Candling in Essence

The Roman name for sage , herba sacra , meaning sacred herb , indicates how
much it was valued , and the Romans ... American Indians traditionally used '
smudge sticks ' made from bundles of sage to cleanse and clear negative energy

Ear Candling in Essence

Author: Mary Dalgleish

Publisher: Hodder Education


Page: 121

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Designed to inspire and to motivate, Ear Candling in Essence provides students with an exciting and accessible introduction to ear candling. Ear candling, or thermal-auricular therapy as it is sometimes known, has been used for millennia. This fascinating book covers the history of ear candling from its use by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs to other world cultures including the Hopi Indians by whose name the treatment is often referred today. The book includes information on the anatomy and physiology of the ear, nose, and throat, the benefits of ear candling, and the contraindications to treatment. It then concentrates on practical application with step-by-step color photographs and instruction on the treatment and massage techniques. Written in an accessible style with numerous FAQs, case studies and summaries, this book is the perfect introduction for students on short courses, professional therapists topping up their skills, and anyone wanting to learn more about the history and practice of ear candling.

Sacred Sage how it Heals

An exploration of traditional Native American healing practices, this volume looks at the ceremonial uses of sage to help with physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Sacred Sage  how it Heals

Author: Wendy Whiteman

Publisher: Book Publishing Company (TN)

ISBN: 9780964022904

Page: 29

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An exploration of traditional Native American healing practices, this volume looks at the ceremonial uses of sage to help with physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Shamanic Experience

Now , each time you breathe out direct the vital ' mana ' energy which you have
been building up to that auric skin . ... The herb they used is sage , which Indian
tribes regard as a sacred plant whose special qualities set it apart for cleansing .
... You can make your own smudge bundle by wrapping dried yellow bedstraw ,
and a few spikes of lavender and some sage leaves together with cotton thread .

Shamanic Experience

Author: Kenneth Meadows

Publisher: Element Books Limited


Page: 196

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In an age when much of the Earth's surface has already been explored, mankind's search has extended both outwards, beyond earth into outer space, and inwards to the non-physical realms that lie within ourselves. This inner space is the domain of the Shaman who knows that everything has life and that there is an invisible essence which links all that exists. Thus, through deep connection with nature and the more subtle levels of existence generally, the Shaman understands the correct place of all things - including himself. The shaman knows this information because he has experienced it for himself. We all have the potential to know and experience the inner realms. In this way we can discover our true purpose and find real happiness and fulfilment generally. This text explains practical contemporary shamanism and shows how to apply its principles and techniques to everyday life.

The Book of Blessings and Rituals

Honor life’s milestones and bring sacredness into everyday life. The Book of Blessings and Rituals shows you how to create ceremony and meaning around the most important events in you life.

The Book of Blessings and Rituals

Author: Athena Perrakis

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 1592338771

Page: 144

View: 605

Honor life’s milestones and bring sacredness into everyday life. The Book of Blessings and Rituals shows you how to create ceremony and meaning around the most important events in you life. Drawing from different world traditions, leading metaphysical teacher Athena Perrakis presents blessings to cover a wide array of occasions and intentions, including holidays and sacred days, love, healing, protection, prosperity and success, lunar blessings and rituals, and manifestation. Organized by month, you'll be able to celebrate the sacred all year long. DIY projects and rituals will help you perform each blessing. You’ll learn how to construct medicine bundles and altars, which crystals to use to amplify the rituals or clear energy, and how to smudge for clearing and protection. In addition, you’ll learn how to use the power of invocations and blessings to set the energy of your home or event and to assist in amplifying goals and intentions. Deepen your experience of the sacred, find inspiration, and heal with this non-denominational guide to blessings and rituals.

Secrets of the Sacred White Buffalo

Native American Healing Remedies, Rites & Rituals Gary Null. Mountain goat
Moon Grizzly ... MEDICINE BAGS AND BUNDLES Medicine bags were normally
carried by shamans and medicine men . They held sacred stones , shells , herbs ,
and other talismans believed to contain spiritual powers . In preparation for major

Secrets of the Sacred White Buffalo

Author: Gary Null

Publisher: Prentice Hall Press


Page: 350

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Provides the cultural foundations for specific Native American healing practices, including plant remedies, cleansing diets, purification rituals, and astrology

Sacred Home

Materials Needed for Clearing Negative Energy Choose at least one from each
category : • Air : drum , rattle , bells , or ... energy , loud noises are more effective )
• Fire : candles in safe containers , incense sticks , or bundles of lighted herbs ...

Sacred Home

Author: Laurine Morrison Meyer

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited

ISBN: 9780738705859

Page: 247

View: 692

Presents an overview of Western religion and folk traditions regarding home protection, purification, and sanctity, as well as the four archetypal design styles and how to combine them with the reader's unique style to create a space that nourishes the soul. Original.

Distinguished Native American Spiritual Practitioners and Healers

In addition to observing his practice , Billie learned herbal medicines and spiritual
powers . volves healing , while the medicine man serves as keeper of the sacred
Seminole medicine bundle , among other duties . Tommy Doctor and Old ...

Distinguished Native American Spiritual Practitioners and Healers

Author: Troy R. Johnson

Publisher: Greenwood


Page: 293

View: 791

An A-to-Z resource providing short biographical essays on 100 Native American spiritual figures, from well known figures such as Sitting Bull and Black Elk, to lesser known spiritual leaders such as Wovoka and Quanah Parker; along with suggestions of print and electronic sources for further reading.

American Indian Healing Arts

Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life E. Barrie Kavasch, Karen
Baar ... of this sacred ceremony is to promote spiritual , psychological , physical ,
and emotional harmony . ... the night , the chanter intones the powerful Earth
Woman Blessing Way chanter Prayer while holding a sacred healing bundle
known ...

American Indian Healing Arts

Author: E. Barrie Kavasch

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780553378818

Page: 309

View: 716

Presents an exploration of Native American rituals that fostered a spiritual bond between man and nature, and offers recipes for herbal remedies, and massage oils

At One with All Life

A couple of weeks after my return from Australia there is a spring conference on
healing . ... One way is with herbs or laying on of hands . Another way , also a
sacred way , and this is the kind of healing that I practise , is to bring knowledge .
... but many crying to identify and then finthings that I could be doina " One
morning I list all the separate " bundles of energy ' in my life that scatter my
attention .

At One with All Life

Author: Judith Boice



Page: 273

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How to Make White Magic

In Old Testament times , for instance , brooms made of hyssop were used to
clean out temples and other sacred use ... A feather can be used in smudging ,
fanning the fragrant smoke around your body to cleanse your aura of any ... It is
very rewarding to grow and dry your A smudge stick is a densely packed own
herbs , thus ensuring that their bundle of herbs , which usually includes magical
qualities are ...

How to Make White Magic

Author: Michael Chinery


ISBN: 9781844775613

Page: 256

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American Indians

734 | SOCIETIES , NON - KIN - BASED Mide songs and Mide bags containing
healing herbs . ... Spiritual societies protected their tribe from evil spirits and
delivered the gifts of kind spirits . ... The Plains Bundle Societies existed to honor
sacred bundles that had been given to the tribe or society as ancient gifts from
the stars .

American Indians

Author: Harvey Markowitz

Publisher: Salem PressInc

ISBN: 9780893567606

Page: 953

View: 711

This fully illustrated reference work examines American Indian history and culture during the formation of the US and Canada, and the history and customs of their presence on the North American continent dating back to ancient times. 1,129 topics detail personages, tribes, art and architecture, organizations, historical events, cultural traditions, religion, and more. Historical events include the Apache Wars and Sioux Uprising. Covers ceremonial customs such as feasts, spirit dances, and rites of passage, as well as contemporary issues including voting rights, tribal councils, and gambling.