Farming Food and Nature

Providing a highly accessible overview of key issues, this book creates a timely resource for all concerned about the environmental, social and ethical issues facing food, farming and nature.

Farming  Food and Nature

Author: Joyce D'Silva

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351010999

Page: 280

View: 331

Livestock production and its use of finite resources is devastating biodiversity and pushing wildlife to the brink of extinction. This powerful book examines the massive global impact caused by intensive livestock production and then explores solutions, ranging from moving to agroecological farming to reducing consumption of animal products, including examples of best practice and innovation, both on land and within the investment and food industries. Leading international contributors spell out the problems in terms of planetary limits, climate change, resources, the massive use of cereals and soy for animal feed, and the direct impact of industrial farming on the welfare of farmed animals. They call for an urgent move to a flourishing food system for the sake of animals, the planet and us. Some offer examples of global good practice in farming or the power of the investment community to drive change, and others highlight food business innovation and exciting developments in protein diversification. Providing a highly accessible overview of key issues, this book creates a timely resource for all concerned about the environmental, social and ethical issues facing food, farming and nature. It will be an invaluable resource and provide inspiration for students, professionals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the general reader.

Respecting Animals

Manners Kindness Respect Caring Attitude Sportsmanship. Respecting. Animals. You Will Need animalpatterns (pages 93-97) crayons scissors metal brads Explain ...

Respecting Animals

Author: Kathy Etringer

Publisher: Teaching and Learning Company

ISBN: 0787743542

Page: 7

View: 734

It’s never too early to teach children manners, courtesy and social skills. From knowing when to say “please” and “thank you” at home, in school or in public places, to covering their nose when sneezing, there’s a multitude of good manners to teach children at an early age. A popular children’s book title is included with each activity to enhance the lesson. These engaging, hands-on activities are a great way to introduce students to skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Respecting Animals

Admittedly the title Respecting Animals might be a bit ambitious, but after having spent a lifetime peeling back the layers of the animal/human issues, ...

Respecting Animals

Author: David S. Favre

Publisher: Prometheus Books

ISBN: 1633884260

Page: 272

View: 791

A legal scholar and animal-rights expert argues for a practical approach to using animals respectfully. In this fresh approach to the animal rights debate, a legal scholar and expert on the humane treatment of animals argues for a middle ground between the extreme positions that often receive the most public attention. Professor Favre advocates an ethic of respectful use of animals, which finds it acceptable for humans to use animals within limited boundaries. He looks at various communities where humans and animals interact: homes, entertainment, commercial farms, local wildlife, and global wildlife. Balancing the interests of the animal against the interests of the human actor is considered in detail. The author examines the following questions, among others: Is it ethically acceptable to shoot your neighbor's dog for barking hours on end? Is it ethical for a zoo to keep a chimpanzee in an exhibit? Is it ethical to eat the meat of an animal? Finally, he discusses how good ethical outcomes can best be transported into the legal system. The author suggests the creation of a new legal category, living property, which would enhance the status of animals in the legal system. This thoughtful, well-argued, and elegantly written book provides readers with a comprehensive and practical context in which to consider their personal and social relationships with animals.

The Ethics of Eating Animals

By contrast, some hunting does treat animals as worthy of respect. Consider, for instance, the perspective of Jim Posewitz, a hunter and prominent advocate ...

The Ethics of Eating Animals

Author: Bob Fischer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000497267

Page: 208

View: 544

Intensive animal agriculture wrongs many, many animals. Philosophers have argued, on this basis, that most people in wealthy Western contexts are morally obligated to avoid animal products. This book explains why the author thinks that’s mistaken. He reaches this negative conclusion by contending that the major arguments for veganism fail: they don’t establish the right sort of connection between producing and eating animal-based foods. Moreover, if they didn’t have this problem, then they would have other ones: we wouldn’t be obliged to abstain from all animal products, but to eat strange things instead—e.g., roadkill, insects, and things left in dumpsters. On his view, although we have a collective obligation not to farm animals, there is no specific diet that most individuals ought to have. Nevertheless, he does think that some people are obligated to be vegans, but that’s because they’ve joined a movement, or formed a practical identity, that requires that sacrifice. This book argues that there are good reasons to make such a move, albeit not ones strong enough to show that everyone must do likewise.

Animal Cruelty Criminology Prosecution

This book is specially designed for the one who tries to care the feeling of animals and who does support the green world oflove among everybody.

Animal Cruelty  Criminology   Prosecution

Author: Prabhakar Shah

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 3954892340

Page: 56

View: 382

Animal cruelty and human life makes a bond. What is the real bond about and what chain is missing is the main framework of this book. Loving non-human animals means loving ourselves. Respecting animals desire means respecting one-selves. Though our love is sweet, our pain for animal is bitter. Current context on animal cruelty all over the world is visualized in this book with an emphasis why and where! This book is specially designed for the one who tries to care the feeling of animals and who does support the green world oflove among everybody.

Kant and Animals

Respecting animals in virtue of their non-intrinsic value requires that we have a certain attitude of reverence towards them. We should appreciate the ...

Kant and Animals

Author: John J. Callanan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198859910

Page: 272

View: 606

This is the first edited collection devoted entirely to the question of the role of animals in the thought of Immanuel Kant. Though the topic is not one treated systematically in his work, mentions of animals occur throughout his corpus in relation to many of his central concerns. In this volume, a team of leading scholars address issues ranging over Kant's theoretical and practical philosophy, including questions regarding the possibility of objective representation and intentionality in animals, the role of animals in Kant's scientific picture of nature, the status of our moral responsibilities to animals' welfare, and more. It also includes chapters concerning contemporary questions relating to animals and Kantian ethics and metaethics, making a use of Kant's philosophy to help contend with one of the most crucial ethics issues facing us today.

The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights

After all, what is more beautiful than respecting animals by choosing to leave them in peace in their natural environs? It is a sign that we respect the ...

The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights

Author: Ingrid Newkirk

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429984805

Page: 496

View: 291

With more than two million members and supporters, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the world's largest animal-rights organization, and its founder and president, Ingrid Newkirk, is one of the most well-known and most effective activists in America. She has spearheaded worldwide efforts to improve the treatment of animals in manufacturing, entertainment, and elsewhere. Every day, in laboratories, food factories, and other industries, animals by the millions are subjected to inhumane cruelty. In this accessible guide, Newkirk teaches readers hundreds of simple ways to stop thoughtless animal cruelty and make positive choices. For each topic, Newkirk provides hard facts, personal insight, inspiration, ideas, and resources, including: • How to eat healthfully and compassionately • How to adopt animals rather than support puppy mills • How to make their vote count and change public opinion • How to switch to cruelty-free cosmetics and clothing • How to choose amusements that protect rather than exploit animals. With public concern for the well-being of animals greater than ever—particularly among young people—this timely, practical book offers exciting and easy ways to make a difference.

Humans and Animals A Geography of Coexistence

The Maya believe that the Creator gave each animal its own habitat and place in the world, thus ensuring their right to respect and continued existence.

Humans and Animals  A Geography of Coexistence

Author: Julie Urbanik

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440838356

Page: 466

View: 951

An engaging and at times sobering look at the coexistence of humans and animals in the 21st century and how their sometimes disparate needs affect environments, politics, economies, and culture worldwide. • Includes excerpts from 20 primary source documents related to animals • Offers a comprehensive look at a variety of aspects of human-animal relationships • Discusses how human actions affect the survival of other species, such as the northern spotted owl and bluefin tuna