Radical Alignment

With Radical Alignment, top-level life and business coaches (and happily married couple) Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower share their potent method for helping groups to stop clashing and start working together—to jump from “we ...

Radical Alignment

Author: Radical Alignment Alexandra Jamieson

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 9781683646051

Page: 120

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A proven method to get your team unstuck and into alignment Why do so many organizations, teams, couples, families and other groups waste energy on unproductive conflict? Even when everyone has the same general goals, what’s often missing is a deeper alignment based on mutual trust, respect, and empathy. With Radical Alignment, top-level life and business coaches (and happily married couple!) Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower share their potent method for helping groups to stop clashing and start working together—to jump from “we can’t” to an enthusiastic “hell yes!” Jamieson and Gower teach practical tools to help each member of a group skillfully express their core values, concerns, and highest hopes for any undertaking—building a foundation of understanding and respect that can support even the most ambitious goals. Their All-In Method starts with making the implicit explicit so collaborators are able to develop a foundation of empathy and trust. “The world needs more people who know how to build aligned and empathic relationships—in businesses, communities, and families—through powerful, clear conversations,” write the authors. Radical Alignment brings you a “low-drama, high-joy” technique to transform the way you collaborate and communicate in every area of your life.

Radical Alignment

Radical Alignment

Author: Alexandra Jamieson

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1683646061

Page: 216

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Discover the Proven “Low Drama, High Joy” Method for Productive, Empathy-Based Communication and Collaboration. Why do so many organizations, teams, couples, families, and groups who should be working together end up wasting energy on unproductive conflict? Even when everyone has the same general goals, what’s often missing is a deeper alignment based on mutual trust, respect, and empathy. With Radical Alignment, top-level life and business coaches (and happily married couple) Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower share their potent method for helping groups to stop clashing and start working together—to jump from “we can’t” to an enthusiastic “hell yes!” The essential tool at the heart of Radical Alignment is the All-In Method: a four-step approach to communication designed to increase clarity, minimize miscommunication, honor each person’s individuality, and build a shared sense of trust and respect for long-term success. With easy-to-follow instruction, Jamieson and Gower bring you: • The Foundations of Great Communication—what works, what doesn’t, and how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your own style • The All-In Method—a step-by-step walk-through of this proven approach to getting into radical alignment with others • The Method in Action—examples and exercises for using the All-In Method at work, at home, and in any situation • Scripts, suggestions, guidance, and additional resources for making this a lifelong practice for greater connection and intimacy “We believe passionately that the world needs more aligned teams in our businesses, organizations, communities, families, and intimate partnerships,” write the authors. “This means we need people who are able to have powerful and clear exchanges that build better connections.” Radical Alignment brings you a “low drama, high joy” technique to transform the way you collaborate and communicate in every area of your life.

Radical Alignment to a Core Strategy

Strategy is an art that requires our passion and commitment to be truly valuable/powerful, we need to bring our best selves to develop it and for some business owners and operators, the building of a robust strategy can be a moment of truth ...

Radical Alignment to a Core Strategy

Author: Leigh Paulden


ISBN: 9780578981291


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Strategy is an art that requires our passion and commitment to be truly valuable/powerful, we need to bring our best selves to develop it and for some business owners and operators, the building of a robust strategy can be a moment of truth as things finally start to truly align for the first time. This even applies to succesful businesses where true scale and real freedom/fun have been elusive. Locking onto the right strategy and feeling it in your mind, your heart and your gut is a truly marvelous thing.

The Black Radical Tragic

14 In light of this, I want to offer up a contrast of two “wait and see” accounts pertaining to radical alignment. The first illustrates “To Describe”: from ...

The Black Radical Tragic

Author: Jeremy Glick

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 147984442X

Page: 296

View: 737

"Also available as an ebook" -- Verso title page.

The Early Karl Barth

While he moved away from the radical alignment of Christianity with socialism, he maintained sympathies for an au- thoritarian political order.

The Early Karl Barth

Author: Paul Silas Peterson

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161553608

Page: 488

View: 757

"Paul Silas Peterson presents Karl Barth (1886-1968) in his sociopolitical, cultural, ecclesial, and theological contexts from 1905 to 1935. In the foreground of this inquiry is Barth's relation to the features of his time, especially radical socialist ideology, WWI, an intellectual trend that would later be called the Conservative Revolution, the German Christians, the Young Reformation Movement, and National Socialism."--Back of book.

Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch

such as radical climate change, radical alignment of earth's landscapes and oceans, etc., and radical changes by human ingenuity are caused by radical ...

Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch

Author: Baldev Seekri

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426956134

Page: 368

View: 562

Most organizational turnaround initiatives either end prematurely or wither away quickly after few initial successes. In Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch, author Baldev Seekri states that the issue is not the talent or sincerity of the orchestrating leaders, but rather the ignorance about the sequential nature of the transformation process and the lack of discipline to thwart leapfrogging tendencies. Based upon real turnaround successes spanning many countries and cultures, Seekri synthesizes practical results into principles and strategies that are universally applicable. He challenges and inspires organizations and individuals to accept and turn their situations around for positive outcomes. Organizational Turnarounds with a Human Touch provides a refreshing perspective by restoring the basics, redirecting the emphasis, propagating layman psychology, encouraging sequential learning, and savoring the aesthetics. At the heart of the turnaround process is the power of three elements of a simple mindset: simplicity first, complexity last; leadershipa basic human ability; and the theory that there is always a human solution. These elements can help propel struggling organizations and individuals from the deep sea of self-pity to soaring skies of possibilities.

An American Ordeal

84 The so - called new radical alignment for peace was simply the National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam ( NCCEWVN , sometimes referred ...

An American Ordeal

Author: Charles DeBenedetti

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815602453

Page: 512

View: 858

Examines the antiwar movement from its beginnings in the mid-50's to issues such as Black equality and the Vietnam War

Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene

CJ organizers' practices of alignment do not embody conventional ... (CJ) are prefiguring practices of radical alignment across difference toward justice ...

Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene

Author: Stacia Ryder

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000396584

Page: 358

View: 976

Through various international case studies presented by both practitioners and scholars, Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene explores how an environmental justice approach is necessary for reflections on inequality in the Anthropocene and for forging societal transitions toward a more just and sustainable future. Environmental justice is a central component of sustainability politics during the Anthropocene – the current geological age in which human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Every aspect of sustainability politics requires a close analysis of equity implications, including problematizing the notion that humans as a collective are equally responsible for ushering in this new epoch. Environmental justice provides us with the tools to critically investigate the drivers and characteristics of this era and the debates over the inequitable outcomes of the Anthropocene for historically marginalized peoples. The contributors to this volume focus on a critical approach to power and issues of environmental injustice across time, space, and context, drawing from twelve national contexts: Austria, Bangladesh, Chile, China, India, Nicaragua, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Tanzania, and the United States. Beyond highlighting injustices, the volume highlights forward-facing efforts at building just transitions, with a goal of identifying practical steps to connect theory and movement and envision an environmentally and ecologically just future. This interdisciplinary work will be of great interest to students, scholars, and practitioners focused on conservation, environmental politics and governance, environmental and earth sciences, environmental sociology, environment and planning, environmental justice, and global sustainability and governance. It will also be of interest to social and environmental justice advocates and activists.

The Chemical Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Radicals

Chandler and coworkers168 used ion imaging to study the 266-nm photolysis of CD3I and identified a K-dependence to the methyl-d3-radical alignment, ...

The Chemical Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Radicals

Author: Ketian Liu

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814317179

Page: 1063

View: 597

This book highlights recent progress in the chemistry of radicals. Developments include the growing use of lasers to generate radicals, the application of lasers to provide state, angular, polarization, energy and real-time resolution in kinetics and dynamics experiments, the development of theories for handling the reactions of radicals, and the simulation of the reaction dynamics of increasingly larger systems for direct comparison to experimental results. The book emphasizes the increasing interaction between experimental dynamics, kinetics and theory. It is appropriate for chemistry graduate students and researchers about to enter the field. However, the discussions of some topics progress to a more advanced level so that even an expert will find the book useful.

The Virago Story

... differentiation between Virago's sexually libertarian stance and The Women's Press' more radical alignment with anti-pornography (and thus censorship) ...

The Virago Story

Author: Catherine Riley

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1785338099

Page: 198

View: 304

The 1970s witnessed a renaissance in women’s print culture, as feminist presses and bookshops sprang up in the wake of the second-wave women’s movement. At four decades’ remove from that heady era, however, the landscape looks dramatically different, with only one press from the period still active in contemporary publishing: Virago. This engaging history explains how, from modest beginnings, Virago managed to weather epochal transformations in gender politics, literary culture, and the book publishing business. Drawing on original interviews with many of the press's principal figures, it gives a compelling account of Virago’s place in recent women's history while also reflecting on the fraught relationship between activism and commerce.

Social Equality in Education

Through the successive stages there was a changing alignment of political forces which saw during the reign of Robespierre its most radical alliance which ...

Social Equality in Education

Author: Ann Margaret Doyle

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319947214

Page: 245

View: 118

This book explores the development of education in France and England from the French Revolution to the outbreak of World War II. The author uses social equality as a framework to compare and contrast the educational systems of both countries and to emphasise the distinctive ideological legacies at the heart of both systems. The author analyses how the French Revolution prompted the emergence of an egalitarian ideology in education that in turn was crucial for propagating the values of equality, patriotism and unity. In tandem, the volume discusses the equally dramatic consequences of the Industrial Revolution for English society: while England led the world by 1800 in trade, commerce and industry, a strict form of liberalism and minimal state intervention impeded the reduction of educational inequality. This pioneering book will be of interest to students and scholars of educational equality as well as the history of education in France and England.

Global Diversity Management

Meyerson and Scully (1995: 587) say that 'tempered radical alignment and change are flip sides of the same coin'. Accordingly, the positioning of tempered ...

Global Diversity Management

Author: Mustafa Ozbilgin

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137122625

Page: 386

View: 216

It is only through understanding diversity that businesses can achieve equality and cohesion in the workplace. Ozbilgin and Tatli's Global Diversity Management focuses extensive original research through a critical approach and arrives at a comprehensive real-world perspective of diversity in competitive organizations.

George Gissing the Working Woman and Urban Culture

Similarly, his radical alignment of the type-writer girl with the development of feminism is closer to investigatory validations of modern women's ...

George Gissing  the Working Woman  and Urban Culture

Author: Emma Liggins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351933981

Page: 226

View: 301

George Gissing's work reflects his observations of fin-de-siècle London life. Influenced by the French naturalist school, his realist representations of urban culture testify to the significance of the city for the development of new class and gender identities, particularly for women. Liggins's study, which considers standard texts such as The Odd Women, New Grub Street, and The Nether World as well as lesser known short works, examines Gissing's fiction in relation to the formation of these new identities, focusing specifically on debates about the working woman. From the 1880s onward, a new genre of urban fiction increasingly focused on work as a key aspect of the modern woman's identity, elements of which were developed in the New Woman fiction of the 1890s. Showing his fascination with the working woman and her narrative potential, Gissing portrays women from a wide variety of occupations, ranging from factory girls, actresses, prostitutes, and shop girls to writers, teachers, clerks, and musicians. Liggins argues that by placing the working woman at the center of his narratives, rather than at the margins, Gissing made an important contribution to the development of urban fiction, which increasingly reflected current debates about women's presence in the city.

The Crime of Aggression

In other words, I am not hostile to nor do I deem necessarily impracticable a more radical alignment of our most compelling moral intuitions and the law's ...

The Crime of Aggression

Author: Claus Kreß

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108107494


View: 817

The 2010 Kampala Amendments to the Rome Statute empowered the International Criminal Court to prosecute the 'supreme crime' under international law: the crime of aggression. This landmark commentary provides the first analysis of the history, theory, legal interpretation and future of the crime of aggression. As well as explaining the positions of the main actors in the negotiations, the authoritative team of leading scholars and practitioners set out exactly how countries have themselves criminalized illegal war-making in domestic law and practice. In light of the anticipated activation of the Court's jurisdiction over this crime in 2017, this work offers, over two volumes, a comprehensive legal analysis of how to understand the material and mental elements of the crime of aggression as defined at Kampala. Alongside The Travaux Préparatoires of the Crime of Aggression (Cambridge, 2011), this commentary provides the definitive resource for anyone concerned with the illegal use of force.

The Palestinian Left and Its Decline

The foreign policy chapter of the PFLP's radical alternative to the PLO ... how illusory the idea of a cohesive, radical alignment with Damascus was.

The Palestinian Left and Its Decline

Author: Francesco Saverio Leopardi

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811543399

Page: 283

View: 657

This book examines the history of the Palestinian Left by focusing on the trajectory of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) during its declining phase. Relying on a substantial corpus of primary sources, this study illustrates how the PFLP’s political agency contributed to its own marginalisation within the Palestinian national movement. Following the 1982 eviction of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) from Lebanon, the bases of the PFLP’s opposition to Fatah’s primacy in the national movement were jeopardised. This book argues that the PFLP’s «loyalty» to the PLO institutional and political framework prevented the formulation of a real counterhegemonic political project. This drove the PFLP’s action to suffer a fundamental contradiction undermining its stance within the national movement. In the attempt to continue its opposition to Fatah, while maintaining integration in the Palestinian mainstream, the PFLP’s agency fluctuated, compromising its effectiveness and credibility. Apparently irreversible, the PFLP’s marginalisation is a factor fostering the current Palestinian impasse, as no alternative is emerging to break the thirteen-year long Hamas-Fatah polarisation.

The Illusion of History

Adding to the radical alignment to the present that a thorough individualism fosters is the severely neutered sense of truth that Foucault allies with this.

The Illusion of History

Author: Andrew R. Russ

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 081322005X

Page: 338

View: 117

Andrew Russ argues in this book that a closer look at their philosophical underpinnings finds that Rousseau, Marx, and Foucault are much less "historical" in their methodology than is widely believed. Instead, they share a more "timeless" view, one indebted to principles ordinarily seen as timeless or transcendent

The 1989 Election of the European Parliament

The centrally-placed Radical Liberals (RV) gave additional parliamentary support ... The socialist-plus-radical alignment defeated the minority government's ...

The 1989 Election of the European Parliament

Author: Juliet Lodge

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349108936

Page: 249

View: 370

A brief overview of the 1989 European Parliament elections in each of the member states. Each case study addresses a common set of issues, and each is designed to be intelligible to non-specialists and to those unfamiliar with the state in question.

The Judgment of Love

... only a willing submission to God, but an alignment with God's love and purpose. ... in a radical alignment with God's ontic love, policies, and plans.

The Judgment of Love

Author: James M. Matarazzo Jr

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532644647

Page: 330

View: 108

This book seeks to explore the concept of divine judgment in Christian eschatology. It contends that this judgment is salvific rather than destructive. This notion can be described aphoristically as iudicandus est salvandus ("to be judged is to be saved"). The provocation to Christian eschatology is that human beings are not saved from judgment, but are saved within it. The exploration begins defining the context and moves into a review of the symbols and problems of judgment through a reappraisal of De novissimis ("concerning the last things"), the last section found in traditional works of Christian dogmatics. This is followed by a critical engagement with the soteriological optimism posited by four twentieth- and twenty-first century theologians: Sergei Bulgakov, Hans Urs von Balthasar, J. A. T. Robinson, and Marilyn McCord Adams. The event of the judgment is then defined as the event of absolute recognition: that it is within the eschatic recognition of God, the self, and the other that transformation and glorification of human persons occur in a way that avoids a dual outcome of salvation and damnation. The book concludes by proposing that we may approach divine judgment with faith, hope, and love--not only for ourselves, but for the human race as a whole.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment

In it, I explain that a radical alignment is now becoming widely used, both in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world, for designing framework ...

Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment

Author: Steve Frankland

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402062265

Page: 496

View: 808

Assessment is the daily life of a teacher; designing plans, setting questions, giving feedback and grading are all activities that teachers undertake on a regular basis. This book provides a practical guide on the effective use of assessment. It includes the use of assessment tools and pedagogical design that help students deepen their learning. Major issues on assessment and some excellent examples are presented as a useful resource to university teachers in enhancing teaching and students' learning.