Pastoral Care 11 16

Department of Education and Science (1989), Pastoral Care in Secondary Schools: An Inspection of Some Aspects ... Pastoral Care in Education, 17(4): 1116.

Pastoral Care 11 16

Author: Noel Purdy

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441181237

Page: 240

View: 892

How can teachers deal with the growing pastoral needs of pupils aged 11-16 in schools? This critical guide explores the pastoral role which teachers play in schools, and argues that today's schools continue to offer children an invaluable source of support. This guide explores a number of serious pastoral issues, drawing on contemporary research to outline the impact which these issues can have on children aged 11-16 and offering practical strategies for providing support on a whole-school and individual classroom level. Consideration is also given to how schools can use the curriculum proactively to help pupils be more prepared to deal with serious pastoral issues. Topics dealt with include: - supporting children who are experiencing separation or divorce - helping to prevent and deal with bullying, including cyber-bullying - identifying and responding to possible child abuse - understanding the impact of domestic violence - supporting children through bereavement - responding to self-harm and suicide This is the essential guide for those training to teach in the secondary sector and for practicing teachers who have recently taken on pastoral responsibilities.

Pastoral Care 11 16

A critical guide to effective pastoral care provision, exploring a range of issues including bereavement, bullying, child abuse, domestic violence, separation/divorce, self-harm and suicide.

Pastoral Care 11 16

Author: Noel Purdy

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441127488

Page: 216

View: 483

A critical guide to effective pastoral care provision, exploring a range of issues including bereavement, bullying, child abuse, domestic violence, separation/divorce, self-harm and suicide.

Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin

Pastoral Psychology (February 1968): 11-16. Oden, Thomas. Pastoral Counselling. Classic Pastoral Care Series, Volume 3. New York: Crossroad, 1987.

Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin

Author: Thomas St. James O’Connor

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 0889206619

Page: 168

View: 613

In the last twenty years, the number of texts written on clinical pastoral supervision has accelerated. Thomas St. James O’Connor analyzes these texts, nearly 300 of them, in light of three fundamental questions about the praxis of clinical pastoral supervision: (1)what is distinctive about the praxis? (2)what is an appropriate theological method for the praxis? and, (3)what is an adequate praxis? In doing so, he formulates three approaches: the social science, the hermeneutic and the special interest. Looking at the theology of Charles Gerkin, a pastoral theologian and family therapist, O’Connor develops a conversation between Gerkin’s theology and the texts. The theological methods in the three approaches are critiqued and Gerkin’s praxis/theory/praxis method is endorsed. Case examples are used throughout to illustrate theory and issues discussed and to aid in the presentation of an adequate praxis. Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin provides a unique overview of the history and current state of clinical pastoral supervision and an understanding of its methodology and theological foundations. More than that, it builds on the practical theory of Charles Gerkin, expanding it for immediate use in the practice of ministry.

Primary Teaching

Purdy, N. (2013) Pastoral care: Origins, definitions and roles, in Pastoral Care 1116: A critical introduction. London: Bloomsbury.

Primary Teaching

Author: Catherine Carden

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 1526454785

Page: 712

View: 677

This book includes full coverage of the content of professional studies modules and goes beyond to support trainees on placements and in their learning on the course.

Learning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School

Best, R. (1995) 'Concepts in pastoral care and PSE'. In: Best, R., Lang, P., Lodge, C. and Watkins, C. (eds), ... Pastoral Care in Education, 17(4), 1116.

Learning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School

Author: Liam Gearon

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415276748

Page: 285

View: 875

Citizenship is a wide-ranging subject that can be taught in its own right, or through other curriculum subjects and activities. This book is intended for students training to teach Citizenship as a first or second subject, and will also be immensely helpful to experienced teachers who have opted to take responsibility for this exciting subject. Written in a clear and practical way, yet underpinned by a sound theoretical background, the book covers key themes in Citizenship education, including: Citizenship in the National Curriculum Citizenship and pastoral care special educational needs developing schemes of work ways of teaching and learning assessment, monitoring and recording resources and useful contacts professional development. With key objectives and tasks for each chapter, this book will help teachers to improve their understanding of Citizenship education and to help their pupils understand their roles as citizens. It may be read in conjunction with the companion core textbook, Learning to Teach in the Secondary School, 3rd edition.

The Professionalization of Pastoral Care

“Contribution of Paul Tillich to Pastoral Psychology.” Pastoral Psychology 19 (1968) 1116. ———. “Counseling and the Human Predicament: A Study of Sin, ...

The Professionalization of Pastoral Care

Author: T. Dale Johnson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1725264927

Page: 210

View: 432

When the organization and structure of the church in America was altered in the early 1900s to meet modern demands, the role of the pastorate became more specialized to adapt to the burdens of the new, “efficient” structure. In 1920, Gaines Dobbins utilized the business efficiency model at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to formulate a distinct ecclesiology. Discontent with traditional methods of instruction in theological education, Dobbins sought to implement theories and methodologies from modern educationalists. He adopted a psychologized educational methodology and utilized the psychology of religion as an empirical measure of the soul, human nature, and human behavior. Use of the social sciences seemed to grant Dobbins, as a practitioner, academic respectability within the realm of theological education. Both the professionalization that resulted from Dobbins’s efficiency standards, and a working theory of human nature derived from psychological models, were synthesized into a specialized system of pastoral care. Dobbins followed the new shape of pastoral theology in America, adopting Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as the model for pastoral training. As a result, CPE became an integral part of the curriculum at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for over sixty years, and spread to influence many other SBC entities.

EBOOK Preparing to Teach in Secondary Schools A Student Teacher s Guide to Professional Issues in Secondary Education

Pearcy, M. (2016) A Wordle to the wise: using 'word clouds' meaningfully in the classroom ... Purdy, N. (2013) Pastoral Care 1116: A Critical Introduction.

EBOOK  Preparing to Teach in Secondary Schools  A Student Teacher s Guide to Professional Issues in Secondary Education

Author: Ian Abbott

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335228518

Page: 376

View: 776

The fourth edition of this informative, accessible and intellectually engaging teacher training book provides a definitive guide for trainee and newly qualified secondary school teachers and their mentors. The book has been fully updated to reflect the many changes in policy and practice, including developments in the national curriculum, PSHEE and SEN provision. The latest edition covers topics such as how pupils learn, assessment, planning classroom communication and developing positive approaches to pupil behaviour. The wide range of specialist contributors, each bringing extensive first-hand experience of teaching, covers the core professional skills and concepts that new secondary school teachers need to acquire, irrespective of their subject specialism or training route, while the following key features of the book are: • Examples and illustrations from real classroom practice. • Details of current research. • Activities, case studies and scenarios. Ian Abbott, Associate Professor; Prue Huddleston, Emeritus Professor; and David Middlewood, Research Fellow, are all based at the University of Warwick’s Centre for Education Studies, UK.

The Pastoral Care of Women in Late Medieval England

... 8–9 , 11–2 , 112 caution toward women 13 , 16 , 19 , 20 , 72–8 , 110–11 , 121–22 celibacy and chastity consequences for breaking 13–4 , 14 n.42 , 104-5 ...

The Pastoral Care of Women in Late Medieval England

Author: Beth Allison Barr

Publisher: Boydell Press

ISBN: 9781843833734

Page: 171

View: 806

A close examination of religious texts illuminates the way in which parish priests dealt with their female parishioners in the middle ages.

Implementing Pastoral Care in Schools

... 155 problems of 167-9, 179 aims of pastoral care 5, 7, 12, 67-68, 79, 167, ... pastoral 243-249, 251-259 traditional 11 decision making 11, 16, 37, 69, ...

Implementing Pastoral Care in Schools

Author: Jeanette Raymond

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 042989323X

Page: 288

View: 568

All schoolteachers are involved in pastoral care, either in their roles as form teachers or year tutors or more generally in their everyday contact with children. Pastoral care is a wide ranging area which involves amongst other things the building in children of social skills and a positive self-image in order to help them be well-motivated contributors to school life and to wider society. It also involves helping children cope with the stress of everyday school life, including examinations; familiarising them with school organisation; and helping children who have specific behaviour problems or personal crises. The book, originally published in 1985, surveys the whole field of pastoral care in schools at the time. It discusses the aims, methods and implementation of a successful pastoral care system. It reviews relevant theories and research work but throughout the emphasis is on practical matters, on helping teachers work out intelligently for themselves how they might improve their performance in this field.

The Landscape of Pastoral Care in 13th Century England

... 18 pastoral care, definition of, 3–7, 89 pastoralia, 15, 16, 29, 53, 54, ... 126, 190, 197, 199–200, 225–26, 233,265 pope, 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 14, 18, ...

The Landscape of Pastoral Care in 13th Century England

Author: William H. Campbell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108247229

Page: 294

View: 870

The thirteenth century was a crucial period of reform in the English church, during which the church's renewal initiatives transformed the laity. The vibrant lay religious culture of late-medieval England cannot be understood without considering the re-invigorated pastoral care that developed between 1200 and 1300. Even before Innocent III called the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, reform-minded bishops and scholars were focusing attention on the local church, emphasising better preaching and more frequent confession. This study examines the processes by which these clerical reforms moulded the lay religiosity of the thirteenth century, integrating the different aspects of church life, so often studied separately, and combining a broad investigation of the subject with a series of comparative case studies. William Campbell also demonstrates how differences abounded from diocese to diocese, town to country and parish to parish, shaping the landscape of pastoral care as a complex mosaic of lived religion.

Managing Pastoral Care

... and has significant implications for pastoral care provision (Hodgson and Whalley, ... THE SCHOOLS AND THE AGENCIES School A School A is an 11-16 state ...

Managing Pastoral Care

Author: Mike Calvert

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1847142958

Page: 128

View: 487

Pastoral care provision in schools has become increasingly marginalized in recent years. However, emphasis on the needs of the "whole learner" has become ever greater. Coupled with this is a growing recognition of theadverse effects of a wider social malaise on the development of students. This book stresses the need for a radical rethink and reprioritizing of pastoral support. It promotes the belief that pastoral care can contribute to and improve academic achievement, and analyzes every aspect of pastoral care and PSE.

Pastoral Ministry

almost always (16 out of 17 occurrences) rendered as “entreaty. ... Judg 16:7, 11, 17; 1 Sam 22:8; 1 Kgs 22:34; 2 Kgs 1:2; 8:29; 2 Chr 18:33; 35:23; ...

Pastoral Ministry

Author: Deron J. Biles

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 1462751091

Page: 224

View: 748

Pastoral Ministry brings together the mandate of God, the needs of the sheep, and the model of the good Shepherd to uniquely inspire and equip you to fulfill your ministry as a shepherd.

Celebrating the Past Present and Future of British and Irish Practical Theology

... of marriage 100, 103 Northern Ireland 4, 142 Nuzum, Daniel 150 O'Brien, Oonagh 137 Olofinjana, I. O. 118 oppression 112, 125 pastoral care 9, 11, 15-16, ...

Celebrating the Past  Present and Future of British and Irish Practical Theology

Author: Andrew P. Rogers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000330753

Page: 210

View: 584

Practical theology has become a well-established academic discipline in Britain and Ireland over the past half century, evidenced in its chairs, journals, books, conferences, and contribution to transformed practices. The British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (BIAPT) and its journal, Practical Theology, has had a significant role to play in the story of the discipline. This volume is a celebration of practical theology in Britain and Ireland in all its inventiveness and variety on the occasion of BIAPT’s twenty-fifth birthday. It offers an account of its roots in its emergence from the Scottish Pastoral Association in the 1960s, its trajectories established in the journal Contact/Practical Theology and how human experience has been a constant companion on the journey. The book considers a range of methodologies including engagement with popular culture, public theology, the arts, and the importance of conversation. It explores new shoots in the discipline that consider how sexuality, ethnicity, and different religious traditions may be addressed within practical theology. It concludes by asking how it may be fruitful in the future, by reflecting on the challenges ahead, not least the ubiquity of ignorance. This is a landmark text in the unfolding of British and Irish practical theology in all its glorious distinctiveness, which promises to be a major contribution to international debate in the discipline. The chapters in this book were first published in Practical Theology.

Pastoral Care And Personal Social Ed

Curriculum Council for Wales (1991) The Whole Curriculum 5—16 in Wales. Cardiff: Curriculum Council for Wales. Curriculum Council for Wales (1992) Community ...

Pastoral Care And Personal Social Ed

Author: Ron Best

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 144117057X

Page: 338

View: 662

Table of Contents 1. From Here to Integrity Ron Best, Chris Watkins and Caroline Lodge 2. Integrity and Uncertainty - Why Young People Need Doubtful Teachers Guy Claxton 3. The Child Tricia David 4. Curriculum for the Future Ian Barr and Margaret McGhie 5. 'Now just compose yourselves' - Personal Development and Integrity in Changing Times Chris Watkins 6. Stand and Deliver - The Teacher's Integrity? John Sullivan 7. Schools as Places of Learning and Integrity Caroline Lodge 8. Family Relationships, Learning and Teachers - Keeping the Connections Neil Dawson and Brenda McHugh 9. Prospective Institutional Inequities, Interculturalism and Education in Britain Jagdish Gundara 10. Schools for Communities John MacBeath 11. Policy and Governance John Tomlinson 12. And How Will We Get There From Here? Chris Watkins, Ron Best and Caroline Lodge

Ignatian Discernment of Spirits for Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care

Psalm 8 “What is man that you should care for him? ... Sirach 14:1116 “Enjoy your good life. ... 1 Corinthians 1:4–9 You lack no spiritual gift.

Ignatian Discernment of Spirits for Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care

Author: Mark E. Thibodeaux

Publisher: Loyola Press

ISBN: 0829449590

Page: 124

View: 902

With decades of experience in spiritual direction, Father Mark Thibodeaux, SJ, knows how impactful the Ignatian discernment of spirits can be. With few practical resources available to help make these principles relevant to spiritual seekers, Thibodeaux crafted his own, which is now made available here in Ignatian Discernment of Spirits for Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care: Going Deeper. This rich resource meets the needs of spiritual directors and counselors by offering fresh insight into discernment through innovative approaches and applications for varied spiritual experiences and challenges. In Ignatian Discernment of Spirits, Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, provides ◗◗ A practical crash course on Ignatian discernment of spirits ◗◗ 12 innovative ideas about discernment, culled from his decades of experience as a Jesuit and a spiritual director ◗◗ A hands-on approach to discernment that accompanies people who are experiencing various spiritual states or movements ◗◗ An easy-to-use resource section that includes Scripture relating to the discernment of spirits

Pastoral Care and Counseling in Large Mega Congregations

See also Independence; interdependence depression, 11, 12, 14, 66,86; clinically depressed, 14 Dilthey, Wilheim, 57,99n25 disenfranchised, 2, 69 divorce, ...

Pastoral Care and Counseling in Large Mega Congregations

Author: Jean Beedoe

Publisher: UPA

ISBN: 0761867309

Page: 116

View: 847

Church growth in metropolitan communities motivated a short study concerning the pastoral care and counseling of immigrants, specifically Black Caribbean congregants in large/mega congregations. Culture, denomination history, and interpretations of scripture enter into the dynamics of defining not only the pastoral office of leaders but their perception of “care.” The phenomenological “cycle” of care is said to exist as an exchange happens between caregivers and care receivers. Such an exploration of three congregations opened up rare concepts of the psycho-social, and spiritual nature that guide interpersonal relationships of family systems across cultures. Large/mega congregations desire women’s as well as men’s style of nurturing and of fellowship that form the characteristics of a sharing, caring congregation. The study implicated a need for more comprehensive interdisciplinary teaching methods to train church leaders and clergy. It signals for an approach in practical theology to develop curricula for spiritual health of cultural plurality in congregations and community.

The Bloomsbury Guide to Pastoral Care

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Schneiders, The Revelatory Text, 189. The world behind the text refers to the forces that shaped its ...

The Bloomsbury Guide to Pastoral Care

Author: Bernadette Flanagan

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441182268

Page: 352

View: 286

The Bloomsbury Guide to Pastoral Care provides a framework for reflection on pastoral care practice and identifies frontier learning from the new and challenging practical contexts which are important in pastoral care research today. In this collection of essays from leading practitioner-scholars, Bernadette Flanagan and Sharon Thornton set out core principles underpinning professional identity and the practice of pastoral care in rapidly changing social settings. Such pastoral challenges as, developing compassionate and effective companioning to those who have suffered trauma, torture, catastrophic events, social disintegration, the moral wounds of war and cultural dislocation are treated with insight and deep care. The new frontiers of pastoral care in more familiar circumstances such as family, health settings where patients facing life-challenging medical events and multi-cultural communities are also explored. With contributions from Kevin Egan, Michael O'Sullivan SJ, Rita Nakashima Brock and Julia Prinz VDMF, The Bloomsbury Guide to Pastoral Care is an essential reference for the theory and practice of pastoral care.