Nostalgias of Malta

Malta has all but forgotten Geo Fuerst, the great photographer of the 1930s; his name and his work remain familiar only to keen antique postcard collectors, and to those Melitensia lovers who treasure his three pre-war books, all quite ...

Nostalgias of Malta

Author: Giovanni Bonello


ISBN: 9789993271130

Page: 212

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Malta has all but forgotten Geo Fuerst, the great photographer of the 1930s; his name and his work remain familiar only to keen antique postcard collectors, and to those Melitensia lovers who treasure his three pre-war books, all quite difficult to come by and one exceedingly scarce. In 2002, the London-based Malta Study Circle printed a catalogue of Fuerst's Maltese postcards; concurrently, the author published a brief biography. The intention of this publication is to present a historical register of a fast-disappearing Malta, as frozen on film by a sensitive psychoanalyst of the national spirit during the inter-war years. It contains over 200 photos of 1930s, Malta many of which are published here for the first time.

Nostalgias of Malta

This is the fourth in the series of Nostalgias volumes by Giovanni Bonello in which he lays before the reader handsome sets of photographs taken by artists, mainly Maltese, who recorded the appearance of the landscapes and seascapes of the ...

Nostalgias of Malta

Author: Giovanni Bonello

Publisher: Midsea Books

ISBN: 9789993272588

Page: 204

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This is the fourth in the series of Nostalgias volumes by Giovanni Bonello in which he lays before the reader handsome sets of photographs taken by artists, mainly Maltese, who recorded the appearance of the landscapes and seascapes of the Maltese Islands and, to a smaller extent, that of the people who inhabited them in the late nineteenth century and in the first half of the last century. Handsomely bound and elegantly designed like its predecessors, Nostalgias of Malta - Images by Horatio Agius~ from the 1860s to the 1900s , should sit proudly on a bookshelf or on a coffee table, whilst being pleasantly useful as a work of reference, or as one of those books through which it is pleasant just to leaf idly. ~ ~ As usual, Giovanni Bonello has not just made a careful choice of those photographs from Horatio Agius's studio to include, but has also made sure that those of them to whom time has been unkind have been professionally doctored. He has also provided one of his very readable and carefully researched introductions to Agius as an artist and as a man. In fact, the early part of the introduction will remind readers of Bonello's numerous articles about people - Maltese, Knights of St John and Britons - whose lives were noted for irregularities in social mores, as he reveals that Agius was born in 1844 out of wedlock to a married woman, and a father who was to recognise him when Horatio was twenty-six years old. ~ The boy did not receive a regular schooling, it seems, but he managed to learn a photographer's technical skill, and over the years made some good money out of photography. He tried his best to achieve social acceptance by acquiring immovable property, marrying as the second of his two wives a woman from a good middle-class family, and finally by buying himself a dubious Neapolitan knighthood, following which he styled himself Chev Horatio Agius. He died in 1910. ~ His many photographs, many of which are remarkable for their sharpness, provide a fine record of Valletta, its harbours, and of Cottonera in the last few decades of Queen Victoria's reign. The captions used for the original prints have been retained, leading to hilarious phrases such as "French Chapee~ [for Chapel]" or "Colidor of the Armoury". The greatest novelty is the series of figures in lay or religious garb - cotton spinner, chorister, peasant, Capuchin Father, etc. A photograph showing "The Boys of HMS Garnet" - naval ratings wearing the large straw hats still worn as part of the summer uniform in Victorian times - should become a favourite especially with English readers.

Nostalgias of Gozo

This book, the second in the 'Nostalgias' series, includes over two hundred photos of Gozo taken between the 1880s and the 1930s, divided into four chapters: The Islands, People, Events and Gozo Boats.

Nostalgias of Gozo

Author: Giovanni Bonello

Publisher: Midsea Books

ISBN: 9789993271611

Page: 222

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Gozo is more meagerly represented than Malta in pre-war photography. This is due most prominently to the fact that British troops had far less of a presence in Gozo. The bulk of early photography survives in the form of postcards which, before the tourist boom of the sixties, appealed almost exclusively to servicemen. This does not mean that old photographs of Gozo cannot be found today, as this book seeks to demonstrate. It does, mean, however, that photographs of pre-war Gozo are difficult to come by. Gozo postcard publishing took place in a sort of 'closed-shop' environment, with only Gozitans placing their wares on the Gozo market. The few and sporadic Gozo cards marketed by non-Gozitans (Maltese or foreigners) formed part of larger print runs of Maltese views, the majority of those featuring Gozo depicted the fishing boats, tal-latini, and little else. This book, the second in the 'Nostalgias' series, includes over two hundred photos of Gozo taken between the 1880s and the 1930s, divided into four chapters: The Islands, People, Events and Gozo Boats.

Historical Dictionary of Malta

Nostalgias of Malta: Images by Geo Furst from the 1930s. Valletta, Malta: Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, 2006. Grima, Reuben, and Enrico Formica.

Historical Dictionary of Malta

Author: Uwe Jens Rudolf

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538119188

Page: 402

View: 398

This third edition of Historical Dictionary of Malta contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 300 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

Carnival and Power

Description of Malta and Gozo. Malta: Melitensia Editions, Valletta Publishing Ltd. Bakhtin, Mikhail. 1984 [1968]. ... Nostalgias of Malta.

Carnival and Power

Author: Vicki Ann Cremona

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331970656X

Page: 304

View: 175

This book shows how Carnival under British colonial rule became a locus of resistance as well as an exercise and affirmation of power. Carnival is both a space of theatricality and a site of politics, where the playful, participatory aspects are appropriated by countervailing forces seeking to influence, control, channel or redirect power. Focusing specifically on the Maltese islands, a tiny European archipelago situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, this work links the contrast between play and power to other Carnival realities across the world. It examines the question of power and identity in relation to different social classes and environments of Carnival play, from streets to ballrooms. It looks at satire and censorship, unbridled gaiety and controlled celebration. It describes the ways Carnival was appropriated as a power channel both by the British and their Maltese subjects, and ultimately how it was manipulated in the struggle for Malta’s independence.

The Economy of Modern Malta

Bonello, G., Appalling Poverty in Malta in the Early 19th Century, The Sunday Times of Malta, 23 June 2013. Bonello, G., Maltese Nostalgias for the Order ...

The Economy of Modern Malta

Author: Paul Caruana Galizia

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137565985

Page: 384

View: 908

This book provides the first wide-ranging account of the Maltese economy in the modern era, from colonialism to European Union membership. It sets arguments about growth and development, and the impact and legacy of colonization, against detailed histories of agriculture, manufacturing and trade, and different economic policy regimes. It is based on volumes of newly collected archival evidence and the latest thinking in economic history. By extending coverage up to the present, the book explains how one of the world's smallest nation-states achieved lasting economic development, quintupling its per capita income level since 1970, when many other postcolonial and advanced economies stagnated.

Music Nostalgia and Memory

Exoticizing Discoveries and Extraordinary Experiences: “Traditional” Music, Modernity, and Nostalgia in Malta and Other Mediterranean Societies.

Music  Nostalgia and Memory

Author: Sandra Garrido

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 303002556X

Page: 282

View: 930

How are our personal soundtracks of life devised? What makes some pieces of music more meaningful to us than others? This book explores the role of memory, both personal and cultural, in imbuing music with the power to move us. Focusing on the relationship between music and key life moments from birth to death, the text takes a cross-disciplinary approach, combining perspectives from a ‘history of emotions’ with modern day psychology, empirical surveys of modern-day listeners and analysis of musical works. The book traces the trajectory of emotional response to music over the past 500 years, illuminating the interaction between personal, historical and contextual variables that influence our hard-wired emotional responses to music, and the key role of memory and nostalgia in the mechanisms of emotional response.

Studies in Maltese Popular Music

Performing Nostalgia: Migration Culture and Creativity in South Albania (Farnham: ... 'The Language of Eurovision and the Music of Malta', ESCInsight, ...

Studies in Maltese Popular Music

Author: Philip Ciantar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000379140

Page: 196

View: 981

This book examines the diverse facets of popular music in Malta, paying special attention to għana (Malta’s folk song), the wind band tradition, and modern popular music. Ciantar provides intriguing discussions and examples of how popular music on this small Mediterranean island country interacts with other aspects of the island’s life and culture such as language, religion, history, customs, and politics. Through a series of ethnographic vignettes, the book explores the music as it takes place in bars, at festivals, and during village celebrations, and considers how it is talked about in the local press, at group gatherings, and on social media. The ethnography adopted here is that of a native musician and ethnomusicologist and therefore marries the author’s memories with ongoing observations and their evaluation.

Colonial Memory and Postcolonial Europe

Maltese Settlers in Algeria and France Andrea L. Smith ... to some underlying Maltese identity: I really don't think this is really nostalgia for Malta, ...

Colonial Memory and Postcolonial Europe

Author: Andrea L. Smith

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253218568

Page: 269

View: 906

"[I]ntersects with very active areas of research in history and anthropology, and links these domains of inquiry spanning Europe and North Africa in a creative and innovative fashion." --Douglas Holmes, Binghamton University Maltese settlers in colonial Algeria had never lived in France, but as French citizens were abruptly "repatriated" there after Algerian independence in 1962. In France today, these pieds-noirs are often associated with "Mediterranean" qualities, the persisting tensions surrounding the French-Algerian War, and far-right, anti-immigrant politics. Through their social clubs, they have forged an identity in which Malta, not Algeria, is the unifying ancestral homeland. Andrea L. Smith uses history and ethnography to argue that scholars have failed to account for the effect of colonialism on Europe itself. She explores nostalgia and collective memory; the settlers' liminal position in the colony as subalterns and colonists; and selective forgetting, in which Malta replaces Algeria, the "true" homeland, which is now inaccessible, fraught with guilt and contradiction. The study provides insight into race, ethnicity, and nationalism in Europe as well as cultural context for understanding political trends in contemporary France.

Histories of Malta


Histories of Malta

Author: Giovanni Bonello


ISBN: 9789993210115

Page: 263

View: 189

Very useful work on many aspects of Maltese life and personages.


The 'pilgrimages of nostalgia' to Malta thus act as sensorially intense visits to 'an Algeria without anti-Maltese discrimination' and in which being a ...


Author: Sharon Macdonald

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135628726

Page: 320

View: 99

Memorylands is an original and fascinating investigation of the nature of heritage, memory and understandings of the past in Europe today. It looks at how Europe has become a ’memoryland’ – littered with material reminders of the past, such as museums, heritage sites and memorials; and at how this ‘memory phenomenon’ is related to the changing nature of identities – especially European, national and cosmopolitan. In doing so, it provides new insights into how memory and the past are being performed and reconfigured in Europe – and with what effects. Drawing especially, though not exclusively, on cases, concepts and arguments from social and cultural anthropology, Memorylands argues for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the cultural assumptions involved in relating to the past. It theorizes the various ways in which ‘materializations’ of identity work and relates these to different forms of identification within Europe. The book also addresses questions of methodology, including discussion of historical, ethnographic, interdisciplinary and innovative methods. Through a wide-range of case-studies from across Europe, Sharon Macdonald argues that Europe is home to a much greater range of ways of making the past present than is usually realized – and a greater range of forms of ‘historical consciousness’. At the same time, however, she seeks to highlight what she calls ‘the European memory complex’ – a repertoire of prevalent patterns in forms of recollection and ‘past presencing’. The examples in Memorylands are drawn from both the margins and metropolitan centres, from the relatively small-scale and local, the national and the avant-garde. The book looks at pasts that are potentially identity-disrupting – or ‘difficult’ – as well as those that affirm identities or offer possibilities for transcending national identities or articulating more cosmopolitan futures. Topics covered include authenticity, temporalities, embodiment, commodification, nostalgia and Ostalgie, the musealization of everyday and folk-life, Holocaust commemoration and tourism, narratives of war, the heritage of Islam, transnationalism, and the future of the past. Memorylands is engagingly written and accessible to general readers as well as offering a new synthesis for advanced researchers in memory and heritage studies. It is essential reading for those interested in identities, memory, material culture, Europe, tourism and heritage.

Hip Hop around the World An Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Malta is a South European island country of three islands (Malta, Comino, ... Modernity, and Nostalgia in Malta and Other Mediterranean Societies.

Hip Hop around the World  An Encyclopedia  2 volumes

Author: Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313357595

Page: 894

View: 625

This set covers all aspects of international hip hop as expressed through music, art, fashion, dance, and political activity. • Includes contributors from a range of fields, including musicology, theater, and anthropology, giving readers a broad perspective on the genre • Covers hip hop in virtually every country, including countries with severely restricted hip hop activity • Contains comprehensive lists of record labels, films, editor-recommended videos, and more • Shows the influence hip hop has on many aspects of life, such as politics, fashion, dance, and art

Ecologies of Affect

Placing Nostalgia, Desire, and Hope Tonya K. Davidson, Ondine Park, Rob Shields ... modernity and nostalgia in Malta and other Mediterranean societies.

Ecologies of Affect

Author: Tonya K. Davidson

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554583128

Page: 360

View: 636

Ecologies of Affect offers a synthetic introduction to the felt dynamics of cities and the character of places. The contributors capture the significance of affects including desire, nostalgia, memory, and hope in forming the identity and tone of places. The critical intervention this collection of essays makes is an active, consistent engagement with the virtualities that produce and refract our idealized attachments to place. Contributors show how place images, and attempts to build communities, are, rather than abstractions, fundamentally tied to and revolve around such intangibles. We understand nostalgia, desire, and hope as virtual; that is, even though they are not material, they are nevertheless real and must be accounted for. In this book, the authors take up affect, emotion, and emplacement and consider them in relation to one another and how they work to produce and are produced by certain temporal and spatial dimensions. The aim of the book is to inspire readers to consider space and place beyond their material properties and attend to the imaginary places and ideals that underpin and produce material places and social spaces. This collection will be useful to practitioners and students seeking to understand the power of affect and the importance of virtualities within contemporary societies, where intangible goods have taken on an increasing value.

The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture

Singing and politics: Maltese folk music and musicians (PhD dissertation). ... modernity and nostalgia in Malta and other Mediterranean societies.

The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture

Author: Janet Sturman

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1506353371

Page: 2728

View: 530

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Music and Culture presents key concepts in the study of music in its cultural context and provides an introduction to the discipline of ethnomusicology, its methods, concerns, and its contributions to knowledge and understanding of the world′s musical cultures, styles, and practices. The diverse voices of contributors to this encyclopedia confirm ethnomusicology′s fundamental ethos of inclusion and respect for diversity. Combined, the multiplicity of topics and approaches are presented in an easy-to-search A-Z format and offer a fresh perspective on the field and the subject of music in culture. Key features include: Approximately 730 signed articles, authored by prominent scholars, are arranged A-to-Z and published in a choice of print or electronic editions Pedagogical elements include Further Readings and Cross References to conclude each article and a Reader’s Guide in the front matter organizing entries by broad topical or thematic areas Back matter includes an annotated Resource Guide to further research (journals, books, and associations), an appendix listing notable archives, libraries, and museums, and a detailed Index The Index, Reader’s Guide themes, and Cross References combine for thorough search-and-browse capabilities in the electronic edition

Music and Identity Politics

“ Exoticizing Discoveries and Extraordinary Experiences : ' Traditional Music , Modernity and Nostalgia in Malta and Other Mediterranean Societies .

Music and Identity Politics

Author: Ian Biddle

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351557742

Page: 548

View: 132

This volume brings together for the first time book chapters, articles and position pieces from the debates on music and identity, which seek to answer classic questions such as: how has music shaped the ways in which we understand our identities and those of others? In what ways has scholarly writing about music dealt with identity politics since the Second World War? Both classic and more recent contributions are included, as well as material on related issues such as music's role as a resource in making and performing identities and music scholarship's ambivalent relationship with scholarly activism and identity politics. The essays approach the music-identity relationship from a wide range of methodological perspectives, ranging from critical historiography and archival studies, psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality studies, to ethnography and anthropology, and social and cultural theories drawn from sociology; and from continental philosophy and Marxist theories of class to a range of globalization theories. The collection draws on the work of Anglophone scholars from all over the globe, and deals with a wide range of musics and cultures, from the Americas, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This unique collection of key texts, which deal not just with questions of gender, sexuality and race, but also with other socially-mediated identities such as social class, disability, national identity and accounts and analyses of inter-group encounters, is an invaluable resource for music scholars and researchers and those working in any discipline that deals with identity or identity politics.

Ecological Nostalgias

... Malta Mark-Anthony Falzon Volume 24 At Home on the Waves Human Habitation of the Sea from the Mesolithic to Today Edited by Tanya J. King and Gary ...

Ecological Nostalgias

Author: Olivia Angé

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1789208947

Page: 160

View: 965

Introducing the study of econostalgias through a variety of rich ethnographic cases, this volume argues that a strictly human centered approach does not account for contemporary longings triggered by ecosystem upheavals. In this time of climate change, this book explores how nostalgia for fading ecologies unfolds into the interstitial spaces between the biological, the political and the social, regret and hope, the past, the present and the future.