How Paul Robeson Saved My Life and Other Stories

HOW PAUL ROBESON SAVED MY LIFE AND OTHER MOSTLY HAPPY STORIES. Copyright 1999 by Carl Reiner. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American ...

How Paul Robeson Saved My Life and Other Stories

Author: Carl Reiner

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062004514

Page: 176

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Carl Reiner has been making people laugh since the days of The Dick Van Dyke Show. His showbiz bits with Mel Brooks about the 2000 Year Old Man have become the stuff of comedy legend. Jerry Seinfeld, Alan Alda, Neil Simon, Steve Allen, and Richard Lewis were all bowled over by the comic genius of The 2000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000: The Book. Now, in his wonderful new book, Carl Reiner shows off the talent and humor that have made him a comedic superstar. Filled with rich, multidimensional tales, this collection of short stories from one of America's truly great comedic minds is at once poignant, nostalgic, and laugh-out-loud funny. "How Paul Robeson Saved My Life." the story of Reiner's experiences in the army during World War II, is a darkly funny look at racism. "Lance and Gwendolyn" is a modern-day fairy tale with some surprising twists. "Dial 411 for Legal Smut" is a tongue-in-cheek look at phone sex. Whatever topic he tackles, Reiner always manages to capture the highs and lows, the follies and foibles of everyday life.

Stories of Your Life and Others

Stories of Your Life and Others delivers dual delights of the very, very strange and the heartbreakingly familiar, often presenting characters who must confront sudden change—the inevitable rise of automatons or the appearance of ...

Stories of Your Life and Others

Author: Ted Chiang

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 1931520895

Page: 288

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An award-winning book from the author of Exhalation, this short story collection “blend[s] absorbing storytelling with meditations on the universe, being, time and space. . . . raises questions about the nature of reality and what it is to be human.” —The New York Times Includes “Story of Your Life” the basis for the major motion picture Arrival Stories of Your Life and Others delivers dual delights of the very, very strange and the heartbreakingly familiar, often presenting characters who must confront sudden change—the inevitable rise of automatons or the appearance of aliens—with some sense of normalcy. With sharp intelligence and humor, Chiang examines what it means to be alive in a world marked by uncertainty, but also by beauty and wonder. An award-winning collection from one of today's most lauded writers, Stories of Your Life and Others is a contemporary classic.

Turbo s Very Life and Other Stories

She shades her eyes with her hand and glints up at him. “You can trust me,” he says. “I won't take advantage of you.” “Awww...” she whines, from the dark ...

Turbo s Very Life and Other Stories

Author: Carroll Dale Short

Publisher: NewSouth Books

ISBN: 1603060901

Page: 207

View: 349

In the eighteen stories in this retrospective of his best short fiction, Dale Short shows why he is one of the best prose stylists of his generation and why he deserves a break-out success. Short's writing has been hailed by Wally Lamb as “simultaneously mythical and modern; a wild ride,” and Dennis Covington has called him “wise and compassionate, a major Southern writer.” He writes here from many perspectives—male, female, first person, third person, grieving widow, newly divorced dad, jailed redneck, river man laid up with heart trouble, conjure woman—and in every story the voice is as true as that of a child and as clear as fresh ice. The marvel of Short's prose is that the writing is so good it disappears, leaving the reader surrounded only by the story, which resonates long after the last word is absorbed. The other remarkable thing is how Short can go from comedy to tragedy within a single paragraph, sometimes within a single sentence, and then back again. His time lines here range from the Civil War to the near future, and the locales vary from a Kentucky mining town to the Gulf Coast of Mexico to the constellation Orion—all in all, a rare feast for the imagination. Stories that have appeared before only in magazines, this collection charts more than two decades of the growth and exploration of an author who won the first Redbook Fiction Prize at the age of twenty-seven, and whose acclaimed novel The Shining Shining Path was called by reviewers “Southern magical realism” and praised by Publishers Weekly as “boldly imaginative; a provocative spiritual odyssey.” Publishers Weekly added, “Short takes risks in a single paragraph that many writers never attempt in an entire novel.”

Love of Life and Other Stories

But first they pay me, my seven hundred and fifty dollars a month. Also, they make me a present of one thousand dollars. And that was the year that Sitka ...

Love of Life and Other Stories

Author: Jack London

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5876927848

Page: 458

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My Life and Other Stories

Ill even go so far as to say that, given even a fraction of introspection in you, your life will be significantly altered after youve read this book. I know that doesnt sound humble but I also know this to be true.

My Life and Other Stories

Author: Bob Elles

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481752901

Page: 206

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Intelligence comes from ignorance as wisdom comes from naiveté and there is nothing like gathering both from people who represent a diverse swath of nations throughout the world. As cultures require contact with each other in order to grow and remain viable, and not succumb to atrophy, man too requires contact with men of different beliefs and practices. No one nation or culture or religion has a hold on logic or is immune to extremism. I feel blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to absorb and learn about aspects of life that I’m sure I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. In fact, my whole belief system was changed over the past forty-five years through this contact. I began to do some research on my family and what I learned, coupled with what I had experienced in my life, literally brought me to tears in gratitude and admiration, and hopefully in wisdom. If you like to sit down and listen to stories told by, say, an old friend, an uncle, or a person with wrinkles on his face, grey in his hair, and a sparkle of wisdom in his eyes, coupled with a smile on his face, then you should so bother. If you don’t, then stop right here and go pick up and read a book on vampires or love’s lost or whatever turns your fancy. My life has been tragic and wondrous and I have what I call life lessons that I believe you will find helpful in your life. I’ll even go so far as to say that, given even a fraction of introspection in you, your life will be significantly altered after you’ve read this book. I know that doesn’t sound humble but I also know this to be true. I have learned, forgot, and made up many a good story. Keep this in mind when you read these chapters (stories) compiled within this book. Are they all true? Mostly, with only the most embarrassing events removed. An old retired Air Force fighter pilot once told me “I have secrets only God and I know – and that’s the way it will remain.”

Life Strife Other Stories

Twilight Years Of My Life It feels like I'm in the twilight years of my life, But at just 26 it feels right. Gave up drinking, To concentrate more on ...

Life  Strife   Other Stories

Author: John Badham


ISBN: 144782301X

Page: 156

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Riffraff and other stories about the nomadic life of a Texas oilfield brat

An amazing twist to this phase of my life happened many years later when my husband, Clarence, and I had retired and moved to Oregon.

Riffraff and other stories about the nomadic life of a Texas oilfield brat

Author: Carol Mogensen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503572501

Page: 148

View: 191

Carol Mogensen begins a chronicle of her nomadic life by describing her family's wandering from one Texas oil boom town to another during the 1940s. These wanderings over the dry Texas plains instilled in her a thirst for adventure and led to living in Puerto Rico and, ultimately, on a small island in Alaska. She titles her book Riffraff as that is the way many residents of the small Texas farming communities whee cotton fields sat stop oil fields viewed the influx of nomadic oilfield workers into their communities. Although some may consider her early years a hard scrabble existence, she describes a childhood of being led into mischief by an older brother with humor. Other stories describe the experience of being the first woman to parachute with Sky Divers in Potter County in 1960, a car trip through Mexico in 1961 with her college roommate, an unpleasant incident at the notorious Jack Ruby's nightclub in Dallas, the pathos of loss of a loved one to suicide, and starting a new life with a new love in southeast Alaska, delivering supplies to remote island locations.

The Day They Took My Uncle and Other Stories

I have my life to live and that means without Cleo . " " The blows life hits us with . I often think that you and Cleo could have settled your differences ...

The Day They Took My Uncle  and Other Stories

Author: Lionel G. Garcia

Publisher: TCU Press

ISBN: 9780875652351

Page: 234

View: 796

The Day They Took My Uncle and Other Stories is a collection of 15 shorts by novelist Lionel Garcia, dealing mostly with working-class and poor inhabitants of the southwestern U.S. Difficulties encountered by Latinos in America are a recurrent theme.

Him With His Foot In His Mouth and Other Stories

others—live my life is a fabrication, an amusement park that, however, does not amuse. It resembles, if you are following, my brother's private park, ...

Him With His Foot In His Mouth and Other Stories

Author: Saul Bellow

Publisher: Odyssey Editions

ISBN: 162373035X

Page: 294

View: 234

Five of Saul Bellow’s most moving, richly textured, and exquisitely plotted short stories make up this volume, each providing a history of personality and self-awakening. The title story, “Him with His Foot in His Mouth,” follows a musicologist narrator who for years has scattered wounding witticisms “from the depths of my nature, that hoard of strange formulations.” As the story unfolds he tries to discover what led him into a “deep legal-financial hole,” while he awaits extradition from a refuge in British Columbia. “What Kind of Day Did You Have?” follows a divorced suburban woman and her lovers—would-be and actual—through a frantic day in their lives. Their needs and passions, as well as their comic conflicts, are matters of life and death. In “Zetland: By a Character Witness” and in “A Silver Dish,” Bellow returns, with his unequaled command of eloquent recollected detail, to a bygone Chicago, “Zetland” is a brilliant portrait of an artist as a young boy and a man, precocious and eccentric; “A Silver Dish” is a memorable story of a raffish, willful father and his affectionate son. “Cousins,” the final story in the volume, explores the mysteries of family feeling—mysteries that defy both logic and the worthiness of their objects, as Ijah Brodsky, successful in the larger world, is drawn into an encounter with criminal and naively idealistic forces. This collection represents a turning point in the bountiful career of Saul Bellow, a felicitous rendering of the human condition in all its absurd complexity.

The Cop and the Anthem and Other Stories

make your life less sad. Will you trust your fate to me, mademoiselle?' 'Ah, you would sacrifice yourself from pity!' 'From love. The time is almost up, ...

The Cop and the Anthem and Other Stories

Author: O. Henry

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241448891

Page: 240

View: 872

O. Henry was a master of the short story and one of the most popular American writers of the twentieth century. This selection of tales from across his writing career ranges from New York apartments to the cattle-lands of Texas, taking in con men, clerks, hustlers, shop assistants, tramps and tricksters. They all highlight his ironic, comic eye, his gift for evoking speech and setting, and his unique approach to life's quirks of fate. The Penguin English Library - collectable general readers' editions of the best fiction in English, from the eighteenth century to the end of the Second World War.

My Very Last Possession and Other Stories

True , I'm not living my life constantly crossing t's and dotting i's about my daughters ' ages , but I've never , not even in my wildest dream , thought of ...

My Very Last Possession and Other Stories

Author: Wan-sŏ Pak

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765604286

Page: 220

View: 268

An anthology of ten short stories by one of Korea's foremost living writers. The literary world of Pak explores the moral ambiguities inherent in Korea's society today and encourages the reader to question the injustices that prevail in the more impersonal world emerging in a globalized Korea.

Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories

me of my usefulness. All my life I have prayed that I might some time love a woman; that time has come, but this means I must give her up and be lonely all ...

Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories

Author: Rex Beach

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 1479455199

Page: 200

View: 375

Rex Beach—dubbed the "Victor Hugo" of the North—reached fame and best-seller status with the publication of his novel, The Spoilers. He went on to have a string of successful books, many of which were adapted into movies. This collection assembles some of his best short stories, including "Laughing Bill Hyde."

The Golfing Life of Jock Kirkcaldy and Other Stories

“Ye see Jock, I've felt guilty all my life ever since I failed that navy medical in 1939. It got worse during the War when I was safe and Davie then Brian ...

The Golfing Life of Jock Kirkcaldy and Other Stories

Author: Frank Crowe

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 1839752297

Page: 298

View: 567

Some golf short story fiction, enhanced with the author's fifty years’ experience of golf clubs, golf books, memorabilia and his varied playing partners. Including over 100 illustrations, some of which are original artwork.

Stick Horses and Other Stories of Ranch Life

dance at the old Birney Ranch Store that night and we felt we should support the effort with our presence and our purse. Our neighbors Bill and Dade Allison ...

Stick Horses and Other Stories of Ranch Life

Author: Wallace McRae

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423610946


View: 989

STICK HORSES And Other Stories of Cowboy Life HERE ARE TRUE-LIFE STORIES about cowboys, Indians, (ranch hands, sheriffs) and the milieu of characters that populated the legendary American West. McRae tells about his heroes and also the town vagabonds who came and went through the landscape of his growing up as a ranch kid and his adult life as a third-generation Montana rancher.Both humorous and poignant, the people and events in McRae's stories portray the living Cowboy Code. Enjoyable, can't-put-it-down reading in a conversational style from one of the West's best storytellers. Don't pass this one up!

How to Write a Dirty Book and Other Stories

what I wanted to do with my life and I gave her the Reader's Digest version. Then I asked her to tell me about her life. “Oh, my life is not so interesting, ...

How to Write a Dirty Book and Other Stories

Author: Bruce Kimmel

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468563856

Page: 180

View: 101

How To Write A Dirty Book and Other Stories is Bruce Kimmel’s first collection of short fiction. In these wonderful and evocative tales you’ll find the warmth, humor, and emotion of his acclaimed Benjamin Kritzer trilogy (Benjamin Kritzer, Kritzerland, and Kritzer Time), the biting, acerbic wit of his two mysteries (Writer’s Block and Rewind), and a new element—the world of fantasy. All but one of the stories takes place in Mr. Kimmel’s favorite world—Los Angeles, both then and now. In I’ll See You In My Dreams, a depressed, miserable man longs to escape to the world of a recurring dream, where the perfect woman is waiting for him. In How To Write A Dirty Book, a down-on-his-luck screenwriter in 1959 Hollywood takes on the challenge of writing a naughty novel as a way to supplement his meager income—with surprising results! In Opening Out of Town, a bickering vacationing couple lose their way and stumble onto an all-singing, all-dancing small town. In Your Worst Nightmare, a seventy-two-year-old man seeks revenge against an Internet tormentor. With these and other stories, Mr. Kimmel takes you on a wild ride, a ride filled with nostalgia, longing, laugh-out-loud humor, fear, retribution, and love.

My Father s Tears and Other Stories

My great-cousin was a dapper chickenfarmer who by the time of our last visits had ... Thinking back, trying to locate in my life other moments of that ...

My Father s Tears and Other Stories

Author: John Updike

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141924551

Page: 304

View: 234

A beautiful, moving collection of short stories, in many of which Updike revisits the haunts of his childhood from the vantage point of old age. In 'Fiftieth' old friends reconnect at a class reunion, and one of them is left wondering, 'What does it mean: the enormity of having been children and now being old, living next to death.' In the story 'The Full Glass' the protagonist describes somewhat ruefully the rituals of old age. Before going to bed, he raises his nightly water glass 'drinking a toast to the visible world, his impending disappearance from it be damned.' In 'Varieties of Religious Experiences' a grandfather, visiting his daughter in Brooklyn Heights, watches the tower of the World Trade Centre fall, and his view of a God is forever altered. Again and again in these memorable stories, Updike strikes to the heart, giving words to what is so often left unsaid. He is at once witty, devastatingly observant, touching - and, of course, a consummate storyteller. This is a collection that will be admired and cherished.

The Winnebago Mysteries and Other Stories

Reese cups at an unfortunate period of my life . My adolescence was just as miserable as yours . But we couldn't be so selfindulgent . Most of my life I've ...

The Winnebago Mysteries and Other Stories

Author: Moira Crone

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780914590699

Page: 128

View: 118

Fresh writings about women, love, and strength In this collection of seven short stories, Moira Crone presents fresh writings about women, love, and strength. "Kudzu" is a tale of a girl's childhood in the stranglehold of American life. "The Brooklyn Lie" deals with a young woman's sexuality and body. The title story explores relationships and women's issues through a series of letters and narratives.