Moonshine Mixology

Take a fun-filled adventure into white lightning with Moonshine Mixology.

Moonshine Mixology

Author: Cory Straub

Publisher: Sterling Epicure

ISBN: 9781454920748

Page: 160

View: 728

Take a fun-filled adventure into white lightning with Moonshine Mixology. Beginning with a short, rollicking history of lightning in a bottle, shine expert Cory Straub gives a quick history of hooch, details the equipment to make it, offers an overview of the process, and shares recipes for delicious flavor bases and tub-thumpin cocktails. He also provides valuable tips on storage, packaging, and serving, plus fun facts and witty quotes."

Moonshine Cocktails

Paul Knorr crafts the perfect cocktails using moonshine with this innovative book featuring a collection of drink recipes using the infamous white lightning.

Moonshine Cocktails

Author: Paul Knorr


ISBN: 163159107X

Page: 160

View: 246

Paul Knorr crafts the perfect cocktails using moonshine with this innovative book featuring a collection of drink recipes using the infamous white lightning.

Moonshine Nation

Slowly and gradually, the two men are discovering the boom in mixology that ... Although their preference is still drinking moonshine straight from the jar ...

Moonshine Nation

Author: Mark Spivak

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493012460

Page: 288

View: 646

Moonshine is corn whiskey, traditionally made in improvised stills throughout the Appalachian South. While quality varied from one producer to another, the whiskey had one thing in common: It was illegal because the distiller refused to pay taxes to the US government. Many moonshiners were descendants of Scots-Irish immigrants who had fought in the original Whiskey Rebellion in the early 1790s. They brought their knowledge of distilling with them to America along with a profound sense of independence and a refusal to submit to government authority. Today many Southern states have relaxed their laws and now allow the legal production of moonshine—provided that taxes are paid. Yet many modern moonshiners retain deep links to their bootlegging heritage. Moonshine Nation is the story of moonshine’s history and origins alongside profiles of modern moonshiners—and a collection of drink recipes from each.


... 161 , 163 , 165 Mitchum , Robert , 154 , 165 , 166 mixology , 133. ... 10 , 11 Moonrunners , 162 , 163 , 164 ph moonshine , as term , 8–9 Moonshine : A ...


Author: Jaime Joyce

Publisher: Zenith Press

ISBN: 1627882073

Page: 224

View: 777

Nothing but clear, 100-proof American history. Hooch. White lightning. White whiskey. Mountain dew. Moonshine goes by many names. So what is it, really? Technically speaking, “moonshine” refers to untaxed liquor made in an unlicensed still. In the United States, it’s typically corn that’s used to make the clear, unaged beverage, and it’s the mountain people of the American South who are most closely associated with the image of making and selling backwoods booze at night—by the light of the moon—to avoid detection by law enforcement. In Moonshine: A Cultural History of America’s Infamous Liquor, writer Jaime Joyce explores America’s centuries-old relationship with moonshine through fact, folklore, and fiction. From the country’s early adoption of Scottish and Irish home distilling techniques and traditions to the Whiskey Rebellion of the late 1700s to a comparison of the moonshine industry pre- and post-Prohibition, plus a look at modern-day craft distilling, Joyce examines the historical context that gave rise to moonshining in America and explores its continued appeal. But even more fascinating is Joyce’s entertaining and eye-opening analysis of moonshine’s widespread effect on U.S. pop culture: she illuminates the fact that moonshine runners were NASCAR’s first marquee drivers; explores the status of white whiskey as the unspoken star of countless Hollywood film and television productions, including The Dukes of Hazzard, Thunder Road, and Gator; and the numerous songs inspired by making ’shine from such folk and country artists as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Alan Jackson, and Dolly Parton. So while we can’t condone making your own illegal liquor, reading Moonshine will give you a new perspective on the profound implications that underground moonshine-making has had on life in America.

Big Whiskey The Revised Second Edition

... Gifts for Home Bartending, Mixology, History of Whiskey) Carlo DeVito ... section – not the Corn whiskey is usually made from a moonshine section.

Big Whiskey  The Revised Second Edition

Author: Carlo DeVito

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1646430964

Page: 640

View: 996

An updated edition of Big Whiskey, the definitive guide to the American Whiskey Trail. This updated edition of the definitive guide to the American Whiskey Trail is comprehensive collection of the whiskey, bourbon, and rye made by the best distillers in Kentucky and Tennessee. Full color images throughout showcase each and every bottle and label, behind-the-scenes images, and the beauty of the Whiskey Trail. Interviews with renowned distillers provide incredible insight into how whiskey is made. Locals and tourists alike will discover new distillers and expressions that are sure to satisfy any and all tastes. Big Whiskey is the perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life.

The Cocktail Companion

A Guide to Cocktail History, Culture, Trivia and Favorite Drinks Cheryl Charming ... mixology, mezcal and tequila forward cocktails, punches, moonshine, ...

The Cocktail Companion

Author: Cheryl Charming

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1633539245

Page: 445

View: 524

#1 New Release in Wine & Spirits Buying Guides and Liquor, Spirits & Mixed Drinks - Become a Cocktail Connoisseur If you liked The Drunken Botanist, The 12 Bottle Bar or The Savoy Cocktail Book, you’ll love The Cocktail Companion Drink your way through history: The Cocktail Companion spans the cocktail's curious history—from its roots in beer-swilling 18th-century England through the illicit speakeasy culture of United States Prohibition to the explosive, dynamic industry it is today. Learn about famous and classic cocktails from around the globe, how ice became one of the most important ingredients in mixed drink making, and how craft beers got so big, all with your own amazing drink—that you made yourself!—in hand. Get advice from your favorite bartender: In The Cocktail Companion, well-known bartenders from around the country offer up advice on everything, including using fresh-squeezed juices, finding artisanal bitters, and creating perfect cubes of ice that will help create intriguing, balanced cocktails. You'll want to take your newfound knowledge from this cocktail book everywhere! The Cocktail Companion is a compendium of all things cocktail. This bar book features: 25 must-know recipes for iconic drinks such as the Manhattan and the Martini Cultural anecdotes and often-told myths about drinks' origins Bar etiquette, terms, and tools to make even the newest drinker an expert in no time!

How to Make Homemade Moonshine Whisky Rum and Other Distilled Spirits

Then, You Need this Book in Your Library and... Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use and Gift It! ? - WHY THIS BOOK CAN HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS Sake began with a grain of rice.

How to Make Homemade Moonshine  Whisky  Rum  and Other Distilled Spirits

Author: Don Pablo


ISBN: 9781801849968

Page: 130

View: 914

"55% OFF for Bookstores! Discounted Retail Price NOW!!" Are your customers looking for a detailed guide to creating top-quality alcoholic cocktails from scratch and blow their friend's mind? Do you want to make sure that by buying just one book they will come back to buy again and again? Then, You Need this Book in Your Library and... Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use and Gift It! ? - WHY THIS BOOK CAN HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS Sake began with a grain of rice. Scotch emerged from barley, tequila from agave, bourbon from corn, rum from sugarcane. Thirsty yet? This smart guide explores the dizzying array of herbs, trees, flowers, fruits, and fungi that humans have, through ingenuity, inspiration and sheer desperation, contrived to transform into alcohol over the centuries. Of all the extraordinary and obscure plants that have been fermented and distilled, a few are dangerous and some are downright bizarre-but each represents a unique cultural contribution to our global drinking traditions and our history. Your customers will find:  The bullet-proof method and techniques to make whisky, rum, moonshine and other liquors  High-quality pictures and idiot-proof instructions  Tips and tricks for beginners This fascinating concoction of biology, history, chemistry, etymology, and mixology will make your customer the most popular guest at any cocktail party. Are you ready to leave a permanent imprint on the lives of your clients and their family? Click the "BUY NOW" Button, Buy THOUSANDS of Copies and Let Your Customers Rob Your Library!!

The Art of Distilling Revised and Expanded

He has spoken on distilling and cocktail culture for universities, radio, television, ... L.S. Moonshine has other spirits planned for the Chinese market.

The Art of Distilling  Revised and Expanded

Author: Bill Owens

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 1631595555

Page: 192

View: 198

The Art of Distilling, Revised and Updated presents the techniques and inspirations of the most innovative micro-distillers working today and ties it together with incredible insider photography. In this comprehensive guide to artisan distilling, American Distilling Institute founder Bill Owens will teach you how contemporary master distillers transform water and grain into the full range of exquisite, timeless spirits. The Art of Distilling, Revised and Updated is your exclusive backstage pass into the world of small-scale distilling of whiskies, gins, vodkas, brandies, and many other spirits. Like no other book on the subject, The Art of Distilling goes to lengths to explore the actual craft of distilling, in detail. Beginning with a brief history of distilling and introduction to the process itself, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the art of distilling today. The revised and expanded edition includes even more practical tips, tricks, and instruction and has been updated to include growth and development in the artisan distilling space over the past decade. The Art of Distilling, Revised and Updated is the consummate insider's guide to distilling and its techniques.


Tennessee Berry Mule The GTO Cocktail . ... encapsulating the mixologist's favourite combination of sour citrus , sweet and ... Moonshine Martini Mystique .


Author: Simon Difford

Publisher: diffordsguide

ISBN: 9780955627606

Page: 430

View: 580

The 7th edition of a book that is widely regarded by members of the drinks industry as the most complete and authoritative cocktail publication available. It contains 2,250 easy to follow cocktail recipes, each accompanied by a colour photograph. It also includes detailed instructions for beginners, tips for bar professionals, reviews of the top 100 international bars and a history of the cocktail.

The Modern Cocktail

With more than 60 recipes made from spirit bases including gin, vodka, whiskey, bourbon and cognac, alongside expert advice on equipment and glassware, this is the complete kit to modern cocktail making at home!

The Modern Cocktail

Author: Matt Whiley

Publisher: Jacqui Small

ISBN: 1911127780

Page: 224

View: 763

Matt Whiley, AKA The Talented Mr Fox, traces the evolution of the modern bartender against the backdrop of cocktail history with this stylish cocktail recipe book. With more than 60 recipes made from spirit bases including gin, vodka, whiskey, bourbon and cognac, alongside expert advice on equipment and glassware, this is the complete kit to modern cocktail making at home! Learn to make delicious and original cocktails such as the Bangkok Penicillin or the Marmite Martini, Pea Wine or the Rok House Bellini Fermented Cucumber Syrup. From highly acclaimed mixologist and drinks consultant Matt Whiley, this unique cocktail recipe book is the perfect inspiration for creating your own modern drinks cabinet and the perfect how to guide to making delicious and highly creative cocktails from scratch.

Moon Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Today, moonshine is brewed legally and there are a few distilleries right in ... Tour ($12) provides a tasting with a private tour and mixology class; ...

Moon Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Author: Jason Frye

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 164049846X

Page: 192

View: 684

From majestic mountaintops to lush forests and untouched wilderness, take in the best of the Smokies with Moon Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Inside you'll find: Flexible Itineraries: Unique and adventure-packed ideas ranging from one day in the park to a week-long trip The Best Hikes in the Great Smokies: Detailed hike descriptions with mileage, duration, elevation gains, and difficulty ratings, plus individual trail maps and options for backpackers Experience the Outdoors: Cruise along Newfound Gap Road for epic views from scenic overlooks and watch "smoky" mists rise up through the valleys. Spot local wildlife like 700-pound elk, black bears, and vast herds of white-tailed deer. Savor the refreshing solitude of a night camping under the stars or enjoy a twinkling light show from Elkmont's synchronous fireflies. Trek a segment of the Appalachian Trail, wander through remnants of the region's historic settlements, or try your hand at fly-fishing Take a Break: Unwind after a day of adventure at one of the trendy craft breweries that earned Asheville the title of "Beer City USA." Head to Dollywood for square-dancing, catching a show, or gliding down the lazy river at Splash Country. Soak in the sweet sounds of Tennessee's backwoods music scene, sample some fiery moonshine, or shop for crafty Appalachian folk art How to Get There: Up-to-date information on gateway towns, park entrances, park fees, and tours Where to Stay: Campgrounds, resorts, and more, both inside and outside the park Planning Tips: When to go, what to pack, safety information, and how to avoid the crowds, with full-color photos and detailed maps throughout Recommendations for international visitors, travelers with disabilities, families, seniors, and LGBTQ+ travelers Expertise and Know-How: Explore the park with nature lover and Smoky Mountains expert Jason Frye Find your adventure in Great Smoky Mountains National Park with Moon. Hitting more of North America's national parks? Check out Moon USA National Parks. Road-tripping? Try Moon Drive & Hike Appalachian Trail or Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip.

Drink Like a Woman

Their bartending staff is entirely female! Beverly crafted recipes for MOONSHINE MAMA and GROWN-UP GIRL SCOUT. A chemist by trade, LESLEY GRACIE is master ...

Drink Like a Woman

Author: Jeanette Hurt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1580056296

Page: 160

View: 481

Cocktail marketers and male bartenders like to tell women what we want to drink—and it’s usually fruity, frilly, fancy, and pink. In Drink Like a Woman, Jeanette Hurt shakes up barroom expectations, stirs up some new ideas, and pours a lively collection of feminist cocktails that are just as varied, flavorful, and strong as women are. Sharing basic techniques, cocktail classics, hangover cures, drinking games, and more, this spirited guide takes the misogyny out of mixology by offering fun and functional tips for the at-home barista who doesn’t need a man to mix it up. She also exposes the surprisingly sexist history of cocktail culture, and offers more than 50 recipes, crafted by top women bartenders around the country, including: Anarchy Amaretto Bloody Mary Richards Nelly Bly-Tai The LBD (The Little Black Dress) Ruth’s Pink Taboo WoManhattan Zeldatini The Suffragette Sour Ride, Sally Ride Curie Royale With feisty illustrations and original recipes that call for a generous splash of female empowerment, Drink Like a Woman is sure to subvert the patriarchy, one drink at a time.

Raise the Bar The Home Distiller s Guide

Homemade Mixologist What You CAN Do (Legally). ... Cocktails for the Homemade Mixologist...... ... Moonshine Mimosa.

Raise the Bar   The Home Distiller s Guide

Author: Jim O'Brien


ISBN: 1387896237

Page: 130

View: 646

Home distillation isnÕt for everyone. It's for you! While some homebrewers are happy enough with beer or wine, others want to take it a step further, by distilling those grain and fruit mashes and concentrating their alcohol into true spirits worthy of any bar. Let me invite you into the fantastic world of the craft alcohol. I'll bring you through any ""what,"" ""why,"" ""where"" and ""how"" LetÕs plunge into a wondrous world beyond the ordinary. This is the world of the craft alcohol. You will go through all what,"" ""why,"" ""where"" and ""how.""

Alcohol in Popular Culture An Encyclopedia

new type of “cocktail clothing” and “cocktail-length” dresses to be worn during ... to as “white collar moonshine” to serve at their next cocktail party.

Alcohol in Popular Culture  An Encyclopedia

Author: Rachel Black

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 031338049X

Page: 229

View: 182

This encyclopedia presents the many sides of America's ongoing relationship with alcohol, examining the political history, pivotal events, popular culture, and advances in technology that have affected its consumption. • More than 100 A–Z entries describe the culture and history of alcohol, including the drinks themselves, concepts, business aspects, entertainment, regulations, social aspects, organizations, events, rituals, use in religions, and effects on health • Compiles all-original information from 32 distinguished international and American scholars and journalists • Offers a number of historical and contemporary photographs • Extensive bibliography provides additional suggested reading

The Southern Slow Cooker

... but we mountain folk like to argue that moonshine goes with everything! Mixologist David Ortiz created this white lightening-style cocktail ...

The Southern Slow Cooker

Author: Kendra Bailey Morris

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 1607745135

Page: 136

View: 681

A collection of 60 soulful, comforting, and wonderfully convenient recipes for Southern favorites—from Black Eyed Peas with Stewed Tomatoes to Country-Style Pork Ribs and Molasses Gingerbread. Cooking delicious, soul-warming Southern food that the whole family will love has never been easier! Whether it’s a big pot of black-eyed peas, fall-apart tender pulled pork, or creamy apple butter, the greatest Southern dishes have one thing in common: they taste best when they’re cooked low and slow. With more than sixty recipes for down-home favorites, ranging from Chicken and Cornmeal Dumplings to Buffalo Stout Beer Chili to Brown Beans and Fatback, The Southern Slow Cooker is packed with real Southern flavor. Author Kendra Bailey Morris presents regional classics from all over the South: church potlucks, Cajun and Creole traditions in the bayou, even her West Virginia granny’s old recipe book. Morris carefully tested and adapted each recipe for the home kitchen, and the result is a treasure for busy home cooks everywhere. With hardly any active cooking time and featuring affordable ingredients, every dish is simple, convenient, and downright delicious. All of these satisfying, flavor-packed, and wonderfully simple recipes allow you to make the food you love in the time you have available—and will have you and your family begging for seconds.

The Shaken and the Stirred

The Year's Work in Cocktail Culture Stephen Schneider, Craig N. Owens ... Amateur Outlaw's Adventures in Moonshine ( New York : Simon & Schuster , 2011 ) .

The Shaken and the Stirred

Author: Stephen Schneider

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253052327

Page: 432

View: 434

Over the past decade, the popularity of cocktails has returned with gusto. Amateur and professional mixologists alike have set about recovering not just the craft of the cocktail, but also its history, philosophy, and culture. The Shaken and the Stirred features essays written by distillers, bartenders and amateur mixologists, as well as scholars, all examining the so-called 'Cocktail Revival' and cocktail culture. Why has the cocktail returned with such force? Why has the cocktail always acted as a cultural indicator of class, race, sexuality and politics in both the real and the fictional world? Why has the cocktail revival produced a host of professional organizations, blogs, and conferences devoted to examining and reviving both the drinks and habits of these earlier cultures?

Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip

Moonshine is a high-octane corn liquor made in the hills, hollows, and coves all ... Tour ($15) provides a tasting with a private tour and mixology class; ...

Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip

Author: Jason Frye

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1640491554

Page: 357

View: 743

Hit the Road with Moon Travel Guides! Drive America's most scenic highway, from the green valleys of Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains, with Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip. Inside you'll find: Maps and Driving Tools: 29 easy-to-use maps keep you oriented on and off the highway, along with site-to-site mileage, driving times, and detailed directions for the entire route Eat, Sleep, Stop and Explore: With lists of the best hikes, views, restaurants, and more, you can listen to live bluegrass, find the best barbecue around, or sip a glass of local moonshine. Drive past fields brimming with fireflies, spot wildlife like elk and bear, or hike a leg of the storied Appalachian Trail. Visit small mountain towns, get to know vibrant Asheville, or extend your route to explore the museums in Washington D.C. Flexible Itineraries: Drive the entire two-week route or follow strategic itineraries for spending time in Washington DC, Waynesboro, Roanoke, Asheville, Cherokee, Knoxville, and more Local Insight: North Carolinian and mountaineer Jason Frye shares his love of the Great Smoky Mountains Planning Your Trip: Know when and where to get gas, how to avoid traffic, tips for driving in different road and weather conditions, and suggestions for LGBTQ travelers, seniors, and road trippers with kids With Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip's practical tips, detailed itineraries, and local expertise, you're ready to fill up the tank and hit the road. Want to explore more of America on wheels? Try Moon Nashville to New Orleans Road Trip. Doing more than driving through? Check out Moon Great Smoky Mountains National Park or Moon Carolinas & Georgia.

Savoring Gotham

... to help disguise the taste of local moonshine or adulterated liquor, ... In cocktail lounges in hotels and nightclubs, New Yorkers relearned how to ...

Savoring Gotham


Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190263644

Page: 760

View: 386

When it comes to food, there has never been another city quite like New York. The Big Apple--a telling nickname--is the city of 50,000 eateries, of fish wriggling in Chinatown baskets, huge pastrami sandwiches on rye, fizzy egg creams, and frosted black and whites. It is home to possibly the densest concentration of ethnic and regional food establishments in the world, from German and Jewish delis to Greek diners, Brazilian steakhouses, Puerto Rican and Dominican bodegas, halal food carts, Irish pubs, Little Italy, and two Koreatowns (Flushing and Manhattan). This is the city where, if you choose to have Thai for dinner, you might also choose exactly which region of Thailand you wish to dine in. Savoring Gotham weaves the full tapestry of the city's rich gastronomy in nearly 570 accessible, informative A-to-Z entries. Written by nearly 180 of the most notable food experts-most of them New Yorkers--Savoring Gotham addresses the food, people, places, and institutions that have made New York cuisine so wildly diverse and immensely appealing. Reach only a little ways back into the city's ever-changing culinary kaleidoscope and discover automats, the precursor to fast food restaurants, where diners in a hurry dropped nickels into slots to unlock their premade meal of choice. Or travel to the nineteenth century, when oysters cost a few cents and were pulled by the bucketful from the Hudson River. Back then the city was one of the major centers of sugar refining, and of brewing, too--48 breweries once existed in Brooklyn alone, accounting for roughly 10% of all the beer brewed in the United States. Travel further back still and learn of the Native Americans who arrived in the area 5,000 years before New York was New York, and who planted the maize, squash, and beans that European and other settlers to the New World embraced centuries later. Savoring Gotham covers New York's culinary history, but also some of the most recognizable restaurants, eateries, and culinary personalities today. And it delves into more esoteric culinary realities, such as urban farming, beekeeping, the Three Martini Lunch and the Power Lunch, and novels, movies, and paintings that memorably depict Gotham's foodscapes. From hot dog stands to haute cuisine, each borough is represented. A foreword by Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and an extensive bibliography round out this sweeping new collection.

Pirates Princes Payback

moonshine,” he commented as he added the bitters, orange, and a pinch of sugar. She almost pulled a face, ... I'm a mixologist.” “And?” he said slowly, ...

Pirates  Princes    Payback

Author: Frost Kay

Publisher: Frost Kay

ISBN: 1732442037

Page: 244

View: 818

Fact 384 - Pirates aren't princes, they're extortionists. I never claimed to be perfect, so when the feds showed up, there was only one choice. Run. Turns out my plan wasn't fool proof. One tiny, little, accidental murder lands me in hot water not just with the human government, but with the elven equivalent of the CIA. No one ever said I was lucky. Shipped off planet, blackmailed, and forced to bootleg for a secret organization is the least of my problems compared to the sexy villains hot on my heels. They don't know it yet, but I'm going to take them down. Messing with a southern belle with a criminal past was their first mistake. Their second? Giving me a weapon. Fact 451 - Don't get made, get even. If you can't get enough of books by K.F. Breene, Annette Marie, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jaymin Eve, Laura Thalassa, Marissa Meyer, T. A. White, Pippa DaCosta, Leia Stone, Kelly St. Clare, and Michael Anderle then dive into the COMPLETE series Aliens and Alchemists. Aliens and Alchemists series: - YA Sci-Fi Fantasy - Enemies to Lovers - Alpha Males - Alien Romance - Space Pirates - Paranormal Agency - Space Opera

The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits

Moonshine. As surely as thunder follows lightning, whiskey follows beer, and in the 1980s, the scent of whiskey charged the air like an approaching storm ...

The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits

Author: Bill Owens


ISBN: 1592535690

Page: 176

View: 812

An encyclopedia guide to the thousand-year history and dynamic future of the distillation of whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy, and more.