Maggie Cassidy

Though publishers stopped Maggie Cassidy's Jack Duluoz and On the Road's Sal Paradise from sharing the same name, Kerouac meant the books to be two parts of the same life.

Maggie Cassidy

Author: Jack Kerouac

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241342368

Page: 208

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From the bard of the Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac's Maggie Cassidy is an autobiographical novel of young love, published in Penguin Modern Classics. Though publishers stopped Maggie Cassidy's Jack Duluoz and On the Road's Sal Paradise from sharing the same name, Kerouac meant the books to be two parts of the same life. While On the Road made Paradise (and Kerouac) a hero for generations to come of the disaffected and restless, Maggie Cassidy is an affectionate portrait of the teenager that made the man - of friendship and first love growing up in a New England mill town. Duluoz is a high school athletics and football star who meets Maggie Cassidy and begins a devoted, inconstant, tender adolescent love affair. It is one of the most sustained, poetic pieces of Kerouac's 'spontaneous prose'. Jack Kerouac (1922-69) was an American novelist, poet, artist and part of the Beat Generation. His first published novel, The Town and the City, appeared in 1950, but it was On the Road, published in 1957, that made Kerouac famous. Publication of his many other books followed, among them The Subterraneans, Big Sur, and The Dharma Bums. Kerouac died in Florida at the age of forty-seven. If you enjoyed Maggie Cassidy, you might like Kerouac's The Subterraneans and Pic, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'A very unique cat - a French Canadian Hinayana Buddhist Beat Catholic savant' Allen Ginsberg

Maggie Cassidy

Jack Duluoz ressemble comme un frère à Jack Kerouac, né lui aussi à Lowell, Massachusetts, où se situe Maggie Cassidy, un savoureux roman qui déborde de jeunesse et de vitalité.

Maggie Cassidy

Author: Jack Kerouac


ISBN: 9782234058774

Page: 243

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Il a seize ans, il n'est qu'enthousiasme et joie de vivre. Il aime le football, les copains et... Maggie. Elle a dix-sept ans, de grands yeux de biche et elle l'aime aussi, son Jack. Enfin, elle l'aime bien. Mais elle est en train de découvrir avec ivresse le plaisir de séduire, le pouvoir d'un battement de cils, d'un sourire ou d'un balancement de hanches qui fait se retourner tous les garçons. Voilà, Jack et Maggie connaissent les premières extases et les premiers drames de la passion, comme on ne les connaît qu'à dix-sept ans. Et puis, il y a le temps qui passe, il y a les autres, il y a tout bêtement la vie - tout ce qui risque de séparer deux adolescents dont l'amour est fragile. Jack Duluoz ressemble comme un frère à Jack Kerouac, né lui aussi à Lowell, Massachusetts, où se situe Maggie Cassidy, un savoureux roman qui déborde de jeunesse et de vitalité. On y retrouve la prose spontanée, le style trépidant inspiré du jazz, la fulgurance des images qui firent la gloire de Kerouac et inspirèrent toute la Beat Generation.

Jack Kerouac s Duluoz Legend

Perhaps the reason Maggie Cassidy is slighted in discussions of Kerouac's artistry is that readers miss the analogy he carefully constructs between his ...

Jack Kerouac s Duluoz Legend

Author: James T. Jones

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809322633

Page: 278

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Noting that even casual readers recognize family relationships as the basis for Kerouac's autobiographical prose, Jones discusses these relationships in terms of Freud's notion of the Oedipus complex."--BOOK JACKET.

Understanding Jack Kerouac

CHAPTER SEVEN Maggie Cassidy ( 1959 ) and The Subterraneans ( 1958 ) Kerouac wrote two “ true - story novels ” in 1953 , Maggie Cassidy beginning in January ...

Understanding Jack Kerouac

Author: Matt Theado

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 9781570032721

Page: 200

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Theado offers close readings of the works that make up the "Duluoz Legend" - Kerouac's series of barely fictionalized re-creations of his life - and reveals how his awareness of his writing self increased over the course of his career.".

Maggie Cassidy

Analyse : Roman d'amour. Roman de société.

Maggie Cassidy

Author: Jack Kerouac


ISBN: 9782234016811

Page: 201

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Analyse : Roman d'amour. Roman de société.

The Beat Generation FAQ

Maggie. Cassidy. (1959). “I saw her, standing in the crowd, forlorn, ... Maggie Cassidy is one of Kerouac's Lowell novels, which also include The Town and ...

The Beat Generation FAQ

Author: Rich Weidman

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 1617136344

Page: 400

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(FAQ). The Beat Generation FAQ is an informative and entertaining look at the enigmatic authors and cutting-edge works that shaped this fascinating cultural and literary movement. Disillusioned with the repression and conformity encompassing post-World War II life in the United States, the Beat writers sought creative alternatives to the mind-numbing banality of modern culture. Beat Generation writers were no strangers to controversy: Both Allen Ginsberg's prophetic, William Blakean-style poem "Howl" (1956) and William S. Burroughs' groundbreaking novel Naked Lunch (1959) led to obscenity trials, while Jack Kerouac's highly influential novel On the Road (1957) was blamed by the establishment for corrupting the nation's youth and continues to this day to serve as a beacon of hipster culture and the bohemian lifestyle. The Beat writers shared a vision for a new type of literature, one that escaped the boundaries of academia and employed an organic use of language, inspired by the spontaneity and improvisational nature of jazz music and abstract expressionism (Kerouac coined this writing style "spontaneous prose"). In search of deeper meaning, Beat Generation writers experimented not only with language but also with spirituality, art, drugs, sexuality, and unconventional lifestyles. Although the movement as a whole flamed out quickly in the early 1960s, replaced by the onset of the hippie counterculture, the Beats made an indelible mark on the nation's consciousness and left a long-lasting influence on its art and culture. This book details the movement its works, creative forces, and its legacy.

Encyclopedia of Beat Literature

Maggie Cassidy Jack Kerouac (1959) This novel might not get the respect it deserves because its subject matter is so different from jack kerouac's more ...

Encyclopedia of Beat Literature

Author: Kurt Hemmer

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438109083

Page: 414

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Discusses the literary works and great authors of the Beat Generation.

The Beat Book

Maggie Cassidy!) ''No!'' Slapping me on the face—pushing it—angry, pouting, rolling away, sitting up to roundabout her dress again straight. ''Hear me? No!

The Beat Book

Author: Anne Waldman

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1590304551

Page: 376

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The Beat Movement that emerged in the early 1950s was not just another literary genre, but a literary and social revolution. This wide-ranging anthology of the best of Beat literature includes biographies of the writers and a literary guide to "Beat places" around the world.

Subterranean Kerouac

In 1962, she told Bernice Lemire, Kerouac's first biographer, that Maggie Cassidy was “almost all true, three-quarters of it at least,” but after the ...

Subterranean Kerouac

Author: Ellis Amburn

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1466821310

Page: 448

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Drawing upon original interviews and his own relationship with Kerouac, Ellis Amburn reveals an inner man who has not appeared in any previous biography-a man torn by his conflicting desires and beliefs. Subterranean Kerouac has been singled out as one of the most significant biographies to appear in years, and it shows how Kerouac struggled throughout his life with poverty, alcoholism, and his doubts about his own lifestyle of substance abuse, indolence, and promiscuity.

Love the Wounded

Maggie awakened to find Cassidy sitting crosslegged at the foot of her bed. Although startled by the child's appearance, Maggie smiled and beckoned for the ...

Love the Wounded

Author: Lynn Dove

Publisher: Word Alive Press

ISBN: 1770697217


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Mexico City Blues was in production at Grove Press, as was Maggie Cassidy (due out in July 1959).12 Maggie Cassidy, for which Kerouac was paid $7,500, ...


Author: Paul Maher

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

ISBN: 1589793668

Page: 557

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This is the authoritative biography of writer, poet, and beat generation icon Jack Kerouac (1922-1969), whose novel On the Road catapulted him to the forefront of the literary world and influenced budding writers for generations to come. A legendaryfigure in the landscape of American literature, Kerouac lived a turbulent life, one more intimately connected to his literary output than perhaps any other writer. Restless traveler, alcoholic, dissolute but devoted Catholic, and genius, Kerouac lived hard with his compatriots of the beat movement--William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, and Neal Cassady. With them, he created a new type of American literature as well as an enduring literary mythology. Kerouac: The Definitive Biography recounts in gripping detail the story of this exceptional life and the key relationships that affected Kerouac's development as an artist, including those with his three wives, numerous girlfriends, and beloved mother. Most important, Kerouac is the first biography based wholly on the vast array of primary source materials contemporary to the events described--letters, postcards, diaries, journals, notebooks, newspaper and magazine articles, legal documents, and television andaudio transcripts--sources that provide an unparalleled view of the intimate thoughts and everyday world of Kerouac.


The new book, originally called Springtime Mary, and published as Maggie Cassidy, had none of the fantasy of Doctor Sax. He may have been stung by Allen's ...


Author: Ann Charters

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1466892811

Page: 432

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Now that Kerouac's major novel, On the Road is accepted as an American classic, academic critics are slowly beginning to catch up with his experimental literary methods and examine the dozen books comprising what he called 'the legend of Duluoz.' Nearly all of his books have been in print internationally since his death in 1969, and his writing has been discovered and enjoyed by new readers throughout the world. Kerouac's view of the promise of America, the seductive and lovely vision of the beckoning open spaces of our continent, has never been expressed better by subsequent writers, perhaps because Kerouac was our last writer to believe in America's promise--and essential innocence--as the legacy he would explore in his autobiographical fiction.

Sweet Reunion

Are you Cassidy?” The lady glanced up, nodded, and smiled. “I am.You must be Maggie?” “Yes. Nice to meet you.” Maggie shook her hand, then sat on the other ...

Sweet Reunion

Author: Stacy Claflin

Publisher: Stacy Claflin


Page: 250

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She's determined to stay single, but everyone else is determined to see her married. Maggie Kendrick is trying to start over in the enchanting beach town where she spent her summers growing up. Life has thrown her one too many wrenches, and now she's resolved to move on—without a man. Aunt Lucille has made it her life's mission to see Maggie walk down the aisle. Everyone knows it too, as Lucille has tried to set Maggie up with every available bachelor in Indigo Bay. Canyon Leblanc was Maggie's first love, and he just returned to town. Sparks start flying again—stronger than ever. Distance has definitely made their hearts grow fonder, but Canyon has spent the last seven years living a wild and destructive lifestyle, and that reputation labels him a less-than-desirable catch. Maggie and Canyon see past each other's situations, but nobody in town wants them to get together, least of all Aunt Lucille. Friends, family, and even an enemy work hard to keep them apart. Will Maggie open her heart to love again despite the many obstacles, or will the single life prove to be her best option?

The Four of Hearts Ranch Romance Collection

smiled and waved good night to Cassidy, Maggie, and Abby. “Maggie,” Cassidy said, “I think it's sweet that he writes those notes to your column.

The Four of Hearts Ranch Romance Collection

Author: Debra Clopton

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0718076427

Page: 960

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Debra Clopton’s Four of Hearts Ranch Romance Series is now available as an e-collection! Betting on Hope One clutzy advice columnist. One champion cowboy. And an entire small town rooting for love. Counting on a Cowboy After losing everything dear to her, Abby never wants to love again. But a certain cowboy spurs her to wonder if maybe love is worth the risk. Kissed by a Cowboy Cassidy was looking for a home and a place to belong . . . not for a cowboy to steal her heart.