L cio s Confession

When in 1916, Mario de Sa-Carneiro committed suicide in Paris at the age of 26, he left behind him an extraordinary body of work, which dealt obsessively with the problems of identity, madness and solitude.

L  cio s Confession

Author: Mário de Sá-Carneiro

Publisher: Decadence from Dedalus


Page: 121

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When in 1916, Mario de Sa-Carneiro committed suicide in Paris at the age of 26, he left behind him an extraordinary body of work, which dealt obsessively with the problems of identity, madness and solitude. Lucio's Confession is the first of his novels to be translated into English. A brilliant and remarkable short novel of great eroticism and enigmatic beauty Lucio's Confession is set in the fin de siecle artist circles of Paris and Lisbon. It deals with the friendship of two young Portuguese poets, Lucio and Ricardo de Loureiro, and their search for identity through love. When the bachelor Ricardo returns to Lisbon, to everyone's surprise he is accompanied by a wife. She, Marta, seems the perfect partner, and establishes an immediate rapport with his close friend Lucio on the latter's return from Paris. Soon they become lovers. Despite the passionate nature of their relationship, Lucio suspects that Marta is sharing her favours with Ricardo's other close friends. Something is not quite right. Where did this mysterious woman meet Ricardo, and, indeed who is she? Why does she never speak of her past and why is Ricardo conniving at her infidelity? Lucio's attempts to unravel this mystery have tragic and terrible consequences.

The Confessions Of Robin Askwith

I've explained to luscious Leigh exactly where they all are.' Luscious Leigh and I wandered over to the park where, Chapter Nineteen: Confessions of a ...

The Confessions Of Robin Askwith

Author: Robin Askwith

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448118689

Page: 272

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Of all the actors and personalities thrown up by that strangest of periods. The 1970s, surely Robin Askwith was one of the most 'of his time'? As star of the infamous CONFESSIONS films, as well as over 25 other movies, Askwith was huge. His cheeky, innocent face, his Mick Jagger lips and more often than not his bare arse -- he, possibly more than anyone else sums up a bygone era remembered fondly by millions. Today, Askwith is a cult figure. The CONFESSIONS films are still regular staples on British TV and around the world, especially in the Commonwealth countries. They are just as funny as they ever were -- classic camp British humour in the same language as the Carry On films. In this brilliant autobiography, the self-deprecating Askwith cuts straight to the chase, starting in the `70s as he auditions for CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW CLEANER, moving on to CONFESSIONS OF A POP STAR and DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. His career was truly amazing and varied beyond belief. From IF. . . to NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDEF From CONFESSIONS to Zefferelli`s BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON and Pasolini CANTERBURY TALES. He was also great friends with the late Lindsay Anderson. In the end, Robin is most famous for his sex comedies and isn't embarrassed about it one jot. It`s a rollicking ride. Hold On Tight!

Confessions of a Hippie

It was so luscious and beautiful to look at, and the scent was heavenly as we strolled underneath it. We also saw the bronze fountain—Untermyer ...

Confessions of a Hippie

Author: Adriana Bardolino

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1663213607

Page: 292

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The Confessions of a Beachcomber

A traveller relating his tropical experiences glorifies the banana, stating that he has eaten it “ripe and luscious from the tree!

The Confessions of a Beachcomber

Author: E.J. Banfield

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3734088232

Page: 264

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Reproduction of the original: The Confessions of a Beachcomber by E.J. Banfield

Luscious Savoy

He fanned the flames of his interest in Luscious and enthralled her intellect. ... the two's actions and the Priest who heard both confessions thought they, ...

Luscious Savoy

Author: Letitia L. A. Najieb

Publisher: Kemet Books


Page: 664

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A complicated, yet gripping adventurous love story, about a Mafia Don and his muse, Luscious Savoy, i.e. Samantha Voyage. Luscious Savoy was a keenly smart and accomplished young woman who would run into the worst sort of people. She was not evil or promiscuous; no she was not of that sort. She just had a knack for being interested in and entertaining shady, greedy, may we even venture to say, ill begotten dredges. In her lifetime she ventured into all sorts of endeavors that pulled at your heart string from one diabolical of impending death to the hail and hearty rogue. Her strength was only in the prosperous methods of life and her on point acumen with an eye for the plausible and the lucrative.

The Rough Guide to Lisbon

Mário de Sá - Carneiro The Great Shadow ; Lucio's Confessions ( both Dedalus , UK ) . The Great Shadow is a collection of short stories set against the ...

The Rough Guide to Lisbon

Author: Matthew Hancock

Publisher: Rough Guides

ISBN: 9781858289069

Page: 338

View: 771

Lisbon's gentle pace and almost provincial feeling belie its position as one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities. The 'Rough Guide' opens this startling and eccentric cityscape to the reader, showing the traditional life of the city's historic neighbourhoods, and reviews the latest bars and night-spots. It also gives information on the nearby beaches of Cascais and the Sintra coastline, amongst the finest in Portugal. Also included are full accommodation and restaurant listings for every pocket; tips on bargain markets and budget eateries and reviews of luxury hotels and meals worth splashing out on.

The Rough Guide to Portugal Travel Guide eBook

Mário de Sá-Carneiro The Great Shadow and Lucio's Confessions. The Great Shadow is a collection of short stories set against the backdrop of Lisbon in the ...

The Rough Guide to Portugal  Travel Guide eBook

Author: Rough Guides

Publisher: Apa Publications (UK) Limited

ISBN: 1789196434


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World-renowned 'tell it like it is' guidebook Discover Portugal with this comprehensive, entertaining, 'tell it like it is' Rough Guide, packed with comprehensive practical information and our experts' honest and independent recommendations. Whether you plan to walk the Rota Vicentina, explore wine lodges in Porto, hop on a vintage Lisbon tram or relax on the glorious Algarve coast, The Rough Guide to Portugal will help you discover the best places to explore, sleep, eat, drink and shop along the way. Features of The Rough Guide to Portugal: - Detailed regional coverage: provides in-depth practical information for each step of all kinds of trip, from intrepid off-the-beaten-track adventures, to chilled-out breaks in popular tourist areas. Regions covered include: Porto, Monsaraz, the Algarve, Lisbon, Estremadura and the Douro Valley. - Honest independent reviews: written with Rough Guides' trademark blend of humour, honesty and expertise, and recommendations you can truly trust, our writers will help you get the most from your trip to Portugal. - Meticulous mapping: always full-colour, with clearly numbered, colour-coded keys. Find your way around the Serra de Estrela, the Alentejo and many more locations without needing to get online. - Fabulous full-colour photography: features a richness of inspirational colour photography, including the charming walled medieval town of Óbidos and the romantic, colourful Porto riverfront. - Things not to miss: Rough Guides' rundown of the best sights and top experiences, including the hilltop retreat of Sintra, Lisbon's scrumptious pastéis de Belém, the surf-lashed coast of Rota Vicentina, and the lagoons of Aveiro. - Itineraries: carefully planned routes will help you organise your trip, and inspire and inform your on-the-road experiences. - Basics section: packed with essential pre-departure information including getting there, getting around, accommodation, food and drink, health, the media, festivals, sports and outdoor activities, culture and etiquette, shopping and more. - Background information: comprehensive Contexts chapter provides fascinating insights into Portugal, with coverage of history, religion, ethnic groups, environment, wildlife and books, plus a handy language section and glossary. About Rough Guides: Rough Guides have been inspiring travellers for over 35 years, with over 30 million copies sold globally. Synonymous with practical travel tips, quality writing and a trustworthy 'tell it like it is' ethos, the Rough Guides list includes more than 260 travel guides to 120+ destinations, gift-books and phrasebooks.

The Committed

The luscious secretary looked at me the way the young glance at the old, the way the rich ... This guy hears the confessions of the wealthy and powerful.

The Committed

Author: Viet Thanh Nguyen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472152522

Page: 368

View: 115

The long-awaited new novel from one of America's most highly regarded contemporary writers, The Committed follows the Sympathizer as he arrives in Paris as a refugee. There he and his blood brother Bon try to escape their pasts and prepare for their futures by turning their hands to capitalism in one of its purest forms: drug dealing. No longer in physical danger, but still inwardly tortured by his reeducation at the hands of his former best friend, and struggling to assimilate into a dominant culture, the Sympathizer is both charmed and disturbed by Paris. As he falls in with a group of left-wing intellectuals and politicians who frequent dinner parties given by his French Vietnamese "aunt," he finds not just stimulation for his mind but also customers for his merchandise - but the new life he is making has dangers he has not foreseen, from the oppression of the state, to the self-torture of addiction, to the seemingly unresolvable paradox of how he can reunite his two closest friends, men whose worldviews put them in absolute opposition. Both literary thriller and brilliant novel of ideas, The Committed is a blistering portrayal of commitment and betrayal that will cement Viet Thanh Nguyen's position in the firmament of American letters.

The Spies

Lúcio Flávio hired an informant to remain on duty during confession. She stood close to the confessional and took notes, making a list of all the sins ...

The Spies

Author: Luís Fernando Veríssimo

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0857384376

Page: 208

View: 878

A frustrated publisher receives a mysterious angst-ridden manuscript: 'a friend' must send it in installments; its contents would put the author in danger. As he pieces together the story, he learns that the author is the wife of one of the two Martelli brothers - gangsters who dominate a small town in the Brazilian interior. Surely her dark outpourings are a cry for help? One by one, he dispatches his motley collection of friends to Frondosa - a town totally obsessed with five-a-side football - to investigate and to bring her to safety.

The Confessions of Young Nero

With impeccable research and captivating prose, The Confessions of Young Nero is the story of a boy’s ruthless ascension to the throne.

The Confessions of Young Nero

Author: Margaret George

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698184769

Page: 528

View: 717

The New York Times bestselling and legendary author of Helen of Troy and Elizabeth I now turns her gaze on Emperor Nero, one of the most notorious and misunderstood figures in history. Built on the backs of those who fell before it, Julius Caesar’s imperial dynasty is only as strong as the next person who seeks to control it. In the Roman Empire no one is safe from the sting of betrayal: man, woman—or child. As a boy, Nero’s royal heritage becomes a threat to his very life, first when the mad emperor Caligula tries to drown him, then when his great aunt attempts to secure her own son’s inheritance. Faced with shocking acts of treachery, young Nero is dealt a harsh lesson: it is better to be cruel than dead. While Nero idealizes the artistic and athletic principles of Greece, his very survival rests on his ability to navigate the sea of vipers that is Rome. The most lethal of all is his own mother, a cold-blooded woman whose singular goal is to control the empire. With cunning and poison, the obstacles fall one by one. But as Agrippina’s machinations earn her son a title he is both tempted and terrified to assume, Nero’s determination to escape her thrall will shape him into the man he was fated to become—an Emperor who became legendary. With impeccable research and captivating prose, The Confessions of Young Nero is the story of a boy’s ruthless ascension to the throne. Detailing his journey from innocent youth to infamous ruler, it is an epic tale of the lengths to which man will go in the ultimate quest for power and survival.


Lucio Well , my lord . Duke . Ay , with my heart ; Mari . My lord , I do confess I ne'er was mar And punish them to your height of pleasure .


Author: William Shakespeare



Page: 1079

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