Last Minute Rooms in Bethlehem

A humorous compendium of great events and famous figures from world history told in the style of internet search histories.

Last Minute Rooms in Bethlehem

Author: Dale Shaw

Publisher: Boxtree

ISBN: 9780752266299

Page: 192

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From God ('what sized bang is appropriate to begin with?') to Dickens ('things urchins say') and including all of the giants of world history, comes Last Minute Rooms in Bethlehem by Dale Shaw, a short history of the world in internet-search histories. Following on from classic humour titles such as 1066 and all that and An Utterly Impartial History of Britain comes the perfect gift for any history buff who wants a chuckle.

Last Minute Rooms in Bethlehem

... resolution + husband + God Summoning angels Summoning convincing angels Angel costumes + cheap + Nazareth Last minute rooms in Bethlehem Why is it always so busy over Christmas? Traveling while pregnant Pregnant + donkey + disease?

Last Minute Rooms in Bethlehem

Author: Dale Shaw

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0752266306


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'Very funny book alert!' Nina Stibbe, author of Love, Nina 'Made me chuckle heartily!' Greg Jenner, author of A Million Years Years in a Day 'It's such a good idea. Were it not for my excellent bladder control, I would have weed myself' Stuart Heritage From God ‘Best Size for a Bang?’ via Dickens ‘Things Urchins Say’, Henry VIII 'Breaking Bad News to women from Cleeves' and Karl Marx 'Cheating at Monopoly', here are the greatest moments from history as told through internet search histories. Following on from classic humour titles such as 1066 and all that and An Utterly Impartial History of Britain comes Dale Shaw's brilliant new take on all the funniest moments from the past - the perfect gift for any history buff who wants a chuckle.

Moravian Architecture and Town Planning

This is suggested by the chain of events in the community at the time of Count Zinzendorf's arrival in Bethlehem in late 1741. Ample evidence substantiates such a theory. Levering notes that when Count Zinzendorf arrived in Bethlehem on ...

Moravian Architecture and Town Planning

Author: William J. Murtagh

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812216377

Page: 145

View: 114

The industrial city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was originally settled in colonial times by Moravians from southeastern Germany. These religious utopians were noted for urban planning. In this large-format, richly illustrated volume, historian William Murtagh compares more than 20 Bethlehem landmarks with other Moravian communities for a fascinating glimpse into a part of America's past.

Moon Israel the West Bank

Bethlehem is highly accustomed to international visitors, including pilgrims and tourists of all kinds, and set up with a range of accommodation ... It is a good option if you are making a last-minute booking and want a budget price.

Moon Israel   the West Bank

Author: Genevieve Belmaker

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1640490981

Page: 368

View: 672

Ancient stories meet modern cities in this deeply significant region where the past is always present. Take the trip of a lifetime with Moon Israel & the West Bank. Inside you'll find: Flexible itineraries including a week in Jerusalem, 3 days in Tel Aviv, and a month exploring the region plus excursions to the West Bank, the Dead Sea, and Petra Strategic advice for foodies, pilgrims, beachgoers, archaeology buffs, and more The top sights and unique experiences: Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or pay respects at the Western Wall, and stop at holy sites throughout Northern Israel and the West Bank. Feast on falafel, hummus, and shaksuka and haggle for antiques at a market in Jerusalem. Bike through Tel Aviv's charming Neve Tzedek neighborhood or relax at one of its beaches. Float in the Dead Sea, watch the sun set over the massive Negev craters, or stay overnight in a Bedouin tent encampment Local insight: Jerusalem journalist Genevieve Belmaker shares the history and culture of her beloved home Full-color, vibrant photos throughout Detailed maps for exploring on your own, and useful tips on border crossings and checkpoints Thorough background information on the landscape, history, government, and culture Handy tools including Hebrew and Arabic phrasebooks, health and safety tips, customs and conduct, and information for LGBTQ, female, and senior travelers, families with children, and travelers with disabilities Focused coverage of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, the North Coast, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Eilat and the Negev, and Petra, Jordan Experience the best of Israel and the West Bank with Moon's practical advice and insider tips.

Portraits of Jesus

Because Joseph had kinship ties with the inhabitants of Bethlehem ( 2 : 4 ) , where would he and Mary most likely stay while there ? ... 7 This in no way indicates that they arrived at the last minute of her pregnancy .

Portraits of Jesus

Author: Michael R. Cosby

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664258276

Page: 249

View: 236

This book provides a learning-by-doing approach to the study of the Gospels. It allows students to uncover literary patterns, theological issues, and interpretive problems through close readings of primary sources. Questions are asked along the way that help readers understand the shape of the narrative, and the themes important to each Gospel writer.

A Stillness in Bethlehem

Then, too, all this had come up at the last minute. Tibor had collapsed three days after Thanksgiving. ... He'd fully expected every hotel room in town to be booked solid. Bennis, however, always had more resources than Gregor gave her ...

A Stillness in Bethlehem

Author: Jane Haddam

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453293051

Page: 339

View: 368

A Christmas controversy turns deadly for a tiny New England village in a mystery that offers “a sharp perspective on the nasty smugness of small towns” (The New York Times). Bethlehem, Vermont, is a sleepy little town, distinguished from the neighboring hamlets by its Christmas pageant. The holiday spectacular dates back generations; as the village’s only tourist attraction, it brings in much of the money that keeps Bethlehem afloat. The festivities are held on publicly owned land, which might be a slight violation of the separation of church and state, but no one has ever complained until Tish Verek comes to town. Verek is a true-crime writer from New York, and not long after she kicks up a fuss about the pageant, she’s shot dead in an apparent hunting accident. Anyone in Bethlehem could have fired the fatal bullet, and it’s up to ex–FBI investigator Gregor Demarkian to decide which Christmas-obsessed villager is really a grinch in disguise.

Open for the Season

Not a hotel in Bethlehem had rooms with private bath. ... The dining-room windows overlooked the garden, where Father made a great last-minute show of selecting the juiciest ears of corn just as the guests sat down and rushing them into ...

Open for the Season

Author: Karl P. Abbott

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 1839740388

Page: 232

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Open for the Season, first published in 1950, is the entertaining, informative memoir by Karl Abbott of his family's long-time ownership and operation of hotels, inns, and resorts, from New Hampshire, to Boston, South Carolina, and Florida. Beginning with his childhood in his family's New Hampshire resort, The Uplands, Abbott would go on to manage or own popular hotels, inns, and resorts such as the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, Florida, the Sagamore Resort in Lake George, New York, and the Hotel Vendome in Boston. Abbott paints a vivid picture of life at his properties, as well as providing insights into daily management, stories of his guests and workers, and what it took to be successful in the hotel business.

Celebration Repentance Devotional Meditations for Advent Lent

Have you ever stopped at a motel to get a last minute room only to discover that they had forgotten to turnon the “no vacancy” ... It never crossed his mind that so many others would be visiting Bethlehem for the same reason they were, ...

Celebration   Repentance  Devotional Meditations for Advent   Lent

Author: Mike Sublett

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 1632327910

Page: 168

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"Having grown up and spent my pastoring career in non-liturgical churches, it was Mike who first encouraged me to observe the seasons of Advent and Lent. In the years since, I have come to rely on these seasons to breathe new life into my soul and those of my family and church. With the coming of Advent and Lent each year, I lean heavily on Mike's devotional thoughts to frame the season as a whole and center my spirit each day. His devotionals capture the heart, shine the light of truth on brokenness, and send the spirit soaring in exultation at the grace of God in Christ Jesus." - - Pastor Adam Mearse, Naperville Church of Christ


Bethlehem is a mere 9km away, but the journey time is about an hour due to an Israeli security check. ... For further details, see Palestine: the Bradt Guide. are more likely to find somewhere at the last minute.


Author: Samantha Wilson

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 1784770876

Page: 336

View: 123

This new third edition of Bradt's Israel has been fully updated to reflect all the most recent changes and includes a comprehensive and detailed history section, plus improved maps and structural revisions to aid navigation. Israel is a land where three world religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - meet in stunning landscapes, where ancient architecture stands next to modern, where the fertile north spills into the arid southern desert and where the secular live alongside the devout. From its ancient history and the sacred Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites of Jerusalem, to modern Tel Aviv with its trendy districts, countless museums and bustling markets, Israel has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. In Bradt's Israel you'll find tips on the top hotels and restaurants, details of local wines, fascinating hiking routes, plus all the information to get the best from Israel's range of attractions. Each town shows the vast diversity of culture and traditions. Jerusalem offers an insight into the history of one of the world's most poignant cities, whilst Tel Aviv is awash with boulevards and epitomises modernity. In turn Haifa is a true seaside gem, with its striking Baha'i Persian gardens, whilst Nazareth is the throbbing heart of Arab hospitality and warmth. From archaeological remains of Crusader castles and Roman cities, scuba diving off Eilat's coast, marvelling at the mountainous Golan Heights to floating in the Dead Sea and discovering cool wadis and thermal baths, Bradt's Israel is the perfect travelling companion, enlightening and enhancing every trip.

Painfully British Haikus

'Will make everybody laugh' DOLLY ALDERTON ON THE HIGH LOW Enjoy this hilarious collection of over 200 haikus that sum up the complex, confusing and often compounding character of the British people.

Painfully British Haikus

Author: Dale Shaw

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405944684

Page: 144

View: 370

This Christmas give them, The PERFECT stocking filler, Sure to make them laugh. The Sellotape end Unlocatable it seems Christmas is cancelled How many gin tins Is decreed appropriate For this train journey? The sound of a splash My Hobnob falls to pieces My tea is sullied Every houseplant Suffers a slow painful death I am a monster You're at the seaside A seagull eyes your Magnum You won't win that fight Enjoy this hilarious collection of over 200 haikus that sum up the complex, confusing and often compounding character of the British people - a great stocking filler or secret santa gift!

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

It seemed that the last time he had gone to a party where he had been promised “new faces,” there had been fifteen people in the room, and he had already slept with five of the women and owed money to all but two of the men.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Author: Joan Didion

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504045653

Page: 361

View: 908

The “dazzling” and essential portrayal of 1960s America from the author of South and West and The Year of Magical Thinking (The New York Times). Capturing the tumultuous landscape of the United States, and in particular California, during a pivotal era of social change, the first work of nonfiction from one of American literature’s most distinctive prose stylists is a modern classic. In twenty razor-sharp essays that redefined the art of journalism, National Book Award–winning author Joan Didion reports on a society gripped by a deep generational divide, from the “misplaced children” dropping acid in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district to Hollywood legend John Wayne filming his first picture after a bout with cancer. She paints indelible portraits of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes and folk singer Joan Baez, “a personality before she was entirely a person,” and takes readers on eye-opening journeys to Death Valley, Hawaii, and Las Vegas, “the most extreme and allegorical of American settlements.” First published in 1968, Slouching Towards Bethlehem has been heralded by the New York Times Book Review as “a rare display of some of the best prose written today in this country” and named to Time magazine’s list of the one hundred best and most influential nonfiction books. It is the definitive account of a terrifying and transformative decade in American history whose discordant reverberations continue to sound a half-century later.

Stations of the Crib

The folks who flooded the streets of the little town of Bethlehem were not frantic , last - minute shoppers in search of a gift certificate from Sarah's Big and Tall Sweater Shop or Benjamin and Jeremiah's Ice Cream Parlor .

Stations of the Crib

Author: Joe Nassal

Publisher: Forest of Peace Publishing

ISBN: 9780939516643

Page: 143

View: 983

In the tradition of the Stations of the Cross. Fr. Nassal leads us through 15 Stations of the Crib, a journey to the manger and the mission that lies beyond it. Drawn from the infancy narratives in Luke and Matthew, these poetic reflections are filled with stories, images and insights that entertain, enlighten and engage.

From Churchill s War Rooms

The secretaries were informed that the hotel and villas were staffed by civilian personnel whose security could not be ... Olive discovered only at the last minute, and to her joy, that she would be going on to Teheran with Joan Bright, ...

From Churchill s War Rooms

Author: Joanna Moody

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752496549

Page: 240

View: 981

1939-1945 saw many important events of the Second World War. Yet a young secretary, Olive Christopher, was party to the political secrets of these crucial final years, working in Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms. This book contains the correspondence with her fiance and offers an insight into the workings of the Cabinet War Rooms.

Lies Damned Lies and History

It is on this last leg of their quest that they again see the star but, as Bethlehem was and still is visible from the ruins of ... a term denoting a functions room, a spare room in a private residence or some kind of temporary shelter, ...

Lies  Damned Lies and History

Author: Graeme Donald

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752462350

Page: 252

View: 182

From cats, spats and catacombs to the Wall Street shuffle, this book looks at how historical events didn't always unfold as we think they did. It takes the readers on a journey, century-by-century, showing how the truth we take for granted is a far cry from the facts. It is suitable for those who want to see the past as it was.

Bed Breakfasts and Country Inns

Sit on the inviting front porch, read in a sitting room or watch a movie in the TV/office area. ... Certificate may be used: November-June, Sunday-Thursday, last minute, subject to availability. holidays excluded. Bethlehem E4 Adair ...

Bed   Breakfasts and Country Inns

Author: Deborah Edwards Sakach

Publisher: American Historic Inns Inc

ISBN: 1888050225

Page: 340

View: 166

Provides information on the locations, facilities, services, decor, food, and rates of bed-and-breakfasts and country inns in the United States and Canada.

The Roads from Bethlehem

timent , but she had been dreadfully cold and frightened , and now at last she was safe . ... then she discovered , a moment afterward , that she was in the parsonage sitting - room and the minister's wife was kneeling beside her with ...

The Roads from Bethlehem

Author: Pegram Johnson, III

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664221577

Page: 340

View: 153

This collection of Christmas literature--a selection of some of the best writings by authors from many times and places, including China, Syria, Egypt, France, Spain, England, Mexico, Canada, and the United States--enables readers to appreciate the dimensions of Jesus' birth. Works of art from the Far East, the Sudan, Russia, Hispanic America, and England underscore the universality of the story of Jesus. Chapters are arranged in chronological order and each is divided into literary genres--liturgy, sermon or treatise, drama, fiction, and poetry. Language in the early English work has been modernized, and several Latin, French, Spanish, and Arabic works are translated and published in English for the first time.

Teach Me Something Mister

Kenneth was the last of four children. ... The last ninety minutes of the school day was used to rehearse the program. ... the innkeeper at Bethlehem, the angel who appeared to Mary and the shepherds, and the wise men from the east.

Teach Me Something  Mister

Author: ,RAMA

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 1646281098

Page: 144

View: 593

A question about your school days, elementary, high school, and college: Good times? Bad times? A mix of both? Small schools? Large schools? Did size matter? Were some years more enjoyable, more memorable than others? Your teachers? How many did you have? Do you remember their names? Did you have a favorite? What made your favorite(s) special? “Teach Me Something, Mister” is a follow-up to “Throw Me Something, Mister” but quite different. “Throw Me...” is fiction. “Teach Me...” is real! The stories were sent to the author from teachers and friends recalling their school life. They are mostly fun; regret and sadness in a few. It’s not all good, no matter how much we would like it to be. The stories are about teachers, students and school secretaries, cooks and custodians, parents and principals. They will remind you of your school days, and hopefully prompt a few thanksgivings. The author welcomes your shared stories and feedback. Maybe you should write your own school stories, for your family to remember and cherish? The young mother asked her five-year-old “What did you learn in school today?” The kid replied, “I guess not enough. Miss Banks said she’d see me again tomorrow.”

My Daily Devotion

No Room for Them in the Inn Last - minute shoppers , pushing to find a place in line for a final purchase . We know the feeling of waiting in line and being passed by someone bolder and pushier . The holy couple comes to Bethlehem .

My Daily Devotion

Author: Stephen J. Carter


ISBN: 9780570058168

Page: 384

View: 381

More than 350 comforting messages in large print help readers focus on the living God.