Jealousy Yams

Luke Foster has been accused of being too nice for his own good.

Jealousy   Yams

Author: Amanda Hamm

Publisher: Before Someday Publishing

ISBN: 9781943598014


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Luke Foster has been accused of being too nice for his own good. He enjoys being helpful though and never thought it was a problem until he met Summer. Now he believes she feels indebted to him and it isn't gratitude he wants from her. Summer Slough feels guilty for using Luke. She also feels an attraction to him that she doesn't know how to handle. It's beginning to look as though her mistakes and inexperience will keep them apart. Lucky for both of them, Hartford's annual Yam Fest is right around the corner. The community event has a way of bringing people together... maybe even Summer and Luke.

Jealousy and Yams

Luke Foster has been accused of being too nice for his own good.

Jealousy and Yams

Author: Amanda Hamm


ISBN: 9780985065966

Page: 146

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Luke Foster has been accused of being too nice for his own good. He enjoys being helpful though and never thought it was a problem until he met Summer. Now he believes she feels indebted to him and it isn't gratitude he wants from her. Summer Slough feels guilty for using Luke. She also feels an attraction to him that she doesn't know how to handle. It's beginning to look as though her mistakes and inexperience will keep them apart. Lucky for both of them, Harford's annual Yam Fest is right around the corner. The community event has a way of bringing people together... maybe even Summer and Luke.

Silenced by the Yams

Howard admitted that theirs had been a tumultuous friendship mostly because of his own jealousy. He knew, as did most of the world, that Colt still carried ...

Silenced by the Yams

Author: Karen Cantwell

Publisher: Karen Cantwell

ISBN: 0986263834

Page: 150

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Book 3 in the bestselling Barbara Marr Series. Book 1, Take the Monkeys and Run, is currently Free. What’s more chaotic than a house with a canary, two hungry cats, and a yappy poodle with elimination issues? Answer: Barbara Marr on a murder investigation. That’s right, when Barb attends her first movie review screening, film director Kurt Baugh dies within twenty minutes of meeting her. If that isn’t bad enough, her friend, ex-Mafioso, Frankie Romano, is arrested for the murder. In usual Barbara Marr fashion, a whole load of trouble ensues when she seeks to vindicate Frankie of the crime. More laughs, more fun, more Barbara Marr! This third book in the popular Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series brings Barb out of the suburbs and into the slimy, urban world of bright lights, nightly news, and drive-by shootings. Luckily, she never loses her sense of humor or her ability to befriend some decidedly quirky characters. Books in the series: Take the Monkeys and Run (#1), Citizen Insane (#2), Silenced by the Yams (#3), Saturday Night Cleaver (#4), and Dead Man Stalking (#5)

Consensus and Dissent

If a young man's production of yams is hindered by the baloma as a punishment for indecent behaviour like jealousy and possible forms of aggression ...

Consensus and Dissent

Author: Anne Storch

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027265925

Page: 252

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This book is the result of intensive and continued discussions about the social role of language and its conceptualisations in societies other than Northern (European-American) ones. Language as a means of expressing as well as evoking both interiority and community has been in the focus of these discussions, led among linguists, anthropologists, and Egyptologists, and leading to a collection of essays that provide studies that transcend previously considered approaches. Its contributions are in particular interested in understanding how the attitude of the individual towards societal processes and strategies of norming is negotiated emotionally, and how individual interests and attitudes can be articulated. Discourses on public spaces are in the focus, in order to analyse those strategies that are employed to articulate dissent (for example, in the sense of face-threatening acts). This raises a number of questions on the spatial and public situatedness of emotions and language: How is the public space dealt with and reflected in language as property, heritage, and as a part of ascribed identities? Which role do emotions play in this space? How is emotion employed there as part of place making in relation to identity constructions? What is the connection between emotion, performance and emblematic spaces and places? Which opportunities of the violation of norms and transgression do such public spaces offer to actors and speakers? These questions intend to address the communicative representation of core cultural processes and concepts.

Romantic Jealousy

How Cultures Create the Conditions That Dispose Jealousy According to the ... his crop of yarns and seduce the yams of his neighbor's field into his own.

Romantic Jealousy

Author: Ayala Malach Pines

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136762728

Page: 318

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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Romantic Jealousy

How Cultures Create the Conditions That Dispose Jealousy According to the ... his crop of yarns and seduce the yams of his neighbor's field into his own.

Romantic Jealousy

Author: Ayala Malakh-Pines

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415920108

Page: 303

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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


The bedroom again looks as if it were empty. To the left, at the end of this western side of the veranda, the black cook is peeling yams over a tin basin.


Author: Alain Robbe-Grillet

Publisher: Alma Books

ISBN: 0714546623

Page: 129

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In his most famous and perhaps most typical work, Robbe-Grillet explores his principle preoccupation: the meaning of reality. The novel is set on a tropical banana plantation, and the action is seen through the eyes of a narrator who never appears in person, never speaks and never acts. He is a point of observation, his personality only to be guessed at, watching every movement of the other characters' actions as they flash like moving pictures across the distorting screen of a jealous mind.The result is one of the most important and influential books of our time, a completely integrated masterpiece that has already become a classic.

Growing Yams in London

You're jealous! I AM NOT JEALOUS, MEL! Whoa, no caps in this conversation pls? Whatever! I don't want to talk to you any more, Nick. Fine by me, Mel!

Growing Yams in London

Author: Sophia Acheampong

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.

ISBN: 1848123248

Page: 192

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How do you reconcile your heritage with the realities of teen life? Makeeda loves her life and her friends in London. Her parents wish she'd spend less time texting her mates and more time finding out about her Ghanian roots. So when she meets the very fit DJ Nelson, Makeeda starts to break her family's rules. Life gets even more complicated when she falls out with her best friend, Bharti. Can Makeeda find a way to be true to herself as well as respect her culture?

Two Novels Jealousy and In the Labyrinth

To the left, at the end of this western side of the veranda, the Negro cook is peeling yams over a tin basin. He is kneeling, sitting back on his heels, ...

Two Novels  Jealousy and In the Labyrinth

Author: Alain Robbe-Grillet

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802190537

Page: 320

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Here, in one volume, are two remarkable novels by the chief spokesman of the so-called “new novel” which has caused such discussion and aroused such controversy. “Jealousy,” said the New York Times Book Review “is a technical masterpiece, impeccably contrived.” “It is an exhilarating challenge,” said the San Francisco Chronicle. The Times Literary Supplement of London called Robbe-Grillet an “incomparable artist” and the Guardian termed Jealousy “an extraordinary book.” In his native France, leading critic Maurice Nadeau wrote in France-Observateur that “In the Labyrinth is better than an excellent novel: it is a great work of literature,” and fellow novelist and critic Claude Roy judged the same work Robbe-Grillet’s “best book,” while here in America the “Parade of Books” column called In the Labyrinth “a highly emotional experience for the reader” and went on to predict: “Robbe-Grillet will take his place in world literature as a successor of Balzac and Proust.” This volume, which offers incisive essays on Robbe-Grillet by Professor Bruce Morrissette of the University of Chicago and by French critics Roland Barthes and Anne Minor, also contains a helpful bibliography of writings by and about the author.

Federated States of Micronesia and Palau

Yams Pohnpeian yams are not to be mistaken for sweet potatoes, ... Farmers on Pohnpei are very jealous of their yams, the most prestigious agricultural ...

Federated States of Micronesia and Palau

Author: Ben Cook

Publisher: Other Places Publishing

ISBN: 0982261934

Page: 234

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"Discover the real Micronesia and Palau"--Cover.

Postcolonial Studies Across the Disciplines

... dance represents Othello's great self-narrating and self-performing capacity to win over Desdemona and to arouse jealousy in Iago. They- yams dance with ...

Postcolonial Studies Across the Disciplines

Author: Jana Gohrisch

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9401210020

Page: 406

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Bringing together contributions from various disciplines and academic fields, this collection engages in interdisciplinary dialogue on postcolonial issues. Covering African, anglophone, Romance, and New-World themes, linguistic, literary, and cultural studies, and historiography, music, art history, and textile studies, the volume raises questions of (inter)disciplinarity, methodology, and entangled histories. The essays focus on the representation of slavery in the transatlantic world (the USA, Jamaica, Haiti, and the wider Caribbean, West Africa, and the UK). Drawing on a range of historical sources, material objects, and representations, they study Jamaican Creole, African masks, knitted objects, patchwork sculpture, newspapers, films, popular music, and literature of different genres from the Caribbean, West and South Africa, India, and Britain. At the same time, they reflect on theoretical problems such as intertextuality, intermediality, and cultural exchange, and explore intersections – postcolonial literature and transatlantic history; postcolonial and African-American studies; postcolonial literary and cultural studies. The final section keys in with the overall aim of challenging established disciplinary modes of knowledge production: exploring schools and universities as locations of postcolonial studies. Teachers investigate the possibilities and limits of their respective institutions and probe new ways of engaging with postcolonial concerns. With its integrative, interdisciplinary focus, this collection addresses readers interested in understanding how colonization and globalization have influenced societies and cultures around the world. Contributors: Anja Bandau, Sabine Broeck, Sarah Fekadu, Matthias Galler, Janou Glencross, Jana Gohrisch, Ellen Grünkemeier, Jessica Hemmings, Jan Hüsgen, Johannes Salim Ismaiel–Wendt, Ursula Kluwick, Henning Marquardt, Dennis Mischke, Timo Müller, Mala Pandurang, Carl Plasa, Elinor Jane Pohl, Brigitte Reinwald, Steffen Runkel, Andrea Sand, Cecile Sandten, Frank Schulze–Engler, Melanie Ulz, Reinhold Wandel, Tim Watson Jana Gohrisch and Ellen Grünkemeier are based in the English Department of Leibniz University, Hannover (Germany), where they research and lecture in British studies with a focus on (postcolonial) literatures and cultures.

Political Paranoia

Each husband and each wife cultivates his or her own yam patch , planted in yams descended from yams in each spouse's family . Even the yams are jealous ...

Political Paranoia

Author: Robert S.. Robins

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300070279

Page: 366

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Robert S. Robins and Jerrold M. Post, M.D., experts in political psychology, document and interpret the malign power of paranoia in a variety of contexts - in political movements like McCarthyism; in organizations like the John Birch Society; in leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jim Jones, and David Koresh; and among extreme groups that commit violence in the name of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Indeed, Robins and Post show that the paranoid dynamic has been aggressively present in every social disaster of this century. Robins and Post describe the paranoid personality, explain why paranoia is part of human evolutionary history, and examine the conditions that must exist before the message of the paranoid takes root in a vulnerable population, leading to mass movements and genocidal violence.

A dictionary and grammatical sketch of Dagaare

... nyuulaa nyu - uo [ nú - úó ] n . yam barn pl : nyuuori 2pl : nyu - uoree Var . nyu - sege nyuuri [ núúri ] n . envy , jealousy pl : 2pl : nyuuree nyuuri ...

A dictionary and grammatical sketch of Dagaare

Author: Mark Ali

Publisher: Language Science Press

ISBN: 3961103232

Page: 365

View: 830

This book presents an extensive dictionary of the Dagaare language (Niger-Congo; Gur (Mabia)), focussing on the dialect of Central Dagaare, spoken in the Upper West region of Ghana. The dictionary provides comprehensive definitions, example sentences and the English translations, phonetic forms, inflected forms, etymological notes as well as information dialectal variation. This work is intended as a resource for linguists, but also as a resource for Dagaare speakers. Also included is a grammatical sketch of Dagaare contributed by Prof. Adams Bodomo.

Sorcerers of Dobu

wife like yams is spoken of as property. Just as it is considered good form to ... Jealousy towards everyone else intensifies. The whole atmosphere is most ...

Sorcerers of Dobu

Author: R. F. Fortune

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136547258

Page: 368

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Ever since its first publication in 1932, Sorcerers of Dobu has been recognized as one of the great triumphs of anthropological research and interpretation in the field of ethnography. A rich source of information on primitive psychology, the book presents sociological analysis of the complex tribal organisation of the Dobuans. Originally published in 1932

Wise Living from African Folktales

He was so jealous that he decided to steal all the yams. Every evening, Anansi the spider went to uproot a large quantity of the yams and send them to his ...

Wise Living from African Folktales

Author: Albert Mensah

Publisher: AudioInk

ISBN: 1613390017


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The power of stories to change minds, hearts and lives is well-known and has been for generations. Every society has their stories; every culture has their protagonists who scamper, struggle, laugh and cry. Each of these fictional beings has something to teach us, if we're ready to listen. Storytelling is quick, powerful, free, natural, refreshing; entertaining, moving, memorable and authentic. Stories help us make sense of the world and our place in it. A story is something that comes from outside. But the meaning is something that emerges from within. When a story reaches our hearts with deep meaning, it takes hold of us. Once it does so, we can let it go, and yet it remains with us. We do not weary of this experience. Once we have had one story, we are ready for another. Why? It's simple: because a good story can transmit the essential magic of connectedness between the self and the universe. Through stories, especially those passed down through the generations, we can let go the need to control and the fear that goes with it; learning that the world has the capacity to organize itself, as well as truly celebrating the complexity of living. Are you ready? Settle in for some stories and my insights on the lessons held within each. There are also exercises you can engage in to broaden the impact of these powerful tales.

Magicians of Manumanua

“If you were jealous of my yams you should have killed me instead. ... him that his lokona yams provoked envy and spite, as did those huge fish of Tomoudi.

Magicians of Manumanua

Author: Michael W. Young


ISBN: 0520320328

Page: 344

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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press's mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1983.

A Compendious Syriac Dictionary

QQ that envious one i. e. hater of all good, the devil. Lia's.» pl. l.“- rt. yam». emulation, zeal, competition, envy, jealousy; a grudge; ...

A Compendious Syriac Dictionary

Author: Jessie Payne Smith

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1579102271

Page: 626

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In this major reference tool, Jessie Payne Smith has abridged the great two-volume work, 'Thesaurus Syriacus,' by her late father. But her task was not to simply edit down the earlier, massive tomes. She also provided English translations for each entry and additional notations. Her father's dictionary had translated each Syriac word into Latin. The Latin translations made it more internationally accessible; but with the decline of the use of Latin, it decreased in usefulness. Her labors have insured that it continues to benefit scholars and students of Syriac.

Wicked Jealous

And baked yams. And roasted brussels sprouts. The following Thursday when I got home from Zumba I did something that only weeks ago would have been ...

Wicked Jealous

Author: Robin Palmer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101572493

Page: 272

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A fresh and funny twist on Snow White from the author of Cindy Ella and Geek Charming! The ideal L.A. fairy tale for fans of Once Upon a Time and L.A. Candy Simone never saw herself as the "cute girl"--she was always the chunky smartmouth. But after a year of avoiding her wicked almost-stepmonster through Zumba class, Simone's now sporting a whole new retro style. And people keep acting oddly. One thing: her stepmonster seems to be trying to accidentally kill her, or at least fatten her back up. And so when Simone's brother offers to let her move in with him and his six roommates for the summer, Simone jumps at the chance for some normalcy. Only living with seven very different college boys isn't exactly going to help her land her very own happily ever after . . .

Simultaneous Worlds

jealousy with respect to this technology and its/his cultural transgressions. ... and Yam the robot, who are traveling on a spaceship toward Asteroid-99 to ...

Simultaneous Worlds

Author: Jennifer L. Feeley

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 1452944253

Page: 344

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Since the 1927 release of Fritz Lang’s pioneer film Metropolis, science fiction cinema has largely been regarded a Western genre. In Simultaneous Worlds, Jennifer L. Feeley and Sarah Ann Wells showcase authors who challenge this notion by focusing on cinemas and cultures, from Cuba to North Korea, not traditionally associated with science fiction. This collection introduces films about a metal-eating monster who helps peasants overthrow an exploitative court, an inflatable sex doll who comes to life, a desert planet where matchsticks are more valuable than money, and more. Simultaneous Worlds is the first volume to bring a transnational, interdisciplinary lens to science fiction cinema. Encountering some of the best emerging and established voices in the field, readers will become immersed in discussions of well-known works such as the Ghost in the Shell franchise and Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 alongside lesser-known but equally fascinating works by African, Asian, European, and South American filmmakers. Divided into five parts that cover theoretical concerns such as new media economies, translation, the Global South, cyborgs, and socialist and postsocialist cinema, these essays trace cinema’s role in imagining global communities and power struggles. Considering both individual films and the broader networks of production, distribution, and exhibition, Simultaneous Worlds illustrates how film industries across the globe take part in visualizing the perils of globalization and technological modernity. Ultimately, this book opens new ways of thinking about world cinema and our understanding of the world at large.

Studying Contemporary Western Society

Such jealous surveillance , coupled with the strain of a marriage where one ... He stays up half the night uttering incantations to protect his own yams and ...

Studying Contemporary Western Society

Author: Margaret Mead

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571818157

Page: 300

View: 175

Few anthropologists today realize the pioneering role Margaret Mead played in the investigation of contemporary cultures. This volume collects and presents a variety of her essays on research methodology relating to contemporary culture. Many of these essays were printed originally in limited circulation journals, research reports and books edited by others. They reflect Mead's continuing commitment to searching out methods for studying and extending the anthropologist's tools of investigation for use in complex societies. Essays on American and European societies, intergenerational relations, architecture and social space, industrialization, and interracial relations are included in this varied and exciting collection.