Identifying Plosives in L2 English

This volume investigates the difficulties adult L2 users of English encounter with plosive consonants.

Identifying Plosives in L2 English

Author: Elena Kkese


ISBN: 9783034320603

Page: 334

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This volume investigates the difficulties adult L2 users of English encounter with plosive consonants. It presents the results of two tasks examining the acquisition of plosive voicing contrasts by college students with CG backgrounds. These results are discussed in relation to the approaches of second language phonology and speech perception.

Comparative Studies in Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

This problem may be due to phonological challenges (second language ... the identification of plosive consonants for bilingual CG users of L2 English?

Comparative Studies in Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Author: Lydia Sciriha

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527560597

Page: 362

View: 210

This volume reports on bilingual practices in contemporary societies in a number of European and non-European countries. The topics discussed here include language use and language learning in a bilingual context, issues in bilingual education, the use of language in the linguistic landscape, language and the media, language perceptions, language use and attitudes, and the use of language as a vantage point for the study of social change. This book captures the various different approaches and viewpoints on bilingualism by researchers who have focused on contexts such as Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and the USA. Of the 17 chapters here, five deal with aspects of bilingualism in Malta, which, in view of its minuscule size but complex language use, offers itself as an excellent laboratory for the scientific study of bilingualism.

Handbook of Research on Cultivating Literacy in Diverse and Multilingual Classrooms

Identifying plosives in L2 English: The case of L1 Cypriot Greek speakers. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang AG. doi:10.3726/b10379 Kkese, E. (2018).

Handbook of Research on Cultivating Literacy in Diverse and Multilingual Classrooms

Author: Neokleous, Georgios

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1799827232

Page: 767

View: 884

Literacy has traditionally been associated with the linguistic and functional ability to read and write. Although literacy, as a fundamental issue in education, has received abundant attention in the last few decades, most publications to date have focused on monolingual classrooms. Language teacher educators have a responsibility to prepare teachers to be culturally responsive and flexible so they can adapt to the range of settings and variety of learners they will encounter in their careers while also bravely questioning the assumptions they are encountering about multilingual literacy development and instruction. The Handbook of Research on Cultivating Literacy in Diverse and Multilingual Classrooms is an essential scholarly publication that explores the multifaceted nature of literacy development across the lifespan in a range of multilingual contexts. Recognizing that literacy instruction in contemporary language classrooms serving diverse student populations must go beyond developing reading and writing abilities, this book sets out to explore a wide range of literacy dimensions. It offers unique perspectives through a critical reflection on issues related to power, ownership, identity, and the social construction of literacy in multilingual societies. As a resource for use in language teacher preparation programs globally, this book will provide a range of theoretical and practical perspectives while creating space for pre- and in-service teachers to grapple with the ideas in light of their respective contexts. The book will also provide valuable insights to instructional designers, curriculum developers, linguists, professionals, academicians, administrators, researchers, and students.

L2 Writing Assessment

“English as a Foreign Language: Spelling Development: A Longitudinal Study”. ... “Identifying Plosives in L2 English: The Case of L1 Cypriot Greek Speakers” ...

L2 Writing Assessment

Author: Elena Kkese

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527542688

Page: 171

View: 262

When severe reading and spelling problems are not detected at an early stage in the school context, students may not be able to overcome them even in adulthood. Such problems in the worst cases may lead to developmental dyslexia or developmental dysorthographia, which are severe learning disabilities. Early intervention, though, can prevent these problems. Consequently, involving students in an active writing programme and providing them with ample opportunities to use spelling words in frequent writing can be the answer to such an inquiry. Meaningful writing can further facilitate spelling acquisition since in this manner, they can gain control over their work and learn to focus on the writing process and not exclusively on the final product. The book addresses these issues in order to help educators and clinicians identify such problems early, while it also acts as a practical guide to instruction and assessment.

Tertiary education language learning a collection of research

She is the author of Identifying Plosives in L2 English: the case of L1 Cypriot Greek speakers, and L2 Writing Assessment: The Neglected Skill of Spelling, ...

Tertiary education language learning  a collection of research

Author: Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous


ISBN: 249005788X

Page: 183

View: 694

Despite the contributions language centres across the globe have made to language education and higher education in general, few publications have a specific focus on research work produced by language centre faculty. The purpose of this reviewed, edited volume entitled Tertiary education language learning: a collection of research, consisting of eight chapters, is to fill some of this gap by giving insights into the type of research conducted in various fields of applied linguistics in a university language centre context. The volume may be of interest to university language centre practitioners and researchers, university policymakers and administrators, general language practitioners, teacher trainers, and university curriculum academic bodies. The editors hope that the present publication will be viewed as a valuable contribution to the literature and a worthy scholarly achievement.

Child Bilingualism and Second Language Learning

light on the factors influencing L2 proficiency, it does not reveal the process ... in identifying English vowel pairs than those with 5 years of residence.

Child Bilingualism and Second Language Learning

Author: Fangfang Li

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027260443

Page: 306

View: 540

This book focuses exclusively on child bilinguals or children exposed to a second language in various learning contexts. Through the presentation of research on how children learn the sound systems or lexicon in two languages and via different routes, the book aims to paint a comprehensive picture of child bilingualism and second language learning. In addition, the book features contributions focused on theoretical overviews and methodological approaches. Researchers from diverse disciplines such as linguistics, psychology, and speech-language pathology contributed to the book that thus represents an effort to integrate multiple views and perspectives. The book is useful for researchers, clinicians, and educators who work with children acquiring or learning a second language in different settings. It should also be of interest to university students studying bilingualism and/or second language acquisition or parents raising bilingual children.

The Phonology of English as an International Language

It thus seems unreasonable to have ' higher ' expectations of L2 speakers . ... follows the homorganic ( i.e. produced in the same place ) plosives / t / or ...

The Phonology of English as an International Language

Author: Jennifer Jenkins

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780194421645

Page: 258

View: 277

This book advocates a new approach to pronunciation teaching, in which the goal is mutual intelligibility among non-native speakers, rather than imitating native speakers. It will be of interest to all teachers of English as an International Language, especially Business English. It proposes a basic core of phonological teaching, with controversial suggestions for what should be included.

Current Research in Applied Linguistics

correspondence between English spelling and pronunciation; b) the fact that personal factors such as motivation, language aptitude or L2 background also ...

Current Research in Applied Linguistics

Author: Paula Rodríguez-Puente

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443862525

Page: 310

View: 645

This volume offers a representative selection of the papers presented at the Third ELC International Postgraduate Conference on Language and Cognition (ELC3), held in Santiago de Compostela, 21–22 September 2012. The book is structured into four parts. Part I comprises syntactic studies on the auxiliary verb get in Indian English, the grammar of verbs capable of occurring with or without an object in Contemporary English, and isolated if-clauses. Part II includes two papers dealing with word formation patterns and with crosslinguistic influences on motion expression in English and Spanish. The studies in Part III discuss topics related to second language acquisition, such as the difficulties encountered by Spanish speakers in learning English pronunciation, verbal morphology production by Japanese learners of English, and the effects of elicitation on students’ production of English past tense forms. The papers in Part IV revolve around discourse analysis and psycholinguistics, addressing topics such as automatic sentiment detection, perspectival construal patterns in language and cognition, and the effect of emotional valence on disambiguation processes.

Linguistic Tips for Latino Learners and Teachers of English

The primary purpose of the surveys has not been only to identify the problems ... For instance , the plosives / p , i , k in English form a natural class of ...

Linguistic Tips for Latino Learners and Teachers of English

Author: Edward Y. Odisho

Publisher: Gorgias Press LLC


Page: 180

View: 294

This book is written for both Latino (Hispanic) learners and teachers of English as a second language. The book is innovative in helping Latino learners and teachers overcome chronic and difficult barriers, such as the cases relevant to certain vowels, consonants and the overall rhythm of English. The methodology and techniques used to teach the two-vowel systems of English and Spanish is rarely encountered in modern linguistic literature.

Ideophones Mimetics and Expressives

words, while English speakers habitually encode manner of motion in the main verb ... It has also been found that L2 speakers' L1 affects their construal of ...

Ideophones  Mimetics and Expressives

Author: Kimi Akita

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027262608

Page: 325

View: 620

This volume explores new frontiers in the linguistic study of iconic lexemes known as ideophones, mimetics, and expressives. A large part of the literature on this long-neglected word class has been dedicated to the description of its sound symbolism, marked morphophonology, and grammatical status in individual languages. Drawing on data from Asian (especially Japanese), African, American, and European languages, the twelve chapters in this volume aim to establish common grounds for theoretical and crosslinguistic discussions of the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, acquisition, and variation of iconic lexemes. Not only researchers who are interested in linguistic iconicity but also theoretical linguists and typologists will benefit from the updated insights presented in each study.


For instance the voiced velar plosive / g / is present and recurrent in the ... Attention of learners and speakers of English in L2 environments should be ...






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Studien zur Rechtskommunikation

Ein Großteil der Studien ist empirisch basiert. Viele Beiträge wurden beim 15. Europäischen Fachsprachensymposium (New Trends in Specialized Discourse, Universität Bergamo, 29. August-2.

Studien zur Rechtskommunikation

Author: Dorothee Heller

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039114368

Page: 322

View: 927

Dieser Band führt Arbeiten zusammen, die neben der Konzentration auf juristisch-terminologische Fragen das Recht als einen kommunikativen Bereich mit ihm eigenen Einbindungen in unterschiedliche gesellschaftliche Domänen behandeln. Es werden sowohl einzelsprachliche als auch sprachübergreifende Merkmale juristischer Kommunikation untersucht. Dabei werden auch kontrastive Aspekte einbezogen. Von besonderer Relevanz sind Fragen der Übersetzung normativer Texte, die für Situationen institutioneller Mehrsprachigkeit - wie sie in der Europäischen Union und in der Schweiz, aber auch in Grenzregionen bestehen - charakteristisch sind. Es werden theoretische und forschungsmethodische Fragen erörtert, die mit Konventionen und/oder Funktionen juristischer Texte und nicht zuletzt mit der Entwicklung fachkommunikativer Kompetenz in der akademischen Ausbildung zusammenhängen. Ein Großteil der Studien ist empirisch basiert. Viele Beiträge wurden beim 15. Europäischen Fachsprachensymposium (New Trends in Specialized Discourse, Universität Bergamo, 29. August-2. September 2005) präsentiert; diese wurden durch Arbeiten zu dort nicht behandelten Themen aus dem Bereich Sprache und Recht erweitert, so dass der Band ein breites Spektrum rechtslinguistischer Forschung repräsentiert.

Dynamische Modellierung von Artikulation und prosodischer Struktur

Die Artikulatorische Phonologie (Catherine Browman und Louis Goldstein) wurde als Alternative zu segmentalen Ansätzen entwickelt.

Dynamische Modellierung von Artikulation und prosodischer Struktur

Author: Doris Mücke

Publisher: Language Science Press

ISBN: 3961100683

Page: 403

View: 242

Die Artikulatorische Phonologie (Catherine Browman und Louis Goldstein) wurde als Alternative zu segmentalen Ansätzen entwickelt. So nimmt die segmentale Phonologie an, dass nur distinkte Information gespeichert wird, die dann mit Hilfe von Regeln und Rechenprinzipien von der kategorialen Welt der Symbole in die kontinuierliche Welt der physikalischen Repräsentation übersetzt wird. Die Artikulatorische Phonologie hingegen nimmt an, dass auch kontinuierliche Information wie beispielsweise sprecher- oder situationsbedingte Variationen als Teil des Sprachsystems gespeichert werden. Variabilität wird hier als Teil des linguistischen Systems betrachtet, das konkret Aufschluss über zugrundeliegende Strukturen gibt. Im Modell der Artikulatorischen Phonologie wird Sprache als dynamisches System betrachtet und somit phonetische und phonologische Information integriert. Die Grundeinheiten der Artikulatorischen Phonologie sind nicht Segmente oder Merkmale, sondern artikulatorische Gesten. Diese legen linguistische relevante Konstriktionen wie beispielsweise einen Vollverschluss der Zungenspitze an den Alveolen sowie eine glottale Öffnungsgeste für Stimmlosigkeit bei der Produktion von /t/. Die Einbeziehung der zeitlichen Domäne ermöglicht im Gegensatz zu segmentalen Ansätzen die Abbildung natürlicher Variabilität. So kann beispielsweise im Falle von /t/ der Grad der Aspiration direkt aus der zeitlichen Anordnung der glottalen und oralen Geste abgeleitet werden: Ist die glottale Geste länger als die Zungenspitzengeste aktiviert, so entsteht auf akustischer Oberfläche Aspiration. Artikulatorische Gesten enkodieren darüber hinaus den kontextuellen Einfluss (Koartikulation in Form von Synergien zwischen Organgruppen) und können direkt den Einfluss höhere linguistischer Strukturen wie der prosodischen Hierarchie abbilden. Das vorliegende Buch stellt eine Einführung in die Artikulatorische Phonologie dar. Es richtet sich an Leserinnen und Leser, die phonetische Grundkenntnisse besitzen und sich mit der Artikulatorischen Phonologie beschäftigen. Darüber hinaus werden neben einer Einführung in das Model auch neuere Arbeiten und aktuelle Weiterentwicklungen aufgezeigt, insbesondere die Implementierung prosodischer Aspekte in die Artikulatorische Phonologie. Somit eignet sich das Buch auch für Leserinnen und Leser, die bereits mit der Artikulatorischen Phonologie in Kontakt gekommen sind, aber ihr Wissen vertiefen möchten. Zur Veranschaulichung werden Beispiele aus verschiedenen Sprachen gegeben, darunter Deutsch, Katalanisch, Italienisch, Polnisch, Mandarin und Tashlhiyt Berber.