Humble Works for Humble People

When work was done by the OPW, under the Relief of Distress 1880 Act, ... occupations and livelihoods of the humble people whom these humble works served.

Humble Works for Humble People

Author: Noel Wilkins

Publisher: Merrion Press

ISBN: 1911024930

Page: 350

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This fully illustrated book explores the history of the fishery piers and harbours of Galway and north Clare. A testament to these structures as feats of engineering, it is also a riveting account of the human aspect that shadowed their construction; a beautiful rendering of the maritime activities that gave life to the Wild Atlantic Way – kelp-making, fishing, turf distribution, and sea-borne trade. Humble Works for Humble People nurtures the retelling of human stories surrounding the piers, giving voice to the unacknowledged legacy of the lives that were their making. The Office of Public Works, the Congested Districts Board, foreign financial support, humanitarian efforts, controversies and conflict – these are all features of the piers and harbours’ development and preservation. Humble Works for Humble People is a vital contribution to the maritime history of Galway, Clare and of Ireland in general; an overlooked but culturally rich facet of Irish history.

Humble and Strong

On the other hand, I somehow knew that it was important for us to have that particular person working for us. Over time, events proved me correct.

Humble and Strong

Author: Gerald W. Keucher

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0819224081

Page: 126

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To be effective, leadership must be humble and strong. But the leadership we often see in churches and not-for-profits, as well as in corporations, is neither humble nor strong. The purpose of this book is to analyze these assertions, then to discuss how those who are preparing to be leaders and those who wish to be more effective leaders can recognize and avoid the pitfalls that lead to weak and arrogant leadership by adopting certain habits of life.

Hard Men Humble

People say lazy'—well, not necessarily. They just don't do any more than they have to. Efficient. We worked hard and we partied hard, and Laos was the place ...

Hard Men Humble

Author: Jonathan Stevenson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684842645

Page: 228

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The author of We Wrecked the Place chronicles the moving and startling tale of twenty Vietnam veterans who have remained or returned to Southeast Asia to live amid the battlefields of their youth, seeking redemption and refusing to return to a nation that cannot accept the sacrifices they made. 25,000 first printing.

A Humble Hero

Historically, it was those humble people like Linsen who carried the good part of Chinese culture and traditions from generation to generation.

A Humble Hero

Author: Jianxin Huang

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493114417

Page: 306

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This book is about Linsen, who was born in a typical farmer’s family in the southern Yangtze River area in 1900. When he was 5 years old, his father passed away. He had to quit school when he was only 11 to support his family. He inherited a huge amount of debt. Despite drastic regime changes, Japanese invasion, civil war, land reforms, widespread starvation, the upheavals of the Communist and Cultural Revolutions and their dreadful political and economic consequences, he held on to Chinese traditions all his life. He believed that one should live on and get wealth only from his own hard work. By his own efforts, he became a very skilled, knowledgeable, and successful farmer, well respected person by rich and poor people in his town. He was a legendary figure of a grassroots Chinese farmer. He tried his best to resist the destruction of Chinese traditions and culture. Cynically, the final and fatal blow to him was from one of his beloved family members. Some of the dramatic historical and cultural events and information in this book were never before recorded.

Humble Leadership

... and instead of doing the work to uncover and nurture a good, humble leader, they choose a person who either has already been leading or who is already ...

Humble Leadership

Author: N. Graham Standish

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1566995523

Page: 186

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There comes a point at which leaderhsip can break down precisely because of our success as leaders. When confidence turns to pride and arrogance, we lose sight of the people that we have been called to serve and become consumed with following our own vision. Graham Standish offers a way forward that moves us through this paradox by seeking to humbly follow God's plans rather than our own. Humble leadership, grounded in the teachings of Jesus, means recognizing that what we have and who we are is a gift from God, and our lives should reflect our gratitude for this gift. It requires us to be radically and creatively open to God's guidance, grace, and presence in everything. When we lead out of such openness, God's power and grace flow through us. The path Standish proposes is not easy. Humble leadership can be personally dangerous, exposing our weakness, powerlessness, fear, and anxiety. Our cultural need for strength infects Christian leaders with a pride that causes them to ignore biblical teachings on humility. But a humble leader says to God, "I'm yours, no matter where you call me to go, what you call me to do, and how you call me to be. I will seek your will and way as I lead others to do the same."

How to be more humble

At work, an employee wants to show more skills than his co-worker. ... Perhaps most people are unaware of the real meaning of humility.

How to be more humble

Author: Paula Fragoso

Publisher: Editora Bibliomundi

ISBN: 1526033879

Page: 27

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You may ask yourself: why should I strive to be a humble person?Humility is a virtue, a moral excellence.Humility brings people closer to you, opens doors to new opportunities, helps you to grow and become a better person.

From Humble Beginnings to Realizing a Dream

A lot of people would say, 'What would people say if I don't wear jeans ... my mother, who worked for a clothing store, would get 50 per cent off on all ...

From Humble Beginnings to Realizing a Dream

Author: Letshego Tau

Publisher: Partridge Africa

ISBN: 1482806398

Page: 98

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The birth of this book came as an indication that passion is greater than security. it also focuses readers to never think small of themselves. The book starts with the real life story of the author who came from a family of three (3) that being the author himself, his brother and a single mother. It also focuses on other stories of people and provides life motivational quotes. Life was never easy for this family, the mother had to make means by working hard most of her life to support her family. The absence of the father figure never played a role in the upbringing of the two boys who took advantage to change their lives for the better, through education that was presented to them by their single mother's tiny savings. If you believe it can be done wake up and do it yourself, thats the story line of this book.

The Humble Creative

I even send my work old art teacher, and she says she likes it, too. ... In any creative process we need to be looking to advice from people who are experts ...

The Humble Creative

Author: Matthew Niermann

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1725291800

Page: 142

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Open any other book on creativity, and you will hear the clichéd rallying cries of current creative culture: Be True to Yourself! Find Your Voice! Express Your Authentic Self! This book is different. This book will not tell you to “Be true to yourself,” but will implore you to “Humble yourself.” This book will not repeat the slogan, “Find your Voice,” but will ask you to consider how your moral weaknesses are inhibiting your creativity. Examining the current creative culture, The Humble Creative argues that creativity can easily become disordered by vices that Christianity has long understood, but most have forgotten; vices such as vainglory, envy, sloth, anger, lust of the eyes, greed, and pride. The Humble Creative integrates the long-held Christian understanding of moral vice with creativity, providing an accessible exploration of individual vices and their role in disordering creativity—ultimately offering exercises for moral and creative formation. Written in an accessible way, this book explores the stories of several individuals whose creativity have become disordered by vice, introducing the reader to the often overlooked relationship between the moral character of the creative and the successful pursuit of flourishing creativity.

Humble Confidence

We have growing numbers of people who identify themselves as workaholics. Many Americans are overworked, spending more time at the job than workers in other ...

Humble Confidence

Author: James Bacik

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 081468341X

Page: 198

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The influential German Jesuit theologian, Karl Rahner (1904–84), famously claimed that the more scientific theology is the more spiritually and pastorally relevant it will be. This book attempts to demonstrate the truth of this claim by drawing together resources scattered throughout Rahner’s voluminous writings in order to make his wisdom more available for people seeking a deeper spirituality and a more effective pastoral ministry. The book also provides summaries of Rahner’s main ideas on anthropology, God, Christ, and the Church, with an emphasis on their practical significance. Finally, it serves as a response to those critics who claim that Rahner is passé by emphasizing the power of his theology to illumine contemporary issues with the light of the Gospel.

Humble Beginnings

“I don't think those in charge would be happy if we started taking people's minds off work. Most people here keep two things on their minds: earning enough ...

Humble Beginnings

Author: Greg Alldredge

Publisher: Greg Alldredge

ISBN: 1949392414

Page: 288

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Not everyone in space is a hero... ... Some just struggle to survive in this crazy universe. Far Reach Station was a dream never fully realized. Built in deep space at the terminus of the Ring Network, the station became a port of call for adventurers, traders, and scoundrels from an untold number of worlds, each with hidden agendas. Most people that call the station home just want to make an extra ration of water to make life a little more comfortable. Some want to lord over their small patch of deck plate. Take your pick of professions, Private Investigator, Troubadour, Miner, or Delivery; all jobs take on an air of the dangerous while working in space. This is a place where villainy or heroism is only a question of choice. This collection is about common souls stuck in a tin can millions of miles from home, all trying to survive in an environment surrounded by the unknown. A place where change is the only constant. A station where humans are a rarity, struggling like the rest to find their place in the cosmos. Get it now.