How to Age in Place

ls Aging in Place Right for Me? People ask us this all the time: why has aging in
place become so popular.> More and more retirees are choosing this option, and
doing what they need to make it happen. Communities of older adults—aging in ...

How to Age in Place

Author: Mary A. Languirand, Ph.D.

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 1607744171

Page: 256

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The first authoritative and comprehensive guide to "aging in place"--a burgeoning movement for those who don't want to rely on assisted living or nursing home care--which allows seniors to spend their later years living comfortably, independently, and in their own home or community. For millions of Americans, living in a nursing home or assisted living facility is not how they’d prefer to spend their retirement years. This is why more and more people are choosing to “age in place.” In this empowering and indispensable book, clinical psychologists and aging specialists Mary Languirand and Robert Bornstein teach readers how, with planning and foresight, they can age with dignity and comfort in the place of their own choosing. How to Age in Place offers useful, actionable advice on financial planning; making your home physically safe; getting around; obtaining necessary services; keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit; and post-retirement employment. A necessary resource for seniors, their adult children, and eldercare professionals, How to Age in Place is both a practical roadmap and inspirational guide for the millions of seniors who want to make their own decisions and age well.

Age in Place

As an expert in the field of geriatric rehabilitation and aging in place, my phone
rings several times a week with a friend, family member, or acquaintance asking
for my advice about their parents. “Mom is getting weaker and toddling around
the ...

Age in Place

Author: Lynda Shrager OTR, MSW

Publisher: Bull Publishing

ISBN: 1945188243

Page: 216

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This reference offers clear and practical solutions for seniors with decreased mobility, along with their caretakers. Author Lynda Shrager is an occupational therapist, a master's level social worker, and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) with more than 37 years of geriatrics experience.This book is designed to help seniors and their caregivers address these new challenges together to make life at home safer, more manageable, and less stressful for all.

Ageing in Place

The age-friendly approach is gaining traction, since there is a realization that
Perth's sprawling urban form is posing challenges for ageing in place. However,
a critique often levelled at the age-friendly city movement is that it is too broad in
its ...

Ageing in Place

Author: Bruce Judd

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1788976096

Page: 224

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This insightful book showcases a range of design, planning and policy responses to ageing populations and the built environment from across the rapidly changing and dynamic Western Asia-Pacific region. Its chapters demonstrate a clear and increasingly convergent preference for and promotion of ageing in place and the need for collaborative efforts to facilitate this at various scales through policy and practice.

Aging in the Right Place

"If there's one place to go for everything you need to know about housing and aging, it's Stephen Golant. He brings a lifetime of deep scholarly knowledge to this book.

Aging in the Right Place

Author: Stephen M. Golant


ISBN: 9781938870361

Page: 416

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"If there's one place to go for everything you need to know about housing and aging, it's Stephen Golant. He brings a lifetime of deep scholarly knowledge to this book."-- Harry Moody, Ph.D., Retired Vice President, AARP"[provides] deep knowledge about the great variety of places in which elders can thrive no matter their limitations."--David J. Ekerdt, Ph.D., Director, Gerontology Center, Professor of Sociology, University of KansasEncouraging new ways to look at the question of how to grow old successfully, this book explores many pathways to thriving in old age, ranging from aging in place to moving to housing and care settings specially tailored to match a person's lifestyle and vulnerabilities. At the heart of it all is a deep discussion of the impact of residential settings on physical and mental well-being.Using his theoretical model of residential normalcy, Dr. Stephen Golant helps readers understand the variables affecting older people who are trying to find the optimal place to live and experience maximum well-being, comfort, independence, and life satisfaction amidst changes in their health and personal circumstances.Expansive in its coverage, the book examines all types of housing options and everything from the current role of family assistance and private sector initiatives to government programs as well as potential smart home technologies and innovative housing, planning, and long-term care solutions.Aging in the Right Place paints a vibrant picture of the diverse experiences of today's older adults and abounds with engaging and illustrative case studies, opinions, stories, and quotes. It is an essential text for professionals, service providers, and academics in the fields of gerontology, long-term care, healthcare, public service, and housing and urban planning. It will also inform elders themselves about their many choices.

Aging in Place

INTRODUCTION Aging in Place and the Environment The ability to age in place
and never move is contingent on the livability of the dwelling in which an older
person resides, whether in individual homes and apartments or some form of ...

Aging in Place

Author: Ellen D Taira

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317826132

Page: 162

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Provide a comfortable living environment for the aging! Aging in Place: Designing, Adapting, and Enhancing the Home Environment gives you a complete examination of current trends in adaptive home designs for older adults. As a therapist, designer, architect, builder, home planner, social worker, community organizer, or gerontologist, Aging in Place will show you innovative home designs and studies for creating environments that offer optimal living for aging adults. Complete with diagrams, floor plans, and tables, Aging in Place helps you to improve the quality of life for the elderly by offering them state-of-the-art designs that encourage independence and dignity. This unique and exciting book covers topics such as universal design which strives to create everyday environments and products like door handles and light switches that are usable by all people to the greatest extent possible, regardless of age or ability. Aging in Place will also show you how to: use follow-up visits by occupational therapists to ensure successful use of home modifications create environments that are helpful for vision rehabilitation by using controlled lighting and color schemes evaluate the quality of life for elderly people living in personal dwellings, specialized housing, and nursing homes explore architectural barriers and the uses of helping devices for elderly people examine research critiques of adaptive toilet equipment investigate modifications that have been made in homes for the elderly in India analyze ways in which elderly people have changed their homes to make the telephone more accessible Aging in Place is a complete guide to understanding the needs and latest trends in optimizing the living space of elderly persons. The book gives you access to several studies on elderly people's environmental needs and preferences in regard to modifications in personal and public dwellings. This information will assist you with better serving the elderly by helping them live more independently.

Aging in Place

... alone (78 percent), are limited functionally (72 percent), and have an income
below $25,000 (77 percent). The subgroup most expecting to age in place were
homeowners who had income less than $6,000 a year (87 percent) (AARP, 1990

Aging in Place

Author: James J Callahan Jr

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351853627

Page: 142

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"Aging in place" is among the newer terms to be included along with "senior citizen," "golden agers," and others in the lexicon of gerontology. Since aging is a lifelong process and each of us occupies three-dimensional space, we are, of course, always aging in place, but two factors have caused aging in place to emerge as a salient concern for gerontological policy makers. The first is the explosive growth of homeownership after World War II, the other is the perception that thousands of older people have been flowing into nursing homes unnecessarily when they can and should remain in their own home or apartment.

Aging in Place

This book is an excellent self-assessment, with tips on working with family and local social services for elders. Aging In Place is your reference manual for successfully living at home forever.

Aging in Place

Author: Donna Christner-Lile

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1617776033

Page: 76

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Do you want to live in your home forever and not worry about your health or your age?Aging in Placeis the perfect resource, offering complete instructions for the safe and healthy way to successfully make that happen. Whether you are a senior citizen who faces the prospect of moving out of your home, an adult who wants to avoid this happening in the future, or a senior adult caregiver, this book is for you. Aging in Place offers assistance in: • Questions to ask your doctor to prepare for your life at home • Building your support system for a peaceful future • A home-safety checklist • Financial issues to consider • And more As aging-in-place concerns become a priority for seniors, useful and accessible information is essential for a healthy and smart transition. This book is an excellent self-assessment, with tips on working with family and local social services for elders. Aging In Place is your reference manual for successfully living at home forever.

Facilitating Aging in Place Safe Sound and Secure An Issue of Nursing Clinics

SUMMARY Facilitating aging in place for people with dementia requires diligent
monitoring of ADL function and early, as well as episodic, intervention for
disability. Although disability may not be eliminated in people with dementia,
minimizing ...

Facilitating Aging in Place  Safe  Sound  and Secure  An Issue of Nursing Clinics

Author: Lazelle E. Benefield

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323299431

Page: 169

View: 580

The articles appearing in this geriatrics-focused issue are consistent with the collaborative and translational concepts held by a life course perspective. Each supports interprofessional collaboration and some are either authored or coauthored by interdisciplinary colleagues. Three goals are reflected in these articles: keeping community-dwelling older adults safe, sensible, and secure with solutions that will enable them to stay healthy, wise, and aware. Topics include maintaining physical functions, benefits and consequences of weight-bearing exercise on foot health; cancer prevention; managing nocturia’s effect on sleep quality and safety; protection from financial exploitation; and providing safe and affordable living environments. Several articles address physical or cognitive challenges that include monitoring medication adherence, threat of anxiety and stigma in dementia, and approaches to managing self-care in the home for persons with dementia. These evidence-based articles address emerging and best practices to support targeted interventions for persons in community-dwelling home settings. They provide a frame-work of person-centered approaches that foster good health in older age, a central tenet of aging in place and the global response to population aging.

Aging in Place with Dignity

Analyzes programs in industrialized countries which keep frail and low-income elderly in their communities with proper support systems.

Aging in Place with Dignity

Author: Leonard Heumann

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text


Page: 193

View: 358

Analyzes programs in industrialized countries which keep frail and low-income elderly in their communities with proper support systems.

The Paradox of Aging in Place in Assisted Living

In the past several years, the idea of aging in place has been embraced by older
adults and by those advocating on their behalf. However, aging in place, or "
remaining in the same residence where one has spent his or her earlier years" ...

The Paradox of Aging in Place in Assisted Living

Author: Jacquelyn Beth Frank

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780897896788

Page: 222

View: 744

The first participant-observation fieldwork on assisted living, based on an in-depth study of two assisted living settings and giving the viewpoints of both administrators and residents.

Aging in Place

This article describes how a housing management organization has formulated
an approach to managing housing for the elderly using the concept of control as
a central element in enhancing independence of residents as they age in place.

Aging in Place

Author: Leon A Pastalan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317839455

Page: 130

View: 950

In this highly practical volume, the contributing authors explore some of the dimensions associated with aging in place. There are increasing numbers of older Americans who are faced with fundamental changes in their economic circumstances, health, and marital status which have an impact on their ability to age in place. Without the necessary supports many may have no other choice but to be prematurely or inappropriately placed in costly health care facilities or be forced to move into unfamiliar, less safe, less satisfactory housing environments. Aging in Place explores some of the dimensions associated with aging in place and informs readers about unmet needs and available living options for elderly persons. Experts discuss a number of crucial factors regarding the availability of social supports and the impact it has on the independence of the elderly, specifically their living arrangements. They address the issue of control and how access to social contact and real choices about services and facilities increases independence among the elderly; congregate housing as an alternative to nursing care for those elderly too frail for less supportive housing; discharge policies concerning frailty in senior living arrangements; and the lack of a full range of services in many alleged full service communities.

Old Age in a New Age

Continuing - care retirement communities , or CCRCs , promise older people the
opportunity to “ age in place ” through a lifelong continuum of care . Many CCRCs
are considered the top - of - the - line option in eldercare in their communities ...

Old Age in a New Age

Author: Beth Baker

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 9780826515636

Page: 236

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On investigative visits to nursing homes across the nation, the author has witnessed profound changes. Culture change leaders are tearing up everything [...]. They are creating extraordinary places where people live in dignity and greet the day with contentment, assisted by employees who feel valued and appreciated. Perhaps most surprising, these homes prove that a high quality of life does not have to cost more. [...] In this new book, the author tell the story of a better way to live in old age. Although each home is different, they share common values: respecting individual choices; empowering staff; fostering a strong community of elders, staff, family members, and volunteers; redesigning buildings from a hospital model to a home (where pets and children are part of everyday life); and honoring people when they die. [...] [Ed.].

Geographies of Ageing

Chapter 7 Ageing in Place : Challenges , Opportunities and the Spatial
Implications 7.1 Introduction Ageing in place , where older people remain in their
homes as they grow old , rather than move into institutional care , is the preferred
strategy ...

Geographies of Ageing

Author: Amanda Davies

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409417767

Page: 209

View: 184

This book examines the patterns and causes of uneven population ageing. It identifies those countries and localities most likely to experience population ageing and the reasons for this. Attention is also given to the role that youth migration, labour force migration, retirement migration and ageing in place have in influencing the spatial concentrations of older people

Aging in Place

This book helps readers develop a proactive approach to problem-solving and addressing hazards in the home.

Aging in Place

Author: Lanore Dixon


ISBN: 9781734730302

Page: 130

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This book helps readers develop a proactive approach to problem-solving and addressing hazards in the home. Readers will learn to invest in appropriate equipment and strategies to protect their safety and independence as they prepare their homes to age in place.

Residential Design for Aging In Place

10.2 Aging in place doesn't stop at the bathroom or kitchen. It can and should
extend to all rooms as in game, music, and entertainment salons. Flat flooring
materials, lots of open spaces to move about, and great natural and artificial
lighting is ...

Residential Design for Aging In Place

Author: Drue Lawlor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470056142

Page: 272

View: 722

Consult Residential Design for Aging In Place, the key reference for designing homes for aging people, if you seek to understand how to create effective spaces for the elderly. Interior designers, architects, and homebuilders are increasingly asked by clients to design homes to allow for adaptation over time, and this is the definitive guide, endorsed by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Find case study examples of good design solutions for designing for aging in place from two authors who are highly respected fellows of the ASID.

Independent for Life

In Independent for Life, Henry Cisneros and a team of experts on aging, architecture, construction, health, finance, and politics assess the current state of housing and present new possibilities that realistically address the interrelated ...

Independent for Life

Author: Henry Cisneros

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292737920

Page: 299

View: 831

Staying home, aging in place, is most people's preference, but most American housing and communities are not adapted to the needs of older people. And with the fastest population growth among people over sixty-five, finding solutions for successful aging is important not only for individual families, but for our whole society. In Independent for Life, Henry Cisneros and a team of experts on aging, architecture, construction, health, finance, and politics assess the current state of housing and present new possibilities that realistically address the interrelated issues of housing, communities, services, and financial concerns.--[book cover].

Ageing in Urban Neighbourhoods

... a right requiring no empirical justification ( see quote above ) , social policy and
social change needs to be driven by a better understanding of what constitutes a '
decent ' environment in which older people are committed to ageing in place .

Ageing in Urban Neighbourhoods

Author: Allison E. Smith

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781847422705

Page: 242

View: 838

This title draws attention to the impact of urban deprivation on older people's lives.

Assisted Living Administration and Management

Those individuals in urban settings reported that they also experienced a lack of
housing options for aging-in-place, and additionally experienced concerns about
a lack of support services for aging-in-place (Lawlor, 2009). Understanding the ...

Assisted Living Administration and Management

Author: Darlene Yee-Melichar, EdD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826104670

Page: 440

View: 713

Named a 2013 Doody's Essential Purchase! "Since there are few books available on this topic that are this comprehensive and well-organized, this book should be of value to anyone interested in the topic of assisted living facilities in the U.S." Score: 98, 5 stars.óDoodyís Medical Reviews "This book is much needed. It offers a practical approach to key issues in the management of an assisted living facility... It is especially pleasing to see the long needed collaboration between nursing, social services, and education that is reflected by the training of the authors. This book is an important milestone for the field of aging and assisted living administration." From the Foreword byRobert Newcomer, PhD, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences University of California-San Francisco Assisted Living Administration and Management contains all the essentials for students new to the field, as well as nuanced information for professionals looking to fine-tune their skills. This comprehensive resource provides deeper insights to address the ever-changing world of the assisted living community, containing effective best practices and model programs in elder care. The authors provide the necessary tools and tips to maximize the overall health, safety, and comfort of residents. This landmark reference, for assisted living and senior housing administrators as well as graduate students, contains the most practical guidelines for operating assisted living facilities. It offers advice on hiring and training staff, architecture and space management, and more. This multidisciplinary book is conveniently organized to cover the most crucial aspects of management, including organization; human resources; business and finance; environment; and resident care. Key Features: Highlights the most effective practices and model programs in elder care that are currently used by facilities throughout the United States Contains useful details on business and financial management, including guidelines for marketing, legal issues and terms, and public policy issues Includes chapters on environmental management, with information on accessibility, physical plant maintenance, and disaster preparedness Emphasizes the importance of holistic, resident care management, by examining the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging Enables students to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information on how to operate assisted living facilities

Assisted Living

Aging in place is the term that describes the phenomenon of growing older within
a specific environmental setting . Whereas early definitions of aging in place
focused on older persons ' preference to remain , or age in place , in their own ...

Assisted Living

Author: Sheryl Zimmerman

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801867057

Page: 344

View: 641

This text examines the evolving field of residential care and focuses on national issues of regulation, reimbursement and staffing. The book describes assisted-living facilities, those living in them, their needs and how services vary.