Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way

Once we have become vulnerable, other kinds of sick-making ideas and beliefs can enter and manifest in specific illnesses. This book shows how to recognize such beliefs and “deprogram” them with Cosmic help.

Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way

Author: Carol K. Anthony

Publisher: Anthony Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781890764036

Page: 280

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The fact that our thoughts influence our health has been known for some time, but the extent of this discovery is taken to a new dimension in this groundbreaking work that is based on the experiences of its two authors. Health, not illness, is the natural standard for the body. Our body functions through a harmonious cooperation between the consciousnesses of all the various organs and bodily systems. The root causes of illness are to be found in ideas and beliefs that are in conflict with what our body knows on its deepest level—through the DNA that is embedded in every body cell. Ill health is caused first by thoughts that make us vulnerable to illness through disabling our natural defenses. Once we have become vulnerable, other kinds of sick-making ideas and beliefs can enter and manifest in specific illnesses. This book shows how to recognize such beliefs and “deprogram” them with Cosmic help. The result is that our self-healing abilities are restored and our body, freed from the burden of sick-making thoughts, springs back to health. At a time of drastically increasing costs for conventional health care, this book enables its reader to take matters of healing back into their own hands.

Helping Yourself with Cosmic Healing

Let go , and let Cosmic Mind help you ! FOUR EASY AND UNIQUE WAYS TO
RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES Just for the fun of it , try these quick and easy “
perk - me - up ” exercises to rejuvenate your energy level . A . One excellent way .
to ...

Helping Yourself with Cosmic Healing

Author: Rebekah Alezander Dunlap


ISBN: 9780133862768

Page: 216

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Heal Yourself Heal the World

He explains that in Maya Creation Mythology, “The December solstice sun is First
Father and the Milky Way is Cosmic Mother” and the December 2012 alignment
symbolizes the joining of First Father and Cosmic Mother or more accurately, ...

Heal Yourself   Heal the World

Author: Donna Kenny

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 1456606107

Page: 111

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Our created universe is ever evolving and is presently passing through a critical evolutionary stage. We are in the midst of a universal healing and transformation process which will catalyze a shift into a new evolutionary paradigm. This new paradigm will manifest a glorious reality that has never before been experienced on any level of Creation. The highest of Heaven will be brought to Earth and humanity will experience a transformative rebirth in consciousness. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the purpose and goals of the universal healing and transformation process from the perspective of the Divine Plan of Creation. It also offers support and guidance for your personal healing and transformation process so that you can embrace your true divine destiny in the wondrous new reality.

Green Medicine

—Edward Tick, PhD, author of War and the Soul and The Practice of Dream
Healing “Green Medicine is a bold and ... co-author of Healing Yourself the
Cosmic Way GreGreeenn MMeeddiicciinnee CHALLENGING THE

Green Medicine

Author: Larry Malerba, D.O.

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1583943323

Page: 416

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According to Dr. Larry Malerba, modern medicine has perfected the short-term technical repair of the physical body at the expense of the long-term psychological and spiritual well-being of the whole person. In Green Medicine he examines this issue and provides a realistic blueprint for wellness and a valuable guide for those seeking deeper and more lasting healing. Written in an accessible style, the book draws on a rich range of fields—physics, philosophy, Jungian thought, shamanism, alchemy, Eastern thought, Western esotericism, sustainability, orthodox medicine—to create a green medical paradigm that represents a powerful integrative medical perspective. Dr. Malerba interweaves case histories from his own practice with innovative concepts from alternative and Western medicine in order to address a number of crucial questions: • What are the personal and environmental costs to the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs? • Is conventional medicine as scientific as it claims to be? • How can conventional doctors and alternative healers begin to work together? • How can individuals transform medicine and become participants in their own healthcare? Green Medicine offers a practical and philosophical basis for building a viable green alternative that draws on the inherent unity of body, heart, mind, soul, and nature. From the Trade Paperback edition.

10 Cosmic Dimensions

There is no right way to connect, there is just the right method for you at your level
of understanding. ... HEALING YOURSELF, HEALING OTHERS Advancing in the
Cosmic Dimensions means there is growth in spiritual consciousness. Many of ...

10 Cosmic Dimensions

Author: Raven Shamballa

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982207957

Page: 126

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Humans are evolving in dimensional consciousness. As one ascends beyond the 5th dimension, spiritual gifts activate. Humans are healed on all levels of their being, creating a multi-dimensional perceptive. Raven brings forward information on the soul’s journey, life between lives, the light realms, and the effect of karma as we progress on our journey. Lightworkers have volunteered to be present on Earth during this difficult time in our history. All are invited to participate in bringing light to the world. The Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension provides tools for evaluating your spiritual evolution, and helping you to understand others in new light. Ten worksheets are provided for self-reflections and to assist you in moving through the guidebook.

Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation

NB: You can empower and heal yourself, in this way, through using a specific
virtue at a time; for example, you can ... to heal your physical body, the healing is
done through the Holographic Body which is provided by the cosmic energies.

Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation

Author: Brahma Kumari Pari

Publisher: GBK Publications


Page: 35917

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Through using the knowledge and practices in this book, the diseases in your body can be cured and you can remain in a refreshed, healthy state. ​​Even if you do not have diseases in your body, you could still read this book in order to have a better understanding: 1. on how the cosmic energies serve you. 2. about the relationships which you have with the cosmic energies, God, etc. This book explains: 1. how you can absorb God’s energies to heal any disease which exists in your body. 2. how to get the cosmic energies to serve you better so that you can live a better, healthier life while achieving your aims. 3. how you can heal yourself and remain healthy through a positive influence on the cosmic energies since the cosmic energies serve you based on your thoughts, feelings, aims etc. 4. how you can get healed through your Holographic Body. 5. about the Universal Laws through which you get healed. 6. why practices, involving Chi or Prana, have been successfully used to heal people without any medicine. 7. how the impure energies of the soul influence your body to get diseased and how the pure energies of the soul influence the healing of the body. 8. how you can easily get healed through the soul conscious stage. 9. how you can have more control over your mind, intellect and memories; and how this will assist you to get healed. 10. how you can develop a close relationship with God, through which you can get God's assistance to get or achieve whatever you want, including good health. 11. how you can have the energies from the Angelic World within your aura and environment; and how this will help to eliminate your diseases. 12. how you and others can be cured through distant healing. 13. how you can have hands that could heal through your touch. 14. how the cosmic energies could provide food with better nutrients and medicinal value. 15. how your body can get healed when you sleep in remembrance of God. Through using the knowledge and meditation guidelines in this book, you will establish your link to God and begin the process to get your body healed through being exposed to: 1. God’s powerful healing energies, and 2. the cosmic energies which have been energised by God’s energies. These powerful cosmic energies (Chi or Prana) serve God and you well, since they are in the powerful state. Thus, all diseases can be instantly eliminated from your body. You can also expose yourself to God’s energies so as to become and remain refreshed.

The Healing Power of Colour

Mary Anderson , in her excellent book Colour Healing® recommends colour
breathing , which she considers as important as the ... The gems are set in a
rotating disc in such a way that their rays will fall on a patient ' s photograph . This
method does not fall into the usual colour correspondence system apart from the
ruby , which is considered to resonate to the red cosmic ray and the sun and is
therefore ... try a few experiments for yourself 102 THE HEALING POWER OF

The Healing Power of Colour

Author: Betty Wood

Publisher: Inner Traditions International

ISBN: 9780892811106

Page: 112

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Forgive Your Parents Heal Yourself

Unlike Eric, she could not find her own way out. A SUICIDE IN THE FAMILY ...
Everything was made clear: in the cosmic web that sustains us all, everything is
connected; life and death are just different parts of the weave. Michael sang his ...

Forgive Your Parents  Heal Yourself

Author: Barry Grosskopf



Page: 279

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A uniquely effective guide to parent-forgiveness can aid adults in finding the strength to finally release oppressive anger and begin the personal healing process, showing how to understand a parent's pain and rebuild the capacity for non-recriminatory family relationships. 20,000 first printing.

You Can Heal Yourself

He advocated a general formula , “ I am getting better and better every day in
every way ” . ... They might be summarised as follows : 1. the theory that thoughts
of health travel through the cosmic consciousness as a medium in the same way

You Can Heal Yourself

Author: Masaharu Taniguchi



Page: 248

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The Unity Way

Now I see that you have not even been able to heal yourself ! ” The minister
replied , “ When Jesus died and rose ... the reason . It was too simple and too
uncatchable . The secret was in their spiritual consciousness with a cosmic touch
, or ...

The Unity Way

Author: Marcus Bach

Publisher: Orenda Unity Press

ISBN: 9780871591647

Page: 387

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Your Power to Heal

In Chapter 2 you were told of the way the mind pictures an afflicted part of the
body restored to its normal , healthy condition ... in Chapter 4 , of the cosmic
healing energies themselves ; in Chapter 5 , of the vast extent of the expanding
psychic ...

Your Power to Heal

Author: Harold Morrow Sherman



Page: 246

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Consultants Consulting Organizations Directory

... Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way, Apr, 2008; The Secret of Miracles:, Mar,
2008; Clear Clutter & Discover Who You Are and Personal Clearing, Mar, 2008;
Feng Shui Fundamentals, Dec. 2007; Creating Wealth, Abundance and Well
Being, ...

Consultants   Consulting Organizations Directory

Author: Paul Wasserman


ISBN: 9781414419312


View: 841

Indexes are arranged by geographic area, activities, personal name, and consulting firm name.

Living Binge free

This commitment has led her to a deep understanding of the process of recovery
from all illness : the way of self - love . ... understand and embrace this hurting
progress you have already made in your healing journey part of yourself , and be
shown how to reclaim your and ... 95 Side B : Cosmic Mother / Cosmic Father
Many of the core beliefs we hold about ourselves stem from childhood
experiences .

Living Binge free

Author: Jane Evans Latimer


ISBN: 9780929109053

Page: 138

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The Adult Children of Divorce Workbook

You will also gain from the personal stories shared by ACDs, which seem to
operate somewhat as cosmic group ... STARTING A HEALING JOURNAL The
most efficient way to keep track of your healing is by keeping a log, which I call a
... When you write about your life, you are paying valuable healing attention to

The Adult Children of Divorce Workbook

Author: Mary Hirschfeld

Publisher: Tarcher

ISBN: 9780874776720

Page: 219

View: 177

Offers advice for "ACDs" on dealing with self-esteem, addiction, sibling relationships, courtship, and marriage

The Theory of Evolutionary Relativity

The Intangible Mass of Cosmic Grooviness functions identically to the way the
Christian's god acted in the story of the ... just because your doctor says it is , and
accepting the challenge of healing yourself through force of will is also an option .

The Theory of Evolutionary Relativity

Author: Ezra Niesen



Page: 344

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Cosmic Keys

Heal yourself and others through light radiation . • Discover the hidden aspects of
your personality through color . This book will teach all the powers of light and
more . You'll learn new forms of expression of your innermost self , new ways of ...

Cosmic Keys

Author: Marcelle Blackerby

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited

ISBN: 9780875420271

Page: 179

View: 285

Through the hands-on application of the Cosmic Keys -- Chinese astrology (combined with Sun sign astrology), numerology, palmistry, card reading and finally, the author's original Dream Key and Universal Coloring Test -- beginning psychics come away with telling insights into their individual personalities and life situations.

You are the Universe

"New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra joins forces with leading physicist Menas Kafatos to explore some of the most important and baffling questions about our place in the world"--Amazon.com.

You are the Universe

Author: Deepak Chopra

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0307889165

Page: 276

View: 627

"New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra joins forces with leading physicist Menas Kafatos to explore some of the most important and baffling questions about our place in the world"--Amazon.com.