Haunted Lafayette

Ghosts--Indiana--Lafayette--Anecdotes. 2. Ghosts--Indiana--Lafayette Region--Anecdotes. 3. Haunted places--Indiana--Lafayette--Anecdotes. 4.

Haunted Lafayette

Author: Dorothy Salvo

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1625842716

Page: 128

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Boilermakers Beware: There's a dark and secret side to Lafayette's history that is sure to send shivers down the spine. From storied specters and urban legends, like Amelia Earhart's tragic figure haunting hangar number one at Purdue University Airport and sightings of the ever-elusive Bigfoot, to haunted houses and battlefi elds, with a guillotine suicide in the Lahr Hotel and the Trail of Death, authors Dorothy Salvo Davis and W.C. Madden leave no stone unturned as they examine the tragic past and the haunted present of Lafayette. With stories focusing on West Lafayette and White, Carroll and Warren Counties, Haunted Lafayette is a chilling read that no ghost enthusiast should miss.

Haunted Lafayette Louisiana

Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana / Cher'e Dastugue Coen. pages cm. -- (Haunted America) Summary: “A collection of ghost stories in and around Lafayette, ...

Haunted Lafayette  Louisiana

Author: Cheré Dastugue Coen

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1614239940

Page: 129

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Discover this Cajun and Creole city where ghost stories abound . . . photos included! The Hub City boasts a multitude of spirits and specters, from those lost in Civil War skirmishes and fever outbreaks to those souls that simply can’t say goodbye. Today, they wander the halls of bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants and linger along back roads and cemeteries. Pirates are rumored to guard buried treasure, and ancient French legends hide in the swamps, bayous, and woods. Join journalist and ghost seeker Cheré Dastugue Coen as she visits Lafayette’s haunted sites and travels the countryside in search of ghostly legends found only in South Louisiana.

Haunted Tomball Texas

I also interviewed the living descendants that I could find to form a Ghost Hunt, Walking Tours and a Pub Crawl for Haunted Lafayette Tours.

Haunted Tomball  Texas

Author: Kasey Gilbert Clark

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468941771


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Haunted Tomball, Texas offers the reader an insightful investigation into the dark side of a small town located just north of Houston. Kasey Gilbert Clark presents readers with a unique view through her masterful weaving of history and the paranormal. By shedding new light on local folklore and legends you will learn something unique about this town that has never been shared before. Readers will delight in reading these spine-tingling tales.

Haunted Tales from The Region

She is also the author of Haunted Lafayette and Broward County Florida Haunts. Having a true love for history, Davis feels that it is important to remember ...

Haunted Tales from The Region

Author: Dorothy Salvo Davis

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1614234167

Page: 112

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South Shore lights blaze through the night, warding off restless spirits that slink among shadows. Join paranormal researcher and author Dorothy Salvo Davis as she reveals the legends and ghouls that haunt this generally peaceful area. Journey to deceased pop legend Michael Jackson's home in Gary and experience a chill as the unexplained dances before you. Does a chimp's apparition play among the walkways and cages of the Washington Park Zoo? Dare to discover. And visit John Dillinger's ghostly gang hideout in Hammond and the uneasy Hoosiers of LaPorte, who suffer the shrieks emanating from wicked Bella Gunness' ever-tortured victims. Cut the lights at your own peril, because the ghouls of the South Shore won't soon find solace.

Haunted Lafayette Louisiana

Join longtime journalist and ghost seeker Chere Dastugue Coen as she visits Lafayette's haunted sites and travels the countryside in search of ghostly legends found only in South Louisiana."

Haunted Lafayette  Louisiana

Author: Chere Dastugue Coen

Publisher: History Press Library Editions

ISBN: 9781540207524

Page: 130

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Ghost stories abound in the Cajun and Creole city of Lafayette, Louisiana. The Hub City boasts a multitude of spirits and specters, from those lost in Civil War skirmishes and fever outbreaks to those souls that simply can't say goodbye. Today, they wander the halls of bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants and linger along back roads and cemeteries. Pirates are rumored to guard buried treasure, and ancient French legends hide in the swamps, bayous and woods. Join longtime journalist and ghost seeker Chere Dastugue Coen as she visits Lafayette's haunted sites and travels the countryside in search of ghostly legends found only in South Louisiana."

Haunted Washington DC

LAFAYETTE. SQUARE. In L'Enfant's original design, a large President's Park completely surrounded the Executive Mansion. In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson ...

Haunted Washington  DC

Author: Tom Ogden

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493019414

Page: 256

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Washington, DC can make a legitimate claim to being the most haunted city in America. With its rich history and the parade of passionate, colorful characters that have walked its streets over the past two centuries, it’s amazing the district doesn’t have more ghosts than it already does. Haunted Washington, DC, a collection of stories of ghosts, mysteries, and paranormal happenings in the nation's capital, will leave readers delightfully frightened.

Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky

So when Willis' brother Morgan and his wife, Caroline, were killed in a carriage accident, Willis brought his two nephews, Lafayette and Napoleon, ...

Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky

Author: William Lynwood Montell

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813138515

Page: 324

View: 211

A Kentucky native and folk studies scholar presents a collection of haunting legends and stories of spirits from across the Bluegrass State. William Lynwood Montell has spent years documenting Kentucky’s rich legacy of ghostly visitations. Many of the stories were collected from elders by younger generations and are recounted here exactly as they were gathered. This volume introduces spirits such as the Tan Man of Pike County, who trudges invisibly through a house accompanied by the smell of roses, and the famed Gray Lady of Liberty Hall in Frankfort, a houseguest who never left. Montell tells the story of the ghost of Daniel Boone calling upon the statesman Henry Clay shortly before his death. He also recounts the tale of ghouls that haunt the rehearsal house of the band The Kentucky Headhunters. Readers will find accounts of haunted libraries, mansions, log cabins, bathrooms, furniture, hotels, and distilleries, as well as reports of eerie visitations from passed-on grandmothers, husbands, daughters, uncles, cousins, babies, slaves, Civil War soldiers, dogs, sheep, and even wildcats. Almost every county in Kentucky is represented. Though the book emphasizes the stories themselves, Montell offers an introduction discussing how local history, and local character, are communicated across the generations in these colorful stories.

Haunted Marietta

In 1918, the hotel reopened amid much fanfare as the Lafayette. Its name commemorates the 1825 visit of the Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of the ...

Haunted Marietta

Author: Lynne Sturtevant

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1614235554

Page: 131

View: 828

From burial mounds to haunted hotels, fugitives to river phantoms, Ohio’s first settlement is number-one in paranormal activity. Haunted Marietta: History and Mystery in Ohio’s Oldest City explores the supernatural side of the state’s first settlement. Visit a crumbling 1855 mansion whose original owner still roams the halls, sit in the plush red seats of an abandoned theatre and climb an ancient Indian burial mound. Encounter river pirates, fugitive slaves, an axe murderer, jealous lovers and inept morticians. Haunted Marietta delves into various types of otherworldly phenomena, examines the difference between ghost stories and reports of supernatural activity and discusses why certain people become spirits. From an 1815 goblin sighting to a bartender’s brush with the unexplained, local author Lynne Sturtevant covers it all. Includes photos!

Teaching U S History Beyond the Textbook

... this is an excellent student-friendly article for those interested in adapting the Lafayette Haunted History exercise. Pendleton, A. S. Jr. & Thomas, ...

Teaching U S  History Beyond the Textbook

Author: Yohuru R. Williams

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781412966214

Page: 138

View: 927

Aligned with national standards, these strategies and sample lessons turn learners into history detectives as they solve historical mysteries, prepare arguments for famous cases, and more.

Haunted Places

LAFAYETTE. SQUARE. ADAMS HOUSE Harvard historian Henry Adams lived here with his frail wife Marian Hooper Adams in the 1880s. Henry found her dead body ...

Haunted Places

Author: Dennis William Hauck

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440673225

Page: 496

View: 290

In almost every town in America there are places where strange things happen. The perfect companion to The International Directory of Haunted Places, this revised and updated edition of Haunted Places is both a fascinating and unusual travel guide as well as an indispensable casebook for those interested in the paranormal. From buildings and parks believed to have resident ghosts and poltergeists to areas where Bigfoot or UFO sightings are most frequently reported, Haunted Places will lead you to more than 2,000 sites of paranormal activity across the United States. Organized alphabetically by state, each entry is referenced to an extensive bibliography of sources-with descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, Web sites, and travel directions provided for all locations.

Haunted Oregon

Lafayette. Cemetery. The stereotypical description of a witch might read something like this: an ugly, older woman with a crooked nose who wears a black hat ...

Haunted Oregon

Author: Andy Weeks

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811759024

Page: 112

View: 938

Venture into the unexplained phenomena of the Beaver StateΓǪif you dare.

The White House Is Haunted

The former site of Mary Surratt's boardinghouse is said to be haunted, as is Lafayette Square, which was once home to slave markets and the site of a number ...

The White House Is Haunted

Author: Marie Morrison

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1725320118

Page: 32

View: 695

Since 1800, this iconic building in Washington, D.C., has served as the office and home of the president of the United States. But if the stories are true, some of its past and Earthly departed residents never left. Readers of this spooktacular book will learn about the ghostly background of the White House. Photographs and primary sources provide readers with a glimpse into the lives of the men, women, and children who once lived there. From First Lady Abigail Adams and the scent of her laundry soap to the sound of Thomas Jefferson's violin, this book puts history in a spooky spotlight through the tales of the dead.

Haunted Philadelphia

Moore felt that the soldier in blue looked a lot like the Marquis de Lafayette, who was a frequent visitor when the Powels owned the house.

Haunted Philadelphia

Author: Darcy Oordt

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 149301580X

Page: 248

View: 653

Philadelphia is known for many things: brotherly love, Revolutionary history, passionate sports fans, cheesesteaks, and Rocky are merely a few of them. But the Founding Fathers didn’t just walk the streets of Philadelphia 200 years ago, many still walk here…or so the story goes. Along the streets of Philadelphia you can find the ghosts of Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, Alexander Hamilton, and Edgar Allen Poe. But those are only the famous ones. There are a few less known ghosts creeping around the historic streets. Nearby Fort Mifflin certainly has its share of hauntings, given its long history of sheltering soldiers and holding prisoners from the Revolutionary War up to the Civil War. And given all the cemeteries that have been established and then relocated--or not--it's almost a given that thousands of disturbed graves might stir up a ghost or two.

Nashville Haunted Handbook

Follow Lafayette for about 2 miles. Lafayette will change its name to Murfreesboro Pike at the railroad tracks. The Drake Motel will be on your left.

Nashville Haunted Handbook

Author: Donna Marsh

Publisher: Clerisy Press

ISBN: 1578604982

Page: 256

View: 845

Nashville Haunted Handbook is the second book in the new Haunted Handbook line within the popular America's Haunted Road Trip series. The Haunted Handbooks are city-specific travel guides to nearly one hundred places within a major city. Each of the places in Nashville Haunted Handbook is presented in a two-page spread that includes directions, a brief history, details about how the place is haunted, and advice on visiting the place. Each spread also includes one or two photos. The places are organized into sections, including schoolhouses, roads and bridges, hotels and inns, and others. Nashville Haunted Handbook is written with the ghost enthusiast in mind. All 100 chapters contain information on the history as well as the haunting surrounding each location, as well as detailed directions on how to locate each site. Many of the chapters also contain insider information that only a local would know, making it easier for ghost hunters to investigate.

Haunted Greenwich Village

The house is no longer haunted. ... 828-1154 Chapter 18: the astor apparitions The Public Theater (the former Astor Library) 425 Lafayette Street New York, ...

Haunted Greenwich Village

Author: Tom Ogden

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0762789085

Page: 296

View: 902

Tales of ghostly goings-on and otherworldly encounters in Greenwich Village Among New York City’s many treasures is Greenwich Village, a bohemian area filled with creativity and rebellion. Haunted Greenwich Village—a collection of stories of ghosts, mysteries, and paranormal happenings in Greenwich Village—will leave readers delightfully frightened. Meet a colorful cast of spirits and spectres, visit haunted hotels and houses, and experience the eerie and supernatural. Many of the locations are accessible to the public—and some are even open for overnight stays for the truly daring—including: Washington Square: This upper-class neighborhood is haunted bycelebrity apparitions, the spirits of those buried there, the ghosts of those executed at Hangman’s Elm—and even a phantom dog. Third Street: The spirit that haunts a block here sometimes parks his horse and carriage directly in front of NYU’s D’Agostino Residence Hall. This famous early American politician and his daughter, who disappeared at sea, have even disrupted a restaurant about four blocks away in the West Village.

Haunted Houses U S A

Take the Route 3 exit and follow the signs to the Visitor's Center on Lafayette Avenue, where you can pick up a street map of the downtown historic area ...

Haunted Houses U S A

Author: Dolores Riccio

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671662589

Page: 336

View: 243

A handbook that gives addresses of places where ghosts have been authenticated, with directions for getting there to see for oneself

Haunted Plantations of the South

Chretien Point Plantation Sunset Born in 1781, Hypolite Chretien moved near presentday Lafayette, Louisiana, in the early 1800s, where his father ...

Haunted Plantations of the South

Author: Richard Southall

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738745561

Page: 216

View: 424

Step into the mysterious world of haunted plantations, where you'll meet the restless spirits of soldiers, slaves, and owners who roam the antiquated halls. Presenting majestic homes from seven southern states, this remarkable guide contains dramatic history and true stories from the days before and during the Civil War. Join paranormal expert Richard Southall on an awe-inspiring journey through each plantation, exploring grand houses and their ghastly ghouls. Haunted Plantations of the South presents fascinating research, in-depth interviews with ghost hunters, and unforgettable encounters full of paranormal activity and evidence. Discover the phantom casket of the Sweetwater Plantation, the Man in Black who haunts Bellamy Mansion, and many more compelling ghost stories along the way.

The World of Lore Volume 3 Dreadful Places

“Saint Louis Cemetery,” Haunted Houses, date unknown, ... “Lafayette Fires, Setting the Record Straight,” New Lafayette, date unknown, ...

The World of Lore  Volume 3  Dreadful Places

Author: Aaron Mahnke

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472251717

Page: 320

View: 431

For fans of Neil Gaiman and Welcome to Night Vale, Aaron Mahnke's The World of Lore (based on the hit LORE podcast) explores the chilling truth behind the legendary creatures, peculiar people and horrific places that arouse our deepest fears. Now on online streaming series Volume 3: Dreadful Places This third book in The World of Lore series will explore dark and dreadful places on land and at sea, places haunted by tragedy and filled with echoes of evil. These are the stories about cities, and buildings, too, from New Orleans to Louisiana and Richmond, Virginia, as well as infamous places like the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and England's most frightening and brooding castles...