Fantastic Man

The publication celebrates the ten-year anniversary of Fantastic Man magazine. Elegant and cool, the book reflects the magazine's signature aesthetics.

Fantastic Man

Author: Jop van Bennekom

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714870397

Page: 572

View: 668

Charismatic, compelling and trendsetting, 69 of the world's most influential and creative men presented by cult style-bible Fantastic Man. Twice a year for the last 10 years Fantastic Man has chronicled the world's most stylish and influential men through insightful interviews and the lenses of equally stylish and influential photographers. David Beckham, Tom Ford, Ewan McGregor, Helmut Lang and many others have been cast in a new light by a magazine heralded not only for its witty editorial and award winning design but for the iconic photographers (Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber, Wolfgang Tillmans) who have shot for them as well. Fully illustrated, Fantastic Man represents the best of the magazines's archives, offering a fascinating portrait of contemporary men's style and a unique viewpoint on what defines masculinity in the 21st century. The publication celebrates the ten-year anniversary of Fantastic Man magazine. Elegant and cool, the book reflects the magazine's signature aesthetics.

Plastic Man 80 Page Giant 2004 1


Plastic Man 80 Page Giant  2004   1

Author: Jack Cole

Publisher: DC


Page: 75

View: 854

A freewheeling collection of Plastic Man stories spanning three decades! Reprinting stories from POLICE COMICS #1, POLICE COMICS #13, HOUSE OF MYSTERY #160, PLASTIC MAN VOL. 2 #1 and PLASTIC MAN VOL. 2 #11. Featuring the origin and first appearance of Plastic Man, Woozy Winks and much more!

Playwrights for Tomorrow

JONATHAN , Yes . . well this insane man . . kept insisting that I drink to a free ... Yes I met him and this is a fantastic man . . and we talked about ...

Playwrights for Tomorrow

Author: Ballet

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816603820

Page: 283

View: 298

Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible to scholars, students, researchers, and general readers. Rich with historical and cultural value, these works are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. The books offered through Minnesota Archive Editions are produced in limited quantities according to customer demand and are available through select distribution partners.

Horny Man

“You were fantastic, man, just fantastic . . .” He was speechless. Gregory was bestowed with respect from a respectable man. All that emotion made Gregory ...

Horny Man

Author: Julia Tolliver

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462842844

Page: 201

View: 851

Gregory Tolliver grew up in a small town, yet he had big ideas. He dreamed of growing up to be a great musician and meeting the woman that would capture his heart forever. He had no idea he would face such devastating odds before realizing his dream... the kind of odds that destroy lives. Gregory would never have guessed that one day the world would know him as Horny Man. Just how did he become Horny Man? Read about it...

This Charming Man

'Fantastic. Living in London, married to a fantastic man, two gorgeous kids.' 'Great. Send her my love.' Grace stared at her. Stared until she quailed.

This Charming Man

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141909773

Page: 912

View: 356

Relish the wit and wisdom of Marian Keyes in this story of four women caught up in what seems like love, but may be something much darker . . . from the No. 1 bestselling author of Grown Ups 'So funny, so perceptive, so real . . . I changed my life for this book' MAIL ON SUNDAY ___________ 'Everybody remembers where they were the day they heard that Paddy de Courcy was getting married' Slick, handsome politician Paddy de Courcy is on the up. His party is set to do well in the elections and he's just announced his engagement to the beautiful Alicia. Which is news to his girlfriend, Lola, who, within hours, finds herself dumped and warned not to talk to the press. Yet journalist Grace is on the prowl. She has been after Paddy ever since he ruined her sister Marnie's life way back in college. Grace is looking for the inside story and thinks Lola holds the key . . . But do any of them know the real Paddy? ___________ 'The laughs come fast and furious . . . a gripping, compelling tale' Sunday Independent 'The queen of page-turners . . . brimming with her trademark down-to-earth wit' Cosmopolitan 'Gripping from the start . . . the master at her best' Daily Telegraph

Glory Glory Man Utd

Ancelotti, sacked by Chelsea the same day, attended the dinner and Ferguson said to him: “Carlo you are a fantastic man and you have showed great courage in ...

Glory  Glory Man Utd

Author: Harry Harris

Publisher: Boldwood Books Ltd

ISBN: 1913721124


View: 322

Sir Alex Ferguson dominated English football for over 26 years. Now, having retired in 2013, Glory, Glory Man Utd pays tribute to the man's remarkable achievements by recounting each of Manchester United's 20 title triumphs from the Edwardian era to the present day and the 13 titles won by Sir Alex during his United reign.

The Fathers Book

... he certainly knew when he rushed about as Fantastic Man really, that, ... and Fantastic Man; he couldn't really fly and didn't have Fantastic Man's ...

The Fathers Book

Author: David B. Cohen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470849355

Page: 300

View: 419

What does being a dad in the 21st Century really mean? Men today want to play an active role in the upbringing of their children; that means knowing how to cope with them, play with them, control them and love them. Becoming a father however, can be an extremely daunting prospect, after all it is completely uncharted territory. This wonderful book is not only for expectant and new fathers but covers the whole range of issues dads encounter from conception through to teenage traumas. Situations such as step-fatherhood and the changing relationship with partners are also discussed in a sensitive and informative style. The stresses imposed by modern lifestyles on fathers and kids are looked at as well as the problems and benefits encountered by the fact that kids today are often very sophisticated and clued-up. Chapters include: * I'm Going to be a Dad * Bonding for Fathers * Discipline * Learning to Play Again * Teenage Traumas Written in a light-hearted yet informative style, and including numerous interviews with fathers themselves, this book reflects the latest thinking and theories on how to be a good father.

Translating Asymmetry Rewriting Power

Man Booker Prize: David Nicholls and Ali Smith among 13 Names on ... “'Crazy but Fantastic': Man Booker Prize Pitches Tiny Publishers into Big League.

Translating Asymmetry     Rewriting Power

Author: Ovidi Carbonell i Cortés

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027259720

Page: 391

View: 708

The relevance of translation has never been greater. The challenges of the 21st century are truly glocal and societies are required to manage diversities like never before. Cultural and linguistic diversities cut across ideological systems, those carefully crafted to uphold prevailing hierarchies of power, making asymmetries inescapable. Translation and interpreting studies have left behind neutrality and have put forward challenging new approaches that provide a starting point for researching translation as a cultural and historical product in a global and asymmetrical world. This book addresses issues arising from the power vested in and arrogated by translation and interpreting either as instruments of change, or as tools to sustain dominant structures. It presents new perspectives and cutting-edge research findings on how asymmetries are fashioned, woven, upheld, experienced, confronted, resisted, and rewritten through and in translation. This volume is useful for scholars looking for tools to raise awareness as to the challenges posed by the pervasiveness of power relations in mediated communication. It will further help practitioners understand how asymmetries shape their experiences when translating and interpreting.

Science Fiction Audiences

They are talking about him not being an allround good guy , like the all - American dream , fantastic man , the American thing . ... Even though he uses all ...

Science Fiction Audiences

Author: John Tulloch

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415061407

Page: 294

View: 513

Examines the continuing popularity of two television institutions through their fans and followers.

Science Fiction Audiences

They are talking about him not being an allround good guy, like the all-American dream, fantastic man, the American thing.... Even though he uses all this ...

Science Fiction Audiences

Author: Henry Jenkins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134926146

Page: 312

View: 430

Science Fiction Audiences examines the astounding popularity of two television "institutions" - the series Doctor Who and ^Star Trek. Both of these programmes have survived cancellation and acquired an following that continues to grow. The book is based on over ten years of research including interviews with fans and followers of the series. In that period, though the fans may have changed, and ways of studying them as "audiences" may have also changed, the programmes have endured intact, with Star Trek for example now in its fourth television incarnation. John Tulloch and Henry Jenkins dive into the rich fan culture surrounding the two series, exploring issues such as queer identity, fan meanings, teenage love of science fiction, and genre expectations. They encompass the perspectives of a vast population of fans and followers throughout Britain, Australia and the US, who will continue the debates contained in the book, along with those who will examine the historically changing range of audience theory it presents. and continue to attract a huge community of fans and followers. Doctor Who has appeared in nine different guises and Star Trek is now approaching its fourth television incarnation.Science Fiction Audiences examines the continuing popularity of two television 'institutions' of our time through their fans and followers. Through dialogue with fans and followers of Star Trek and Dr Who in the US, Britain and Australia, John Tulloch and Henry Jenkins ask what it is about the two series that elicits such strong and active responses from their audiences. Is it their particular intervention into the SF genre? Their expression of peculiarly 'American' and 'British' national cultures. Their ideologies and visions of the future, or their conceptions of science and technology? Science Fiction Audiences responds to a rich fan culture which encompasses debates about fan aesthetics, teenage attitudes to science fiction, queers and Star Trek, and ideology and pleasure in Doctor Who. It is a book written both for fans of the two series, who will be able to continue their debates in its pages, and for students of media and cultural studies, offering a historical overview of audience theory in a fascinating synthesis of text, context and audience study.

A Guy s Guide to Being a Man s Man

Most Memorable Man's Man Line: “When your head says one thing and your whole ... This fantastic man's man classic is based on the novels After Hours and ...

A Guy s Guide to Being a Man s Man

Author: Frank Vincent

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440623694

Page: 272

View: 748

These days, it’s harder than ever to know how to act like a real man. We’re not talking about the touchy-feely, ultra-sensitive, emotion-sharing, not-afraid-to-cry version of manhood that Oprah and Dr. Phil have been spouting for years. We’re talking about the though, smart, confident, charming, classy, all-around good fella that upholds the true ideal of what is known as “a man’s man.” Now, renowned actor and true-life man’s man Frank Vincent, famed for his unforgettable tough-guy roles in such classic films as Raging Bull, Goodfellas and HBO’s The Sopranos, is going to show how any man can be all that he can be in love, work, play, and life. Everything you need to know is covered here, including, getting the best women by being the best man, dressing like a champ and taking on the world, winning big money and big respect in Las Vegas, selecting, smoking, and savoring a great cigar, and much more. If you want to learn how to be a man’s man, you gotta learn from a man’s man. And with the great Frank Vincent vouching for you, you’ll be on your way to getting everything you ever wanted outta life.

Buttoned Up

This is a very pleasing set of books' A Common Reader blog 'The contrasts and transitions between books are as stirring as the books themselves .

Buttoned Up

Author: Gert Jonkers

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1846145694

Page: 128

View: 425

London is a centre of cutting-edge fashion - in Buttoned-Up, the creators of 'the best fashion mag out there', Fantastic Man, tell the story of London style through the history of the button-down shirt - part of a series of twelve books tied to the twelve lines of the London Underground, as Tfl celebrates 150 years of the Tube with Penguin 'Taking a seemingly singular point of focus, the top-button-buttoned shirt, [Buttoned-Up] is a sartorial romp along the Ginger Line, looking at the curious fashion phenomenon through the eyes of its greatest exponents, including the Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant, who is pictured like everyone else in the book, buttoned up to the top' -Design Week 'Authors include the masterly John Lanchester, the children of Kids Company, comic John O'Farrell and social geographer Danny Dorling. Ranging from the polemical to the fantastical, the personal to the societal, they offer something for every taste. All experience the city as a cultural phenomenon and notice its nature and its people. Read individually they're delightful small reads, pulled together they offer a particular portrait of a global city' Evening Standard 'Exquisitely diverse' The Times 'Eclectic and broad-minded ... beautifully designed' Tom Cox, Observer 'A fascinating collection with a wide range of styles and themes. The design qualities are excellent, as you might expect from Penguin with a consistent look and feel while allowing distinctive covers for each book. This is a very pleasing set of books' A Common Reader blog 'The contrasts and transitions between books are as stirring as the books themselves ... A multidimensional literary jigsaw' Londonist 'A series of short, sharp, city-based vignettes - some personal, some political and some pictorial ... each inimitable author finds that our city is complicated but ultimately connected, full of wit, and just the right amount of grit' Fabric Magazine 'A collection of beautiful books' Grazia [Praise for Fantastic Man magazine]: 'The best fashion mag out there ... Fashion-forward, clever, deeply engaged with the fashion world, ... Fantastic Man is better designed, better photographed and rafts more stylish than the competition. If you buy only one men's fashion magazine, it should be this one', San Francisco Chronicle Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom are the creators of Fantastic Man, a formal and intelligent men's fashion magazine that positions itself above the commercial fray with a singular tone and elegant design. In 2010 they launched the female counterpart of Fantastic Man called The Gentlewoman, a modern ladies style journal.

Yesterday s Weather

I am saying that he is a fantastic man. My husband is a fantastic man. And until the girl died, beetling along in her little Renault Clio on the wrong side ...

Yesterday s Weather

Author: Anne Enright

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409016420

Page: 320

View: 254

First publication of a new collection of the Booker Prize-winner's stories including those from her most recent hardback 'Taking Pictures'. In Yesterday's Weather, Booker Prize-winning author Anne Enright presents a series of deeply moving stories about women stirred, bothered, or fascinated by men they cannot understand, or understand too well. Enright's characters are haunted by the ghosts of the lives they might have led - lit by new flames, old flames, and flames that are guttering out. A woman's one night stand is illuminated by dreams of a young boy on a cliff road, another's is thwarted by an swarm of somnolent bees. A pregnant woman is stuck in a slow lift with a tactile American stranger, a naked mother changes a nappy in a hotel bedroom, and waits for her husband to come back from the bar. This collection includes some of Enright's best loved stories as well as her latest works. These are sharp, vivid tales of loss and yearning, of surrender to responsibilities or to unexpected delight; all share the unsettling, dislocated reality, the subversive wit and awkward tenderness that have marked Anne Enright as one of our most thrillingly gifted writers.

The Front Man

You burn a lot of energy and calories fuckin', ya know? They followed Teddy out to the patio, and sat at a table and ate. The food was fantastic, man.

The Front Man

Author: Pamela Lee

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595381952

Page: 252

View: 977

Johnie lie there in bed alone. She had just awakened and didn't have a clue what the time was. God, she hurt from the inside out. She had never experienced such conflict. She had Elwood, and she had the love of her life in him. Spike could be her friend, not her lover, and yet, she ached for him. She had never known anything like this kind of love before; her body, mind and soul. Spike entered his bedroom and began to take the rock star away. God, he needed to be Elwood. His emotions were running dangerously high, and he knew Johnie was a mess, too. It was his fault. He jumped into the shower and scrubbed. Gotta get Spike outta here. He thought to himself. After the shower he slid into his bed and slept like he had never slept, and dreamed of his Juicy Fruit and wondered if he could ever come clean to the only woman he had ever truly loved. Johnie, a recording engineer goes to sleep one night, engaged to be married to tall, goofy Elwood, and awakens to find herself next to Spyker, the hottest idol in modern rock. This is their story.

The Invisible Man

So, I get over to Jeff's house and he's got the cassette and he puts it on and we're just going, 'This is going to be absolutely fantastic, man.

The Invisible Man

Author: Jed Pitman

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750983299

Page: 224

View: 894

The Invisible Man tells the remarkable story of how Rod Temperton worked his way up from a Grimsby fish factory to become one of the most successful songwriters of all time. Born in Cleethorpes in 1949, Temperton embarked on a career in music with the funk band Heatwave, for whom he wrote the international hits ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘Always and Forever’, before his songwriting talent caught the attention of Michael Jackson’s legendary producer, Quincy Jones. For Jackson’s Off the Wall album, Temperton penned both the hit ‘Rock with You’ and the album’s title track. Three years later, continuing his relationship with the pair, Temperton started work on what would become the bestselling album of all time – Michael Jackson’s Thriller – writing three songs, including the now legendary title track. And yet despite collaborating with some of music’s biggest stars, including Donna Summer and Michael McDonald, Temperton was famously reclusive and seldom gave interviews, one of the exceptions being for author Jed Pitman’s Sony Award-winning radio documentary on Temperton allowed him unprecedented access to the great man.

Dress Code

The men who are described andfeatured must liveup to the magazine's title.They must satisfy the condition of being fantastic. The creators of Fantastic Man, ...

Dress Code

Author: Mari Grinde Arntzen

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1780234627

Page: 128

View: 780

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so absolutely unbearable that we have to alter it every six months.” And yet it serves to make us beautiful, or at least make us feel beautiful. In this book, Mari Grinde Arntzen asks how and why this is—how can fashion simultaneously attract us to its glamour and repel us with its superficiality and how being called “fashionable” can be at once a compliment and an insult. Arntzen guides us through the major figures and brands of today’s fashion industry, showing how they shape us and in turn why we love to be shaped by them. She examines both everyday, affordable “fast fashion” brands, as well as the luxury market, to show how fashion commands a powerful influence on every socioeconomic level of our society. Stepping into our closets with us, she thinks about what happens when we get dressed: why fashion can make us feel powerful, beautiful, and original at the same time that it forces us into conformity. Stripping off the layers of the world’s fifth largest industry, garment by garment, she holds fashion up as a phenomenon, business, and art, exploring the questions it forces us to ask about the body, image, celebrity, and self-obsession. Ultimately, Arntzen asks the most direct question: what is fashion? How has it taken such a powerful hold on the world, forever propelling us toward its concepts of beauty?

The Man from the Mercury

the company of that fantastic man. It was easier for Sara to agree with her husband about Nathan, for she disliked Nathan intensely : she thought he was a ...

The Man from the Mercury

Author: Charles Angoff

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838632802

Page: 319

View: 291

As managing editor of The American Mercury during the 1920s, Charles Angoff was associated with the luminaries of the golden age of American literature and himself emerged an important literary figure. This anthology contains segments from five of Angoff's books and selected poems, as well as a biographical portrait and a critique.

One Man s Odyssey

... a wonderful son, a surrogate grandmother for Timmy, reliable transportation, a great job and a fantastic man that she just could not open up too.

One Man s Odyssey

Author: Jim Calaway

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460218582

Page: 272

View: 543

Romance and adventure abound in this fictional tale of a traveling man. Betrayed, broken and broke, Cody Jackson embarks on an odyssey of spellbinding adventure and sensuous, sizzling romance. He travels the world following wretched career demands, exploring relationships along the way. He is constantly searching for that one special woman who encompasses honesty, kindness and commitment. Although Cody does not always make the best choices, his sense of right and wrong, and his strong will, must endure if he is to weave his way back to his determined search for his soul mate, the love of a lifetime. The author of "One Man's Odyssey" writes from his own experiences, enduring career trials and demands that try one's mind, physical being and soul.

Richard Jaeckel Hollywood s Man of Character

I remember Richard Jaeckel as a very talented character actor and a fantastic man. Jaeckel made two very minor films during this period, one of which he ...

Richard Jaeckel  Hollywood      s Man of Character

Author: Gene Freese

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476622493

Page: 216

View: 596

Character actor Richard Jaeckel worked five decades in Hollywood alongside the industry's biggest names. Noted for tough-guy portrayals, he appeared in such classic westerns and war films as Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), The Gunfighter (1950), 3:10 to Yuma (1957), and The Dirty Dozen (1967). Bringing strength and integrity to his roles, he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Sometimes a Great Notion (1970). A World War II veteran and Merchant Marine, he was respected in the surfing and fitness communities for his ageless athleticism. His performance as Turk in Come Back, Little Sheba (1952) was groundbreaking for iron-pumping actors wanting to be taken seriously for their dramatic abilities. This revealing portrait of the life of a working character actor covers Jaeckel’s noteworthy career through each of his film and television appearances, from Guadalcanal Diary (1943) to Baywatch (1994). Recollections and behind the scenes stories from those he knew and worked with offer an in-depth look at the dedication and professionalism it takes to make it in Hollywood.