Elementally Speaking

What is an Elemental also known as a Nature Spirit? ... At first I thought this was the only reason they kept speaking to me but I've come to feel that they ...

Elementally Speaking

Author: Cheri Barstow

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412072719

Page: 155

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In their own words the Nature Spirits tell us about their "Elemental" world and the jobs they do; detailing that unbreakable connection that exists between mankind and Mother Nature.

Elementally Speaking

Inside this book they have provided us with many of the answers, not only regarding questions about the past but the future as well.

Elementally Speaking

Author: Cheri Barstow

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781533065926

Page: 182

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The term 'Nature Spirits' or 'Elementals, ' generally conjures up images of dancing fairies or mischievous gnomes. Yet that's not what they are, not at all. You see, every aspect of Nature... from the flowers that bloom in the springtime, to the giant Red Woods that have stood tall for decades, has a spirit inside them. This 'Spirit of Nature' or 'Elemental Spark' works alongside Mother Nature, using its chosen talents and insights to accomplish what needs to be done to maintain our planet. If that's the case, then what about the land itself, or the mountains and stones that cover this planet, you wonder? Wouldn't they also be considered Nature Spirits? The answer is... Yes, of course. The Earth is full of ancient knowledge and the Stones and their counterparts have been the keepers of this knowledge since the beginning of time. It is only through them that we can discover how our world first began and what other secrets and purposes the Nature Spirits of this planet still hold in todays world. Inside this book they have provided us with many of the answers, not only regarding questions about the past but the future as well. Questions such as...where did the Standing Stones and Circles come from and what was the real purpose of those giant, ancient pyramids? Were visitors from the stars responsible for the building of this planet, and why do some volcanos remain active while others sleep? What about the land itself? How does it feel about being battled upon, or built upon for that matter? These are just a few of the answers the Elementals of this planet give us. Come inside and discover a world that most never knew existed. A place full of insight, ancient knowledge and fascinating facts, alive with hidden secrets and details that only Nature Spirits that have been around since the beginning of time would know. Yes, the Elemental Kingdom does exist. It's with great pleasure that the Nature Spirits of the Land now ask that you enter their world as they give you the answers to many of the questions you've always wondered about... "Elementally Speaking," of course.

Companions in the Between

90 Elementally speaking, within the context of Desmond's thought, ... The quintessentially human attribute of being elemental entails that there are ...

Companions in the Between

Author: Renée Köhler-Ryan

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498294103

Page: 182

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Contemporary philosopher William Desmond has many companions in thought, and one of the most important of these is Augustine. In lucid prose that draws on the riches of a vibrant philosophical-theological tradition, Renee Kӧhler-Ryan explores Desmond's metaxological philosophy. She elaborates on how Desmond's philosophical work in discovering how humans are constantly "between" remains in conversation with a tradition of thinkers that includes Plato, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Shakespeare. This book concentrates especially on how Desmond both draws upon and develops some of the central insights in Augustine. At the same time, it brings together philosophy, theology, and literature into a rich engagement of ideas that impact the way humans think and live. Whether considering how our elemental wonder at creation brings us closer to God, or how our most intimate revelations about being human happen in the interior space of prayer, reading Desmond with Augustine illuminates a porous and interdisciplinary space of inquiry. Companions in the Between is a unique contribution to the growing body of scholarship on William Desmond's thought. It opens with a foreword from Desmond. Its pages will entice any reader who wants to know more about how contemporary philosophy can contest a space where philosophers are formulaically expected to shy away from divine transcendence.

Elemental Discourses

the transcendental or spiritual flesh that speaks and hears itself speaking in the absence of the world. The phenomenological voice is one of pure ...

Elemental Discourses

Author: John Sallis

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253037263

Page: 186

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John Sallis's thought is oriented to two overarching tasks: to bring to light the elemental in nature and to show how the imagination operates at the very center of human experience. He undertakes these tasks by analyzing a broad range of phenomena, including perception, the body, the natural world, art, space, and the cosmos. In every case, Sallis develops an original form of discourse attuned to the specific phenomenon and enacts a thorough reflection on discourse itself in its relation to voice, dialogue, poetry, and translation. Sallis's systematic investigations are complemented by his extensive interpretations of canonical figures in the history of philosophy such as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Schelling, and Hegel and by his engagement with the most original thinkers in the areas of phenomenology, hermeneutics, and deconstruction.

Encyclopedia of Fairies in World Folklore and Mythology

Variations: Elemental, KAMI, Nature Deities Nature spirits are common in many of ... Sources: Barstow, Elementally Speaking, 16417; Bord, Fairies, 111412; ...

Encyclopedia of Fairies in World Folklore and Mythology

Author: Theresa Bane

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476612420

Page: 428

View: 348

Fairies have been revered and feared, sometimes simultaneously, throughout recorded history. This encyclopedia of concise entries, from the A-senee-ki-waku of northeastern North America to the Zips of Central America and Mexico, includes more than 2,500 individual beings and species of fairy and nature spirits from a wide range of mythologies and religions from all over the globe.

Chasing Little Dragons

She knew full well he didn't speak French, or German, by the way. ... least spiritually developed of all the Five, elementally speaking, of course.

Chasing Little Dragons

Author: Michael Farnum

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0359117643

Page: 238

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Can an unintended out-of-body experience be just as real as your everyday physical consciousness, or become even greater? Are inter-dimensional beings real, or just the figment of some very overactive, possibly psychotic imaginations? Is it the Wonder Twins who need protection, or do Mommy and Daddy and the world need protecting from them, and their sometimes-evil sidekick? And who the heck is Mister Daddy Number Two, and his gorgeous wife? Find out all this and more in: Chasing Little Dragons, a Parents' Guide to Dealing with Uniquely-gifted Children . . .

Chronicles of Elantra Vol 5

But is it really smart to look at Shadow as if it were fire or water, elementally speaking?” Severn hesitated. “When elementals are summoned—” “They're ...

Chronicles of Elantra Vol 5

Author: Michelle Sagara

Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 1488074038

Page: 400

View: 375

Now available in a box set! The latest adventures of Private Kaylin Neya, only from New York Times bestselling author Michelle Sagara. Plunge into the fantastical city of Elantra, where magic and adventure ensure that life is never boring. CAST IN FLIGHT Private Kaylin Neya already has Dragons and Barrani as roommates. Adding one injured, flightless Aerian to her household should be trivial. But when a walk to the Halls of Law becomes a street-shattering magical assassination attempt, Kaylin discovers that it’s not the guest who’s going to be the problem: it’s all the people who suddenly want Moran dar Carafel dead. And though Moran refuses to tell her why she’s being targeted, Kaylin is determined to discover her secret and protect her at all costs—even if keeping Moran safe means dealing with Aerian politics, angry dragons and something far more sinister. CAST IN DECEPTION When one of Kaylin’s housemates, Annarion, decides to undertake the Barrani Test of Name, his friends refuse to let him face his task alone—and Kaylin’s sentient home, Helen, is the only structure capable of shielding the rest of Elantra from the magnitude of their power. Annarion and Mandoran almost caused the destruction of the High Halls once already. Add nine of their closest friends, and the danger is astronomically higher—especially since these guests are at the heart of a political firestorm. As tensions ramp up, the shadows beneath the High Halls are seeking a freedom that has never been possible before. Kaylin must find a way to keep those shadows from escaping, or that freedom will destroy her city, the empire and everything she holds dear. CAST IN OBLIVION Kaylin’s mission the West March might just start a war. She traveled with a Dragon, and her presence is perceived as an act of aggression in the extremely hostile world of Barrani-Dragon politics. A private Barrani Hell, built of Shadow and malice, exists beneath the High Halls. It is the High Court’s duty to jail the creature at its heart—even if it means that Barrani victims are locked in the cage with it. The Consort is willing to do almost anything to free the trapped and end their eternal torment. And she needs the help of Kaylin’s houseguests—and Kaylin herself. Failure won’t be death—it will be Hell. And that’s where Kaylin is going.

Naked Guide to Life and Death

Elementally speaking, nothing has changed since. All of what we are now was there then: condensed, compacted, hot, and seething, with a potency and spirit ...

Naked Guide to Life and Death

Author: David Jon Peckinpaugh

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595238602

Page: 392

View: 547

How many ways are there to approach life? Who is trying to get you to buy into their view of the world? And what do they have to gain by convincing you they are "right?" In his book Naked Guide To Life And Death author David Jon Peckinpaugh seeks to unmask the attempts to convince us that things are a certain way, according to how the so-called "experts" see the world, often resulting in a far more narrow and limited perspective than one might initially suppose. His main thesis is that expertise of all kinds can result in our being seduced into knowing something as being so, when it, in fact, is not nearly so evident as the experts tend to make it seem. In throwing off the veil of religion and science, psychology and philosophy, consumerism and commercialism, Mr. Peckinpaugh performs an endearing service on behalf of us all, humanity. Suggesting that beyond the often contracted and tight spaces of expertise, hence, extremism, there are wide open spaces still inviting to those who dare to entertain the wisdom of not-knowing.


With RS Thomas we can find ourselves listening to the things around us – weeds, stones, the earth itself, “speaking to us in the vernacular of the purposes ...


Author: Martin Wroe

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1445236222

Page: 71

View: 281

Earth. Water. Air. FireThe stuff that matters.In a series of extended meditations, Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe explore each of the four elements as a way of asking who we are, what we're made of ... and why we're here.The stuff of life.Earth. Water. Air. FireWith illustrations by Rob Pepper.

Elemental Germans

reassured Born 'that we shall do our best on behalf of the scholars and scientists registered with us'.131 Other German-speaking émigré physicists who were ...

Elemental Germans

Author: Christoph Laucht

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 0230354874

Page: 274

View: 857

This book considers the role of the two German-born emigre atomic scientists Klaus Fuchs and Rudolf Peierls in the evolution of British nuclear culture from the start of the Second World War until 1959. As outsiders coming to the United Kingdom, the experiences of these two figures offer points of access to key features of British nuclear culture, in particular its scientific foundations and the social, cultural and political consequences of the atomic scientist's work. Fuchs' and Peierls' ethnicity, their socialization and schooling in Germany along with their exposure to German culture before coming to the United Kingdom were instrumental in shaping nuclear culture in their host country. Peierls assumed a chief role in the establishment of the early British and the Allied nuclear weapons projects and took a leading role in the Atomic Scientists' Association, the chief organization of atomic scientists in Britain after the war. Fuchs, by contrast, shattered confidence in the efficiency of the British Security Service at home and abroad when he confessed in early 1950 that he had passed on sensitive nuclear data to the Soviet Union since 1940.

The Elemental Dialectic of Light and Darkness

According to Emile Benveniste,“'I' refers to the act ofindividual discoursein whichitis pronounced, and by thisit designates the speaker” (226).

The Elemental Dialectic of Light and Darkness

Author: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401732965

Page: 387

View: 301

The dialectic of light and darkness studied in this collection of essays reveals itself as a primal factor of life as well as the essential element of the specifically human world. From its borderline position between physis and psyche, natural growth and techne, bios and ethos, it functions as the essential factor in all the sectors of life at large. We see its crucial role in all sectors of life while, prompted by man's creative imagination, it enhances and spurs his vital as well as societal and spiritual life. This rare collection contains studies by Thomas Ryba, Krystina Górniak-Kocikowska, Lois Oppenheim, Sydney Feshback, Eldon van Lieve, Sitansu Ray, Theodore Litman, Peter Morgan, Colette Michael, Christopher Lalonde, L. Findlay, Christopher Eykman, Beverly Schlack Randles, Jorge García-Gómez, William Haney, Sherilyn Abdoo, David Brottman, Alan Pratt, Hans Rudnick, George Scheper, Freema Gottlieb, Marlies Kronegger.

Elemental Passions

II Was it your tongue in my mouth which forced me into speech? Was it that blade between my lips which drew forth floods of words to speak of you?

Elemental Passions

Author: Luce Irigaray

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136645942

Page: 112

View: 215

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Elemental The Calling

"Jason, can you tell them to talk slower? ... "What kind of language is this thing talking!? How dare you speak some weird tongue in our house, eh!?

Elemental   The Calling

Author: Manuel Arbanassi

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1326868845


View: 485

Elemental Masters The Case of the Spellbound Child

Neville bobbed his head enthusiastically, but did not speak—probably because in the bird's judgment, the Byerlys had had more than their share of the ...

Elemental Masters   The Case of the Spellbound Child

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 1789093740

Page: 304

View: 234

The fourteenth novel in the magical alternate history Elemental Masters series continues the reimagined adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a richly-detailed alternate 20th-century England. While Sherlock is still officially dead, John and Mary Watson, Nan Killian, and Sarah Lyon-White are taking up some of his case-load—and some work for Lord Alderscroft, the Wizard of London. Lord Alderscroft asks them to go to Dartmoor to track down a rumor of evil magic. Not more than four hours later, a poor Dartmoor cottager arrives seeking their help. His wife, in a fit of rage over the children spilling and spoiling their only food for dinner that night, sent them out on the moors to forage for something to eat. The children are moor-wise and unlikely to get into difficulties, but this time they did not come back, and their tracks abruptly stopped. The man begs them to come help. They would say no, but there’s the assignment for Alderscroft. Why not kill two birds with one stone? But the deadly bogs are not the only mires on Dartmoor. And these are not the only missing children.

Sense and Finitude

Thus, we must now also consider the word in its spoken as well as written letters ... In speaking of the philosophical logos in its elemental translucence, ...

Sense and Finitude

Author: Alejandro A. Vallega

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438424906

Page: 222

View: 698

Takes Heidegger’s later thought as a point of departure for exploring the boundaries of post-conceptual thinking.