Diabetes Epidemic You

Since Hippocrates' time, earliest diagnosis provided the greatest opportunity for treatment and cure. This book highlights the earliest identification of type 2 diabetes by utilizing the insulin assay with the oral glucose tolerance.

Diabetes Epidemic   You

Author: Joseph R. Kraft MD MS. FCAP

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781425168117

Page: 132

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Revised 04/2011 DIABETES EPIDEMIC and YOU is not a clich! It is a mandate for the awakening of the "silent" millions worldwide with "normal" fasting blood sugars and undiagnosed diabetes. If you have a "normal" fasting blood sugar, YOU may be one of the undiagnosed millions. YES, I do mean YOU. Since Hippocrates' time, earliest diagnosis provided the greatest opportunity for treatment and cure. This book highlights the earliest identification of type 2 diabetes by utilizing the insulin assay with the oral glucose tolerance. My cumulative experience of 14,384 oral glucose tolerances with insulin assays established the earliest diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes when the blood sugars were normal. Prediabetes is type 2 diabetes. The tolerances were separated according to age groups, from 313 years to 8190+ years. Each group was further divided into normal glucose tolerances, impaired glucose tolerances, and diabetes mellitus glucose tolerances. YOU, upon testing by oral glucose tolerance, will be in one of these categories. This resource of oral glucose tolerance with insulin assay is unequaled in world medical literature. The importance of early diagnosis is that the clinical pathology of diabetes mainly heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cataracts, erectile dysfunction, and other metabolic disorders occurs not only in those with advanced diabetes, but also in those with "normal" blood sugars. YES, this could happen to YOU! When early diagnosis is coupled with specific therapy, the DIABETES EPIDEMIC will be arrested and then reversed. Early diagnosis is the goal of this book beginning with YOU.

21 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes and Your Heart

For many Americans, the only diabetes education has come from media outlets. Headlines scream “Diabetes Epidemic in U.S. Because Americans Eat Too Much,” ...

21 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes and Your Heart

Author: Jill Weisenberger

Publisher: American Diabetes Association

ISBN: 1580405401

Page: 108

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21 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes and Your Heart is a quick way to learn about the affect of diabetes on the heart. Part of the American Diabetes Association's 21 Things series, this book gives the reader brief, concise answers to the many questions about how diabetes affects the body. Jill Weisenberger and David S. Schade describe the effects of diabetes on the heart in plain language, making it easier to understand and remember. Written and reviewed by healthcare professionals with years of clinical experience, this book will help people with diabetes keep their diabetes under control and their hearts healthy.

Diabetes Care The Ugly Truth About Diabetes

Diabetes Epidemic because of self-inflicted Obesity One of the greatest ... Are you eating yourself into diabetes type 22 Check if you have these 4 eating ...

Diabetes Care  The Ugly Truth About Diabetes

Author: Charles Duque

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365040844


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Diabetes Mellitus is a disease in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone that helps the body’s tissues absorb glucose (sugar) so it can be used as a source of energy. The condition may also develop if muscle, fat, and liver cells respond poorly to insulin. In people with diabetes, glucose levels build up in the blood and urine, causing excessive urination, thirst, hunger, and problems with fat and protein metabolism. Diabetes mellitus differs from the less common diabetes insipidus, which is caused by lack of the hormone vasopressin that controls the amount of urine secreted. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.


This may seem high , but in Dr. Joseph Kraft's book , The Diabetes Epidemic and You , he describes a highly sensitive test to measure insulin resistance .


Author: Joseph Mercola

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401957633

Page: 256

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In this in-depth yet accessible guide, Dr. Joseph Mercola joins forces with fasting expert Dr. Alan Goldhamer to explore the profound health benefits that result when ketogenic living and well-planned fasting are combined. Fasting is one of the most powerful metabolic interventions there is and it works perfectly in conjunction with a ketogenic diet, as both activate the body's fat-burning mode. This book explains why the method works, drawing on the latest science as well as the author's decades of research and clinical experience. Readers will discover: *how our food is making us sick and what we can do about it *what stem cell activation is, and how fasting affects it *why the cyclical ketogenic diet with fasting is different from the conventional keto diet *how fasting can help treat diseases from diabetes to fatty liver to Alzheimer's, and much more!

Eat Rich Live Long

10 11 Joseph 5 R. Kraft, Diabetes Epidemic and You (Bloomington, IN: Trafford Publishing, 2008). 6 A. Menke, S. Casagrande, L. Geiss, and C. C. Cowie, ...

Eat Rich  Live Long

Author: Ivor Cummins

Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing


Page: 400

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You can take control of your health, lose weight, prevent disease, and enjoy a long and healthy life. The unique nutritional program outlined in Eat Rich, Live Long is designed by experts to help you feel great while you eat delicious and satisfying foods. Millions of people have gotten healthy through low-carb plans over the years--and a growing number have discovered the wonderful benefits of ketogenic (Keto) nutrition. Many are confused, though, about how low-carb they should go. Now, Eat Rich, Live Long reveals how mastering the low-carb/Keto spectrum can maximize your weight loss and optimize your health for the long term. In this book, Ivor Cummins, a world-class engineer and technical master for a huge global tech corporation, and Dr. Jeff Gerber, a family doctor who is widely regarded as a global leader in low-carb nutrition, team up to present their unique perspectives from their extensive clinical, medical, and scientific/research experience. Together, Cummins and Gerber crack the code that shows you how to eat the foods you enjoy, lose weight, and regain robust health. They reveal how the nutritional "experts" have gotten it so wrong for so long by demonizing healthy natural fats in our diets and focusing on cholesterol and LDL as the villains. In fact, as the authors reveal by drawing on the latest peer-reviewed global research, eating a high percentage of natural fats, a moderate amount of protein, and a low percentage of carbs can help you lose weight, prevent disease, satisfy your appetite, turn off your food cravings, and live longer. The heart of Eat Rich, Live Long is the book's prescriptive program, which includes a 7-day eating plan, a 14-day eating plan, and more than 50 gourmet-quality low-carb high-fat recipes -- illustrated with gorgeous full-color photographs -- for breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, snacks, dinners, drinks, and desserts. Low-carb never tasted so good! Nutritional sacred cows are constantly being challenged in the media. How much fat should we eat -- and which kinds of fats are best? Which fats can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and early mortality? Does a high-protein diet increase muscle mass and lead to vigorous health -- or can it promote aging, cancer, and early mortality? Which vitamins and minerals should we be taking, if any? How do we change our metabolism so that our bodies burn fat instead of all the sugars we consume? Does intermittent fasting really work? Eat Rich, Live Long lays out the truth based on the latest scientific research. Eat Rich, Live Long will change the way you look at eating. Meanwhile you will lose weight – and look and feel great.


If you have a family history of diabetes, you're going to get it, ... book at the right time to help turn the tide against the growing diabetes epidemic.


Author: Steven V. Joyal

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0446511579

Page: 288

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Mention diabetes and what are the first things that leap to mind? Sugar levels, gluclose monitoring, and insulin? According to leading diabetes specialist Dr. Stevan Joyal, to truly combat the diabetes epidemic--both preventing it and improving the quality of life for those who have it--we must start smaller, by focusing on the microscopic yet most critical factors that control your genes and your cells. In What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes, Dr. Joyal tells readers how to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and reverse prediabetes (a condition affecting half of all Americans), by positively influencing the genes and cells in the body that cause the condition--all without the use of special gadgets, or crazy fad diets. In this groundbreaking, integrative treatment plan, you will find: The testing procedures that EVERYONE should have to discover their diabetes and prediabetes risk level Tools to prevent and significantly control minor to serious diabetic complications Important guidelines on diet, including especially effective "superfoods" An individualized, scientifically-proven natural supplement regime A manageable and effective exercise program Lifestyle changes, including stress reduction tips, that can really make a difference recommendations on pharmaceuticals when necessary

Diabetes without Drugs

Without you, business could crumble. In the meantime, the diabetes epidemic is stealing the life (and limbs) out of people. As the great motivational ...

Diabetes without Drugs

Author: Suzy Cohen

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1609613058

Page: 432

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Based on breakthrough studies, Cohen's program reveals how people with diabetes can reduce their need for prescription medication and minimize the disease's effect on the body. Most doctors consider diabetes a one-way street—once you have it, your only option is to manage the symptoms with a restricted diet, close monitoring of blood sugar, and expensive medications. Pharmacist Suzy Cohen shows that diabetes can be treated instead through safe, natural means, like food and vitamins, rather than strictly relying on prescription drugs. She shifts the focus away from glucose management to a whole body approach, using supplements, minerals, and dietary changes to lose weight, repair cell damage, improve insulin function, and reduce the side effects from prescription drugs, many of which rob nutrients from the body and cause additional symptoms. This 5-step program uses natural alternatives, such as drinking nutrition-packed green drinks, adding vitamin D and anti-inflammatory supplements, increasing fiber intake, and including minerals in the diet to help restore the body's own supply of insulin. Diabetes without Drugs explains how patients can protect their heart, kidneys, eyesight, and limbs from the damage often caused by diabetes and shows the impact that the right foods and the right supplements can make in reducing blood sugar levels, aiding weight loss, and restoring vibrant health to everyone with diabetes.


With growing concern about the diabetes epidemic, the new face. 1. Because you read this special section each year, you now know that diabetes is a disease ...





Page: 180

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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

Prediabetes For Dummies

If you're a vegetarian, look for the tomato next totherecipe namethat ... Part I: Confronting the Prediabetes Epidemic This introductory part gives you a ...

Prediabetes For Dummies

Author: Alan L. Rubin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470589939

Page: 384

View: 573

Accessible information on the causes, health risks, and treatment of prediabetes If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with prediabetes – a heightened level of glucose, and/or impaired glucose tolerance - the time to act is now. Prediabetes For Dummies examines the signs and symptoms of this potential precursor to diabetes and offers up-to-date information about treatment. It provides clear, practical advice on steps you can take to minimize the risk of serious health consequences. This plain-English guide shows you how to stop prediabetes in its tracks and prevent it from progressing to diabetes. You'll learn how to recognize the symptoms of this often-undiagnosed condition, and what to do if you think you may be prediabetic. You'll also discover how simple lifestyle changes, such as changes in your diet and moderate exercise, can put the brakes on prediabetes and even reverse the condition. Offers clear explanations of prediabetes causes, health risks, and treatment Includes the latest advances in the use of diabetes medications to treat prediabetes Provides diet suggestions, meal plans, and exercise tips Contains helpful suggestions for friends and family members who want to support a loved one with prediabetes While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be prevented if prediabetes is diagnosed and treated early. Packed with valuable information for patients of all ages, Prediabetes For Dummies is an important resource for taking control of this dangerous condition.

Departments of Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies Appropriations for 2003

In fact , both CDC and Secretary Thompson have identified diabetes as an " epidemic . " Can you explain why even in light of this drastic increase in ...

Departments of Labor  Health and Human Services  Education  and Related Agencies Appropriations for 2003

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies




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The Fatburn Fix

But now the rates of diabetes among Caucasians exceed those among Native ... that you can create an epidemic of diabetes (and the entire diabetes spectrum) ...

The Fatburn Fix

Author: Catherine Shanahan, M.D.

Publisher: Flatiron Books

ISBN: 1250309514

Page: 320

View: 646

A proven plan to optimize your health by reclaiming your natural ability to burn body fat for fuel The ability to use body fat for energy is essential to health—but over decades of practice, renowned family physician Catherine Shanahan, M.D., observed that many of her patients could not burn their body fat between meals, trapping them in a downward spiral of hunger, fatigue, and weight gain. In The Fatburn Fix, Dr. Shanahan shows us how industrially produced vegetable oils accumulate in our body fat and disrupt our body’s energy-producing systems, driving food addictions that hijack our moods and habits while making it nearly impossible to control our weight. To reclaim our health, we need to detoxify our body fat and help repair our “fatburn” capabilities. Dr. Shanahan shares five important rules to fix your fatburn: 1) Eat natural fats, not vegetable oils. 2) Eat slow-digesting carbs, not starchy carbs or sweets. 3) Seek salt. 4) Drink plenty of water. 5) Supplement with vitamins and minerals. She then provides a revolutionary, step-by-step plan to help reboot your fatburn potential in as little as two weeks. This customizable two-phase plan is widely accessible, easy to follow, and will appeal to the full spectrum of diet ideologies, from plant-based to carnivore to keto and beyond. By making a few changes to what you eat and when, you will lose unwanted weight and restore your body’s ability to store and release energy. With The Fatburn Fix, Dr. Shanahan shows how regaining your fatburn is the key to effortless weight loss and a new, elevated life, paving the way to abundant energy and long-term health and happiness.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Diabetes 2nd Edition

By taking a proactive approach to your diabetes, you can turn what could be ... “Diabetes Uncovered,” we briefly discuss the emerging diabetes epidemic and ...

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Diabetes  2nd Edition

Author: Debra L Gordon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440661510

Page: 384

View: 431

The answers to an epidemic - now updated. The millions of people diagnosed with diabetes can learn how to live a healthy, normal life with this guide. It teaches readers how to explore all of the available treatments, monitor and manage blood glucose levels, recognize warning signs of low blood sugar, buy, use, and store insulin, make new diet and lifestyle choices, incorporate daily exercise, and avoid long and short-term complications. - Includes the first-ever released American Diabetes Association official dietary Guidelines - Updated content on new medications and monitors - More information for those who have become insulin resistant or have pre-diabetes


Plain and simple, you may be on your way to getting diabetes. So what should you ... Chapter 1 Sweet but Deadly The Diabetes Epidemic, a National 18 Diabetes.


Author: Lisa Morrone

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736939644

Page: 160

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One in three Americans over 21 has diabetes or pre-diabetes. Even more dangerous, many of them don't know they do. But there's hope. According to successful writer and health professional Lisa Morrone, making changes to halt the progress of a diabetic condition--even reverse some of the deterioration--is far simpler than dealing with the physical, relational, and financial consequences of untreated disease, such as nerve, liver, and cardiovascular damage. Lisa leads readers through a straightforward process of education and motivation: a summary of diabetes dangers, which includes a self-quiz to assess their condition a survey of the body's sugar-processing mechanism, emphasizing the mechanism of diabetes step-by-step lifestyle changes that can preserve or restore their health Good health comes when good information is incorporated into life. This action-oriented resource gives readers help to change and hope for a healthy, productive life that will benefit themselves and others.

The Great Physician s Rx for Diabetes

If you're looking for a culprit to blame for the diabetes epidemic, then look no further. 7. Soft drinks. Run, don't hide, from this liquefied sugar.

The Great Physician s Rx for Diabetes

Author: Jordan Rubin

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418525936

Page: 128

View: 486

Bestselling author Jordan Rubin, with David Remedios, M.D., shows how to adopt the 7 Keys in The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness to focus aggressively on diabetes and develop a game plan against it.

Managing Diabetes

39 The framing of diabetes as an epidemic also had the effect of making it populist ... You know, when you hear “epidemicyou can think of an outbreak [or] ...

Managing Diabetes

Author: Jeffrey A. Bennett

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1479873039


View: 171

A critical study of diabetes in the popular imagination Over twenty-nine million people in the United States, more than nine percent of the population, have some form of diabetes. In Managing Diabetes, Jeffrey A. Bennett focuses on how the disease is imagined in public culture. Bennett argues that popular anecdotes, media representation, and communal myths are as meaningful as medical and scientific understandings of the disease. In focusing on the public character of the disease, Bennett looks at health campaigns and promotions as well as the debate over public figures like Sonia Sotomayor and her management of type 1 diabetes. Bennett examines the confusing and contradictory public depictions of diabetes to demonstrate how management of the disease is not only clinical but also cultural. Bennett also has type 1 diabetes and speaks from personal experience about the many misunderstandings and myths that are alive in the popular imagination. Ultimately, Managing Diabetes offers a fresh take on how disease is understood in contemporary society and the ways that stigma, fatalism, and health can intersect to shape diabetes’s public character. This disease has dire health implications, and rates keep rising. Bennett argues that until it is better understood it cannot be better treated.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Quite clearly, the diabetes epidemic is simply following the obesity epidemic. Thankfully, this is a statistic that you don't need to live with.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Author: Don Colbert

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1683970586

Page: 308

View: 921

Most of us think God is not concerned with what we eat, but the Bible actually offers great insight and instruction about the effects of food on our bodies. Dr. Colbert introduces a revolutionary sugar detox method, combined with an anti-inflammatory form of the modified Mediterranean diet that resolves a broad spectrum of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and osteoarthritis. Just imagine - understanding how food alone can produce mental clarity, balanced weight, and longevity. Includes meal plans.

Problem Free Diabetes

... and diabetes epidemic and relying on pharmaceutical drugs that only masked the symptoms. Also, use common sense when you buy food at the grocery store.

Problem Free Diabetes

Author: Frank Suarez

Publisher: Metabolic Technology Center

ISBN: 0988221888

Page: 1644

View: 662

Practical recommendations for improving diabetes and its related conditions. Includes information on how candida albicans, a yeast, can affect diabetics, the 3x1 Diet® for diabetics, how to find aggressor foods that can spike up blood glucose levels, how to read tricky labels, the truth about cholesterol, what to do when blood glucose levels are resistive and won't go down, natural supplements that can help a diabetic, the sleep patterns that affect diabetes, foods that benefit a diabetic condition and more. This book has hundreds of pages on the subject of diabetes and what practical recommendations you can start applying immediately to improve your condition and get it under control. The intent of the book is to explain in simple terms what most medical or technical books detail in a confusing or incomprehensible way. It emphasizes the metabolism as the principle factor to address and improve in order to improve diabetes. The premise of the book is PRACTICALITY, things to DO and IMPLEMENT immediately to start seeing results and measuring more desirable glucose levels immediately.

Departments of Labor Health and Human Services and Education and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2012

DDT is also engaged in efforts to eliminate diabetes related disparities in ... we ask you to consider diabetes is an epidemic growing at an astonishing ...

Departments of Labor  Health and Human Services  and Education  and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2012

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies



Page: 893

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