Confessions of a Hollywood Temp

TAKE IT! And use this book as a resource for ideas, guidance, and research! ENJOY! And visit for updates!

Confessions of a Hollywood Temp

Author: Angela Allen

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781978205390

Page: 184

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Angela Allen, with headshots & acting resumes in hand, took on Hollywood in the early 90's. Her hair-raising experiences (none involving Harvey Weinstein or Donald Trump) fill these pages. "Confessions of a Hollywood Temp" also doubles as a Hollywood 101 Survival Guide for those who are HELLBENT on seeking Hollywood stardom (but who might not be independently wealthy)! What to do? TEMP! There are SCADS of temp jobs in Hollywood and many can flex around your audition schedule! The book helps provide insight into what to watch out for, how to stay safe, and this book features Angela's WORLD FAMOUS HOLLYWOOD TEMPCAKE RECIPE! Originally written in 1992, there are some updates (and some old stuff too). In the many years since Angela sat in front of Jack Nicholson's agent and got an earful of why she should go back home to Indiana, a million things have changed, BUT - there is still one fact: if there is a CHANCE you can make it in Hollywood? TAKE IT! And use this book as a resource for ideas, guidance, and research! ENJOY! And visit for updates!

Confessions of a Hollywood Director

It was about 110 degrees and McGovern was billeted in a double tent , where the
inside temperature must have been 130. He opened a few cases and showed me
an old - fashioned Wall camera . I said , “ Let's have a look at the gate .

Confessions of a Hollywood Director

Author: Richard L. Bare



Page: 328

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The excitement then continues as Bare takes us through the highs and lows of his life and career, always with humor."--BOOK JACKET.


Confessions of a Screenwriter A. Wayne Carter ... I scramble to write a new script to pitch it back in Hollywood, should I take a temp job doing anything?


Author: A. Wayne Carter

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469715643

Page: 244

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Everyone who has ever thought about writing or working in Hollywood will want to read this book. These are the personal and often outrageous adventures of a veteran screenwriter who has worked extensively for the major studios, as well as with major directors such as Richard Donner and James Cameron. There are abundant writing lessons to be learned here, but "life" lessons, as well. In fact, this story is about "getting over" Hollywood, more than just "getting into" Hollywood. Readers looking past the material or superficial (e.g., celebrity) for something more meaningful in their lives, will find this book truly uplifting. "If youre thinking of being a screenwriter, jamming all your possessions into a subcompact and driving cross-country, then it behooves you to read Carters experiences." Tim CliftonRenaissance Magazine

Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

She checked the barometer by the front desk and saw it falling as well as the
temperature . The desk clerk watched her . “ That blizzard is finally getting here . It
'll be no fun out tonight , ” he said . Dorothy looked out again and then went to the

Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

Author: William Louis Gardner

Publisher: Bald Eagle Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780972231206

Page: 230

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"A novel of a Hollywood courtesan and her procurer, who rise in the film world of the 50's and early 60's. Clint the agent, and Dorothy the star, manipulate the Hollywood Godfather, Castro, JFK, an international playboy ... and one another"--Cover.

Confessions of a Working Actor

Recently she has been appearing regularly at Hollywood-By-The-Sea in Channel ... I was a temp for 15 years, then a teacher in night school – in addition to ...

Confessions of a Working Actor

Author: Jodi Nelson


ISBN: 1471631869


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From the Headlines to Hollywood

While in America, Schlager helps take the temperature of Nazi ... Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorrah where CONFESSIONS OF LEON TURROU AND CHANGING ...

From the Headlines to Hollywood

Author: Chris Yogerst

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 144226246X

Page: 254

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More than any other studio, Warner Bros. used edgy, stylistic, and brutally honest films to construct a view of America that was different from the usual buoyant Hollywood fare. The studio took seriously Harry Warner’s mandate that their films had a duty to educate and demonstrate key values of free speech, religious tolerance, and freedom of the press. This attitude was most aptly demonstrated in films produced by the studio between 1927 and 1941—a period that saw not only the arrival of sound in film but also the Great Depression, the rise of crime, and increased concern about fascism in the lead-up to World War II. In From the Headlines to Hollywood: The Birth and Boom of Warner Bros., Chris Yogerst explores how “the only studio with any guts” established the groundwork and perfected formulas for social romance dramas, along with gangster, war, espionage, and adventure films. In this book, the author discusses such films as ThePublic Enemy, Little Caesar, G-Men, The Life of Emile Zola, Angels with Dirty Faces, and Confessions of a Nazi Spy, illustrating the ways in which their plots truly were “ripped from the headlines.” While much of what has been written about Warner Bros. has focused on the plots of popular films or broad overviews of the studio’s output, this volume sets these in the larger context of the period, an era in which lighthearted fare competed with gritty realism. From the Headlines to Hollywood will appeal to readers with interests in film history, social history, politics, and entertainment.

Confessions of 5 Christian Wives

Shauna Mayer and Hollywood friends. red-and-gold dancing flames, and the extreme heat are forever etched in my mind. The temperature that afternoon was ...

Confessions of 5 Christian Wives

Author: Shauna Mayer and Hollywood friends

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490821937

Page: 212

View: 152

What do a professional cheerleader and TV actress, a beauty queen, a simple housewife, and an international performer have in common? These women had troubled childhoods, abusive and unhappy marriages with such experiences as childhood rape, alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty, and sexual and physical abuse, just to name a few. These worldly women had personal issues and deep insecurities coupled with conflicts in their marriages, and desperately needed help and healing. They needed God's help. When invited into their hearts, God begins to do the impossible, incredible, and unbelievable in every area of their lives and marriages as they learn to trust their heavenly Father. After reading these heart-breaking and eventually triumphant true life stories, you, too, will want to know this God. He is indeed a living God and has proven Himself again and again to be a true "Doting Daddy," healing their hearts and meeting their needs. He's there for you, too. Would you like to meet Him? You'll meet Him in this book. He's waiting for you.

The Hollywood Reporter

... after Master , " with Chris Koch taking a temp job , becomes a attached to direct
. self - taught " white hat hacker , " D ' Ambrosia and Teves wrote parlaying her
gig ... That had been backed up by media buyers contacted Continued from page
4 by The Hollywood Reporter . show flat volume . ... Cats & Allison Burnett
penned the Her credits include “ Melinda and Dogs ” and “ Confessions of a
screenplay .

The Hollywood Reporter





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Confessions of a Contractor

... sounded like I had burned my tongue on an arugula salad served at room temperature, ... In the darkness that shrouded my veal in the Hollywood Hills, ...

Confessions of a Contractor

Author: Richard Murphy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440630682

Page: 320

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Selected as a "sizzling beach read" by the New York Daily News, Richard Murphy's debut novel explains what it really means to be a full-service contractor. Henry Sullivan has spent seventeen years renovating houses for wealthy women, and he owes his success to a few simple rules: don't take on too many jobs at once-and don't sleep with clients. Over the course of one complicated summer, Henry breaks those rules when he works on the houses of two very different women who used to be friends. Henry falls for both women, and finds himself erecting an emotional house of cards as he attempts to complete their jobs while piecing together the mysterious events that demolished the women's friendship.

Confessions of a Nervous Shiksa

He took her blood and her temperature, and it was hard to say which ... Also Aunt Louise called—saw you on Access Hollywood in background of Sundance party.

Confessions of a Nervous Shiksa

Author: Tracy McArdle

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416510508

Page: 368

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Lights! Camera! Ultimatum! When movie studio publicity V.P. Alexis Manning's fiancé -- Jewish bartender/actor David a.k.a. Deke -- goes home with her for a holly jolly Christmas in Vermont with her family, there's a chill in the air and it ain't just the weather. Overwhelmed by the Christianity of it all, David confesses that he can't marry Alexis unless she converts to Judaism. Alexis might not know exactly what she wants to do with her life...but she knows she doesn't want to spend it pretending to be something she's not. Alexis believes in only one religion -- movies. So with her well-scripted romance on the cutting-room floor, she begins replaying favorite film scenes in her head and breaking down her own life into dramatic clips, searching for the right ending. If only she were Julia, or Demi, or Meryl, things would be different. Get me rewrite! Is Kirk, the hot new director of her latest project, meant to be Alexis's leading man? Or are she and David headed for a dramatic act-three reunion? And what of Andrew Sullivan -- the proverbial One That Got Away? Between film festival dramas, uncontrollable actors, egotistical directors, a heartbroken sister, an ailing, peculiar cat named Little (and her accompanying astronomical vet bills), and fantasies about simpler times back in New England, it's all Alexis can do to keep production on schedule. But surely there's a happily ever after for her -- and hopefully for Little, too -- before credits roll.

Charles Bukowski

Sometimes healso wrote love poems to Linda, like 'Confession'48 where he says the ... Hollywood he woke up witha temperature of 103 that lasted all week.

Charles Bukowski

Author: Barry Miles

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0753521598

Page: 352

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'Fear makes me a writer, fear and a lack of confidence' Charles Bukowski chronicled the seedy underside of the city in which he spent most of his life, Los Angeles. His heroes were the panhandlers and hustlers, the drunks and the hookers, his beat the racetracks and strip joints and his inspiration a series of dead-end jobs in warehouses, offices and factories. It was in the evenings that he would put on a classical record, open a beer and begin to type... Brought up by a violent father, Bukowski suffered childhood beatings before developing horrific acne and withdrawing into a moody adolescence. Much of his young life epitomised the style of the Beat generation - riding Greyhound buses, bumming around and drinking himself into a stupor. During his lifetime he published more than forty-five books of poetry and prose, including the novels Post Office, Factotum, Women and Pulp. His novels sold millions of copies worldwide in dozens of languages. In this definitive biography Barry Miles, celebrated author of Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats, turns his attention to the exploits of this hard-drinking, belligerent wild man of literature.

Confessions of an Illuminati Volume I

... in an oven at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius to avoid any problems. ... 8 ...

Confessions of an Illuminati  Volume I

Author: Leo Lyon Zagami

Publisher: CCC Publishing

ISBN: 1888729600

Page: 352

View: 864

In English for the first time, a guide to the true secret structure of the Illuminati and their invisible network made of various power structures, author Leo Lyon Zagami uses their internal documents and reveals confidential and top-secret events. His book contends that the presence of numerous Illuminati brotherhoods and secret societies—just as those inside the most prestigious U.S. universities such as Yale or Harvard—have always been guides to the occult. From the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO)'s infiltration of Freemasonry to the real Priory of Sion, this book exposes not only the hidden structure of the New World Order and the occult practices but also their connections to the intelligence community and the infamous Ur-Lodges.

Hollywood s Road to War

Here is the Temp . Script of our anti - Nazi picture ... sat in Adolf Hitler's office , "
he bragged , " and I had an offer from Joseph Goebbels to work for nothing if he
could play himself in confessions of a Nazi Spy . " There was 32 even a rumor
that ...

Hollywood s Road to War

Author: Robert Norris Nodurft



Page: 315

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Ms Faux Pas

25 III / CELEBRITIES Down But Not Out in Beverly Hills Ms. Faux Pas goes to
Hollywood . 31 Confessions of a Temp for Donald Trumpet Behind every great
man is a great secretary — or vice versa . 35 I V / T R E N D S How to Worry
about ...

Ms  Faux Pas

Author: Joan Kron


ISBN: 9780962061202

Page: 86

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The Hollywood Assistants Handbook

Written by two very sharp and successful assistants to Hollywood power players, this book contains 99 lessons packed with a combination of blunt truth, insider humor, and juicy secrets that explain the unwritten rules of how to get a foot ...

The Hollywood Assistants Handbook

Author: Hillary Stamm

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 0761147462

Page: 200

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Written by two very sharp and successful assistants to Hollywood power players, this book contains 99 lessons packed with a combination of blunt truth, insider humor, and juicy secrets that explain the unwritten rules of how to get a foot in the door and make all the right moves.

Hollywood Creative Directory

Staff of Hollywood Creative Directory, Hollywood Creative Directory Staff ... of
Hell - Sins of the Father - The Shield - Bigshot : Confessions of a Campus Bookie
PRODUCTION CREDITS Peter Liguori . ... Post Road PRE - PRODUCTION -18 °
: The Temperature at Which Blood Freezes POST PRODUCTION The Ranchers ...

Hollywood Creative Directory

Author: Staff of Hollywood Creative Directory


ISBN: 9781928936268

Page: 432

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Commonly known as the phone book to Hollywood. is the authoritative source of inofrmation helping locate entertainment industry professionals.

Confessions of a Scoundrel

... gallons of water a daysupposedly packed with health - giving minerals at a
temperature of 148 degrees , Fahrenheit . ... Three , the fact that Gary Cooper ,
Jean Harlow , George Brent and a number of other top Hollywood stars were
already ...

Confessions of a Scoundrel

Author: Guido Orlando



Page: 275

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Thinking about Society Theory and Practice

Temperature Change of the Labia Minora as an Objective Measure of Female Eroticism'. ... Hollywood: WWV Inc. Holliday, Jim. 1982.

Thinking about Society  Theory and Practice

Author: Ian Jarvie

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400954247

Page: 523

View: 844

I. C. Jarvie was trained as a social anthropologist in the center of British social anthropology - the London School of Economics, where Bronislaw Malinowski was the object of ancestor worship. Jarvie's doctorate was in philosophy, however, under the guidance of Karl Popper and John Watkins. He changed his department not as a defector but as a rebel, attempting to exorcize the ancestral spirit. He criticized the method of participant obser vation not as useless but as not comprehensive: it is neither necessary nor sufficient for the making of certain contributions to anthropology; rather, it all depends on the problem-situation. And so Jarvie remained an anthro pologist at heart, who, in addition to some studies in rather conventional anthropological or sociological molds, also studied the tribe of social scien tists, but also critically examining their problems - especially their overall, rather philosophical problems, but not always so: a few of the studies in cluded in this volume exemplify his work on specific issues, whether of technology, or architecture, or nationalism in the academy, or moviemaking, or even movies exhibiting excessive sex and violence. These studies attract his attention both on account of their own merit and on account of their need for new and powerful research tools, such as those which he has forged in his own intellectual workshop over the last two decades.

Comedy Horror Films

As Campbell wrote in his autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions ofa B Movie Actor, the whole idea of “going Hollywood” with an Evil Dead film was ...

Comedy Horror Films

Author: Bruce G. Hallenbeck

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786453788

Page: 255

View: 753

Fun and fright have long been partners in the cinema, dating back to the silent film era and progressing to the Scary Movie franchise and other recent releases. This guide takes a comprehensive look at the comedy-horror movie genre, from the earliest stabs at melding horror and hilarity during the nascent days of silent film, to its full-fledged development with The Bat in 1926, to the Abbott and Costello films pitting the comedy duo against Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy and other Universal Studio monsters, continuing to such recent cult hits as Shaun of the Dead and Black Sheep. Selected short films such as Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie are also covered. Photos and promotional posters, interviews with actors and a filmography are included.