A Christmas Gathering Christmas Novella 17

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A Christmas Gathering  Christmas Novella 17

Author: Anne Perry

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472257189

Page: 352

View: 851

A festive house party takes a sinister turn... Victor Narraway and his wife, Lady Vespasia, are invited to spend Christmas at Cavendish Hall with a gathering of old acquaintances, but it is not the quiet, rather stiff house party they had expected. While there, Victor must undertake his final mission for Special Branch, reminiscent of another one in the past, at which he had tragically failed. When disaster strikes and one of the guests is left for dead, Victor fears that history is repeating itself. But which of them is intent on murder? And can Victor accept that he is not to blame...? A Christmas Gathering is the gripping new festive mystery from the pen of Anne Perry, the master of Victorian crime.

Analyzing Christmas in Film

... 74, 75–76, 211, 268, 302 Black Christmas (1974), 10, 59, 191, 214, 321,434, ... 2, 17, 63, 84n73, 224, 225, 324n32, 400 Blackadder's Christmas Carol, ...

Analyzing Christmas in Film

Author: Lauren Rosewarne

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498541828

Page: 558

View: 439

Film plays a vital role in the celebration of Christmas. For decades, it has taught audiences about what the celebration of the season looks like – from the decorations to the costumes and to the expected snowy weather – as well as mirrors our own festivities back to us. Films like It’s a Wonderful Life and Home Alone have come to play key roles in real-life domestic celebrations: watching such titles has become, for many families, every bit as important as tree-trimming and leaving cookies out for Santa. These films have exported the American take on the holiday far and wide and helped us conjure an image of the perfect holiday. Rather than settling the ‘what is a Christmas film?’ debate – indeed, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are discussed within – Analyzing Christmas in Film: Santa to the Supernatural focuses on the how Christmas is presented on the deluge of occasions when it appears. While most Christmas films are secular, religion makes many cameos, appearing through Nativity references, storylines involving spiritual rebirth, the framing of Santa as a Christ-like figure and the all-importance of family, be it the Holy family or just those gathered around the dining table. Also explored are popular narratives involving battles with stress and melancholy, single parents and Christmas martyrs, visits from ghosts and angels, big cities and small towns, break-ups and make-ups and the ticking clock of mortality. Nearly 1000 films are analyzed in this volume to determine what the portrayal of Christmas reveals about culture, society and faith as well as sex roles, consumerism, aesthetics and aspiration.

A Mexican Christmas

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A Mexican Christmas

Author: Michael Elsohn Ross

Publisher: Millbrook Press

ISBN: 0822580411

Page: 40

View: 232

Describes the experiences of children during the festivals and religious observances of the Christmas season in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Christmas Music for Electric Guitar

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Christmas Music for Electric Guitar


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 1610656970

Page: 56

View: 462

This book features Christmas music of primarily classical origins, transcribed for one, two, or three electric guitars. These transcriptions were notated in standard notation and tablature and are meant to be performed with a pick, or using hybrid picking. Even though a few of the pieces may be played on a standard guitar, the others require an electric guitar or a guitar with a cutaway. the recording features performances of all of the music in the book with anywhere from one to as many as eight guitars sounding simultaneously. the last four tracks of the CD feature certain previous tracks with the first guitar omitted. By using these tracks as accompaniment one can practice or perform with the CD. Selections include Carol of the Bells, Four miniatures from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Johann Pachelbel's Kanon, and more.

Decorate Your Home for Christmas

17,78 Fairy Godmother Tree Top ..61 , 106 Father Christmas .43,94 Festive Salsa Servers ...... 22 , 25 , 84 Fish & Pole Ornament .17 , 18,77 Fish Pillow .17 ...

Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Author: Jana Wilson

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402700989

Page: 128

View: 479

This inspiring collection of Christmas crafts helps you give every room a festive air. Look through galleries arranged by artists eager to share their holiday season and personal style. For example, all Jana Wilson’s choices, including cowboy boot ornaments, reflect her ranch home. You can make everything you see—a candy house; Father Christmas; fairy godmother to crown the tree; and other holiday glories.


Mithra 7 Advent 16-17 Africa 7 , 18 , 26 America 7 , 15 , 19 , 25 angel 9 , 13 Australia 20 Feast of Stephen 23 Finland 19 France 24 New Year 24-25 Germany ...


Author: Catherine Chambers

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 9780237528645

Page: 30

View: 377

A study of how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The book describes the cultural and religious importance to the cultures involved and offers ideas for making festive decorations and food. 5-8 yrs.


... 9 Birthday of the Unconquered Sun, 12 C cards, 5, 21–22 Christkindl, 16 church services, 6, 23–24 F Father Christmas, 16–17 G gifts, 5–6, 9, 12, 14–17, ...


Author: Joanna Ponto

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 0766076199

Page: 32

View: 640

Every December millions of people all over the world wait for the twenty-fifth day of the month. They are looking forward to Christmas, one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. This heavily illustrated volume explores the holiday’s rich history, as well as various ways it is celebrated around the world. Readers will have a chance to prepare a gingerbread recipe and create a reindeer ornament craft.

Christmas and the British A Modern History

London Chamber of Commerce, London's Christmas Economy: A Business Perspective on the Retail and Hospitality Sectors (2005), 17. 'Do you know it's Christmas ...

Christmas and the British  A Modern History

Author: Martin Johnes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474255396

Page: 320

View: 897

The modern Christmas was made by the Victorians and rooted in their belief in commerce, family and religion. Their rituals and traditions persist to the present day but the festival has also been changed by growing affluence, shifting family structures, greater expectations of happiness and material comfort, technological developments and falling religious belief. Christmas became a battleground for arguments over consumerism, holiday entitlements, social obligations, communal behaviour and the influence of church, state and media. Even in private, it encouraged reflection on social change and the march of time. Amongst those unhappy at the state of the world or their own lives, Christmas could induce much cynicism and even loathing but for a quieter majority it was a happy time, a moment of a joy in a sometimes difficult world that made the festival more than just an integral feature of the calendar: Christmas was one of British culture's emotional high points. Moreover, it was also a testimony to the enduring importance of family, shared values and a common culture in the UK. Martin Johnes shows how Christmas and its traditions have been lived, adapted and thought about in Britain since 1914. Christmas and the British is about the festival's social, cultural and economic functions, and its often forgotten status as both the most unusual and important day of the year

Christmas Ephemera Collection

The selected images in this book are an excellent collection of vintage Christmas ephemera pieces.

Christmas Ephemera Collection

Author: Ilopa Journals


ISBN: 9781692029548

Page: 38

View: 417

The selected images in this book are an excellent collection of vintage Christmas ephemera pieces. They are useful to make your own Christmas cards, embellish your Christmas journal or decorate an advent calendar. The pieces are easy to cut out and use them in your crafts. Features: 17 sheets (8.5x11) over 120 pieces 100 gsm paper christmas cards, old photos, tags and other seasonal ephemera neutral, coffee dyed paper as backgrounds

Accent on Christmas Holiday Ensembles for Flute

CONDUCTOR'S SCORE Christmas & Holiday ACCENTON ENSEMBLES John O'Reilly and Mark Williams Duets and trios for flexible ... 17 24 o come , o come Emmanuel .

Accent on Christmas   Holiday Ensembles for Flute

Author: John O'Reilly

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 9781457420382

Page: 24

View: 232

Accent on Christmas and Holiday Ensembles uses the same format as Accent on Ensembles to bring holiday music to life for your beginning students. Since the instrumentation is flexible, any combination of instruments can play together. Correlated with Accent on Achievement, Book 1. Since the instrumentation is flexible, any combination of instruments can play together.

A Baxter Family Christmas

... while—that her mommy was right here with her again. 19 Kingsbury ABaxterFamilyChristmas MM WB_EG.indd 17 8/13/19 1:49 PM A BAXT E R FAMILY CHRISTMAS 17.

A Baxter Family Christmas

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451687583

Page: 272

View: 788

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a life-changing holiday tale of love and hope after heartbreak. Two years after the car accident that took Erin Baxter’s life, her father, John Baxter, still lives in constant grief. John’s heartbreak prompts him to invite Kendra Bryant, the transplant recipient who now has Erin’s heart, to Christmas Eve dinner despite protests from his remaining children. Ashley and Luke want to protect their ten-year-old niece­ who is the only surviving child of Erin’s, but John remains determined and believes that meeting this woman is something his deceased daughter would want. Meanwhile, Kendra Bryant is struggling to come to terms with the tragedy that gave her a second chance. It is only when she witnesses the Baxter’s unwavering faith in God that she begins to heal and allow peace and happiness back into her life. At the same time, Maddie West, the eighteen-year-old daughter of Brooke Baxter West, continues to pray for meaning this Christmas. When she discovers a newfound friendship with a boy she never expected to see again, she begins to believe in miracles, especially around Christmastime. A Baxter Family Christmas is a heartwarming story that brings together two families in the midst of tragedy and loss, all with the help one very special child.

The 1945 Sears Christmas Book

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The 1945 Sears Christmas Book

Author: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486849139

Page: 272

View: 993

This facsimile of the Sears, Roebuck and Co.'s 1945 Christmas catalog offers a nostalgic look back at consumer goods of the era, from dolls and toy trains to housewares, clothing, furniture, candy, and much more. Also reproduced here is an insightful poem, "Christmas Peace," included in the original mailing to commemorate the end of the war.

A Ragtime Christmas

(Easy Piano Songbook). 17 holiday tunes masterfully arranged by Phillip Keveren for easy piano with a ragtime flair.

A Ragtime Christmas

Author: Phillip Keveren

Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 9781476815213

Page: 72

View: 245

(Easy Piano Songbook). 17 holiday tunes masterfully arranged by Phillip Keveren for easy piano with a ragtime flair. Includes: Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella * Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy * The First Noel * Good King Wenceslas * The Holly and the Ivy * Joy to the World * Up on the Housetop * We Wish You a Merry Christmas * and more.

Christmas in Pennsylvania

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Christmas in Pennsylvania

Author: Alfred Lewis Shoemaker

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811703284

Page: 162

View: 108

Originally published in 1959 and written by a pioneer in American folk-life studies, this classic work examines the folk origins of Christmas in Pennsylvania. Composed of interviews and newspaper reports, it records holiday traditions from the eighteenth century through to the early twentieth century. In this edition, Don Yoder has contributed a new foreword, providing insight into Alfred L. Shoemaker's influential career and the significance of this still vital work, and an afterword, offering a look at recent research on Christmas customs.

Hand book Almanac for the Pacific States

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Hand book Almanac for the Pacific States

Author: William Henry Knight



Page: 440

View: 119

Contains calendars, tides, and almanac information; listing of federal and departmental officials, legislators, and judges ; California state and county information and officials ; and one brief essay. With advertising.