Choose to Believe

When Paige Lee believes that her murdered son, Bryan, reaches out to her from the afterlife, the story turns to her intensive search to find him and reconnect their mother-son relationship in a very real way.

Choose to Believe

Author: Paige W Lee


ISBN: 9781735569901

Page: 160

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When Paige Lee believes that her murdered son, Bryan, reaches out to her from the afterlife, the story turns to her intensive search to find him and reconnect their mother-son relationship in a very real way. "And find him, I did," she tells the reader.

Hungry for More

Choose to believe you can have the job of your dreams - of course . Why settle
for anything less ? Choose to believe you can travel and see the world . Why not
? It's out there waiting for you . Choose to believe there are tons of amazing ...

Hungry for More

Author: Mel Wells

Publisher: Hay House UK Limited

ISBN: 1788170210

Page: 272

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"Our relationship with food is a mirror of our relationship with life, which means our deepest cravings point to something much greater than caramel lattes. When we set ourselves free from the limiting beliefs we have around food and our bodies, we begin to discover just how powerful we really are."--Back cover.

In Six Days

50 videnskabsfolk beretter om hvorfor de tror på skabelsesberetningen på trods af deres naturvidenskabelig baggrund

In Six Days

Author: John F. Ashton PhD

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 0890513414

Page: 384

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50 videnskabsfolk beretter om hvorfor de tror på skabelsesberetningen på trods af deres naturvidenskabelig baggrund

Can You Still Trust God

What do you do when facing a challenge that seems insurmountable? Do you believe God can be trusted? In Can You Still Trust God?, Charles Stanley reveals three essential beliefs for trusting God: 1. God is perfect in His love 2.

Can You Still Trust God

Author: Charles F. Stanley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0785247572

Page: 352

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When things are going your way, trusting the Lord is easy. But when painful trials, unmet needs, or lost dreams assail, do you wonder if God can still be trusted? What do you do when facing a challenge that seems insurmountable? Do you believe God can be trusted? In Can You Still Trust God?, Charles Stanley reveals three essential beliefs for trusting God: 1. God is perfect in His love 2. God is infinite in wisdom, and 3. God is absolutely sovereign Even when you cannot understand why God would allow certain situations to occur, these core beliefs form the basis for trusting Him. Your ability to receive the blessings God has for you is determined by the degree to which these wise truths are embedded in your soul. Stanley then presents five blessings that can be yours when you choose to believe God can be trusted, even when you do not know what the next day will bring. You can face any circumstance with confidence and hope because it is not your strength, wisdom, energy, or power that is the ultimate source of victory. It is God’s ability. When you trust Him, you tap into an eternal force that cannot be harnessed by any human constraints. Can You Still Trust God? is a message of hope for anyone struggling to reconcile the suffering and turmoil in the world with a loving God. Pastors, ministers, and Bible study leaders will find a resource for teaching their communities about God’s promises and how to deepen their trust in Him.

I Want to Believe

Anyone may choose to believe thata wild dream they had onenight was really a
ride in analien spacecraft into which they were abducted, but where is the
evidence for it? As faras I cantell, Idonot have arbitrary reasons for believing
thatJesusis ...

I Want to Believe

Author: Mel Lawrenz

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441224017

Page: 240

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In I Want to Believe, Mel Lawrenz ignites a latent desire in all of us--the desire to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Lawrenz takes an honest dive into topics that are true areas of tension--doubt, rebirth, faith and action, and the essence of Christian faith. A fresh and engaging style draws readers into an unexpected conversation in which they receive concrete, concise descriptions of Christian faith in principle and in real life, and are shown contrasts with other faith alternatives. The chapters are skillful interweavings of narrative, illustration, and biblical reflection. Throughout the book, readers are assured that doubts are part of believing and that hardships in life do not contradict faith. For believers and seekers alike, I Want to Believe will fan the flame of faith and affirm the quest for believing.

We Want to Believe

... for other people what will be true by the information they choose to reveal or
conceal, or by the narrative they weave and release for public consumption. The
X-Files is full of such varying narratives, often dangled before Mulder as answers.

We Want to Believe

Author: Amy M. Donaldson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621892093

Page: 256

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From the first episode to the latest feature film, two main symbols provide the driving force for the iconic television series The X-Files: Fox Mulder's "I Want to Believe" poster and Dana Scully's cross necklace. Mulder's poster may feature a flying saucer, but the phrase "I want to believe" refers to more than simply the quest for the truth about aliens. The search for extraterrestrial life, the truth that is out there, is a metaphor for the search for God. The desire to believe in something greater than ourselves is part of human nature: we want to believe. Scully's cross represents this desire to believe, as well as the internal struggle between faith and what we can see and prove. The X-Files depicts this struggle by posing questions and exploring possible answers, both natural and supernatural. Why would God let the innocent suffer? Can God forgive even the most heinous criminal? What if God is giving us signs to point the way to the truth, but we're not paying attention? These are some of the questions raised by The X-Files. In the spirit of the show, this book uses the symbols and images presented throughout the series to pose such questions and explore some of the answers, particularly in the Christian tradition. With a focus on key themes of the series--faith, hope, love, and truth--along the way, this book journeys from the desire to believe to the message of the cross.

Choose Believe Win

I'm not pitching a particular type of belief, I'm just reporting what I've found so you
can use it. Winners have mindset systems they use to create the world they want.
Those systems have common basics. You can learn those basics and build ...

Choose  Believe  Win

Author: Dr. Robert C. Worstell


ISBN: 1365886476

Page: 136

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What is Winning? The Secret That May Surprise You This seems rather obvious, but it isn't necessarily. What you consider ""winning"" will depend on how you've been trained since birth and the mindset you've stacked as a result. Look at a race. Thousands enter a marathon. Only one is first. He's the winner. What are the rest called? Also-rans. What was the difference? Mindset. Those competitors who came in first are those who had a certain mindset to succeed. Who are other big winners ? The race sponsors. Those are all winners, too. The people who made a sizable increase in income from any sporting event are winners, too. If they didn't take the risk, they wouldn't have made that extra income. That also takes a certain mindset. All winning has also-rans who were there as well as the crowd who watched. What was the difference? Mindset. If you want routine, exceptional success in your life, you're going to have to know how to Choose, Believe, and Win. Get Your Copy Now.

To Believe in Jesus

You say you believe in Jesus. He told you that if you dug you would find the
treasure. Where is your faith? Faith is a gift but a gift that will undoubtedly be
given if we take the necessary steps and choose to believe, choose to take God
at his ...

To Believe in Jesus

Author: Ruth Burrows OCD

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441174346

Page: 128

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The message of To Believe in Jesus is heartening, if disconcerting, for it stands a common assumption on its head. The way to holiness is not through dramatic renunciation, and holiness itself is not just for the 'specialists', clergy and religious. Holiness cannot be struggled for and won - it can only be given, and all that is necessary is that we should ask. As soon as we cease to strive for virtue, concentrating attention uselessly on ourselves, and instead recognise our weakness, our need, the way is open to encounter God and the holiness of Jesus which is His gift.

The Solved System

In separation there is no truth, no real So choose belief and watch the difficulties
diminish as the opportunities and circumstances change and grow. The
masquerade is over. Selfbelief reveals the madness of holding on to yesterday's
mistakes ...

The Solved System

Author: Geoffrey Canavan

Publisher: Geoffrey Canavan

ISBN: 0956308236


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Manual of Unitarian Belief

Liberal Christianity , or freedom in religion , does not mean liberty to believe what
we choose , but freedom to seek the truth anywhere , everywhere , and always . It
means that we should not only be willing that others should differ from us , but ...

Manual of Unitarian Belief

Author: James Freeman Clarke



Page: 64

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Teen s Guide to Not Being Perfect

Maybe I believe in a time that never was. Maybe I believe in a time that is never to
be. The only thing that really matters is I choose to believe. I choose to believe
someday life will be better and people will treat each other kinder. I choose to ...

Teen s Guide to Not Being Perfect

Author: Tom Krause

Publisher: Tom Krause

ISBN: 1599780119

Page: 158

View: 105

"Teen's Guide to NOT Being Perfect" offers encouragement, guidance and help to deal with the fog of puberty, drug usage, suicide and shool dropout by offering valuable principles to answer the questions "Will I make it?" and "Am I normal?"

Rapid Relief from Emotional Distress

You know that nothing in the physical world can cause you to feel emotional pain
. What you choose to believe will have consequences , and you can create the
consequences you want by choosing what to believe . How you choose to see an

Rapid Relief from Emotional Distress

Author: Gary Emery

Publisher: Rawson Assoc


Page: 237

View: 601

Features the keys to letting go of helplessness, asserting control over life, and choosing the personal effects of people and situations

If You Can Only Believe

What to believe is the problem, there are so many different things that one can
choose to believe in this day and age. At least we do agree on some truths, like
the world is round and not flat, but even that took some years of discovery before
it ...

If You Can Only Believe

Author: Valentina Kirichilina

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462853700

Page: 60

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I have had the privilege of knowing Valentina since 1991. We met in church and as a christian brother, in a Christ centered relationship, I have had the opportunity of encouraging Valentina as she courageously followed the steps of the Master as HE led her into the ministry of an evangelist on the streets, bringing in prostitutes, drug addicts and the homeless to the altar in church and on street corners where they presented their hearts and lives to Jesus. Valentina then entered the skid row of Vancouver where she ministered at the Revival Center Mission, Gospel Mission and the Rainbow Mission, not only serving food but preached the Word for over 14 years as well as ministering in a nursing home once every month faithfully preaching and encouraging the aged to believe in the Lord she so loved, trusted and served. I watched as she stepped into the Open Door Ministry; a house where God moved in the lives of 4 homeless souls at a time by the intercession of the prayer warrior for a period of 4 years. By this time, I knew that this was a gal that trusted In the Good Shepherd with her life, and especially so, as she opened up her take-out restaurant, named Little Spot, centered right smack in the tracks of the drug pushers who became her ministry. Valentina has been a product that introduced her Savior to many lost and hurting, but, I believe that her greater works are still just around the corner. Faithfully friend and co-worker in Christ Jesus Marvin Farquharson New Westminster BC Canada

The Logic of Subjectivity

Let us note a few types of belief to see that this seems to be the standard relation
- for example , perceptual believing . ... I may have to struggle to recall an incident
, but it would be odd to speak of choosing to believe what the memory reports .

The Logic of Subjectivity

Author: Louis Pojman

Publisher: University Alabama Press


Page: 174

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Through the Trials Just Believe

whenever I want, and letting nature take its course. ... when I pulled out the CD
and read the following verse on the CD label: “I have set before you life and
death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life” ... I choose to believe there is
a God.

Through the Trials Just Believe

Author: Nitza Hollinger

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499018193

Page: 94

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When faced with trials, one must be well-grounded in what drives him or her to continue the fight to live and overcome what may seem as an unsurpassable trial. The image of the tree grounded firmly on the rock symbolizes that solid grounding point and the will to survive when the trials of life seem overwhelming. 10% of all book sale profits will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Five Levels of Attachment

Now, I have the choice to believe it or not. I know that within the words a feeling of
patriotism can be found. That is truth, even if the story is false. I choose to believe
I am Toltec, a descendent of the Eagle Knights, because I choose to believe ...

The Five Levels of Attachment

Author: don Miguel Ruiz

Publisher: Hierophant Publishing

ISBN: 1938289129

Page: 176

View: 411

This is a book that picks up where The Four Agreements left off. Building on the principles found in his father's bestselling book, Ruiz, Jr. explores the ways in which we attach ourselves inappropriately to beliefs and the world. Ruiz explores the five levels of attachment that cause suffering in our lives. The levels are: Authentic Self Preference Identification Internalization Fanaticism Accessible and practical, Ruiz's exploration invites us to look at our own lives and see how an unhealthy level of attachment can keep us trapped in a psychological and spiritual fog. He then invites us to reclaim our true freedom by cultivating awareness, detaching, and discovering our true selves.

Belief Policies

In this chapter I wish to develop the idea of a belief-policy as the chief vehicle for
choice in belief, and argue that belief-policies are inevitable — we all have them
— and that replacement and modification of beliefpolicies in the interests of ...

Belief Policies

Author: Paul Helm

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521038720

Page: 244

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How do we form and modify our beliefs about the world? It is widely accepted that what we believe is determined by evidence, and is therefore not directly under our control; but according to what criteria is the credibility of the evidence established? Professor Helm argues that no theory of knowledge is complete without standards for accepting and rejecting evidence as belief-worthy. These standards, or belief-policies, are not themselves determined by evidence, but determine what counts as credible evidence. Unlike single beliefs, belief-policies are directly subject to the will, and therefore to the possibility of weakness of will and self-deception. Helm sets out to interpret standard epistemological positions in terms of belief-policies, and to illustrate their operation in the history of philosophy. He establishes connections between belief-policies, responsibility for beliefs, and the desirability of toleration, before reassessing fideism in the light of his argument.

The Original Secession Magazine

Christ has atoned for you as much as for the elect . You can understand , love ,
choose , believe . Do not tell me you are unable ; you are only unwilling . You can
, if you will . And worthy Newton ' s ' I would , but can ' t repent ; I would , but can ...

The Original Secession Magazine





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Inspirational and Impressionable Moments in Poetry

Because of you I choose to believe in falling stars. Because of you I choose to
believe in the miracles of the universe and that there is life on Mars. Because of
you I choose to believe I have found my way. Because of you I choose to believe

Inspirational and Impressionable Moments in Poetry

Author: J C Nickell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452099552

Page: 120

View: 822

I wanted to write a little bit of everything, things that I see, feel, touch and remember. I wrote some of my material on personal experience and about friends ad family and my dreams.