The Place Between Here and There

"If you are grieving from a heartbreaking loss of a loved one, this book may help you find peace. If you are wondering if all you see here on earth is all that is, this book may bring some light to your thoughts.

The Place Between Here and There

Author: Katherine Plant



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The Place Between Here and There If you are grieving from a heartbreaking loss of a loved one, this book may help you find peace. If you are wondering if all you see here on earth is all that is, this book may bring some light to your thoughts. If you are a person who believes in the infinite spirit inside each of us, this book may be an affirmation of all that you hold sacred. After an accident leaves a loving father in a coma, on the verge of life and death, he travels to another place. On the outside, he was in a hospital bed; but, on the inside he was in place he calls, "The Place Between Here and There." It was a place where time did not exist; where people were spirits; and where he learned the wisdom of the universe. This book details his journey to this wondrous place, then back to earth, where he must rehabilitate from grave injuries, only to then experience the worst tragedy a parent can imagine. With the help of a soul connection from the higher realms, he finds his way back to the peace and bliss he learned from The Place Between Here and There. Authors Note: Kathie and I are humbled by all the kind words of support for this book on Peace, Love and Light and the realization the life has a purpose, for ourselves and the universe in its entirety. Life is good and people are good, even when bad things happen. This book discusses that thought and demonstrates that even in these challenging times that there is indeed light, and that light is beautiful. Bob Wrote: I was finding it hard to not feel depressed during this current health and economic crisis. My wife gifted me your book "The Place Between Here and There", because she thought it would make me feel better. I read late into the night. This morning, there is sunshine. I feel a new strength and see with a bigger perspective. I just want to say the book is tremendous and will fascinate and help so many people for years to come. There are many people I am excited to share this with, people in my family who will benefit greatly from this book, and I will proudly pass this gift along to everyone. Tracy Wrote: Yesterday, I read 70 pages in one sitting. I just did not want to put the book down!! I had such a range of emotions - love, heartache, happiness, inspiration, and awe. I finished the book so quickly, and I usually do not read books often. It reaffirms that in love we can find happiness and there is more to us beyond what we see here on Earth. Caroline Wrote: This book is beautiful! It came to me 2 days after my grandmothers passing. And while I already share the same beliefs as the authors, I still found it incredibly enlightening and comforting. Thank you for sharing your experience. I experienced many epiphanies and connected things for the first time while reading it.

A New Selected Poems

The Road Between Here and There Here I heard the snorting of hogs trying to re - enter the underearth . Here I came into the curve too fast , on ice ...

A New Selected Poems

Author: Galway Kinnell

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618154456

Page: 179

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A collection of more than sixty of Galway Kinnell's poems, spanning 1960-1994.

From Here to There

Or somewhere between here and there, it is not an unfamiliar place to be. Even though it is mostly dark, like moths we mistake any sliver of illumination ...

From Here to There

Author: Richard Spuler

Publisher: Shi Rui Wen Books



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A whimsical passage through space and time.

The Timeless Tides From Here to There

“The river is just down through there,” she said, thrusting her torch forward. ... “But who knows what challenges might await between here and there!

The Timeless Tides  From Here to There

Author: Michael Hammond


ISBN: 1387935666

Page: 334

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Soon To Set Sail On a Timeless Tide... When a young stowaway's obsession with Captain Arcanus Memoria uncovers a mutinous plot aboard his ship called The Devil's Cry, the two team up to venture to a mysterious island. While there, they uncover a relic of the past; a clue to the fate of Morgan Thatcher, an infamous pirate who vanished more than a lifetime ago. With the winds as this back, and the tides of fortune on his side, Captain Arcanus Memoria must embark on a swashbuckling adventure to the ends of the earth and beyond... seeking something he never expected to find.

Composing under the Skin

Perhaps, then, the elusiveness of the musical here lies precisely in this blurring that makes all perspective impossible. TraveLLing beTween here, There, ...

Composing under the Skin

Author: Paul Craenen

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9058679748

Page: 284

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A revealing study of the physical presence of the musician in musical performance Fingers slipping over guitar strings, the tap of a bow against the body of a cello, a pianist humming along to the music: contemporary composers often work with parasitic, non-conventional sounds such as these. Are they to be perceived as musical elements or do they shift attention to the physical effort of music-making, contact between a body and an instrument? Composer Paul Craenen explores ways in which the musician’s body is revealed in musical performance. He leads us from Cage, Lachenmann, Kagel and their contemporaries to a discussion of how today's generation of young composers is writing a body paradigm into composition itself. Micro-temporal physical gestures and instrumental timbre provide the key to unveiling the physical presence of both a musician and a ‘composing body’. The author's concept of ‘intercorporeality’, along with the idea of an alternating linear and non-linear relationship of the composing body to time, casts new light on the relationship between musicians, composers, and music consumers.

Derived Relational Responding Applications for Learners with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

So, a correct response here requires the child to respond in accordance with coordination between here and now, and between there and then.

Derived Relational Responding Applications for Learners with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Author: Ruth Anne Rehfeldt

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 1608826392

Page: 400

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Copublished with Context Press Derived Relational Responding offers a series of revolutionary intervention programs for applied work in human language and cognition targeted at students with autism and other developmental disabilities. It presents a program drawn from derived stimulus relations that you can use to help students of all ages acquire foundational and advanced verbal, social, and cognitive skills. The first part of Derived Relational Responding provides step-by-step instructions for helping students learn relationally, acquire rudimentary verbal operants, and develop other basic language skills. In the second section of this book, you'll find ways to enhance students' receptive and expressive repertoires by developing their ability to read, spell, construct sentences, and use grammar. Finally, you'll find out how to teach students to apply the skills they've learned to higher order cognitive and social functions, including perspective-taking, empathy, mathematical reasoning, intelligence, and creativity. This applied behavior analytic training approach will help students make many substantial and lasting gains in language and cognition not possible with traditional interventions.

New Developments in Education Research

These answers included "from here to there," "between here and there," to "between here and there" and were associated with moving weights along the beam ...

New Developments in Education Research

Author: Cliff Roberts

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 9781600211775

Page: 237

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This series spans the globe presenting leading research in economics. It is perhaps a sign of the times that economic weapons such as sanctions seem to be as powerful as or more so than tanks. International applications and examples of economic progress are invaluable in a troubled world with economic booms bursting like so many penny balloons. Globalisation, outstanding and jobless recoveries present economic issues of concern to millions.

Amber Roses

The halfway house is between here and there. You are sure to see it if you are going anywhere. They'll sell you whiskey and some beer in that house halfway ...

Amber Roses

Author: Patrick Gormley

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1628571551

Page: 70

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Amber Roses is a special poetry collection that touches on many topics. Patrick Gormley shares his verses and views on life. He includes humorous poems, romantic poems, and poems full of wonderful stories that will suit all readers. In a world full of roses, poetry lovers will enjoy the first verse of his "Amber Roses" poem: Amber roses growing bright in the sunshine, pure delight so very pleasing to the eye underneath a crimson sky. About the Author Patrick Gormley has been writing poetry for twelve years. His first book was a book of limericks titled Northern Irelaugh, which provides a humorous look at Northern Ireland. He lives in the small town of Newtownstewart, Ireland. Publisher's website: http: //

Songs of the Dancing Gods

Or are you, rather, going between here and there?” “One is always going between here and there,” he responded lightly. “I have been on a quest for a very ...

Songs of the Dancing Gods

Author: Jack L. Chalker

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 057509852X

Page: 192

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Back in Husaquahr, the other world, after a brief sojourn on Earth, Joe expected to pick up his life and go on, pretty much the same. He should have known better. To begin with, the evil Dark Baron had managed to escape and had teamed up in the far North with the Master of the Dead. Alone, either was a disaster; together, they were potential catastrophe. There were also some changes for which Joe wasn't prepared. He'd accepted the fact that his beloved Tiana now had the body of an exotic dancer. But then he discovered that she was a slave with a growing slave mindset - and would always be a slave. Worst of all, Joe discovered that there had been some highly unwelcome changes in him. In all literal truth, he could no longer call his soul his own - because it wasn't!

Space Time and the Limits of Human Understanding

There may be another interesting reason why the metaphor of space can be ... is the common ground that enables the difference between here/there to appear, ...

Space  Time and the Limits of Human Understanding

Author: Shyam Wuppuluri

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319444182

Page: 530

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In this compendium of essays, some of the world’s leading thinkers discuss their conceptions of space and time, as viewed through the lens of their own discipline. With an epilogue on the limits of human understanding, this volume hosts contributions from six or more diverse fields. It presumes only rudimentary background knowledge on the part of the reader. Time and again, through the prism of intellect, humans have tried to diffract reality into various distinct, yet seamless, atomic, yet holistic, independent, yet interrelated disciplines and have attempted to study it contextually. Philosophers debate the paradoxes, or engage in meditations, dialogues and reflections on the content and nature of space and time. Physicists, too, have been trying to mold space and time to fit their notions concerning micro- and macro-worlds. Mathematicians focus on the abstract aspects of space, time and measurement. While cognitive scientists ponder over the perceptual and experiential facets of our consciousness of space and time, computer scientists theoretically and practically try to optimize the space-time complexities in storing and retrieving data/information. The list is never-ending. Linguists, logicians, artists, evolutionary biologists, geographers etc., all are trying to weave a web of understanding around the same duo. However, our endeavour into a world of such endless imagination is restrained by intellectual dilemmas such as: Can humans comprehend everything? Are there any limits? Can finite thought fathom infinity? We have sought far and wide among the best minds to furnish articles that provide an overview of the above topics. We hope that, through this journey, a symphony of patterns and tapestry of intuitions will emerge, providing the reader with insights into the questions: What is Space? What is Time? Chapter [15] of this book is available open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

A Theory for Practice

... retaining its heat between mealtime firings of the stove ) . Marie in her hiding place reminds us that a here - there sense is not always reciprocal .

A Theory for Practice

Author: Bill Hubbard

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262082358

Page: 179

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This study looks at groups with an interest in a work of architecture - owners, inhabitants, customers, critics and historians, architecture schools - presents a conceptual framework in which those disparate interests are honoured for providing different perspectives on the building.


32 Mary Gallagher, 'Introduction: BetweenHere” and “There” or the “Hyphen of Unfinished Things”', in Ici-là: Place and Displacement in Caribbean Writing ...


Author: Antonia Wimbush

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 1800859910

Page: 240

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Autofiction: A Female Francophone Aesthetic of Exile explores the multiple aspects of exile, displacement, mobility, and identity as expressed in contemporary autofictional work written in French by women writers from across the francophone world. Drawing on postcolonial theory, gender theory, and autobiographical theory, the book analyses narratives of exile by six authors who are shaped by their multiple locales of attachment: Kim Lefèvre (Vietnam/France), Gisèle Pineau (Guadeloupe/mainland France), Nina Bouraoui (Algeria/France), Michèle Rakotoson (Madagascar/France), Véronique Tadjo (Côte d'Ivoire/France), and Abla Farhoud (Lebanon/Quebec). In this way, the book argues that the French colonial past continues to mould female articulations of mobility and identity in the postcolonial present. Responding to gaps in the critical discourse of exile, namely gender, this book brings genre in both its forms - gender and literary genre - to bear on narratives of exile, arguing that the reconceptualization of categories of mobility occurs specifically in women's autofictional writing. The six authors complicate discussions of exile as they are highly mobile, hybrid subjects. This rootless existence, however, often renders them alienated and 'out of place'. While ensuring not to trivialize the very real difficulties faced by those whose exile is not a matter of choice, the book argues that the six authors experience their hybridity as both a literal and a metaphorical exile, a source of both creativity and trauma.

Anthropology in Theory

... not simply with peoplewho are different, butwith “adifferent society,” “a different culture,” and thus,inevitably, a relation betweenhere” and “there.

Anthropology in Theory

Author: Henrietta L. Moore

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118780590

Page: 616

View: 693

This second edition of the widely praised Anthropology inTheory: Issues in Epistemology, features a variety of updates,revisions, and new readings in its comprehensive presentation ofissues in the history of anthropological theory and epistemologyover the past century. Provides a comprehensive selection of 60 readings and aninsightful overview of the evolution of anthropological theory Revised and updated to reflect an on-going strength anddiversity of the discipline in recent years, with new readingspointing to innovative directions in the development ofanthropological research Identifies crucial concepts that reflect the practice ofengaging with theory, particular ways of thinking, analyzing andreflecting that are unique to anthropology Includes excerpts of seminal anthropological works, key classicand contemporary debates in the discipline, and cutting-edge newtheorizing Reveals broader debates in the social sciences, including the relationship between society and culture; language and culturalmeanings; structure and agency; identities and technologies;subjectivities and trans-locality; and meta-theory, ontology andepistemology


Isn't much between here and there but a church and a store and a few houses, oh, an' the blacksmith's place. The fort's across the District Line, ...


Author: William Offutt

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440121222


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Encompassing a century of one family's life in Montgomery County, Maryland, this novel is a series of four connected tales starting with a boy's adventure in the Civil War and ending with his youngest grandson's struggles in the 1950s. Seth, the hero of the first story, is unwillingly caught up in Jubal Early's attempt to capture the Capital in the summer of 1864. The boy, who often dreamed of becoming a Rebel hero, finds his beliefs tested and his loyalties divided when faced with very grown-up and dangerous choices. Caroline, the central figure of the second story, marries Seth's older brother after the Civil War and then, after his sudden death, weds Seth himself. She faces joy and despair, tragedies and triumphs, happiness and sorrow as each brother's lover and helpmate. Sammy Williams is Caroline and Seth's youngest, and he isn't sure what life has in store for him until a pretty young woman decides to marry him. He survives trench warfare in France and, almost accidentally, become a successful storekeeper and the father of a large family during the Depression. And Bud, Seth's grandson and namesake, is a rather footloose and carefree young man who takes a long time to grow up as Sammy and Polly's last child. He marries young, loses his wife and children, has trouble holding a job and eventually figures out how to live responsibly.

Theory of Language

[There is no single English word that could translate do in most contexts, it varies between here and there] 9. Wherever German is spoken, 'das Messer ist ...

Theory of Language

Author: Karl Bühler

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027286868

Page: 518

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Karl Bühler (1879–1963) was one of the leading theoreticians of language of the twentieth century. Although primarily a psychologist, Bühler devoted much of his attention to the study of language and language theory. His masterwork Sprachtheorie (1934) quickly gained recognition in the fields of linguistics, semiotics, the philosophy of language and the psychology of language. This new edition of the English translation of Bühler’s theory begins with a survey on ‘Bühler’s legacy’ for modern linguistics (Werner Abraham), followed by the Theory of Language, and finally with a special ‘Postscript: Twenty-five Years Later ...’ (Achim Eschbach). Bühler’s theory is divided into four parts. Part I discusses the four axioms or principles of language research, the most famous of which is the first, the organon model, the base of Bühler's instrumental view of language. Part II treats the role of indexicality in language and discusses deixis as one determinant of speech. Part III examines the symbolic field, dealing with context, onomatopoeia and the function of case. Part IV deals with the elements of language and their organization (syllabification, the definition of the word, metaphor, anaphora, etc).The text is accompanied by an Introduction (Achim Eschbach); Translator's preface (Donald Fraser Goodwin); Glossary of terms; and a Bibliography of cited works.

Where in the Whirl

Between here and there, there are safe houses—people whom I know will shelter us, give us food and fresh clothing.” “It's just a drawing in the dirt.

Where in the Whirl

Author: Rhonda Denise Johnson

Publisher: Rhonda Denise Johnson



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Join Ayodele and Chloe (from Two Women Two Roads One Future) once again as they juggle men and gods in their quest to determine what's really important in life.

Zionism and the Roads Not Taken

Perhaps the most well-known dichotomy grew out of the clear distinction between here (diaspora) and there (the Land of Israel). See Harshav, Language in the ...

Zionism and the Roads Not Taken

Author: Noam Pianko

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253004306

Page: 292

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Today, Zionism is understood as a national movement whose primary historical goal was the establishment of a Jewish state. However, Zionism's association with national sovereignty was not foreordained. Zionism and the Roads Not Taken uncovers the thought of three key interwar Jewish intellectuals who defined Zionism's central mission as challenging the model of a sovereign nation-state: historian Simon Rawidowicz, religious thinker Mordecai Kaplan, and political theorist Hans Kohn. Although their models differed, each of these three thinkers conceived of a more practical and ethical paradigm of national cohesion that was not tied to a sovereign state. Recovering these roads not taken helps us to reimagine Jewish identity and collectivity, past, present, and future.

Canadian Cultural Exchange changes culturels au Canada

The impossible, inevitable, and vital connection between past and present, here and there, being and nothingness, would be established thanks to (and ...

Canadian Cultural Exchange     changes culturels au Canada

Author: Norman Cheadle

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554586569

Page: 432

View: 753

The essays in Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada provide a nuanced view of Canadian transcultural experience. Rather than considering Canada as a bicultural dichotomy of colonizer/colonized, this book examines a field of many cultures and the creative interactions among them. This study discusses, from various perspectives, Canadian cultural space as being in process of continual translation of both the other and oneself. Les articles réunis dans Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada donnent de l’expérience transculturelle canadienne une image nuancée. Plutà ́t que dans les termes d’une dichotomie biculturelle entre colonisateur et colonisé, le Canada y est vu comme champ oÃ1 plusieurs cultures interagissent de manià ̈re créative. Cette étude présente sous de multiples aspects le processus continu de traduction d’autrui et de soi-mÃame auquel l’espace culturel canadien sert de théâtre.