Awakening Sexy Shakti Book 1

Let this kind-hearted guide show you the way home while helping you feel relaxed and cozy, like a slumber party with your best friend.

Awakening Sexy Shakti   Book 1

Author: Sarah Saint-Laurent

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781976347719

Page: 162

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You have a yearning. Something is missing. You crave more sensuality, creativity, and joy. You dream of a more satisfying and passionate intimate life. You aren't sure where your ease and bliss went (or maybe you never really had them) but you know they are MIA. Don't stay forlorn, embarrassed or hopeless. Instead, find out why you and the majority of women in the world are in the same boat. And learn what you can do about it starting today. It's time for a soul-searing, sensual, limitless and joyful Awakening. It's time for a journey back to the YOU that is waiting to return to center stage. Told in the voice of the Mystic Sage herself, OM Kitty is your guide to all things Sexy Shakti. Already heralded as the new Hello Kitty for the Spiritually Inclined, OM Kitty is a gentle voice in the sometimes 'judgey' world of spirituality. Let this kind-hearted guide show you the way home while helping you feel relaxed and cozy, like a slumber party with your best friend. Includes powerful processes, rituals, meditations, exercises, and an assortment of humorous and heart-warming personal stories. *Bonus Audio Recording downloads included! Welcome Home. Let the Awakening commence!

The Biology of Consciousness

... of activation: Shaktipat Motivation: Desire to change life style Type: Temporary
This case is an example of one individual ... Although my activation happened
through meditation, I believe it is possible for one individual to awaken the
energy in another. ... Case Study 1 In the 1980s, I attended several sessions with
a well-known female Guru in New York City, which was my first exposure to
Gurus or ashrams. ... Every sexy man I meet turns out to be crazy or a criminal, or
both,” I said.

The Biology of Consciousness

Author: JJ Semple

Publisher: LIfe Force Books

ISBN: 097953318X

Page: 230

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Kundalini is a biological actuality, a primordial energy in every human being that is capable of modifying DNA in a single lifetime. It’s trans-national, trans-cultural, and, most important trans-denominational. All of which speaks to a unified cosmology of life, that we are really intertwined in so many ways, in spite of the self-imposed barriers we erect to separate us from each other and from the super-consciousness that permeates all of existence. If individuals are to achieve self-actualization during a single lifetime, Kundalini will be the gating agent for this evolutionary leap. Whether it’s practicing ancient methods of meditation or newly developed methods, Kundalini is the trigger. Meditation may provide the shortest path, but there are other means of achieving the same results, including cases where individuals do absolutely nothing, but are still visited by a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. The one element all these experiences share across the board is a change in metabolism, induced by a process known as sexual sublimation, even though, in some instances, the individuals neither detect nor feel any sexual activity. Some way or other, the subject’s metabolism produces a distilled form of sexual energy that gets released into the brain, activating Kundalini, which, managed correctly, restores health, stimulates creative abilities, alters negative behavior patterns, retards the aging process, and expands consciousness. Normally, human growth proceeds in a linear pattern. However, disease, environmental factors, biochemical changes can create genetic mutations, ultimately modifying DNA. Depending on the type of stimulus, these mutations are either beneficial, harmful, or neutral. Kundalini awakenings bring about major beneficial mutations in their subjects which get passed along in DNA code to the next generation. The Biology of Consciousness examines the idea (for physical scientists, the hypothesis) that consciousness exists outside the body, always has and always will. It is the driver of evolution, among other things, what Gopi Krishna termed “the evolutionary impulse.”

Body Soul Watertown Mass

IF COFFEE CHOICES HINT AT one's personality , we bet Judith Orloff , M.D. ,
likes a complex , bold brew . ... More mystical , more sexy , more ecstatic than you
've ever imagined , " Orloff says . Her cup runneth over . B & S : The new book is
about awakening our energy ; do you think it's asleep in most of us ? ... Judith
Orloff : It's the term | use for that energy flow in and around the body that's known
by different names in nearly every healing tradition - chi , prana , shakti , the aura

Body   Soul  Watertown  Mass





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The Radiance Sutras

This is a book to savor one phrase at a time, over a period of days or years or a lifetime. With The Radiance Sutras, yoga and meditation students everywhere can nurture their own relationship with these living wisdom teachings.

The Radiance Sutras

Author: Lorin Roche


ISBN: 9781604076592

Page: 386

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New commentaries on each of the 112 Sanskrit teachings that capture the sacred exchange between Shiva and Shakti provide an intimate exploration of the depths of yoga and meditation.