Australian Cricket Scandals

Australian Cricket Scandals is a crafted collection of Ken Piesse's previously published writings on the ball tampering, bets, bribes and blow ups that have rocked the world of cricket.

Australian Cricket Scandals

Author: Ken Piesse


ISBN: 9781925642575

Page: 208

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Australian Cricket Scandals is a crafted collection of Ken Piesse's previously published writings on the ball tampering, bets, bribes and blow ups that have rocked the world of cricket. All the furores, all the scandal: Black Saturday in Cape Town when Steve Smith and David Warner cheated; Shane Warne and the throwing of a Test match; World Series walk-outs; Greg Chappell's five minutes of infamy; Dennis Lillee infamous bet against Australia; A captain flattens his chairman of selectors in a 20-minute Sydney brawl; The Ian Meckiff conspiracy; The mysterious non-selections of Dean Jones and Brad Hodge; Don Bradman on strike and much, much more. Most recently it was Sandpaper Saturday in Cape Town in the autumn of 2018, our adventure in paradise undermined by just one stunning misjudgment, still reverberating around the cricketing world -- a bigger scandal than the underarm, match fi xing, even Warnie popping the wrong pills. The booing and jeering for Australia's captain Steve Smith at Newlands as he walked in and out was loud and prolonged. It came from every direction, not only those in the cheap seats. By so flagrantly abusing the spirit of cricket, Smith and the others discredited themselves, the game and 450 other Australian Test players who'd so proudly worn the baggy green cap.

Sporting Chance A

Like 'fun run', it often actually means exactly the opposite. Titus O'Reily, the sports historian Australia neither needs nor deserves, examines why our nation's sportspeople are so readily forgiven for doing terrible things.

Sporting Chance  A

Author: Titus O'Reily

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 1760892858

Page: 336

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In sport, the term 'good bloke' doesn't mean what it says. Like 'fun run', it often actually means exactly the opposite. Titus O'Reily, the sports historian Australia neither needs nor deserves, examines why our nation's sportspeople are so readily forgiven for doing terrible things. With ridiculous tales from Australia's chequered sporting history, A Sporting Chance dissects the scandals big and small, the mistakes made in covering them up and the path athletes tread back to redemption. From the Essendon supplements saga and the sandpaper-loving Australian cricket team to whatever it is Nick Kyrgios has done now, Titus reveals the archetypes at the heart of our greatest sporting scandals. There's the corrupt cop who gave us the race that stopped a nation and the boxing champion who refused to train. There's the cashed-up businessmen who bankrupted clubs and the commentators who can't get their foot out of their mouth. And of course there's the good blokes, like Wayne Carey, Matthew Johns and Shane Warne, who it seems we'll forgive for absolutely anything. In his rambling and at times incoherent style, Titus asks the question: are Australians really that forgiving of their sporting heroes? With the rise of social media, women's sport and the drive towards greater equality, are the good blokes of Australia's sporting landscape an endangered species?

Cricket s Greatest Scandals

Exploration of cricket's greatest scandals.

Cricket s Greatest Scandals

Author: Ken Piesse


ISBN: 9780670896653

Page: 280

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Exploration of cricket's greatest scandals. Scandals covered include Hansie Cronje and the match-fixing furore, Shane Warne, Mark Waugh and the bookmaking bungle, the wrangle that almost stopped Don Bradman's career, and how W G Grace stole Australia's best player. Includes a timeline of trouble and big bets 1980-2000, as well as colour photographs, further reading and index. Author is a prolific cricket writer. Previous titles include 'The Complete Shane Warne' and 'The Big Australian Cricket Book'.

Greg Chappell Not Out

Here, he tells all. Forty years since the underarm, Chappell takes us inside the secretive world of selection. He tells the story of Twenty20's forerunner Super 8s, and reveals his insights from an eventful stint as coach of India.

Greg Chappell  Not Out

Author: Greg Chappell

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing

ISBN: 1743587678

Page: 288

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Greg Chappell: Not Out brings his many years of experience to the fore to discuss Australia's favourite sport from all angles, including scandals, mental skills, and the future of the game. Greg Chappell's retirement as a cricketer was the conventional end of a great sporting career. But it was only the start of an equally lively journey. An original thinker and a peerless judge of talent, Chappell commands respect and is widely sought after for his views on all things cricket. He has seldom been away from the thick of it. Here, he tells all. Forty years since the underarm, Chappell takes us inside the secretive world of selection. He tells the story of Twenty20's forerunner Super 8s, and reveals his insights from an eventful stint as coach of India. He speaks frankly on a decade at Cricket Australia, including warning signs he saw ahead of the Newlands scandal, and calls for greater focus on the game's mental skills. Chappell also unveils a blueprint for the future of Australian cricket. He argues forcefully that the game has drifted too far from the type of lean, hungry system that helped to take the national team to the top. Greg Chappell: Not Out is a uniquely insightful and entertaining look at cricket, and a must-read for all fans of the sport.

Scandals Controversies World Cup 2003

Martyn's cricket carrer is not honey all the way . ... as he along with Ponting raised 234 runs , a third wicket record for Australia in one - day matches .

Scandals  Controversies   World Cup 2003

Author: K. R. Wadhwaney

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

ISBN: 9788128803666

Page: 288

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Sports Scandals

The Australian Cricket Board (ACB) stated: 'Much of Warne's evidence on these issues was unsatisfactory and the committee does not accept he was entirely ...

Sports Scandals

Author: Norman Ferguson

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

ISBN: 1783729554

Page: 272

View: 567

Sport can bring out the best in us... and the worst. The high-pressure world of competitive sport has been shaken over the years by a series of major scandals. Involving drugs, sex, violence, money or pure and simple cheating, these incidents have ruined reputations, fuelled suspicions and shocked loyal supporters. Highlighting some of the most memorable cases from around the world, Norman Ferguson explores both recent and historic instances of dishonesty, betrayal and outrageous unsporting behaviour. Over 35 scandals, including: • How cancer-survivor Lance Armstrong deceived his fans and cheated his way to seven Tour de France victories • The World Cup bidding processes that brought the FBI to FIFA’s door • Figure skater Tonya Harding’s sinister plot to break the leg of her rival, Nancy Kerrigan

The Politics of Sport in South Asia

The Great Bookie Scandal Late in 1998, newspaper reports revealed that Shane Warne and Mark Waugh were fined by the Australian Cricket Board for accepting a ...

The Politics of Sport in South Asia

Author: Subhas Ranjan Chakraborty

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317998367

Page: 216

View: 591

Behind the spectacle of entertainment, sport is a subject with political issues at every level. These issues range from the social, with divisions created along gender and class lines, to the use of sport to pursue diplomatic and statecraft goals. In addition, some sports are positioned and promoted as national events both in public opinion and in the media. This book seeks to explore some aspects of the notion of power in sport in south Asia and among south Asians abroad. The first two chapters deal with the internal societal dimensions of the politics of sport; the next three relate to the politics inside the sporting world in the subcontinent and its bridge with the broader arena of the society through the media, while the last five relate to the use of sports in statecraft, consensus building and international politics. This book was based on two special issues of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

Australia the Recreational Society

Australia is the only nation in the world where horseracing is given ministries ... The cricket scandals of 1999–2000 produced a great shock to Australian ...

Australia  the Recreational Society

Author: David Mosler

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275972325

Page: 193

View: 317

Explores the diffficulty of Australia's efforts to move away from political-economic-cultural dependency.

The Captains

With analysis of key games, people, players and test-matches, as well as behind the scenes stories and an insightful and thoughtful look at the men who have steered our national teams, The Captains is a beautifully written and never before ...

The Captains

Author: Malcolm Knox

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing

ISBN: 1742735576

Page: 637

View: 586

From Australia’s first Test cricket captain Dave Gregory, through to the current captain Ricky Ponting, Malcolm Knox’s new book tells the colourful story of how Australian cricket has evolved since it’s earliest days, how the captain has influenced or stood apart from that evolution, and how the captaincy itself has changed over time. Covering the highs and lows of Australia’s national game, The Captains chronicles the personalities that have shaped and influenced the Australian team for over a century. From larrikins to quiet achievers to true gentlemen of the game; over the years the Australian captains have provided as much colour, intrigue and scandal to cricket as match-fixing scandals and diet pills ever could. With analysis of key games, people, players and test-matches, as well as behind the scenes stories and an insightful and thoughtful look at the men who have steered our national teams, The Captains is a beautifully written and never before seen study of the men who have shaped Australian and international cricket.

Global Media Sport

Thus, on a sliding scale of 'globality', the St Kilda scandal is global only in a ... 'sex scandal' involving the prominent retired Australian cricketer, ...

Global Media Sport

Author: David Rowe

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1849666768

Page: 192

View: 192

How has globalization impacted on sports media? What are the economic ramifications? And what is the future of sports media? In order to answer these questions, this book investigates the constituents, dimensions and implications of the flows of media sport from the Global West to the Global East, and in the reverse direction. At an historical moment when the relative stability of the Western media sport order is under challenge, it analyses a range of key structures, practices and issues whose ramifications extend far beyond the fields of play and national contexts in which sport events take place. The book will appraise and analyse the state of sports television, rise of new sports media, emergence of hybrid sport cultural forms, eruption of sport-related political controversies, scandals and power struggles, mutations of forms of global sport fandom, and projections of the future of global media sport. In bringing together the latest research from across a number of disciplines, this book offers an exciting contribution to the emerging field of global sports media.

The Life of a Sports Agent

I have managed a number of Asian cricketers, some playing for England, ... of the matchfixing scandal in 2010 and was eventually banned from all cricket for ...

The Life of a Sports Agent

Author: Luke Sutton

Publisher: White Owl

ISBN: 1526737000

Page: 128

View: 363

There is a lot of mystery that surrounds sports agents and their roles in the lives of their high profile clients. Many perceive the life to be glamorous, spending time with celebrities and earning a lot of money for doing easy or very little work. The Life of a Sports Agent reveals how very wrong this perception is. Having been a high profile sports agent for nearly 10 years, with clients such as James Anderson, Sam Quek, Nile Wilson, James Taylor, and Simon Mignolet, Luke Sutton has an incredible insight into the world of sports management across a number of areas. In his new book,The Life of a Sports Agent, Luke reveals stories and personal experiences about the sporting stars he has encountered, both the good and bad, and his very honest opinions about them. This book also aims to give people a true look into how this mysterious industry works, and highlights the important lessons Luke has learned during his career. The Life of a Sports Agent follows Luke’s 2019 autobiography, Back from the Edge.


Don't blue with Bradman.


Author: Ken Piesse


ISBN: 9780992522865

Page: 208

View: 238

Don't blue with Bradman... An incensed Cec Pepper dared defy Australian cricket's Colossus and it cost him his Test career.''What do you have to do to get the little bastard out? he yelled after his exultant lbw shout was rejected in the Don's comeback match.He was reported for his 'continuing vile language'- and ostracised.Within weeks he'd taken his talents to England where he became the highest paid professional in the world... and the best cricketer never to represent Australia

Wounded Tiger

Karachi, 1975) Piesse, Ken, Cricket's Greatest Scandals (Australia: Viking Australia, 2000) Pollard, Jack, The Complete Illustrated History of Australian ...

Wounded Tiger

Author: Peter Oborne

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 184983248X

Page: 624

View: 629

The nation of Pakistan was born out of the trauma of Partition from India in 1947. Its cricket team evolved in the chaotic aftermath. Initially unrecognised, underfunded and weak, Pakistan's team grew to become a major force in world cricket. Since the early days of the Raj, cricket has been entwined with national identity and Pakistan's successes helped to define its status in the world. Defiant in defence, irresistible in attack, players such as A.H.Kardar, Fazal Mahmood, Wasim Akram and Imran Khan awed their contemporaries and inspired their successors. The story of Pakistan cricket is filled with triumph and tragedy. In recent years, it has been threatened by the same problems affecting Pakistan itself: fallout from the 'war on terror', sectarian violence, corruption, crises in health and education, and a shortage of effective leaders. For twenty years, Pakistan cricket has been stained by the scandalous behaviour of the players involved in match-fixing. Since 2009, the fear of violence has driven Pakistan's international cricket into exile. No one knows when it will return home. But Peter Oborne's narrative is also full of hope. For all its troubles, cricket gives all Pakistanis a chance to excel and express themselves, a sense of identity and a cause for pride in their country. Packed with first-hand recollections, and digging deep into political, social and cultural history, Wounded Tiger is a major study of sport and nationhood.

LGBT Athletes in the Sports Media

... for covering and exposing some of the biggest sporting scandals in recent years, ... scandal; and the Australian cricket team's ball-tampering scandal.

LGBT Athletes in the Sports Media

Author: Rory Magrath

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030008045

Page: 295

View: 743

In recent years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) athletes have received more media attention than ever before. Declining levels of homophobia across the Western world has facilitated a greater acceptance of LGBT athletes among heterosexual teammates, fans, and the sports media. Consequently, academic interest in sport, gender and sexuality has also increased substantially. This edited collection combines studies of gender and sexuality with that of the sports media to provide the first-ever comprehensive academic overview of LGBT athletes in the sports media. It draws upon work from a wide range of international scholars to provide an interdisciplinary analysis of improved media coverage of LGBT athletes, as well as the numerous issues and barriers which continue to exist. LGBT Athletes in the Sports Media will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology, media studies, and gender studies.

International Sport Management

In 2013, three years after the Pakistan spot-fixing scandal, former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh suggested that bracket fixing was the next big ...

International Sport Management

Author: Eric MacIntosh

Publisher: Human Kinetics, Incorporated

ISBN: 1492556793

Page: 456

View: 768

International Sport Management is the first comprehensive textbook devoted to the organization, governance, business activities, and cross-cultural context of modern sport on an international level. As the sport industry continues its global expansion, this textbook serves as an invaluable guide for readers as they build careers that require an international understanding of the relationships, influences, and responsibilities in sport management. Through a systematic presentation of topics and issues in international sport, this textbook offers a long-overdue guide for students in this burgeoning subfield in sport management. Editors Li, MacIntosh, and Bravo have assembled contributors from all corners of the globe to present a truly international perspective on the topic. With attention to diversity and multiple viewpoints, each chapter is authored by distinguished academics and practitioners in the field. A foreword by esteemed sport management scholar Dr. Earle Zeigler emphasizes the importance of a dedicated study of the issues in international sport management. All chapters in the text use a global perspective to better showcase how international sport operates in various geopolitical environments and cultures. The text is arranged in five parts, each serving a unique purpose: •To outline the issues associated with international sport management •To examine sport using a unique perspective that emphasizes its status as a global industry •To introduce the structure of governance in international sport •To examine the management essentials in international sport •To apply these strategies in the business segments of sport marketing, sport media and information technology, sport facilities and design, sport event management, and sport tourism Written to engage students, International Sport Management contains an array of learning aids to assist with comprehension of the material. It includes case studies and sidebars that apply the concepts to real-world situations and demonstrate the varied issues, challenges, and opportunities affecting sport management worldwide. Chapter objectives, key terms, learning activities, summaries, and discussion questions guide learning in this wide-ranging subject area. In addition, extensive reference sections support the work of practitioners in the field. With International Sport Management, both practicing and future sport managers can develop an increased understanding of the range of intercultural competencies necessary for success in the field. Using a framework of strategic and total-quality management, the text allows readers to examine global issues from an ethical perspective and uncover solutions to complex challenges that sport managers face. With this approach, readers will learn how to combine business practices with knowledge in international sport to lead their current and future careers. International Sport Management offers readers a multifaceted view of the issues, challenges, and opportunities in international sport management as well as the major functional areas that govern international sport. The text provides students, academics, and practitioners with critical insights into the practice of business as it applies to international sport.

Business Review Weekly

The Australian cricket team might have lost the Ashes , but the loss has not harmed the players ' bank balances . Quite the opposite there are six ...

Business Review Weekly





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