Alien Soul Quest

Aliens unable to access the final dimension study humans to understand the key to the Ascension of the soul through terrifying experiments.

Alien Soul Quest

Author: Valiant Thor


ISBN: 9781718090606

Page: 242

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Aliens unable to access the final dimension study humans to understand the key to the Ascension of the soul through terrifying experiments. What makes us different from other species in the universe may be the answer to who we are and the meaning of life.

Soul Quest

You sink deep into your floating body , spirit soaring as your soul ascends . You
find the space between the ... and domination of nature . We seem to have
adopted this once - alien principle . changed during high school , when I went to
a 28.

Soul Quest

Author: Denese Shervington

Publisher: Crown


Page: 80

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Leads the reader through a series of visualizations and meditations designed to release the pain and heal the spirit of the African American woman

Alien Quest

All that is done is blessed, and the mandate is given both, to all soul-living-being, and mankind to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.

Alien Quest

Author: Hiram Castro Elías

Publisher: Hiram Castro Elías


Page: 148

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The book speaks of 7 races have been established on earth throughout its existence. These are the Erect Reptiles, the First Adam, the Serpent Race, the Second Adam, the seed of the serpent, the seed of Adan, and animal-like man.

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls.

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

Author: Nigel Kerner

Publisher: Bear

ISBN: 9781591431039

Page: 504

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Exposes the agenda behind the bio-robotic grey aliens’ genetic manipulation of certain human races • Reveals the Grey’s nature as sophisticated self-aware machines created by a long vanished extraterrestrial civilization • Explains how their quest to capture human souls appears in the historical record from biblical times • Explains how the phenomenon of racism is a by-product of their genetic tampering In 1997 Nigel Kerner first introduced the notion of aliens known as Greys coming to Earth, explaining that Greys are sophisticated biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they have long since outlived. In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit. Kerner explains that genetic manipulation by the Greys has occurred since biblical times and has led to numerous negative qualities that plague humanity, such as violence, greed, and maliciousness. Racism, he contends, was developed by the aliens to prevent their genetic experiments from being compromised by breeding with others outside their influence. Examining historical records, Kerner shows that Jesus, who represented an uncorrupted genetic line, warned his disciples about the threat posed by these alien interlopers, while Hitler, a pure product of this alien intelligence, waged genocide in an attempt to rid Earth of all those untouched by this genetic tampering. Despite the powerful grip the Greys have on humanity, Kerner says that all hope is not lost. Greys exist wholly in the material world, so if we follow the spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma, aiming for enlightenment and rising above the material--a state the Greys are unable to reach--we can free ourselves from their grasp.

Quest for the Well of Souls

Yet the North had more problems than the South, which, though it had races so alien from one another as to make identification difficult, ...

Quest for the Well of Souls

Author: Jack L. Chalker

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 057509947X

Page: 192

View: 472

Marooned! The pulsating Well World Saga continues... As Volume Three opens, Mavra Chang has been a prisoner on the Well World for eleven years. Her once human friends are now grotesquely mutated, and her own body is monstrously changed. Mavra is abandoned. Her only hope, the planetoid circling above her, containing Obie, the supercomputer that could restore her body. But Obie can only be reached by entering the northern hemisphere, where no creature of blood and flesh can exist. yet Mavra's eyes were shining. After all these years the great game was on again, the game she was born to play...

The Quest for Truth

... and vaporized them creating swarms of disembodied alien souls known as “body thetans?” The “god” in Scientology is an alien galactic ruler named Xenu.

The Quest for Truth

Author: Michael Dedivonai

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477263457

Page: 658

View: 224

This book is for the reader who takes interest in an age-old issue that remains contemporary with every succeeding generation. When, how, and why we are here are questions that have caused countless generations of thinkers and laymen alike to intuitively seek at the very least the semblance of an answer to questions that have become more of an outlook than a science, and in turn spring up among the problems of modern life as opposed to allowing for a resolution to that which was intended to clarify instead of further complicate. Free from the shackles and bias imposed by the various schools of religious, scientific and philosophical thought, the examinations offered herein are rooted in systematic analyses of the scientific, philosophical, ethical, social and finally the religious; which in turn allows for the explanation and justification of concepts that enable the reader to adopt a perspective relevant to the distinctions of absolute truth and relativistic assumptions. Our age is accurately referred to as the age of advancement and technology and for good reason. The rapid pace of progression over the last century in the life sciences has contributed to a broadened understanding of knowledge itself and its relation to the psychological and sociological aspects of our existence. As a result of the significant expansion of the sciences, the desire for an understanding of self and simply of why has in many ways been diluted, thus negating the never ending questions that once tugged at man's conscious in the middle of the night for thousands of years. Today's amazing achievements have laid the foundation for a whole series of newer problems and questions that threaten mankind as never before. The medical and biological sciences have enabled us to have a life expectancy beyond that of prior generations, however coupled with that are the problems of population explosion, which in the not too distant future will give rise to serious concerns. We have the ability to harness the power of the atom, yet along with it comes the ability to destroy all that we hold sacred. Taking into consideration the advanced age we live in, how does one account for the remarkable complexity extant throughout the known universe? Is one to assume that our consciousness coupled with our overwhelming sense of purpose can be attributed solely to random chance alone? The law of causation deals with the need for a preceding event leading to the outcome, and despite the fact that this scientific age has left its handprint on every facet of life today, it has failed to satisfy the innate question of simply,.................................. why?

The Fundamentalist Mind

... because they substitute an alien narrative for the person's own soul quest for authentic selfhood.17 There are many fundamentalisms in psychotherapy.

The Fundamentalist Mind

Author: Stephen Larsen

Publisher: Quest Books

ISBN: 083563101X

Page: 272

View: 150

We are all fundamentalists whether we acknowledge it or not. We were born into a world of myth and metaphor and have come to internalize the stories we were told as children as the literal interpretations of much greater and deeply symbolic lessons. When we fall into such patterns, according to author and psychotherapist Stephen Larsen, we lose all flexibility and freedom of thought. We become split by dualistic thinking—bad versus good; black versus white—and are weighted down by definitive, concretistic principles and behaviors that alienate us from one another. Dr. Larsen explains that we can avoid such pitfalls by identifying our “inner fundamentalist” and becoming more open-minded individuals.

The Soul s Quest for God

7 T HE SOUL IS AWAKENED TO GOD chiefly by the Spirit of God as he pierces
our souls with the Word of God . At times we not only ... He was deported from his
homeland and carried off to an alien and pagan nation . By the river Kebar he ...

The Soul s Quest for God

Author: R. C. Sproul

Publisher: Tyndale House Pub

ISBN: 9780842359283

Page: 254

View: 438

Sproul leads readers to a deeper intimacy with their Creator through awareness of the Holy Spirit, obedience to God, and the feeding of the soul.


... categories and vindictive labels Mired insleuthing sociopathic melancholy of unchecked apartheid AsifIam an outlying rejected alien soul Or, ...


Author: H. Baté AGBOR-BAIYEE

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491745231

Page: 124

View: 522

Quest for Meaning through an intimate walk with God is about divine empowerment and spiritual awakening through the incalculable possibilities of prayers and relationship with God. This book underscores the fact that nothing is too immense or trifling to be a theme or subject of prayer. Though prayer is central in vitalizing our existence, all too often, it is not understood, ignored, or avoided. In our deepest valley of despair and despondency, Jesus notices our tears and sufferings; He knows the full magnitude of our aches and has reassured us that He will not leave us to our own stratagem. All He asks of us is to invite Him to dwell in us, the temple of God. There is something simply prophetic and powerful about a heart which even in disillusionment is willing to look up to God in praise and worship as the case is for many despairing African and immigrant children. They struggle with doubt and wrestle with anxiety and discouragements, especially when their prayers go unanswered while lost in the gorge of the shadow. Yet, they have undertaken to categorically love the “Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with your entire mind.” This is a bare-knuckled collection of stimulating and liberating prayers that addresses a broad expanse of existential issues faced by fearless African children in their fragile stations in life. They are passionately praying like Paul asking Father-God the good Shepherd for direction and protection. Although the fear in their eyes and angst in their souls have transformed into futility, their hearts do not panic because they know no satanic weapon formed against them shall flourish. They are assured through prayers that they are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus the enthroned Creator. Quest for Meaning proffers assuring prayers that serve as tonic to cool-off the penury, effrontery and tormenting experiences of the afflicted. “Be anxious of nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

The Perennial Quest for a Psychology with a Soul

The resurgent Ground energies are now perceived as not - self and invade the psyche as alien feelings and impulses or as psychotic hallucinations .

The Perennial Quest for a Psychology with a Soul

Author: Joseph Vrinte

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120819320

Page: 568

View: 607

The subject matter of this book is so vast that it would be presumptuous to attempt to deal with comprehensively and it would be pre-posterous to pretend to a final solution to a set of ideasas comprehensive as these worldwiews. The author is aware that the contents of this comperative study may appear offensive to the followersof Sri Aurobindo. He tries to stimulate a fruitful dialogue and evaluates this dialogue in a sympathic manner when he refers to the intentions of both thinkers.

The Secret Life of the Universe The Quest for the Soul of Science

... recreating Big Bang conditions might upset the balance of the Earth or make openings into other dimensions, through which aliens could enter our world.

The Secret Life of the Universe  The Quest for the Soul of Science

Author: Amy Corzine Author

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 1780282214

Page: 276

View: 816

This deep-ranging and carefully studied book is a tremendous contribution to mankind as an example of how our world can integrate and live in peace and unity.' - Dorothy Maclean, Co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation 'The secret of a brilliant writer is not explaining the most difficult questions of the universe in the most difficult language...but explaining the most complex questions about our life forces, our universe and its energy with complete clarity, easily accessible for all to understand. This book is a masterpiece which, I am sure, will be recorded so in human history.' - Dr Harry Oldfield, Inventor/Scientist. Is there one force that binds us? In plain words, The Secret Life of the Universe clearly sets out the principal theories of philosophers and physicists from ancient times to the present day, and offers an urgent hypothesis: science is capable of revealing this most important of secrets. Our greatest opportunity will be to harness it, our greatest peril to deny it. Uncovering the worldwide research now being carried out in fields as diverse as human biology and quantum mechanics, Amy Corzine brilliantly demonstrates how opinions either side of the science-faith divide are converging. There is, beyond doubt, a universal energy.

Alien Landscapes

Edward Tick, War and the Soul (Wheaton, Ill.: Quest Books, 2005), 100. Rachel Yehuda, in Psychological Trauma, ed. Rachel Yehuda (Washington D.C.: American ...

Alien Landscapes

Author: Jonathan Glover

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674368363

Page: 433

View: 681

Do people with mental disorders share enough psychology with other people to make human interpretation possible? Jonathan Glover tackles the hard cases—violent criminals, people with delusions, autism, schizophrenia—to answer affirmatively. He offers values linked with agency and identity to guide how the boundaries of psychiatry should be drawn.

Two Questers in the Twentieth century North Africa

On the other hand, the quest is set up for a new approach to the previously ... of action in the villages he meets does not satiate his alien soul.

Two Questers in the Twentieth century North Africa

Author: Imen Ayari Cozzo

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443816647

Page: 280

View: 603

This book offers a unique exploration of the work of Paul Bowles and Ibrahim Alkoni, and reveals timely insights into the relationship between the West and the Orient, showing that they both challenge and extend existing scholarship on this subject. It builds on a sound theoretical platform which serves as a solid foundation for the analysis of the overarching theme. Theories of place, representation, Orientalism and post-colonialism are discussed in depth and are linked to the deconstruction and analysis of the selected literary texts, helping the reader understand the various quests and motivations of the protagonists of the works of Bowles and Alkoni. The first part of the book looks into the work of Bowles, and is based on the fact that many of the author’s texts revolve around the theme of encounters between Western and Eastern cultures. It adopts a specific focus on the North African space, which is depicted from a number of different points of view, including native, French, English and American perspectives. The second section discusses the work of the Libyan author Ibrahim Alkoni as a quester for a Mythical Identity. It introduces the reader to the significance of the desert in both classical and modern Arabic literature and its place in the Arabic cultural imaginary. This work is highly original both in its approach and subject matter, and, as such, it constitutes a valuable contribution to the study of comparative literature, Arabic literature, and postcolonial magical realist literature. It offers many original insights into this little studied field, demonstrating a successful venture into less-trodden terrain.

The Quest

PRAYER OF AN ALIEN SOUL O CENTER of the Scheme , Star - Flinger , Beauty
- Builder , Shaping Dream ! Now as the least in all thy space I stand An alien in a
strange and lonesome land . I lift a little voice of pigmy pain ; I hurl it out - up ...

The Quest

Author: John G. Neihardt



Page: 181

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Through Alien Eyes

So they set out on quest for their soul mates, traveling all around the world.” Alla: “I wonder why some women even bother to look for a supposedly pros- ...

Through Alien Eyes

Author: Elena Popova

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 0875866395

Page: 266

View: 505

What do you think of those Russian brides? What do they think of YOU? International marriages bring a substantial number of newcomers to the US and contribute to the transformation of the basic institution of society the family. When men are from Mars and women are aliens, the marital dynamic can be quite dramatic. A Russian-born journalist, Ms. Popova shines a blinding light on some of the amusing and amazing oddities that are revealed when an outsider takes a blunt look at how we live.

The Soul Remembers

THE QUEST The Mysteries of Sedona III Fascinating in - depth interviews with 26 ... The ALIEN TIDE SX WAVE ANS M. SON k *** XS K : 34 % :: 333333333 SOUL ...

The Soul Remembers

Author: Carlos Warter

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 9780929385365

Page: 223

View: 936

"A Parable on Spiritual TransformationWhat is the purpose of human life? Who am I? What is the reality of this world I find myself in? Why do I find myself in the midst of certain troublesome circumstances? Who among us has not pondered some of these questions at times?On the outermost level, this book is a teaching metaphor similar to those used in all sacred traditions. But behind the parable is cosmic perspective on essence, individuality, and relationships. There is a view of human purpose, soul design, and divine direction that leads to a new look at the origin of suffering, healing, and the evolutionary dimensional shift. Through the voices of archetypes of consciousness, the book subliminally explores paths to power, love, beauty, strength, and mysticism. It moves through different dimensions of reality while simultaneously focusing on the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of life as instruments of expression that can be tuned to a higher purpose.The Soul Remembers is the expression of a spiritual journey that has assisted thousands in their own processes of self-remembrance, encouraging them to live more deeply and become personally responsible for cocreating heaven on earth."

The Religious Quests of the Graeco Roman World

There is nothing alien to man because there is nothing alien in the whole . ... for into the soul of man alone God descends and dwells and seeks Himself ...

The Religious Quests of the Graeco Roman World

Author: Samuel Angus

Publisher: Biblo & Tannen Publishers

ISBN: 9780819601964

Page: 444

View: 945

"From ancient records, Dr. Angus reconstructs a vivid picture of that magnificent civilization contemporaneous with the founding of the Christian church, with the result that a more significant conception of the faith we know today emerges from his study of the rich intellectual and spiritual currents of the pagan world as they aided or opposed or modified the struggling young religion from the East."--Publisher's note.

Soul Evolution Father

THE QUEST The Mysteries of Sedona III Fascinating in - depth interviews with 26 who have answered the call to Sedona and ... The ALIEN TIDE WNTY AWARD 3ti .

Soul Evolution Father

Author: Arthur Fanning

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 9780929385334

Page: 205

View: 231

Lord God Jehovah, as channeled through Arthur Fanning, reveals the course humanity must take to lead itself out of its fascination with density and the material into an expanding awareness that each human is a god with unlimited power and potential. An enlightening journey into higher consciousness.

Personhood in Science Fiction

This book argues that science fiction allows us to examine the profound question of personhood through its speculative and imaginative nature, highlighting issues that are already visible in our present world. “In Personhood in Science ...

Personhood in Science Fiction

Author: Juli L. Gittinger

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030300625

Page: 245

View: 745

This book addresses the topic of personhood—who is a “person” or “human,” and what rights or dignities does that include—as it has been addressed through the lens of science fiction. Chapters include discussions of consciousness and the soul, artificial intelligence, dehumanization and othering, and free will. Classic and modern sci-fi texts are engaged, as well as film and television. This book argues that science fiction allows us to examine the profound question of personhood through its speculative and imaginative nature, highlighting issues that are already visible in our present world.