A Bridge and Not an End

A Bridge and not an End will take the reader across time, oceans and continents, and explore the concepts of family and love, in a framework of historical events.

A Bridge and Not an End

Author: Stewart Scott

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781786235121

Page: 290

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The Sudan, World War Two; British and Italian forces consumed by a guerilla warfare struggle under the African Sun. Cagliari, Sardinia 1990, the English invade the small Italian island during the World Cup. 2015, two young people trying to find their way in life in 21st Century London. An epic saga, based on two families, and three generations, spanning almost a century. A Bridge and not an End will take the reader across time, oceans and continents, and explore the concepts of family and love, in a framework of historical events.

City of Bridges

And though the wait of those few minutes would be agonizing, the train did not hold long. The Killer could have escaped over the west end after the train ...

City of Bridges

Author: David Michael Belczyk

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532687869

Page: 164

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In an ancient city steeped in myth but searching for truth, a courier is killed while crossing a bridge. A century later, three friends join the city’s search for the item the courier carried, but they are drawn deeper into the unsolved mystery of the courier’s death.

A Bridge that Leads to God

Time for all of mankind that He foreknew and foreordained to come into existence. His love will not end time early to save a few when He desires all.

A Bridge that Leads to God

Author: Willis Reed

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449763197

Page: 176

View: 198

I sat at a rooftop bar on an island in Florida, watching the sunset. I realized the first night that the sun wasn’t only setting on the day but also on my life. I needed to hear from God concerning the end of my physical life, which is approaching. God gently taught me how to die and how to not be afraid of what is to come. He also taught me how to live, breathing hope into my soul. I have enjoyed my conversations with God, and in these pages, have attempted to share them with you. I pray that as you read, God becomes visible to you and that you find this book an enlightening treasure in your life.


... of the bridge over its lifetime Demolition and disassembly at the end of ... embodiment avoided because replacement bridges did not have to be built.


Author: George C. Lee

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438455267

Page: 180

View: 296

A multidisciplinary and accessible introduction to humanity’s favorite structure: the bridge. Whether you are a student considering a career in civil engineering and transportation planning, a public official interested in the future of infrastructure, or a person who simply cares about bridges, this book offers an accessible and illustrated introduction to the most beloved feature of our built environment. Learn about engineering basics: the forces that bridges must resist to stay aloft and the principles by which engineers decide which types of bridges make sense at which sites. Find out how engineers protect bridges from their greatest threats—the earthquakes, floods, and other hazards that can cause catastrophic damage. Moving from engineering to planning, learn how we decide whether a bridge is worth building in the first place, learn about controversial features of cost-benefit analysis, and about the transportation models by which planners forecast bridge effects on traffic patterns. Investigate a sometimes intractable problem: why a project often creeps along for a decade or more to get from initial studies to the day the ribbon is cut, undergoing vast cost escalations. Also explore the environmental impact of bridges, and the meaning of a “sustainable bridge,” and whether bridges could once again be built, like ancient Roman ones, to last a thousand years. “Authoritative, comprehensive, and fun to read, this book is for everyone interested in bridges, from the lay reader to the techie who likes to see how things work. It also will serve as an excellent companion to beginning design students in architecture and engineering, and it should be on the shelf of civil engineers, architects, and contractors, too.” — Robert E. Paaswell, City College of New York “This work will help educated but nonspecialist decision makers to appreciate the complexity of bridge design, construction, and maintenance in making decisions that impact bridges.” — Niraj Verma, Virginia Commonwealth University

A Bridge of Ships

The original dual design created no end of problems. One firm in Great Britain designed the ship's forward end, while design ofthe aft end was the ...

A Bridge of Ships

Author: James Pritchard

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773538240

Page: 438

View: 259

The second World War dramatically affected Canada's shipbuilding industry. James Pritchard describes the rapidly changing circumstances and personalities that shaped government shipbuilding policy, the struggle for steel, the expansion of ancillary industries, and the cost of Canadian wartime ship production.

The Great Bridge

There was no one moment, no particular day, when he could have said as much, nor would there be. Bridges did not end that way. There was always something ...

The Great Bridge

Author: David McCullough

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451683235

Page: 605

View: 822

The Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author of Truman evaluates the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge as the greatest engineering triumph of its time, citing the pivotal contributions of chief engineer Washington Roebling and the technical problems and political corruption that challenged the project.

The Bridge

In the end, despite Washington's objections, the pipeline went forward. However, the significance of the episode does not end there.

The Bridge

Author: Thane Gustafson

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674987950

Page: 480

View: 782

Europe and Russia are pushing against each other in a contest of economic doctrines and political ambitions, seemingly erasing the vision of cooperation that emerged from the end of the Cold War. Thane Gustafson argues that natural gas serves as a bridge over troubled geopolitical waters, uniting the region through common economic interests.

A Bridge of Longing

How does the story end ? " we pleaded with him when Reb Nakhmenke fell silent . " There is no end , " he replied . " Birds with wings like fins ...

A Bridge of Longing

Author: David G. Roskies

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674081406

Page: 419

View: 991

Focuses on authors: Nahman of Bratslav, Isaac Meir Dik, I.L. Peretz, Sholem Aleichem, Der Nister, Itzik Manger, and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Strangers on a Bridge

But this did not end the vague questions and answers. ... over and over again an identification prior to a trip to Moscow which has not been proven?

Strangers on a Bridge

Author: James B. Donovan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405924918

Page: 464

View: 118

The gripping first-hand account of the events that inspired the major film Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks, by the man at the centre of them all - James B. Donovan. Also featuring a foreword by Jason Matthews. With the Cold War at its height, the capture and trial of Colonel Abel, the Soviets' most capable and effective spy, revealed the chilling depths of the KGB's penetration of the West. But when an American U-2 spy plane was shot down over Russia and its CIA pilot, Gary Powers, captured, both men's fates hung in the balance. With East and West staring each other down across the Iron Curtain the stakes couldn't have been higher. And at the heart of it all, from Abel's arrest to his exchange with Powers on Berlin's infamous 'Bridge of Spies', was James B. Donovan. Strangers on the Bridge is the only inside account of the greatest spy story of the era and a real-life espionage classic. ____________ Reviews of Strangers on a Bridge: 'Enthralling ... Engrossing ... Truly remarkable' New York Times 'As compelling as The Spy Who Came in from the Cold except it happens to be true' Life 'A top notch spy thriller' Time