Aims of Education

"Chapters I, IV, VI, XIII, IX, and X have been published in my book, The organisation of thought ... 1917. Chapter II ... published [1922] as a separate pamphlet."--Preface.

Aims of Education

Author: Alfred North Whitehead

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0029351804

Page: 165

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The Aims of Education

Here international philosophers of education explore and question diverse strains of the liberal tradition, discussing not only autonomy but other key issues such as: * social justice * national identity * curriculum * critical thinking * ...

The Aims of Education

Author: Roger Marples

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134728247

Page: 224

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Theory and Principles of Education

Contents: Meaning, Nature and Scope of Education, Objectives and Aims of Education, Definition, Nature and Scope of Philosophy, Major Philosophies, Role of Elders, Different Theories, Role of Education in Democracy, Role of Education in ...

Theory and Principles of Education

Author: A.R. Rather

Publisher: Discovery Publishing House

ISBN: 9788171418176

Page: 264

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The Theory of Oz

Is it landing a good job after high school? In this book, Howard Good answers these questions imaginatively using the beloved movie classic, The Wizard of Oz as a metaphor for the quest for a well-rounded education.

The Theory of Oz

Author: Howard Good

Publisher: R & L Education


Page: 97

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Key Debates in Education

In the process they show how and why people who care about education radically disagree with each other. This text includes questions, tasks, and further reading sections.

Key Debates in Education

Author: Ian Davies

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826451286

Page: 200

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